Absurdist Justice

July 7, 2017

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Absurdist Justice

It is becoming increasingly obvious that most of the current Vagos case titled USA v. Palafox et al. has simply been made up – like a story about demonic dogs by Stephen King or, maybe more to the point, an absolutely authentic look inside outlaw motorcycle gangs as imagined by Kurt Sutter.

The entire case is comprised of example after example of what prosecutors obviously promised some tough on crime politicians they could get on the Vagos. Maybe they promised new Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Maybe they only promised Acting Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Blanco whose name appears at the top of the indictment. But the promises are unsubstantiated by actual facts.

This is absurdist justice, which seems to be an emerging trend. The same label can be pasted on the stalled case in Waco or the increasingly desperate federal case against the Bandidos in San Antonio. But what is different about the Vagos case is that less of it is sealed, restrained or otherwise hidden from public view so the absurdities are more obvious.


One small, representative example involves a retired Vago named Johnny Neddenriep. Neddenriep is a convicted felon. Twenty-seven years ago Neddenriep, “was stopped by the sheriff’s department. He handed over his license and then drove off. Since they had his license, he was found.” When they found him they searched him. When they searched him they found the stub of a marijuana cigarette. He was sentenced to six years in prison for possessing the roach and for “Escape by a Prisoner in Custody.”

In the current iteration of the Vagos case Neddenriep is accused of brandishing a gun during a confrontation with the Pissed Off Bastards of Bloomington Motorcycle Club on October 28, 2012. But there is overwhelming evidence that Neddenriep was not even there. The president of the POBOBs says he wasn’t there. Ron Miller, the Douglass County gang officer says he wasn’t there. Nobody in Neddenriep’s chapter of the Vagos was there. It wasn’t Neddenriep’s chapter that had an issue with the POBOBs. It was another chapter of the Vagos and none of them have, as yet at least, been indicted.


A more troubling issue in the case is the accusation that Vagos President Pastor “TaTa” Palafox ordered the murder of Halls Angel Jeffrey Pettigrew. The indictment claims that Palafox and others “ordered the murder of rival Hells Angels gang member
J.P.” It alleges that a Vago named Albert “Dragon Man” Perez “ordered the subordinate gang member to ‘go ahead and do it,’ in confirming the order to kill rival Hells Angels gang member J.P.” and that “on or about September 23,2011, Eernesto Manuel Gonzalez, aka ‘Romeo,’ Sergeant-at-Arms of the Vagos San Jose chapter, volunteered to execute the ‘green light’ order to kill rival Hells Angels gang member J.P.”

But that is all just hogwash invented by former Reno prosecutor and now Reno City Attorney Karl Hall. All of this is based on the testimony of former Vago Gary “Jabbers” Rudnick. Rudnick was a mean drunk who didn’t like Hells Angels and who would not stop harassing Pettigrew until Pettigrew finally hit him in the head with a bottle. That started the deadky brawl. Rudnick’s testimony was completely uncorroborated and he recanted it in a brief, handwritten statement, attested to by two witnesses, that was made public on April 27.

Rudnick Statement

That entire statement, which has not been edited, reads:


“I, Gary Rudnick, dob 12/26/65, hereby give the following statement voluntarily to defense investigator April Higuera who is working with attorney David Houston on behalf of Ernesto Gonzalez. I have given a recorded statement to Ms. Higuera this day which is summarized in the bullet points below:

“1) A bar fight occurred between me (H.A.) P. It was just a fight between me and him. There was no conspiracy to comm. Murder on him.

“2) Carl Hall did not believe me ever time I told him my side. He kept tell is this what really happed. What he wanted me to change to lie for him. He want me to tell that there was an (consp.) to commit murder on (Pre). And told me to tell about some specil meet to take out the P (H.A.) but the meeting and ever thing that (Carl Hall) told me to said it never happed.

“3) I did this because (Carl Hall) promised (probation). If did not do any of this I was looking at 25 years in prison according to him.

“4) I’m telling the truth now because what (Carl Hall) did to me was worry. Who knows who else he did this to. And made lie for him.

“5) No one is give me or promised anything to come forward. No.

“Under penalty of perjury, I swear the aforementioned statements/declarations herein are true.”

According to Houston, Rudnick made his declaration on May 17, 2016 and federal prosecutors were aware of it for at least six weeks before the current Vagos indictment was unsealed. Rudnick’s statement is consistent with all other eyewitness accounts of what happened that night.

But the truth doesn’t help prosecutors portray the Vagos as one of those villainous biker gangs in a 1960s movie and that is the whole point. First thing, for prosecutors and police to portray themselves as mythic heroes, they must invent mythic villains. And this summer, the role of the mythic villains has fallen on the Vagos.


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5 Responses to “Absurdist Justice”

  1. Mrs. Juarez Says:

    Thank you for telling the truth. My husband and several of those arrested that day still sit locked up. He can’t even get a bail hearing. He is a 71 year old 100% disabled Vietnam Veteran. He has dedicated his life for the past 17 years to helping others. He has now spent over a year behind bars for no reason. Again thank you for exposing the truth.

  2. Elvis Himselvis Says:

    Railroading bikers has been a theme for federal agencies for decades, motorcycle clubs have always been a target by these agencies because the aesthetic of a big hairy guy with a colorful patch that rides a motorcycle can easily be identified as a criminal by the public, Hollywood portrays bikers as evil, disgusting, maniacal demons that only employ the dregs of society when nothing could be further from the truth, the vast majority of men that join an m.c.are retired combat veterans that seek the comaradery of brotherhood as they once had when they were enlisted, nothingmore… and in reality when you look at actual criminal organizations, they don’t wear clothing that advertises who they are… not naming any names but let’s look back in history and take a gander at what criminals and their organizations look like, I’ll tell what they don’t look like! They don’t wear patches and ride motorcycles, let’s be real here, men are men, some have done things they’re not proud of, made mistakes along the way, no one is exempt, from that. But to attempt to twist truths and throw away lives to make headlines and further the careers of politicians and lawyers is a violation of human rights and it shouldn’t be tolerated in our society and the scariest thing is that it’s happening at the federal level, not some “po-dunk backwoods plywood courthouse” And like a spoiled crybaby when the guy they coerced into lying for them recants and tells the truth they attempt to charge 22 more grown men with a crime that was actually self defense and preservation of life with racketeering which in essence is a rico charge for conspiracy to commit murder… total bs… and it’s an irresponsible, disgusting display of corruption. They arrested guys that haven’t been in the club for years that had absolutely no cases pending, they arrested men that are in their 70’s that are active in churches and aide in the recovery of drug addicts… Drop the bs Rico charges and free the 22 Vagos, enough is enough…

  3. Steel Says:

    The real criminals seem to be the agents of the government. They will lie, cheat, steal, etc, to try to convict those who’ve done nothing just to further their careers. Thanks for staying on top of it Rebel.



  4. kenny Says:

    Talk about if the glove dont fit u must aquite. Fact is without this type of witness u would never have most cases. Thanks Rebel for the news.

  5. Hero Says:

    Either Rudnick lied before or he is lying now. Either way his credibility is non existent and any case he was to testify in should be dismissed with prejudice. The same goes for any case the undercover sheriff (bronKato) lying his way to get a full time job with the atf should be dismissed with prejudice. In the days after Waco several of the big clubs from all over the US attended a peaceful rally protesting Waco. IMO I think we need more of the protests for actions like the above article.

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