Flash! Secret Waco Newz Revealed!

April 25, 2017

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Flash! Secret Waco Newz Revealed!

Another couple of angry motions got filed in the courts of Waco’s two super judges yesterday.

Apparently, some of the lawyers in the Twin Peaks case are still all bent out of shape just because, as it turns out, McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna, 19th District Court Judge Ralph Strother and 54th State District Court Judge Matt Johnson all outrank the Supreme Court, the Constitution and the Magna Carta. The angry motions were filed by chronic malcontent Clint Broden.

All of Waco sympathizes with her elected demigods. All the holy ones did was ruin a couple hundred little lives. Nobody important. Nobody famous. Nobody who matters. And what does Waco get in return? The bill. Just yesterday Guns.com, one of the few legitimate news outlets still covering the Twin Peaks case reported “Waco biker shooting has cost county more than $700K.” Poor McLennan County. Does poor McLennan County get any sympathy?

No. Instead all the greater Waco Metropolitan area gets is outside agitators from places that are not Waco and we know that for a fact. Agitators from places like Dallas and Houston. They all have fancy notions about the Constitution. Have you ever read the Constitution? Of course not. Nobody ever has. None of the judges or prosecutors in McLennan County, Texas has ever even seen it.

Go ahead. Go to Waco and try to prove there is a Constitution.

God Bless Waco

Can you imagine the fuss if this had happened in one of those places that are not Waco – like Los Angeles or New York City or, Lord help us, Boston or San Francisco? One of those places with fishing boats. Galveston maybe. Of course Galveston isn’t really Texas. Galveston is just Baja Mississippi. But the “Battle of Twin Peaks” happened in Waco so it is not a big deal. A big deal is Kendrick Lamar’s new album  or Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Ad. The only reason why all the movers and shakers way down yonder in the land of Baylor haven’t gotten a call yet from Scott Pelley, Anderson Cooper. Shane Smith or Bill Maher is that Waco is one of those stealth communities that the journalati call flyover country. The Twin Peaks case is the tree deep in the forest that falls without making a sound.

Nobody cares about a bunch of biker hooligans. Scott Pelley, Anderson Cooper. Shane Smith and Bill Maher are all vigilantes. They all watch CNN so they all think the biker hooligans are getting what they deserve. When they look at photos of biker hooligans like George Bergman or Matthew Clendennen they see the Sons of Anarchy. They see biker hooligans because that is how the story has been played from the beginning,

Journalism 101

The great herd of the migrating press did not assemble in the parking lot of the Central Texas Market Place on May 18, 2015 to discover a story. They all already knew the story they would tell. Their producers and editors had already told them what the story was. They were just there, as the saying goes, to “plug in the quotes.” And suddenly, as if by destiny, there appeared a magically quotable idiot named Patrick Swanton who strutted and fretted for three days on the world’s undeniable, mass media stage.

Then other stuff happened. Two weeks later it was “Millions Exposed by Computer Hacking Linked to China.” And then “Gunman Kills 38 Tourists at Beach Resort.” And then Trump and Hillary and Putin and the rights of the transgendered and so on.

It is called the news cycle and that is how Waco became the land the law forgot.

Neither Reyna, Strother nor Johnson are worried. In fact, “I’m not worried” has practically become Reyna’s catchphrase. You know like when Snoop Dog says “Fo shizzle” or Emeril Lagasse says “Bam!” Now Reyna responds to all questions about the case with  “I’m not worried.”

Broden’s motions yesterday asked for speedy trials for two of his clients, George Bergman and Matthew Clendennen. It has been two years. Both men have been protesting their innocence since they were falsely arrested and held on $1 million bonds. Here is some of what Broden had to say.


Ralph Strother presides over Bergman’s case and the motion was submitted to him.

“Mr. Bergman’s previous speedy trial demands were made on or about November 12, 2015 and February 3, 2016.”

“It is time to remove the Sword of Damocles hanging over George Bergman’s case. There is conclusive evidence in the possession of the State that Mr. Bergman had just arrived at Twin Peaks on May 17, 2015 when the violence began and that he did not participate in the violence in any way. It is time for him to be exonerated so that he and his wife can move on with their lives. Mr. Bergman currently has a November 7, 2017 trial date. Nevertheless, on April 21, 2017, the Court was quoted in the Waco Tribune-Herald implying that all Twin Peaks cases would be continued.”

“Indeed, the United States Supreme Court has recognized that the right to a speedy trial ‘has its roots at the very foundation of our English law heritage. Its first articulation in modern jurisprudence appears to have been made in the Magna Carta (1215)….’ Klopfer v. North Carolina. Moreover, just last year, the Supreme Court noted that the right of an American citizen to a speedy trial ‘reflects the concern that a presumptively innocent person should not languish under an unresolved charge….’ Betterman v. Montana. Stated differently, the Supreme Court recognized that the right to a speedy trial serves ‘to shorten the disruption of life caused by arrest and the presence of unresolved criminal charges.’ United States v. MacDonald.”

“Inordinate delay between arrest, indictment, and trial may impair a defendant’s ability to present an effective defense. But the major evils protected against by the speedy trial guarantee exist quite apart from actual or possible prejudice to an accused’s defense. To legally arrest and detain, the Government must assert probable cause to believe the arrestee has committed a crime. Arrest is a public act that may seriously interfere with the defendant’s liberty, whether he is free on bail or not, and that may disrupt his employment, drain his financial resources, curtail his associations, subject him to public obloquy, and create anxiety in him, his family and his friends.”


Matt Johnson presides over Clendennen’s case and the motion was submitted to him.

“…the Supreme Court recognized that the right to a speedy trial serves “to shorten the disruption of life caused by arrest and the presence of unresolved criminal charges.” United States v. MacDonald.”

“…this case and approximately 105 other ‘Twin Peaks cases’ were rushed to a grand jury in November 2015 (i.e. more than one year ago). Moreover, the State bamboozled grand jurors into indicting Mr. Clendennen for the death of William Anderson despite the fact that it is now conceded that William Anderson did not die as a result of the Twin Peaks incident. Second, despite rushing this case to the grand jury, when a trial date was originally set in this case the State asked for a continuance intimating that it needed a year to review the evidence in the case. In other words, the State sought an indictment against Mr. Clendennen without a complete review of the evidence. Third, in a hearing held in this case on February 12, 2016 – more than a year ago – the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office represented to the Court that it was in contact with the United State Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Texas about obtaining discovery in the federal case. Fourth, despite representing that it was in contact with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in February 2016, the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office only sought a letter from the U.S Attorney’s Office regarding the status of discovery on or about March 20, 2017 on the eve of the start of some of the Twin Peaks trials.”

“To no one will we sell, to no one will we refuse or delay, right or justice.” Magna Carta (1215).

“The video of the Twin Peaks patio on May 17, 2015 shows Mr. Clendennen standing on the patio while the violence is taking place in the parking lot. He is innocent. He wants his day in both this court and in connection with his civil rights lawsuit. He wants to be exonerated.”

Don’t expect to see any of this reported on 60 Minutes, CNN or Vice. Don’t expect to read Broiden’s words in the Waco Tribune-Herald. Don’t expect the ACLU of Texas to get involved in this case. Forget Greg Abbott. Forget Trump. Forget Sessions. Forget the Constitution. Have a Pepsi instead.


24 Responses to “Flash! Secret Waco Newz Revealed!”

  1. Sharon Cox Says:

    I am not sure what David Torres game is…maybe just be jerk for the sake of being a jerk? I hate to judge but man, you’re rude and kind of ignorant. I think any rational person who takes a step back to analyze this case will see that LE acted in inappropriate manner, putting it mildly. They were on-site with automatic weapons before any club showed up! They had foreknowledge of the meeting. They discharged their weapons into the melee. These are all facts, each one to me stinks to high heaven and begs a multitude of other questions I won’t bore everyone with. No one is saying the two clubs are not guilty, some just question what was LE’s role and how they helped lead to the violence that day. Fair questions.

  2. Whitey Says:

    Deep down they all secretly feel the way David does… most aren’t at the level of retardation that he is to say it out loud or online, but barely. That’s why I smile every time there’s a successful ambush I see on the news. One of these days he may be the “hero” we see on tv that is survived by whatever slut he married that’s been cheating on him this whole time. :)

  3. Rebel Says:

    Dear David Torres,



  4. Stevo Says:

    David Torres,

    Is that you Special Agent Ciccone?

    No respects to the downs syndrome dwarf,


  5. David Torres Says:

    Fo Shizzle ya’ll.

  6. Gandalf Says:

    @ David Torres Dear David, I’m guessing you are a “Salt of the Earth” American Policeman. Wife… 2kids. Understand this…Sir, When some wacko cop killer starts shooting or malcontents start rioting 90% of the reason that guy is shooting at you is those courts you defend. Are you so stupid to really think the Shooter Hates Cops? HE HATES THE SYSTEM! YOU represent it. Nobody really hates cops personally… Y’all keep our hubcaps safe. ;)

  7. Tom Barker Says:

    Rebel, my man, you have a gifted way with words.

  8. Phuquehed Says:

    STFU, Torres. When you have to tell everyone how badass you are in a fight, you’re not and just making up for a highly flatulent mouth and a little to non-existant dick. You’ve already got it covered, dumbass.

  9. SATX Rider Says:

    “You know, this used to be a hell of a good country.”

  10. rw Says:

    Hey y’all Never argue with an idiot
    He’ll just drag you DOWN to his level
    And beat you with experience.

  11. David Torres Says:

    Ya’ll have a good day. Remember, obey all officer’s commands and don’t get shot trying to man up. It’s not worth it kids.

  12. Mercyful Fate Says:

    Yeah, David, you’re right about one thing: Many cops went armed there ready to kill that day.

  13. David Torres Says:

    @ Shovlehead, simmer down there sparky. Real men still use their fists. I don’t carry any arms. I let my quick skills do the talking.

  14. Gandalf Says:

    @David Torres. What Planet do you live on? These people are BEGGING the Courts to “handle” the situation. “Many” Mexicans sell crack. Shall we arrest them all… make them go to trial to prove they don’t? Do you even know what the US Constitution says about a Speedy Trial? DO YOU EVEN KNOW what Happened at Twin Peaks? My God man… You must be from Waco because you OBVIOUSLY don’t care… You don’t even care about the 35 who were arrested but not indicted… What about them? Did they come “armed and ready to kill and die” You are Truly a sick piece of Un-American Trash. Too stupid to realize you live in a Police State… And it’s Traitors to the Constitution like you that support it. Sad!

  15. Shovelhead Says:

    Are you really that fucking stupid? “let the Courts handle this” The Courts in Waco have to be the most crooked Courts I’ve ever seen. No one has seen a trial yet!!
    And to make a statement that many went there to die or kill that day. That’s got to be the dumbest thing I’ve read yet. I’m armed all the time but I’m not going anywhere to die or kill anyone you idiot. It’s for protection. Bikers went there for a meeting…yes, simple as that, a meeting!
    In my opinion the only people who went there to kill were the pigs and their informants or undercover rats that instigated this whole mess.
    How come pricks like you only antagonize people online? Oh wait, I know…because pigs like you are all Cowards! One day, soon I think, you’ll mouth off to the wrong person.

  16. David Torres Says:

    Let the courts handle this situation. Remember, many went armed ready to kill or die that day.

  17. NCRider Says:

    Like you said earlier, Rebel. No one cares. The media doesn’t care. Hollywood doesn’t care. LE sure as hell don’t care. Politicians don’t care. The general public doesn’t care. There are even “bikers” that don’t care.



  18. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    This so called wiretapping was listed in a article of the Port Aransas case in 2015..to which said (fishing trip ) that has been taken completely down. It was on kcentv.com. For it doesn’t effect either of these 2 men and they should get a trial date.
    William Anderson died in 2001 he wasn’t even there. The fact that Broden proved in court that the arrest affidavit are no good because detective Chavez lied when he signed them and Chavez admitted that on the stand under oath.

  19. RLG Says:

    Breaking Up A Riot with Pepsi


    this vid keeps getting pulled

  20. Phuquehed Says:

    One of the few times I wouldn’t mind reading that a raghead blew up some building that just happened to have Reyna, Johnson and Strother wandering around aimlessly (they have no intelligence so it’s all they *can* do) in it. Hell, as much as I hate ragheads, if I read it happened, I’d maybe even yell out a lahuhuahu akbarbarpoo too!

  21. Dutchboy Says:

    “Justice delayed is justice denied”. William Gladstone.

  22. Dasein Says:

    I’d never watched that much discussed commercial before. Is that shit really happening on this planet?

  23. Paladin Says:

    The time has come,’ the Walrus said,

    To talk of many things:

    Of shoes — and ships — and sealing-wax —

    Of cabbages — and kings —

    And why the sea is boiling hot —

    And whether pigs have wings.’


  24. Sieg Says:

    I’d like to teach
    The court to sing
    Somewhere beneath the sea…

    FTF / FTP

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