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April 5, 2017

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Another HA Tell All

Jerry Langton’s official blurb on the Macmillan Publisher’ website notes that the crime author has “spent a lot of time in sewers meeting with rats face-to-face.” Oops, he did it again. This time with HarperCollins and in collaboration with an ex-Hells Angel named Dave Atwell.

Langton, who used to work for the New York Daily News and now lives in Canada, has written five previous biker books including  Outlaw Biker: The Russian Connection; Dead Biker; Biker: Inside the Notorious World of an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang; Showdown: How the Outlaws, Hells Angels and Cops Fought for Control of the Street;; and Fallen Angel: The Unlikely Rise of Walter Stadnick and the Canadian Hells Angels.

This one is called Hard Way Out: My Life with the Hells Angels and Why I Turned Against Them, and it is currently the 13th best selling book in all categories on Amazon. Atwell already anticipates making “a movie out of all this,” starring Bruce Willis and Tom Cruise. So this probably isn’t going to be the last time you hear about this book.


Atwell grew up in suburban Toronto. He became a bouncer and a bodyguard. He liked motorcycles and joined the Para-Dice Riders. When that club patched over to the Hells Angels Atwell came along with them. Eventually he became the sergeant at arms for one of the Angels’ Toronto charters.

Atwell and Langton describe his transformation into a spy like this:

“…after the patch-over, after I became a Hells Angel…. I had no career – unless you count being a criminal – I had been behind bars, I had disrupted the lives of everyone I cared about and I had to break up with a woman I really cared about because my being in the club had endangered her career. I had become a bum surrounded by bums. It wasn’t fun. I wasn’t rich. I had had enough.

“I wanted out. I knew it wouldn’t be easy. I couldn’t just quit. Then I would just be an ex-Hells Angel whose name had been in every newspaper. In the media, I was convicted. It didn’t matter that the charges were stayed. That might make looking for a job tough. I had no skills other than security, and nobody would hire me for that because of my affiliation with the club.”

“…a guy I knew and trusted from my security days introduced me to a pair of Mounties, and we set up a meeting. They told me they wanted me to inform for them. You know, tell them exactly how the club operated, who was selling dope, that kind of thing. I was surprised that they didn’t offer me a big cash reward, just a few hundred bucks here and there.

“They also pointed out that if I was arrested, they would not acknowledge any relationship with me, meaning that I was totally on my own. If the club found out I was telling the feds what they were up to, there would be nobody to come to my rescue. It was essentially a death sentence.”

So Political

Atwell cooperated, He claims to have been “the highest-ranking member in the world to co-operate with the law. He became part of a prosecution that led to 169 charges against 31 people.”

Atwell and the Angels were always a poor fit. He told Macleans magazine the other day, “My sponsors at the Para-Dice Riders had to vouch for me, or else I never would’ve been accepted. I don’t have what it takes to become a member of an established chapter of Hells Angels.” What it takes, according to Atwell is, “That predator instinct and natural criminality – people who can take advantage of things like the fentanyl epidemic in Canada. They’re feeding it.”

“You wake up every day and worry about two things,” Atwell told the Canadian news magazine, “ how not to get caught and how to stay a Hells Angel. Getting your patch is hard, but keeping it is harder. It’s so political. Guys start smear campaigns and try to get you kicked out over petty things. There’s jealousy between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots.’ Some of them were living in backyard sheds, some were making a fortune. You have to pay club dues to buy into the clubhouse and help sell the supporters’ gear, like T-shirts, which makes a lot of money. We drove all around the province, even in pouring rain, for mandatory parties. It was very corporate. There were chapter meetings with catering and high security. Someone took minutes. Within two years of the patch-over, it wasn’t about riding your motorcycle and partying anymore. It was about being a cog in a money-making wheel.”

If you want to read more you can buy Hard Way Out printed in either ink or electrons wherever true crime literary crap is sold.


38 Responses to “Another HA Tell All”

  1. Kiwisteve Says:

    I am glad I got this book out from the library. I don’t spend a cent on whiney Rat books and this is one big whiney Rat book

    Respect to Rebel from New Zealand

  2. Jeff Says:

    Since when 1%er clubs ask bar patrons to call 911 for police assistance? This is new to me. A NJ Hells Angel was confronted at a bar in Nashville and educated on proper protocol about wearing his soft colors in another 1%er club city. When his education started to happen, his brothers start to tell us to call 911 for police assistance. Wow,I never thought that this famous club sound more like the Iron Order than a 1%er club. The 4 individuals were escorted out of the bar by the cops to their bikes location.

  3. Paladin Says:

    Beltdrive Bob Says:
    April 21, 2017 at 10:58 am

    “I’m not a 1% biker but It’s easy to see that in criminal enterprise you can’t trust a so called “brother”.

    Not a 1% biker? Really? Oh, say it ain’t so!


  4. Beltdrive Bob Says:

    Stray says it all.If you indulge in criminal enterprise you can make a lot of money (if your clever)or if your caught you go to jail and a loser cause your out of the action.The snitch can fuck you up and send you to the big house.I’m not a 1% biker but It’s easy to see that in criminal enterprise you can’t trust a so called “brother”.

  5. FF Says:

    Carnival Barker, get lost you piece of shit.

  6. Rebel Says:

    Dear Beltdrive Bob,

    I know of your wife, Betty. She’s an asshole, too.


  7. Sharon Cox Says:

    @Beltdrive Bob –
    Where to even begin?! You can’t really rationalize and think like that for real, do you?! Yes, the other club members voted Shaky Dave RATwell into the club but at the time they had no idea he’d turn into a rat! How could they?!?! How well do you know ANYONE in your life?!
    Let’s use a modern example that is in today’s news – Aaron Hernandez, formerly of the NE Patriots. Using your logic the Patriots are complicit in the murder he was convicted of because they somehow should have known he was a murderer! See how illogical that sounds?!
    Now, to another point that some have mentioned, when you decide to commit crimes yourself (such as doing coke which Shaky Dave RATwell was WAY into), there are consequences. Any illegal activity you engage in, by yourself or with anyone else has consequences, including going to prison. The second you engage in these activities you have to accept those consequences. You accept them and live with them, YOU DO NOT RAT IN ORDER TO SAVE YOUR SORRY ASS!! Why is this so hard to understand?! It is so frustrating.
    As others as also mentioned cops have a job to do, and so do outlaws. I do not begrudge cops who do their job, even if they penetrate a club and send some members to jail. They are just doing their job and accept the consequences that they MAY BE KILLED UNDER COVER. Cops doing their job vs. rats are night and day in my reality. F-ing rats need to understand they may do time for their actions and to accept this, STFU and leave everyone else out of it.

  8. stroker Says:

    Sohn: You are right. This “Beltway” person is saying things here implying that all 1%ers are “criminals.” This isn’t new. I’ve seen this same shit here on this site before in the comments section. It’s always some cop or self-righteous SOB stating that any 3 piece patch wearer is a “criminal.” That’s his shtick. If he says it enough, maybe it’ll stick. LE NEEDS us to be “criminals.” Saying it in public, and on this site and others is propaganda. It’s spin. Fake news.

    Go crawl back under your rock beltway. No one here is impressed.

  9. Sohn Says:

    Of course, arguing with someone that claimes to be part of an “all knowing elite” and therefore the righchousley self appointed all controlling of the citizenship of “their” country is fruitless. Beltway Bob isn’t interested in freedom, he’s interested in control as is the majority of the US and Canadian government employees. I’m sure Beltway Bob could probably email or text me direct if he wanted. I’m sure he’s personally read my emails and texts. If so, he knows I’m not a criminal nor am I a threat. The beltway isn’t interested in that. They care about power. We represent a group that isn’t impressed by that so they want to impress it upon us, by force if necessary

  10. Sohn Says:

    Beltdrive Bob
    You’re still missing the point. The Canadian government stripped him of his lively hood. Not the Hells Angels. They did this because they want to exert control on their citizens.
    Are you saying that every member needs a 100% vote? I may need to figure out the rules of my club. Maybe you can send me a copy so I know how to do things?

  11. Azbrick Says:

    Any man who lives with honor would never even consider snitching on anyone, for any reason. Do the crime, do the time.

  12. Paladin Says:

    Beltdrive Bob = Tom Barker.


  13. Beltdrive Bob Says:

    Mr Sohn The rat is one of your “brothers” until he goes to the Cops usually to save his skin.As its understood when a guy gets patched every one in the club votes in favor-100%. So the guy becomes a snitch-so everyone in the club is responsible for making him a brother.So the club brings grief upon itself when the dude rats out.
    Snitches only have power when they know the criminal secrets of the biker club.So if a person walks on the sunny side of life and isn’t involved in criminality then he or she has nothing to fear from a snitch.Every !% biker must have nightmares over one of his “brothers”going to the cops.

  14. Sohn Says:

    @Belt Drive Bob

    What escapes me is how rats and rat simpathizers have no qualm with ratting and buy up the rat’s reasoning. Take this POS. Let’s assume what he says is true. Though rats lie for whomever they think that they can bennifit from the most. He’s a self employed man in a legal enterprise. Then he associates with a group but is still employed in a legal enterprise. The !Canadian government “strips him of his income. Then his “friends” try to help him out. His friends are allegedly ingaged in an enterprise that would be as victimless as let’s say alcohol if it were legal.
    So who would a man fight against vs. who a rat would fight against? A rat would go to who has the cheese and not care that it was his master that put him in the cage to begin with.
    Then we get to hear some idiot tell us that we are criminals when he has no idea who we even are. A Rat is a Rat is a Rat and if you defend one you’re a POS Rat too.

  15. Paladin Says:

    Well, we now know who Beltdrive Betty is married to.


  16. Beltdrive Bob Says:

    Criminals complaining about another criminal snitching-it’s a joke.

  17. Stray Says:

    I don’t have a problem with cops being cops and I don’t have a problem with crooks being crooks. Been that way for a long time. Cops and Robbers. They are supposed to catch you and your supposed to not get caught. I never whined when I got pinched and even roughed up a bit by Po. But one thing thing that is lower than pond scum is a fucking snitch. Let me tell you, fucking Cops dont even like snitches, truth be told. For me, too many pussies out here anymore whining over being profiled or roughed up. If your gonna wear a diamond and live that life take the fucking lumps that come along with it. So much shit nowadays saying shit like. 1% dont mean your a bad person, yea right, times sure have fucking changed. Used to to be this fucking RATWELL fucker would be scurrying from rock to rock in fear, NOT writing comic books

  18. Sharon Cox Says:

    @Hangaround – Some good men patched over with Shaky Dave RATwell so don’t judge. Lorne was a stand-up guy.

  19. Sharon Cox Says:

    “Shaky” Dave RATwell was a cokehead and a liar who got a lot of his brothers sent to jail. Just another snitch asshole who karma will eventually bite in the ass. See you around, Shaky…..

  20. Meh Says:

    He’s not the last shitbag who’ll rat his way to fame (barf…) and fortune.

    There’s enough money in it to tempt the weak, and human weakness is reliable as gravity.

    If this turns into a movie expect the disease to spread. Under Communist governments ratting is considered civic duty.

  21. TX_Biker Says:

    @WheresMyBoots, Exactly I heard the same words followed by a legal and working American made motorcycle….Now I am the one saying them…

  22. Hangaround Says:

    Never trust a motherfucker that didn’t prospect. There is no way this whining spineless piece of shit would have lasted through a prospecting period.

    “that would make looking for a job hard…”

    So you rat out your club instead? I mean go to the cops and volunteer to rat kinda rat?


  23. puterindabasketchief Says:

    “We drove all around the province, even in pouring rain, for mandatory parties.”

    Oh, no! Had to ride in the RAIN to party with your Brothers? The bloody humanity of it all!

  24. rookery Says:

    The moment a ex HA says he was high ranking is the moment you know he’s a lying fuck and its all about the money. Charter functions you might have, influence in your own charter you might have, but Rank is a myth that exists only for cops and the media.


  25. Paladin Says:

    “Atwell already anticipates making “a movie out of all this,” starring Bruce Willis and Tom Cruise. So this probably isn’t going to be the last time you hear about this book.”

    That’s really a shame.


  26. IcemanB&W Says:

    Just another self gratifying snitch novel. How many more of these wastes of paper will we see? I’ve never been comfortable with the patch-over idea because of shitbags like this clown who can hide in the shadows and never be properly vetted. If you can’t hack it, quit and bury yourself in a cold dark hole. Don’t think your some kind of hero or doing the right thing because you got nervous and turned on everyone who trusted you. Fuck this guy.


  27. Dutchboy Says:

    He was surprised the Mounties didn’t pay him more? Where’s the surprise? No one pays a whore more than they have to.

  28. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Hmm. I could swear I heard the words “First thing we tell you is you have to have a job” In fact I fucking know I heard those words. Maybe in a dream, but I fucking heard them.

  29. Bustersbrotravis Says:

    Dave Ratwell

  30. david Says:

    Gov. and media propaganda, the book AND the potential movie, fit the mind control programming called Hollywood.

    The English language itself,the news, media, entertainment, art, gov., everything–is manufactured and false. Propaganda is best when hidden in plain sight. The key being total immersion. Movie watchers brains are short-circuited by means of VISUAL fakery which usually bypasses critical thinking. Movies and TV mind-control programming create the fake reality for the public;indoctrination along with gov.”education”.

    The public perceives only the spoon-fed propaganda continually fed to them.

  31. Phuquehed Says:

    Fucking pussy rat spewing more bullshit to earn a dime the easy way…lying.

  32. Johnny Rotten Says:

    lets recap……

    i was in storage…..
    all i know is security…..
    had to leave a broad…

    and cant get a job…



    rat is the only door to option…


    respects to those deserving

    fuck the fuckin fucks


  33. Iron Rider Says:

    Oh Please, another cry some tears for me story from someone who got caught by the cops and turned rat because he didn’t want to go back to the joint for the umpteenth time due to his own fuckin stupidity that got HIM busted in the first place.

    This clown then decides he wants to be a rat because he wanted the cash the cops would pay him and the fact that he was fucked and headed back to prison and wanted to avoid it.

    Let’s talk about Ratwell the informant and how he was using coke while playing informant and taking the cops money to be a rat and he isn’t exactly a guy with some stellar rep, Ratwell’s past is very checkered to say the least, but yet the cops took on Ratwell as an informant despite all that.

    It didn’t take that long for the brother in the chapter to smell that their was a rat in their midst, because Ratwell wan’t exactly doing a stellar job as an information, they fucking confronted him about it and the cops got Ratwell out of there because he was fucking things up for them, I am sure all the coke use didn’t help much.

    And the cops took Ratwell into court as a reliable witness? I am sure this fuck up would have ratted out his momma to avoid getting sent back to the clink.

    Another guy looking to cash in on his five minutes of fame, maybe Ratwell and George can get together with Dobyns and they can all have a circle jerk and start a support group for one another about how they fell abandoned and used and that they arent being given any more free cash for their bullshit from LE.

    As for Ratwell’s book, much like George’s I will pass on reading that bullshit I’m a hero cause I was a rat fantasy tale.

  34. BMW Says:

    Reads to me like the usual self-indulgent, self-justifying, self-serving bull that we always hear from the rats and scum trying to break up the different Brotherhoods. Each and every single rat comes up with a corny story to “explain” their demonstrated dishonesty, disloyalty, disrespectful and dishonorable betrayal of trustworthy and trusting former Brothers, former family, former friends and associates. It just sounds so much better than, “I was caught selling stolen motorcycles and the cops offered to ignore my own crimes as long as I lied and testified to those lies about people I knew, and helped railroad them into long prison terms, even though they were innocent to save my worthless ass!” The sad truth just doesn’t make a good book cover blurb to get people to buy another stack of self-justifying lies written by someone else with a scumbag’s name on it.


  35. Grimey Says:

    another book to add to bullshit list

  36. Stevo Says:

    Fuck me but what a piece of shit you are Atwell. No other words.


  37. The Kraut Says:

    Great, more badge approved action adventure fiction masquerading as fact.

    Whattaya bet the pissgums have this on the mandatory reading list?

    Fucking fucks

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  38. Popeye Says:

    A fictional story written by a man who claims everyone was out for.themselves then snitches on his brothers for $450 thousandth

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