Looking Into Loch McLennan

August 23, 2017

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Looking Into Loch McLennan

The courts in McLennan County, Texas are the Loch Ness of cesspools. The blatant collusion between police, prosecutors and judges makes even the jaws of crusty, old cynics drop. The cynicism of the politicians who define “justice” deep in the heart of Texas would make an old whore weep. And just when you think things can’t get any more surreal a monster emerges from the bottomless stench and eats another victim.

Looking at Waco is like looking at whatever you see after you wash down about 2000 mikes of acid with a couple of quarts of cheap mescal and a couple of hits of nitrous – just to take the edge off. No wonder CNN refuses to look. No wonder the ACLU of Texas refuses to look. It is so much easier to pretend that what is really wrong with America is a few dozen statues of Robert E. Lee.

Yesterday the monster who lives in Loch McLennan raised its head and grinned at Cassie Lynn Gotro. Gotro is the tough talking lawyer, idealistic admirer of Gerry Spence, occasional, reluctant television celebrity and 2014 winner of the Charles Butts Pro Bono Lawyer of the Year Award who represents a known enemy of the cesspool named Christopher Jacob Carrizal.

Cesspool v. Carrizal

Yesterday, the Loch McLennan monster became annoyed that Gotro had missed a preliminary hearing in the matter of the Cesspool versus Carrizal. Carrizal is scheduled to get his fair trial September 11 – although the official docket says his trial will begin September 12 – and preliminary jury selection is scheduled to begin this Friday.

Prosecutors have been saying in loud, clear voices for the last year that they want to “do” Carrizal first because assistant prosecutor Michael Jarrett wanted “one he could win.” And what could be a nobler cause than feeding Jarrett’s ego – especially after all those rude things people said about his brain after that time he was playing with a Glock 22 in a “perfectly safe manner” and the damned thing just went off and took out a courthouse window. That clearly wasn’t Jarrett being an idiot. That was clearly just another example of what crappy guns Glock makes.

This week, Carrizal is charged with “directing activities of a criminal street gang,” “engaging in organized criminal activity with an underlying offense of murder,” and “engaging in organized criminal activity with an underlying offense of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.” All that amounts to life in prison.

Next week he may be indicted for assassinating President Kennedy. The week after that? Who knows. What difference does it make? Carrizal is what the Red Chinese call an “objective enemy.” He is an enemy because it is his turn.

Who’s A Handsome Judge

Gotro emailed the court that she couldn’t attend yesterday’s hearing because she was busy and then she filed a motion to postpone Carrizal’s trial.

Her motion to continue the trial complained that she couldn’t effectively defend her client because “ the state continues to deny the defense access to records and material evidence.” The ideal Texas, the Texas that Texas sees in the mirror every morning when it shaves, has had something called the Michael Morton Act since 2014. The idea of that is that every criminal case should have an open evidence file: Which means that when the prosecution has evidence the defense should have immediate access to that evidence.

The judge in the case, a Bad Santa impersonator named Ralph T. Strother, threatened to revoke Carrizal’s bail if he and Gotro aren’t in his courtroom tomorrow morning. The he denied her motion for a stay. And then he looked into the dark, still waters of Loch McLennan and grinned at the fair and wise justice he saw reflected there.



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  1. rollinnorth Says:

    Too bad Hurricane Harry didn’t wash Waco away.


  2. Big Al Says:

    You are correct.
    I’ve seen Casie Gotro vs. Jarrett in various court settings.
    Gotro is intelligent, pleasant and speaks with authority. The prosecutor, Michael Jarrett appears to be an ignorant, whiny, pestilent-looking putrid tyrant. The judge is doing all he can to assist the moron Jarrett, but it will be insufficient.
    Best bet is on Gotro.

  3. Gandalf Says:

    I think She can win too. If the Trib Headline say’s “Bandit wins. Jury rules Self Defense” ALL the Bandits and COC&I members win. If the “Grand (Bandit) Conspiracy” is true… They rode in there with Self Defense in mind. Why change now?

  4. Iron Rider Says:

    @ Rebel

    Well for Carrizal’s sake I hope she does, but the deck has been stacked from the start for all 177 defendants

  5. Rebel Says:

    Dear Iron Rider,

    I think Gotro thinks she can win.


  6. Iron Rider Says:

    Honestly I am not too worried about Gotro and where she is taking this case, because win or lose this case will be appealed. I don’t expect Carrizal will get anything anywhere close to a fair trial. Reyna has all these cases against 177 people that are going to be seen as a reach for 98% of them in my opinion.

    The whole fiasco from the beginning has been a farce, we all know how thin the evidence is in these cases and we all have a pretty good idea of who was doing the killing that day, never mind the amount of lies and misdirection the law Enforcement side has been putting forth since Twin Peaks occurred.

    The fact that Strothers and Johnson have been the only judges to hear much of anything with these cases just goes to show how much is at stake for Reyna and co to keep the truth from coming out and Johnson and Strothers are in charge of making sure that it stays that way.

    Gotro isn’t some babe in the woods, this lady is a proven trial lawyers and she sure as hell knows how to avoid the pitfalls and traps the prosecution will try to lay to get a conviction. Gotro knows full well that the prosecution is going to pull every trick in the book to keep the playing field tilted their way, and I am of the opinion the tact she has taken so far is by design, so she gets some of this case in front of a different set of judges to see all that is wrong with this case and some of Johnson and Strothers rulings.

    There is going to be some fireworks to come, I’d bet on it

  7. david Says:

    @ Gandalf , with respect,

    On the jury yet to be impaneled, in the “jury box”.

    1) Whether they will be aware of their right to nullify any legislative act passed by the Big Brother legislature, or not, the jury, comprised of the people,can over-rule the greedy,bastard, self-serving attorneys’ “Law” ,by declaring(voting) the law “null and void”, the so-called “Law” ineffective and non-existing, making the so-called “accused”, accused of nothing.

    2) If they are unaware of their right,or refuse to nullify the “law”, they knowingly or unknowingly become part of a self-destructive force which will destroy their own nation.

    3) Lincoln – “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher”.

  8. Gandalf Says:

    BTW You can follow the Freudian Slips and Lies easy in this case. “They weren’t From Here” (We want the bandits). “It started in the Bathroom.” (It wasn’t our fault and we didn’t witness the start) The biggest piece of evidence was the evidence NOT there. When the Patio Vid was leaked to CNN. Stamped “WACO PD”. The part cut out showed the Cossacks jumping the rail. THEY KNOW Self Defense is a winner. That’s why Jarrett baited (“dared Her”) Cassie to put on a “Grand Conspiracy” defense. But Cassie got this no matter what angle She uses… She is Smart. Ruthless. Chopping heads. Like someone just said, She’s setting up the Judge. Chop, Chop

  9. Gandalf Says:

    “Lets hope justice can be seen by the jury and they are not programed idiots that are Cop Suckers.” I guess that’s my whole point. Its not the “Facts” of the case at all. Most Trials never are. It’s what you can “prove”. Self Defense is more provable for the Bandits. Cossacks gotta harder case without Self Defense… but Clint B got that angle covered. IMHO. Hoping a Waco Jury are not Cop Suckers is kinda like punching a patch holder and hoping His friends won’t jump in…. Not advisable. IMHO and with respect to ALL.

  10. rw Says:

    Fuckn auto correct. That was Ms Gotro

  11. rw Says:

    I think Ms Goto is focused and has a clear view of what she wants and the direction she’s headed.
    It may not show now but I believe she’s about to have the judge changing his tune so he can save his own skin.

  12. Mark Says:

    This is what I was worried about happening. The defense attorney is being forced into a situation where defending the accused has been taking off the table by the government lawyers which the judge is one of. A government lawyer. Making it so that the defense attorney is going through the motions as a defense attorney during the trial but is in fact working for the accused’s best interest and laying the groundwork for the appeal. Lets hope justice can be seen by the jury and they are not programed idiots that are Cop Suckers.

  13. Gandalf Says:

    @ Paladin: Because I don’t really take myself seriously and Defendants need to decide if my advice is good or crazy. FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY. NOT LEGAL ADVICE! Just “throwing shit on the wall…seeing what sticks.” I’d hate to be responsible for an Innocent Guy…. Cassie don’t need me. I’m just a broken down pig farmer. LOL

  14. Paladin Says:

    @ Gandalf

    Instead of telling all of us what Ms. Gotro should or shouldn’t do, or telling us what you would or wouldn’t do, why not call her office and tell her directly? I’m not all that sure Ms. Gotro follows the Aging Rebel’s page, and Ms. Gotro missing out on all your sagely advice would be a real shame.


  15. Gandalf Says:

    My opening statement would be about how complicated this case is. How much evidence the DA sent. How long this trial is gonna be. How many different Fake News Stories … etc. (winks at jury) “My Client is innocent and I will prove it. So put your thinking caps on we thank you for your Service and time.”
    Then hardly ask any Questions… Thank Police for saving my clients life. In closing explain that I was BSing… It’s simple Self Defense. “That thinking cap must be made of tinfoil to believe the DAs version.” There is a old saying, “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance baffle them with BS.” “The DA is trying to Baffle you.” “Don’t believe your lying eyes. There is more to it.” That’s is what He is telling you.

  16. Gandalf Says:

    In the end there is a Lawyers saying about not only showing your Clients Innocence but also to show who is responsible… Trying to show the Police are responsible to a Waco Jury is just plain stupid. The Cossacks are forced to do it because of their actions. Bandits need to give the Jury the Cossacks and thank Police. Straight and to the point. Understandable. Simple. Even a hint of Police misconduct only hurts them. A Waco Jury will defend Waco Police every time. Don’t piss the jury off.

  17. Gandalf Says:

    After hours of LE “experts” testifying about Biker Gangs, War, Bottom Rockers and Turf… Cassie needs to ask Him “What City do you consider the Bandits Home Turf?” (San Antonio??) What City do you consider the Cossacks home turf?” (Waco) “No further Questions.” Jurors like to get home and like it when a Lawyer tries to get the Trial over with. The Fact is the LE “Expert” is full of Shit anyway and the less that fool talks the better.

  18. david Says:

    Fascist McLennan County, and the entire Fascist State of Texas;

    1) Fascism is a political system in which the STATE (Big Brother, Orwell) comes before the individual(read;individuals last), headed by a dictator/bureaucracy/republic which is distinguished by CAREER leaders typically for life(see: most congressman),where “INDIVIDUALS are subject to arbitrary search and seizure under the PRETENCE the good of the whole(read:hole) outweighs the one”.

    2) The right to property is subject to constant search and seizure AND, courts only rule in favor of the state.

    3) Fascism IS an authoritarian nationalism, characterized by dictatorial POWER(do as you are told because i’m telling you to,See: All bastard cops), “forced suppression of opposition”(See: every fucking thing the State of Texas DID before, during and after a state opposition political meeting held at Waco), and focused on MILITARY power.(See: all available photos of paramilitary AND full military PIGS present at TP, AND the fucking tanks used to kill women and children previously at another Texas location.)

    4) Fascist Texas, always places the “good” of the State before,and above, the worth of an individual, his or HER life, and property. Fuck…… Texas

    If something looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, and walks like a duck, it is one.

  19. Daisy Rus Says:

    I see yesterday’s announcement to release the jury pool scheduled to assemble today as a huge victory! This announcement came after 50 minutes behind closed doors where Gotro made her case for not getting the discovery she’d been seeking – and there was merit in her case that the judge obviously couldn’t deny and he had no choice but to cancel jury selection. Go get these pieces of sh!t Gotro! Oh, and I want to be the first to buy you a beer when you’re victorious in this matter!!!

  20. Gottabejustright Says:

    Reb, you are a captivating wriiter and one of the few investigative journalists left. When facts are few or blurry, stack em high and hope for a plea seems to be the default for the lazy and useless…it also gives hope that the righteous prevail.

    Anyone who trusts the system is a fool. And yes, there are educated fools.

  21. Gandalf Says:

    Cassie needs to request a New Trial 1- Because the US Attorney in The Feds vs Pike sent a letter saying they had evidence and won’t give it up. Also because the Charges were changed against Mr. Carrizal making the Fed evidence relative to His defense… Other Bikers like Smith should do the same BUT MOST should file statements that they don’t care and want their Trial ASAP. A JUDGE GOTTA BE CRAZY to allow a trial to begin KNOWING there is Morton evidence and disregarding it. Cassie should push HARD for ethics violations against the Judge. “Disregarded Obvious Morton evidence to assist the DA in regards to the order defendants were tried.” Imagine how many tricks the DA/Judge are pulling to get the Jury He wants if He would go this far??? File for a Change of Venue Cassie. You got Him now.(Waco-Trib + Order tampering + Judicial collusion.) Make Jarrett drive to court and let Rebel stay in a decent Hotel instead of having to wake up to the Smell of Waco every day.

  22. Hangaround Says:

    I think Gotro is maneuvering for 2 things.
    1) To make sure that Carrizal ends up not going first, the counter play to Reynas weak attempt to stack the deck. Far better to have a mom and pop club that has no affiliation be tried and found innocent as a way to sway future jurists as to Carrizals innocence
    2) To end up getting the trial moved to a location with a far more reasonable jury due to lack of qualifying judges in McClenndon Country.

    I see these as very wise plays on her part.

  23. david Says:

    Beside the fact the county jury pool is hugely tainted by the gov. owned establishment media outlet’s anti-free people propaganda(another cesspool), beside the residents’ clannish, fearful of outsiders mindset, beside the fact the persecution,and COURT, has a 98% conviction rate with their MOCK “trials”, making up rules for defense attorneys which they THEMSELVES do not follow, and various other criminal activities; the highest appeals court in the nation is as corrupt as hell.

    The German Nazi regime courts had a 90% conviction rate, 8% LESS than the U.S. or Bull-Shit Texas courts.

  24. kenny Says:

    Cookie is right. Thats a long view. U have to trust in the apeals court to simply hold the letter of law. And they move so so slow. Unfuckinbelievable. But this is the place burned children alive.

  25. hero Says:

    I’m not saying that this is the situation here and I have no reason to think it could be the situation other than the stall tactics of the prosecution, however in the past the with holding of evidence has been used to protect informants in other on going investigations who are somehow linked to the case currently being railroaded. In all but one of those cases the defendants were cleared after all the “evidence” came to light and the informants exposed. In the end it was always a ploy to get defendants to take plea deals before they had enough info to properly defend themselves. Hang in there guys and don’t give in, everyday its looking better for you all.

  26. Phuquehed Says:

    Rope. Tree. Ralph T. Strother.

  27. Paladin Says:

    “The ACLU considers accepting criminal cases only in limited instances, such as, for example, when a person is being prosecuted for engaging in activity protected by the Constitution – such as participating in a political demonstration or where the statute or ordinance under which the person is charged is subject to constitutional attack.”

    If LE had denied the CoC their First Amendment Right to peaceful assembly, that would have been a civil rights violation and the ACLU might have filed suit as they did in Charlottesville when the permit for Unite the Right’s rally was revoked. LE never denied the CoC’s right to peaceful assembly. Instead, they just waited.

    When Swanton was running his mouth, he stated something very telling. He stated, “These people aren’t from around here.” Waco has in the past self-proclaimed itself to be the “Buckle of the Bible Belt”, which translates to: “An informal region in the southeastern and south-central United States in which socially conservative evangelical Protestantism plays a strong role in society and politics.” People living in these areas tend to be self-righteous and clannish. Jurors pooled from Waco and the surrounding area may be lead to believe that they were invaded by a hoard of two-wheeled, blood thirsty criminals and that they should get what’s coming to them. Cassie Gotro is going to have her hands full.


  28. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    “And just when you think things can’t get any more surreal a monster emerges from the bottomless stench and eats another victim.”

    Just so. I thought I was all out of incredulous shock about this nightmare. I’m not. It just keeps getting more and more shocking.

  29. Cookie Says:

    I see this as being one of those were the prosecusion wins and the media tells everyone how they are now safe from the big bad bikers. Then it will get thrown out on appeal but by that time everyone will have forgoten about it.

  30. Iron Rider Says:

    Read this quote from Strothers in the Trib story

    “To put it mildly, the court is perplexed and displeased that no member of the defense is here. I don’t know what to make of all this except that I am not happy. There were a number of matters that I wanted to discuss at the status hearing, the questionnaires and the mechanics of the jury-selection process. I had hoped to do that in a spirit of cooperation and courtesy.”

    Cooperation and courtesy Strothers say’s, isn’t that rich! Sorry dont think the defense will find any of that cooperation and courtesy anywhere near a courtroom with Johnson and Strothers in it

  31. Iron Rider Says:

    And here is Waco Tribune’s story on the Strothers circus that is in town


  32. Iron Rider Says:

    Imagine that the Strother isn’t following the rules of the court in how much notice he has to give the defense, what a shocker that must to us all.

    So once again different rules are in play in McLennan county then there are everywhere else in Texas. I guess it is easier to get a win with a Judge who is on the prosecution side of the equation rather than impartial like a Judge is supposed to be.

    Funny how the Court is allowing the prosecution to do an end run around turning over all discovery material to Gotro to defend her client and seems to be going out of the way to delay what Gotro will see as the prosecution gets it. Nothing like gaming a case to make sure someone gets a win.

    Just a further example of how no defendant that was charged at Twin Peaks will get a fair trial, All these cases will be trial by ambush

  33. Hangaround Says:

    Cassie Gotro is a dragon slayer of an Attorney. Carrizal and the Red and Gold could not ask for better. At this point even if Strother is not forcibly recused from the case the stage is well set for an appeal and trial has not even started yet.


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