Waco Gang Threat Assessment

July 28, 2017

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Waco Gang Threat Assessment

The Texas Department of Public Safety’s thinly sourced, biannual, unclassified, Gang Threat Assessment for July 2017 magically appeared Tuesday in very many inboxes.

It is mostly a public relations document, designed to give print and television journalists a local angle on their gang problem. There is not much actual fact in it except for “Appendix 2: Other Contributing Agencies” which lists virtually every police department in Texas with special recognition given to “Agencies participating in Operation BorderStar” (sic).

Operation Border Star, if you are just now hearing about it, is the largely secret, semi-military command that, “combines and synchronizes the actions of federal, state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies to secure the Texas – Mexico border.” It provides for “Funding and resources to state and local agencies; Coordination for targeted interagency operations; An intelligence sharing network; Training and education; New technological initiatives to enhance border security.” You know, like in the movie Sicario. Or like that guy with the sneaky-Pete sniper rifle who managed to get him self photographed by Reuters walking to the Texas Rangers’ Bearcat after the shooting stopped at the Waco Twin Peaks.

Cossacks Still Club

There are a few surprises, the Bandidos are routinely described as the “Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Gang” but the Cossacks are still just the Cossacks Motorcycle Club.

The Assessment seems to anticipate the first trial of a Twin Peaks Biker Brawl defendant – a Bandido named Jake Carrizal – this September. It features a couple of canned arguments that are certain to boom out of prosecutors mouths. The proof that those arguments are true will be this report. And the proof that this report is true will be a long parade of what is now estimated to be 75, that is not a typo – four score less five – expert witnesses for the prosecution.

The Waco prosecution, the city of Waco, the county that surrounds it and others will attempt to convince jurors that the bloodshed was the result of a conspiracy – which it was. Only instead of describing an interagency police conspiracy prosecutors will try to prove that there was “intelligence” that a motorcycle gang conspiracy to affray existed.

Pertinent to that in Tuesday’s report is a highlighted section titled “The Role of Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Support Clubs.” This is likely to be the beating heart of the prosecution’s opening arguments. Here it is verbatim.


“Virtually all outlaw motorcycle gangs (OMG) work with several motorcycle support clubs. Support clubs often vow their allegiance and support to their respective ‘mother club.’ Support clubs usually pay a monthly fee, or dues, to the nearest mother club chapter in the area. These fees keep the support club in good standing, and they can rely on the protection of the OMG from other motorcycle clubs. Support clubs also routinely hold parties and other events to raise funds, such as toy runs, that benefit both their support club and the associated outlaw motorcycle gang.

“There are different levels of support clubs. For example, the Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (BOMG) has a large number of support clubs that wear reverse colors on their cuts/colors/jackets (i.e. gold on red instead of red on gold). These support clubs must receive permission from the BOMG to wear the affiliated colors, as only sanctioned BOMG support clubs can wear the gold on red colors, and no club can wear red on gold. Other motorcycle clubs wear a ‘heart patch’ or ‘I Support the Fat Mexican’ patch on the chest-area of their vest, while maintaining their normal colors. Some members also wear a ‘known associate’ patch or SYLB (Support Your Local Bandidos) on the front of their cuts.

“Some support club members use their club to gain admittance into the OMG they are supporting. Likewise, OMGs exploit support clubs, also referred to as ‘farm clubs,’ as an entity to choose well-suited prospective members.

“Motorcycle support club members may conduct criminal activities at the request of the mother club, or on their own accord. The range of criminal activities is wide, from drug distribution to targeted assaults. Although not all members of a support club are involved in criminal activity, a small subset of members historically have shown to be engaged in organized crime.”

And, of course, the Bandidos are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. The report claims: “Formed in the 1960s, the Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (BOMG) conducts its illegal activities as covertly as possible and generally tries to avoid high profile activities. However, members are not covert about making their presence known, frequently wearing their gang colors, insignia, and riding in large groups. They seek to turn public sentiment in their favor by organizing frequent charity runs.”

That will be in the opening arguments, too.




14 Responses to “Waco Gang Threat Assessment”

  1. slycechyx Says:

    I’ve organized toy runs & have been on too many to count, most just require a toy donation, while some offering raffle tickets for sell. Not quite sure any actual funds raised from a toy run could even pay a bar tab for a couple days. & with the prosecution spouting this bullshit that toy runs help fund a club, could really hurt toy runs. stupid fuckers

    “However, members are not covert about making their presence known, frequently wearing their gang colors, insignia, and riding in large groups. They seek to turn public sentiment in their favor by organizing frequent charity runs.”

    This describes almost every MC & RC I’ve ever know.

    75 expert witnesses, Texas tax payers will be paying out the ass for years to just cover their expert fees.

    This is a goddam circus

  2. deuce Says:

    What’s with that stupid shirt? Is that supposed to give him some kind of cred?

  3. Mullet Says:

    Steve Cook looks like he has Downs Syndrome. His wearing of a Harley-Davidson shirt is a very unprofessional way to present himself as some sort of “expert”. And he should shave; he doesn’t resemble Indiana Jones in the least. And it’s not like he’s “been there”, though I don’t doubt he has a late model, very low mileage, bone stock Harley touring bike in his garage that he rides with a full-face helmet and a bright orange safety vest. But at least he doesn’t try to pawn himself off as some sort of master undercover agent who “lived the life and survived the ordeal”. That shit has gotten really old.

  4. TX_Biker Says:

    Wow that’s the biggest load of BS I ever read. I am a support club member. I have never been asked to do anything illegal and have never paid a dime to another club in ant form. Support Clubs here in Texas are not run by any other club but themselves. I have been invited to benefits, helped stranded brothers, gone on long runs and generally had a great experience riding the last 12 years here.

  5. Phuquehed Says:

    Huh, funny how Texas DPS rhymes with Gestapo.

    The so-called “experts” and the pigs that listen and suck up what they say are proof that dumb and dumber are alive and well.

    Cops/alphabet soup fucktards – The largest criminal gangs in the United States, paid for by your tax dollars and diverted there by your corrupt government officials.

    “It is the duty of the patriot to protect its country from its government.” -Thomas Paine

    The new Nazified America – land of the guilty until proven innocent, beaten and shot in our own homes, imprisoned on RICO charges when all one did was ride a motorcycle and wear a patch, and be spied upon.

    “It is the duty of the patriot to protect its country from its government.” -Thomas Paine

    http://fija.org/ Learn about Jury Nullification! Take back your rights from the over-reaching: police, justice system and government!

  6. BMW Says:

    Stevie Cookiestealer is no “expert” — except for three expert skills:

    #1 absolute expert at using the media to promote himself;

    #2 an expert ability to create wild fictional stories;

    #3 at getting paid big bucks for his fake seminars by getting LEAA funds from the feds for his “motorcycle expert conferences” (which are really drunken parties, since most of the cops know this is fake and there is nothing to learn).

    The “Texas Gang Assessment” is just as fake. The feds require every area to create one in order to get federal “anti-gang” funds that pay for some salaries. I can give an example: In my area in the Midwest, one of the communities with the highest income has an “anti-gang task force”, despite having no “gangs” other than the dread “skateboard gang bangers” who are seen when the expensive private schools recess for the summer. Most of those “gangbangers” are using Mom’s diamond MasterCard to buy their spray paint to tag the area!

    These “area gang assessments” must be written in such a way as to describe “serious gang threats” to the community. (In order to get those federal funds!) You can find several online, and they are a real hoot to read, particularly if you know the communities involved! Neighborhoods with no street crime suddenly discover that M-13, crips, bloods and famous motorcycle clubs have “found” their suburban community. Look, there are the graffiti tags to prove it. LOL! Every local unsolved crime suddenly gets attributed to a “gang threat”, whether the “threatening gangs” are nearby or not. This false attributions serve two purposes: getting the feds to pay for more cops and absolving the local LEO from responsibility to solve the open case. Enough ranting, I am going riding.




  7. Paladin Says:

    The fact that Cook has to wear a Harley Davidson shirt in hopes of bolstering his credibility speaks volumes. The fact that cops listen to Cook at all proves that cops will do just about anything to avoid doing actual police work. The fact that anyone listens to Cook proves that no one ever went broke over estimating the stupidity of the American public.


  8. david Says:

    TX DPS , being the largest actual gang in Texas, apparently cannot help themselves by issuing their phake bull-shit twice a year to unsuspecting members of the general public.

    If the first “trial” actually happens, when the public persecutor uses the opening statement as a “school lesson” in his/her artificial version of MC reality for juror mind-fucking, defendant has his first, valid, issue for appeal. A prosecution tainted jury, intentionally done.

  9. Mark Says:

    This is the typical cop propaganda that can be found in many places on the internet. The cop/s saying very derogatory things about MC Clubs and toy runs. Pure cop lies and total propaganda. Making money on Toy Runs, how? Riders show up with a toy, ride to the drop off point and go home, out to eat with others who made the event. But no one is ever charged money to do the event. Oh! They bought an event T-shirt for $500 and the Outlaw MC make a huge profit on a 10 buck T-shirt. Hello! I almost never see a Patch when I’m out and about and most of the ones that I see are CMA, POW/MIA and HOG, no kidding. Here’s a fact, people are more so likely to die during a traffic stop by cop/s than to ever to get the stink eye from a patched biker. Cops kill innocent people by very large numbers every year. Then the government lawyers and the expert witnesses preform criminal acts to get the cop off the hook that killed the innocent person. Are we now seeing the foundation of a nonstop chain of events of criminal conduct of the cops and government lawyers in the Waco matter? Yes we are, it’s called obstruction of justice.
    The bottom line is, the DA’s case will be a full on slanderfest to perjury the jury and the defence will object and the crimainl lawyer in the black robe will denie the defense. When the defence tries to show a pattern of criminal conduct by the cops and government lawyers. That line of defence will be objected to by the DA and the criminal lawyer in the black robe will shut down the defence.
    This is going to be one of the largest kangaroo court cases of the centruy. There will be a point where the defence will stop trying to win the case and will start working on the appeal to get the cases out of the Waco Kangaroo Court system. Being the State of Texas has not stepped in at this point due to the criminal conduct and fraud. The appeal will likely have to end up in a federal court for justice.
    I know a person that was railroaded in a full on criminal kangaroo court that became a devil worshipe while in prison to make sure he went to hell so that he could get at the cops and lawyers that destroyed his and his family’s lives. Lets hope that isn’t the outcome of this criminal fraud of justice.

  10. Dutchboy Says:

    We all know the saying “When we do good no one remembers”, now LEO and the Persecutors (sounds like a 80s grunge band) have changed it to “When we do good they try to burn us for it”. Toy Runs are club fund raisers my ass. Bikers, especially the clubs, raise more for charity that any other group, we all know this. Obviously LEO and the girls don’t like it when their favorite devil acts like an angel of Mercy. Good article AR, keep up the great work. Fair Winds

  11. Chasra Says:

    Propaganda, lies, supposition, superstition, fear, fairytales… and this is what experts are going to testify about?

    Fact is, people, innocent people died from police bullets fired from high powered rifles. Bring on the ballistics, fuck the bullshit.

    More popcorn anyone?

  12. SlimFMC Says:

    I just want to know who named him the expert. I’m sure it was himself. If he’s the expert I would sure hate to meet his flunkies below him that eat up his shit. He’s make a fucking career off of reading other people’s Intel or reports and mixed it with all the bullshit stories from all our so called experts. If I crossed paths with that stupid prick I would have to live up my false personality and kick the living shit out of that
    Washed up meter reader.

  13. SlimFMC Says:

    Where is a debilitating stroke when you need one. If we could only be so lucky to shut the mouth of a man with decades of experience. Everything in the past he use to regurgitate was straight out of fairytails

  14. El Chuntaro Says:

    Great picture of good ol’ Steve-O with his pie hole open and ready to suck cock.

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