Lurid Florida Murder Gets Silly

May 25, 2017

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Lurid Florida Murder Gets Silly

Yesterday, police in Leesburg, Florida released lurid details of the last minutes of David “Gutter” Donovan. And within minutes, as if the mess in Florida was not already bad enough, a vague organization called the National Council of Clubs issued a bombastic and fatuous press release that tried to portray Donovan’s murder as a “bikers rights” issue.

Donovan was the vice president of the Lake County chapter of the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club.

According to the police reports and sources, Donovan and three other Kingsmen stopped at a Circle K gas station and convenience store in Leesburg on April 29, which was the last night of the Leesburg Bikefest. The Kingsmen saw more than a dozen members of the American Outlaws Association at the gas station and ignored them.


Cordial, or at least tolerant relationships, between motorcycle clubs in Central Florida have been deteriorating for more than two years. There are now at least seven one-percenter motorcycle clubs in Central Florida – including loose cannons like the Kinfolk and the Chester chapter faction of the Philly Warlocks. Both the Kingsmen and the Outlaws are among those clubs. As previously stated on this page, many Florida motorcycle clubs wear an Outlaws support patch. The Kingsmen do not.

An unspecified number of Outlaws followed the four Kingsmen into the store. The Outlaws then ordered the Kingsmen to step outside and remove their Kingsmen vests. Donovan refused and was forced outside and onto his knees at knife point. According to police, when Donovan continued to refuse to remove his colors an Outlaw named Marc E. “Knothead” Knotts ordered one of his club brothers to shoot Donovan.

Donovan suffered three gunshot wounds to his back including one shot that exited from his abdomen. Donovan held on for two weeks and died in the early morning hours of May 14.

Knotts Shot

As Donovan was being forced to his knees, the three Kingsmen who had ridden to the store with him sought refuge inside. They asked the store clerk to call police. As Knotts stood by his motorcycle, one of the Kingsmen fired at him from inside the store. Knotts was shot three times and was still there when police arrived. Most of the incident was video-recorded. The Kingsmen who shot Knotts has not been identified or charged. According to multiple reports, all three surviving Kingsmen cooperated with police.

Knotts was successfully treated for his wounds and was then arrested on May 17 at the Outlaws clubhouse in Ocala. That same day, another Outlaw named Jesus Alberto Marrero was also arrested in connection with the Leesburg murder. Both men were charged with conspiracy to commit murder and kidnapping. Police have named two other suspects in the case. They are Miquel Angel Torres and Gregory Alan Umphress. Torres is also charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The story has been thoroughly reported by two Florida newspapers, the Orlando Sun-Sentinel and the Leesburg Daily Commercial. The story has also been reported by the Daily Mail and several television stations.

And Now Biker Rights

The National Council of Clubs, which appears to be Tarpon Springs lawyer Gerasimos “Jerry” Theophilopoulos and biker rights lobbyist David “Double D” Devereaux, immediately issued a press release to argue with things the Florida newspapers have never said.

“The National Council of Clubs (NCOC) and the Florida Council of Clubs (FLCOC), organizations dedicated to defending the political, legislative and legal interests of the millions of motorcycle riders across America, strongly object to the irresponsible release of prejudicial information by law enforcement – and the subsequent release of this prejudice by some local news outlets – relating to recent events that occurred on April 29th during the annual Bikefest event held in Leesburg, Florida,” the 735 word release begins. “Attempting to prejudice public perception reinforces unconstitutional behavior targeting not only the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, but all motorcycle clubs generally.”

“The truth is yet to be determined, let alone reported,” the release hectors. “The truth is that all of the details of this incident have not been released and formulating opinions based on prejudicial information is irresponsible and reprehensible. The truth is that isolated incidents are not sufficient to draw broad generalizations about organizations with hundreds of members spread across the United States. Motorcycle clubs, including those clubs labeled organized or criminal gangs by authorities, are 1st Amendment protected associations.”

The purported point of the release seems to be to remind everyone that it is not illegal to belong to a motorcycle club – which in this case never seems to have been questioned in the first place.

It concludes, “It is important not to forget the fundamental principle that all people are innocent until proven guilty. It’s also important not to forget that most of the time the entire truth is not being told by law enforcement or the media. Unsubstantiated generalizations about any group of people – including motorcycle clubs – and policies based on these generalizations are dangerous and in direct conflict with the foundational principles of a free society.”

Most people would agree with that. That’s great. What anything in the press release has to do with Donovan’s murder, or what the fallout from that murder might be for the Outlaws, or how federal police are going to exploit this situation, remains a mystery.

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46 Responses to “Lurid Florida Murder Gets Silly”

  1. RtC Says:

    bcnasty, this FF isn’t FaceFucker, & hear ya bout Goon RIP GBNF

  2. Ed Says:

    Lock the fuckin’ scumbags up, most of the AOA are ex cons, dopeheads, or just down right scumbags. Everywhere they are they ruin communities with their scumbag crap. Almost everyone of them I ever met wasn’t shit with his scumbag buddies. Cowards, bullies and punks. Fuckers like this are ruining it for everyone.

  3. Preacher james Says:

    I’m with Shovelhead. I’m also in my mid 50’s. I have the love of Jesus in my heart these years. But, fuck. You wanna pull a gun? This stupid shit is hurting all of us. Agaim. this is just my opinion and, like Shovelhead, I’ll probably get wacked one day by some pussy ass motherfucker who’s too afraid to put up his dukes against an old fucking man.

  4. bcnasty Says:

    I am one to believe only what I see, not what I read and not the news story of a event. No disrespect to Rebel on his reporting . With that said,
    FF, if that is you I still miss the Goon.

  5. FF Says:

    I think I’ll watch The Departed again.

  6. MIKEY Says:

    Like iwas saying i been around the club since i was young not in fla. And i used to respect what you wrote but to tell what you saw publicy makes you a snitch . im done with this shit and this site . The outlaws mc aint going anywhere. And shit is always going to happen .

  7. MIKEY Says:

    I never said the dude didnt get shot i said it wasnt premeditated. And if something was done infront of you that means you were trusted. . you call me dense. At least i am loyal to what i believe in . I been around the club a long

  8. FLSS Says:

    HAHAHAH he used to do it right infront of us and yes I believe they would kill someone in broad daylight because they did! Jesus you guys are dense. No wonder club pyramid schemes work so well! And Florida outlaw isn’t even an outlet so stfu

  9. MIKEY Says:

    One last thing for you keyboard warriors claiming that knothead and other members are meth heads where is your facts to back that shit up. The outlaws are about brotherhood . That means you put what is best for the club ahead of yourself no matter if it means your life or freedon

  10. MIKEY Says:

    For the past few years the outlaws mc had tried to keep the peace nation wide . And for that some view that as a sign of weakness . Thats a big mistake . Nasty bp was murdered louie da lip was murdered how much do you think we are going ti take

  11. MIKEY Says:

    Do you really think the outlaws mc would do a premeditated murder in broad daylight at a convenience on a main road during bikeweek no less . Thats some made for tv shit . .


    Outlaws have nothing to do with acting or being black and most certainly not niggas it’s all cop and media hype and Of Course the km snitching on each other and Outlaws wait until this episode passes and then on to the next one. The OUTLAWS will still be plying their trade and the others as usual fade away no one will join them snitches also know this the Outlaws were escorted into and out of town right to the area where this happened You fucking crack heads go find some where else to hide whining on the web.


    Outlaws have nothing to do with acting or being black and most certainly not niggas it’s all cop and media hype and Of Course the km snitching on each other and Outlaws wait until this episode passes and then on to the next one. The OUTLAWS will still be plying their trade and the others as usual fade away no one will join them snitches

  14. david Says:

    Burnstein and ALL Profit publish the gangsterreport without one mention of the criminal gov. alphabet gangs’ operations.

  15. slo joe Says:

    The more things change the more they stay the same:

  16. Dutchboy Says:

    Dear NCOC & FLCOC, when trying to attach your wagon to a shooting star make damn sure it isn’t a meteor that will soon slam into the ground.

  17. Cranky Says:

    Did the video have audio too? How do the cops know knotted said shoot the mother fucker unless
    he admitted it?
    There was audio?
    Or the other half assed nigger ratted on him?
    That knotted is known for hating niggers so it’s vey strange he had a black spic as brother

  18. FLSS Says:

    And I said fuck the Kingsmen but the dead guy gets a RIP and respect from me for staying true to his shit. His brothers on the other hand…give the one who shot back SOME credit. Taking a mans life when you could have just beat him up. Killing your own way of life bravo idiots.

  19. FLSS Says:

    AoA supporters version goes like this; The Outlaws were minding their own business, all 18 of them, when these 4 instigating Kingsmen rolled up flipping everyone off. One walked up to the outlaws and demanded to have a meeting then the Kingsmen opened fire. It’s all a police cover up!

    Real version; that meth head stinky and his meth head brothers are trying so hard to remain relevant that they act like niggers in the process. Fuck the Kingsmen, they never were or have ever been 1%, but the Outlaws are straight pathetic.

  20. 1%er Says:

    I know what I read in the articles I think they were stupid to do it at a public place with cameras everywhere. Knotthead telling that guy to shoot him he is a idiot Meth head who was arrested for pulling a gun on a motorists on Route 40 not to long ago so he deserved to get shot. I hope they find the other cowards who took off to leave a brother who was shot what does that say great brotherhood. The kingsmen who hid inside the the store while there brother got taken outside and shot should be dealt with by there own club for not being next to him on there knees if that be the case. I think things are going to get really bad really fast in Florida and there is another club just waiting to take up space in South Florida just waiting for the right time.Is not what it used to be.

  21. Robert Says:

    Do you really think cops had anything to do with this? Fool. How? The cops fuck up plenty Jump on that. This clearly ain’t got nothing to do with them. And AR and DD were not saying the same shit idiot. DD or associates was trying to tie lane-splitting and text-driving and Moto-profiling and all the other innocuous shit they discuss at COC meetings into a bullshit easily solved murder. AR was absolutely correct. His question was….How are the Feds gonna react

  22. FF Says:

    Only cops kill like that. SOMETHING STINKS.

  23. New England Rider Says:

    There is definitely something going on…the Kingsmen and the AOA had a truce for a while and certainly were not “enemies” the way things seem to be now….I am not sure how accurate this article is given the media and all:


  24. stroker Says:

    What I got from reading and re-reading the above is that basically Rebel and Double D are saying the same thing regarding what has been put forth by the cops. We only have THE COPS story. THEY are saying it was done as an execution. we don’t know. Does anybody have the tapes besides the cops? Please show us if you do. Until then, we only have what the cops are saying in their “press releases.”
    Rebel, I feel, as usual, has done an exemplary job of reporting what he knows. And nothing more. He hasn’t embellished this story as far as I can tell.
    Double D on the other hand, may be trying to say the same thing, but he’s added a whole lot of “biker rights” language that is confusing to this reader. I too don’t know what he’s implying, beyond stating that all we have is the cop’s storyline, un corroborated (so far) by anyone else.

  25. Bobo Says:

    That’s a punk move! Outlaws acting like niggers. Shoot a dude in the back when you already out number him 12-3 and then you tell someone else to shoot him. Punk nigger move! Outlaws are done. You just invited every agency in the country to fuck up your shit. You think you can execute a dude on his knees and the alphabets are not gonna care. Good riddance

  26. Anonymous Says:


    “The truth is yet to be determined, let alone reported,” the release hectors. “The truth is that all of the details of this incident have not been released and formulating opinions based on prejudicial information is irresponsible and reprehensible.”

    ^ They are gonna eat these words once the surveillance tapes are released.

    And if your going to make a case for biker rights it’s silly to do it on the platform of someone getting snuffed in cold blood. Actually silly is putting it nicely. The fact that it’s all on camera, likely from multiple angles just guarantees a lost cause.

    Ideally a case for biker rights would a scenario where law enforcement is wrong, bikers are in the right, and the bikers are not executing other people.

  27. Dutchboy Says:

    Something I don’t get. Donovan gets hauled outside and his three club “brothers” stay inside? WTF over? They asked the attendant to call the cops then shot Knott’s from inside so they must not have been under guard. Something doesn’t pass the smell test here. There is a big chunk missing. Hope Rebel can track it down.

  28. FF Says:

    This is all PIG SAY.

    And why isn’t the guy who shot Knotts Being charged, or identified?

    Why hasn’t any arrests been made in the Lip slaying?

  29. FLSS Says:


    “Territory rights” do not exist. Nobody has any constitutional right to enforce territorial boundaries besides the government. Territory claimed must be territory enforced if you’re going to claim it as yours, and it isn’t legal and doing it publicly makes it everyone’s business.

  30. Not Surprised Says:

    It is obvious a broader message was being sent beyond just these two clubs.

  31. Warlord 4 Says:

    @Shovelhead. Well said my friend.

  32. felon Says:

    Some pussy ass shit. Chump the dude off, insult his old lady, kick his bike over or more simply use the numbers they had on hand, 12-3 I think was the count, physically removing the jacket by force would have sent a stronger message I believe. Shooting a guy in the back while he is on his knees does nothing but get more “no colors” signs at events and bars, supporters or prosepctive men thinking about rolling with the club might back off, supporters probably will support little bit more quietly now. Oh and for a big plus, anywhere the OL may choose to go, be it a bike night or a bar or even one of thier own events, you have to assume some faction of the alphabet squad will be watching/following close behind or above or below or… No respect given for the way that shit went down. Fellas, your making it too easy for these pigs, all they gotta do is sit back and hand out life sentances.

  33. Curbside Says:

    @Someguy…with regard to my previous statement, I was referring to that club found in Florida, not Hispanic 1%ers. Just wanted to clarify that so I didn’t come off as completely head-up-ass, as we obviously have a great deal of Hispanic 1%ers here. Haha!

  34. Curbside Says:

    @Someguy, I have no idea, regarding the racial/ethnic demographic of that particular club, as I live in Texas. To the best of my limited knowledge, they don’t exist here.

  35. Silence Dogood Says:

    Excuse my ignorance but is the heart of the matter here that the Kingsmen had a three piece colors with Bottom Rocker with “Territory” on it (e.g., Florida or Local City?)? and that this is essentially an issue of Territory Rights among MCs.

    Just trying to understand appropriate etiquette and respect rules.

  36. panamaa Says:

    Shovelhead, well stated….

    Respects to you sur….

  37. Shovelhead Says:

    There’re still Motorcycle outlaws who will use their fists to settle disputes. Matter of fact, I’d say most confrontations are settled using fists or clubs, whatever. A small percent of 1%ers will use deadly force if used against them.

    Then there’s the Cowards who use deadly force to execute a rival 1%er for no good reason, simply because of that persons colors. Shooting of a young 81 member riding down the highway. Unarmed Zach Tipton shot in the face in Florida Or putting a guy on his knees and shooting him in the back. This is not war, this is pussy acting bullshit. War is being sent overseas and forced to kill people in the name of…..whatever that particular President has decided it’s for.
    If you’re the type of person who can put a guy on his knees and shoot him in the back because of what he’s wearing, then you’re no different than Pigs shooting Bikers because of what they’re wearing!

    I’m in my mid 50’s, still fight if disrespected! (I have a short fuse) I carry. But will never use that gun in a fight unless I feel myself or a brothers life is in danger. 1%ers are not Gangs, But some clubs act like they are and it’s hurting the rest of us.
    This is just my opinion on the whole mess. The ironic thing is, I’ll probably get snuffed one day by some chicken shit pussy who’s too afraid to put up his dukes.

  38. SomeGuy Says:

    @Curbside-I thought the same thing. This is a well lit place on a major road with cameras. So according to the story they took him just off camera, then shot him. Hardly a whodunit.

    Also, just throwing this out there, cause I have no idea, but is this club becoming heavily Hispanic? I’ve just noticed whenever there is a news story about one of them being arrested there are a lot of Hispanic sounding surnames.

  39. SomeGuy Says:

    @Rebel-Don’t mean to nit-pick, but the Sun-Sentinel is a Fort Lauderdale paper, the Orlando paper is just The Orlando Sentinel, it’s owned by Tribune Media IIRC.

  40. Paladin Says:

    @ curbside,

    Judging from Rebel’s story, functioning brain cells are obviously in short supply, especially when on the hunt for three or more that will actually cooperate with one another.

    Long May You Ride,


  41. Curbside Says:

    I gotta question the sanity of executing a guy outside the local Kwik-E-Mart for refusing to give up his colors. That’s a date with the needle for everyone involved. Anyone with three or more cooperative and functional brain cells knows those places have cameras all over the place. Seems like shit’s getting a bit crazy in Florida!

  42. Davr Says:

    The COC statement is correct. Double D knows his shit and AR is out of line with this article.

  43. FLSS Says:

    I would say executing people at gas stations is a bit more “loose cannon”

  44. Dutchboy Says:

    Damn! Dangerous to fuel up any more. Maybe those goofs promoting electric motorcycles have a point. Seriously this sort of crap hurts us all. Here’s a rule to live by guys, “Not in the public eye”. Someone pisses you off settle it later where you won’t make the six o clock news.

  45. Paladin Says:

    @ Dasein,

    In case you missed it, those living on the outlaw motorcycle frontier stopped using their fist to settle their disputes many decades ago.


  46. Dasein Says:

    Very manly, executing a man, who’s already outnumbered 3-1, instead of simply handling it with fists, and more pathetic, ordering someone else to pull the trigger.

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