Juan Martinez Dies

August 4, 2017

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Juan Martinez Dies

Juan Martinez, who reportedly was the president of a Bandidos Motorcycle Club chapter in El Paso, died yesterday of gunshot wounds sustained last Sunday night.

Martinez was mortally wounded when an alleged Kinfolk Motorcycle Club member named Javier Gonzalez walked into an East El Paso bar named Mulligan’s Chopped Hog and opened fire. Martinez, Ballardo Salcido, Juan Miguel Vega-Rivera and David Villalobos were all wounded.

Gonzalez was arrested at dawn Wednesday in San Elizario, Texas south of El Paso. He was charged with four counts of aggravated assault and his bond was set at $650,000.

Funeral arrangements are pending.




22 Responses to “Juan Martinez Dies”

  1. Sweetpea Rollins Says:

    Deepest sympathy to all brother, sisters & family.
    Another gone to soon. Gone but never forgotten.
    U will b greatly missed.
    Big Love ❤️ ❤️❤️

  2. Dutchboy Says:

    Fair winds and Following Seas. Condolences to his families, both blood and patch.

  3. Alex Melendez Says:

    Sending my condolences to the family Martinez and friends of how my hearing the news. I am grateful to have Martinez as a lawyer for my bipolar disorder and he will be dearly missed.

  4. Steel Says:

    Condolences to the family, friends and his Bandido brothers. Rest in peace.



  5. BACKWARDS BOB1%er Says:

    Condolences to the Bandido Nation

  6. Jesse Says:

    Ese compa we had some good times you will be missed although i haven’t been around for 2 years a memory last forever. Ride with Lord in heaven brother. G.B.N.F

  7. Ed Says:

    Live by the gun; Die by the gun. Peace and love to the Bandido family.

  8. Azbrick Says:

    R.I.P. God bless your loved ones you leave behind…

  9. The Kraut Says:

    Respects to Mr. Martinez, and his Brothers and family.


  10. Dino Says:

    GBNF…. Ride High Brother… Thoughts from the B&W Side.. If you can’t be Good.. Be Good at IT… SYLO..SYLBP..SWSS⚡⚡.. SYLB..

  11. Sun city Says:

    GBNF condolences to his EPT Family and Club.

  12. CAPMARINE276 Says:


  13. RtC Says:

    Heartfelt CONDOLENCES to the family, friends & Brothers of Bandido Juan Martinez 1%er.

    Redwolf the Conchoman

  14. fozz Says:

    biker against biker , defies reason ,condolences to the family

  15. Shutup Says:

    Via con Dios. Condolences to brothers and family.

  16. John Deaux Says:

    My condolences to the family, friends and club brothers of Mr. Martinez.
    Good men often go too soon

  17. Adios Says:

    My condolences to The Bandits, his family and friends RIP

  18. Griz's Gal Says:

    My deepest condolences to the family and friends of Juan Martinez.


  19. FF Says:

    My condolences to all who knew and loved him.

  20. Paladin Says:

    My sincere condolences to the family, friends and Brothers of Juan Martinez.

    Long May He Ride,


  21. JMacK Says:

    Respects and Condolences to the Family and Brothers of Mr. Martinez.


  22. RLG Says:

    Condolences to his family and friends for their loss.

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