Owen Reeves Phone

October 9, 2017

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Owen Reeves Phone

There was a pretrial hearing in Bandido Jake Carrizal’s case in Judge Matt Johnson’s courtroom this afernoon. There weren’t many surprises.

Prosecutor Michael Jarrett has subpoenaed 450 witnesses and he refuses to say which ones will actually testify. Some of them, he insists, may be rebuttal witnesses. Casie Gotro, Carrizal’s very irritated defense attorney, is very irritated that Jarrett is making her investigate and prepare for 450 witnesses.

Jarrett isn’t going “to reveal his case” which leads to the naïve question, “Why not?” It also suggests that his case will depend more on legerdemain in front of a stage struck jury than any actual evidence that Carrizal broke the law.

Having It All

On the one hand, Jarrett wants to wrap Carrizal up in the Bandidos Rico case. Carrizal’s father, Jarrett revealed gleefully today, was in contact with both of the lead defendants in the federal case – Jeff Pike and John Portillo – after he was shot and he and his son were arrested. Jarrett clearly intends to pull innuendo out of his bag of tricks.

On the other hand Jarrett insists that the Waco police were surprised to learn that a federal investigation of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club was underway the day of the Twin Peaks brawl. There was “no parallel investigation,” he said with a straight face. Apparently he has never heard of a Tactical Filed Officer, a “TFO.”

“There is no evidence that there was a coordinated investigation between federal and Waco investigators,” he told the world today. So apparently all those fusions centers are just a big waste of billions and there is a new alphabet agency loose on the land. Move over FBI, ATF, DEA and HSI. Here comes the WPD. The World eagerly awaits the book about the secret battle between the Waco cops and the New York Mafia: How Bubba From Texas Took Down Tony Soprano. Who can wait to see the no holds barred all out action thrill job Kerrie Droban does with that one?


At the same time Jarrett expects to introduce, through the “testimony of” biker gang “experts” evidence of “other bad acts between Cossacks and Bandidos.” The experts, in their expert testimony, will be allowed to identify the Bandidos as a “gang.” “Gang” is what is referred to in sales and politics as a “power word.”

Oh, and also, remember when the release of evidence in all the Twin Peaks cases was delayed because child pornography was discovered on one of the cell phones? As it turns out, there was never any child pornography on any of the phones. That was just the obscene fantasy of a Waco cop alone in a room with a computer.

Cell Phones

Despite that, those phones are still mostly off limits to Carrizal’s defense. A previously uncatalogued cell phone was “discovered” in the Waco police property room just last Friday. It is still unavailable for examination by the defense. The phone may now be in the possession of former Waco detective of the year Manuel Chavez. And then, it seems, Chavez went to French Polyneisia for Columbus Day. And he took both of his own cell phones with him. And now he is not returning his messages, McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna explained.

Gotro announced today that she is particularly interested in the cell phone of Owen Reeves, a Cossack Nomad and the possible instigator of the Twin Peaks brawl. She hasn’t seen it yet. Gotro doesn’t know if the phone is lost or not. “There are a lot of misplaced phones,” she said

“These are just examples of the struggles I’ve had,” she complained to Judge Johnson. “The prosecution keeps playing loosey goosey with these phones.”

Johnson shook his head wisely and seemed to be very sympathetic as he spoke in a very soft voice like a Rogerian psychotherapist.

The trial should actually start tomorrow. Jarrett thinks it will go “at least! At least two weeks.”

Gotro “can’t see it going two weeks.””

Stay tuned.



17 Responses to “Owen Reeves Phone”

  1. Dutchboy Says:

    The LEOs love to talk about “biker codes”, like “speedboat” is code for speed,etc. Is “French Polynesia” Blue Gang code speak for “hole in the desert”? If there was a REAL Judge he would hold Reyna et Al in jail for contempt until Chavez reappeared. Don’t even get me started on the “gang experts”. I will say just because you claim expertise does not mean you are. @Gandalf, the plumbers union is a good example, Congress is better.

  2. Dasein Says:

    I doubt Chavez will ever return from “French Polynesia.”

  3. Gandalf Says:

    What brings them together…. Plumbing.

  4. Gandalf Says:

    The Fact is you can go to the Local Plumbers Union and randomly pick the exact number of members that the Bandidos had at Twin Peaks. I’ll bet a dime to a donut their criminal records are far worse than those Bandidos at Twin Peaks.

  5. Gandalf Says:

    Street Gangs are usually composed of 1 certain ethnic group. The Bandidos are diverse with Black, Asian, White and Mexican. “Street Gangs” DO NOT usually allow other Ethnicities to be members.

  6. Gandalf Says:

    @ Hangaround: The Key to beating the “Street Gang” argument is not so much as what “Street Gangs” do as much as what “Street Gangs” DO NOT do.
    For Example: A MC has a common Hobby. Riding Motorcycles. Crips, Bloods, MM or any real “Street Gangs” Do not have a common Hobby (Legal Activity) that brings them together. Just Crime.
    A “Street Gang” DOES NOT join Political Org’s for the benefit of their Hobby.
    A “Street Gang” DOES NOT support Charities as a group like The Toy Run.
    A “Street Gang” DOES NOT have websites or sell Merchandise.
    Cassie needs to push this and argue… not what Street Gangs do… But what Street Gangs DO NOT do.

  7. Bone Head Says:

    “Chavez went to French Polyneisia for Columbus Day. And he took both of his own cell phones with him. And now he is not returning his messages, McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna explained.”

    Really? Wonder who paid for that “vacation”? Or…did Chavez want to have nothing more to do with court since he basically called reyna a liar under oath?
    Thank you Rebel.

  8. Hangaround Says:


    I would really like to see exactly what the qualifications are for being a certain gang tier threat level according to the Texas DPS.

    On one hand we have the Bandidos outlined here with their own special section and the best “crime example” produced is an aggravated assault on another MC member.

    On the other hand we have Cartels indicated in human trafficking, smuggling, and major drug importation who rank at the same or slightly higher threat level


    While hunting around for exactly what makes a group a gang according to DPS I also ran across another report about gangs where they cited the 2016 shooting of the Dallas police as an example of a gang threat to law enforcement.

    How exactly is that connection made? If black lives matter is a gang how come they don’t make a tier on the threat assessment list?

    Seems to me the credibility of the DPS is shaky at best. Perhaps when the suset review of the agency comes up at the end of the year the Texas legislature will find a better use for taxpayer dollars…

  9. Trapper Says:

    ohh the insanity… These Waco fucktard’s really want everyone to believe they do not have Big Ho’s phone – REALLY!!! And the Cossack’s cant figure out who lead them to this atrocity??? COSSACK’S -WAKE UP.. Your going to take the wrap for this egomaniac’s bullshit? The Bandits should win this thing but the Cossack’s are fucked. First 1 to sing the truth wins or you can go do Big Ho’s time for him. hmmmmm. But, if your not smart enough to read the tea leaves – just keep doing what your doing. Let Big Ho sleep every night with that god ugly woman that was crying and blaming the Bandits on the TV – that is some form of punishment I guess. PUT HIS SHORT, IGNORANT PHATT ASS ON THE STAND AND HIS WORLD CRUMBLES ALONG WITH ol ABE REYNA.
    Thank you for all you do Rebel..

  10. david Says:

    The intentional deprivation of evidence which is in the accused favor, by the professional criminals who comprise the DA’s GANG, is blatant prima facie evidence of a criminal act.

    Un-Abel and Dead-Eye Jarrett’s lying excuse of phone “misplacement” is , and will always be, inexcusable criminal conduct.

    Criminal is, as criminal does.

  11. Gandalf Says:

    2.5 Years and Big O’s cell phone still not sent out in discovery? Imagine that? The Waco bumpkins are a walking Freudian Slip… Just follow what ain’t there to the Pot of Gold. The Patio Video missing the Cossacks showing weapons and jumping the rail proved that.
    To all you Cossacks… BIG O’s Cell Phone is missing! Do Y’all really believe that? I’ll bet they got your cell phone. Didn’t they? Imagine this, They arrested Mr English and His wife… They put Big O’s wife on the News and never arrested Her. Why?

  12. Gandalf Says:

    I’d ask every “expert” witness to define “Hearsay” then move on.

  13. Gandalf Says:

    “A Conspiracy Theory” without solid evidence belongs in the National Enquire NOT a courtroom and certainly not in a Trial for a mans life. “Beyond a shadow of a doubt” does not mean, “Because so called experts say so based on Hearsay.”

  14. Gandalf Says:

    450 Witnesses? I’m guessing Cassie only has a few witnesses on Her list. She should ask Jarrett to tell the court exactly whose Testimony they will be used to rebut. Or does He intend to rebut His own Witnesses? I still say this Trial gets postponed… If not, Cheers to Jake for taking the risk for the rest of the Innocent in order to get some real Discovery. Cassie needs to make Her Defense short and sweet… Explain to the Jury that desperation in court looks like “baffle them with Bull Shit” (see OJ Trial) Hand out tinfoil hats so the Jury can understand the Prosecution’s case.

  15. Legendary Jim Says:

    Excellent – walking blues to step upon the platform in them shoes. Where DID you get those shoes? French polynesia? Ain’t that where the the west, it end? Where the clocks turn around and say good morning to the night? Rave on, daddy-o, you make it sing. – Legendary Jim

  16. Iron Rider Says:

    Opps sorry guys hit enter before I was finished writing my post

    Of course Jarret doesnt want to reveal his case or witness list, trial by ambush is always a favorite of prosecutors everywhere.. As for Jarrets experts that are going to testify let me guess someone like William Queen or Jay Dobyns or some other supposed expert.

    The thing is anyone can claim they are an expert. I am sure if you ask the kid at McDonalds who is working the fryer, he is an expert at making fries because he does it everyday, so does that make him qualified as an expert, sure it does just like the so called expert biker authorities.

    Well how about that Chaves is on vacation and can’t be reached and just before that inquiry about who told the truth out of Reyna and Chavez’s testimony is out in the wind and Chavez isnt around to testify in Carrizal’s trial if called to the stand, wow what a coincidence.

    This reminds me of the the movies the Rainmaker, where the main character is a lawyer who is suing an insurance comapny for denying a sick kids claim and when Rudy Baylor ( the lawyer) goes to depose employees of the insurance company, some have left the company, some are not available, some are terminated. at one point Rudy Baylor says is there anyone left from Great Life on my deposition list that can testify, one fellow raises his hand, and Rudy Baylor says. “well congratulations on surviving the carnage at Great Life” in a mocking tone.

    I stated in another post that the Twin Peaks evidence is a lot of fluff and not much filler If Jarret was so sure of his case he wouldnt be trying to see who will testify and what his case is which I am sure will be part of the appeal sure to follow this trial.

    Gotro ought to be concerned as she was told that Johnson would make sure to have everything turned over that she requested and complained about in the recusal hearing and look at that evidence not turned over, missing evidence, and witness not available, so much for that full disclosure she was promised from the prosecution and as for Johnson and his head nodding, we all know that is nothing more than an empty gesture.

    I really wish this trial was televised so we could see what really takes place but at least Rebel will give us the scoop on what is taking place that is if he can get thru Jarret smirk and the bullshit coming out of his mouth.

    I also love Jarrets claim that Twin Peaks just happened and no other agencies were involved and bla bla bla. If that isn’t the biggest bunch of horseshit then I dont know what is, the feds had been having texas cops fan the flames of a big biker war for months and months and all the prep that went into Twin Peaks just happened out of concern, yeah right. If that isnt OP prep then I dont know what is

  17. Iron Rider Says:

    Of course Jarret doesnt want to reveal his case or witness list, trial by ambush is always a favorite of prosecutors everywhere.. As for Jarrets experts that are going to testify let me guess someone like

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