First Waco Trial Set

March 10, 2017

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First Waco Trial Set

The first of the 154 Waco Twin Peaks defendants indicted for engaging in organized criminal activity at the restaurant on May 17, 2015 will be Christopher Jacob Carrizal. He is a member of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club.

His trial is scheduled to begin on May 22. He will be prosecuted by Assistant McLennan County District Attorney Michael Jarrett and he will be defended by Landon Northcutt. Northcutt represents three Bandidos in the same case. His other clients include Jacob Carrizal’s father, Christopher Julian Carrizal and Jerry Edward Pierson. All three men are from Dallas.

Northcutt told the Waco Tribune-Herald that he may seek a continuance because he has not yet been able to examine all the evidence that has been released by prosecutors.

As recently as last week, Jarrett had refused to say which of the three men he wanted to try first. A usually informed source with access to the McLennan County District Attorney’s office has told The Aging Rebel Jarrett “wanted one he could win.” The Aging Rebel believes Jarrett may try to prove that Jacob Carrizal harmed or threatened a 52-year-old Cossack prospect named Clifford Pearce as Cossacks streamed into the Twin Peaks parking lot in order to prevent the arriving Bandidos from parking.

The Prospect

The disinformation that the brawl started when a Bandido ran over Pearce’s foot was widely reported after the incident. It seems certain that every juror at Carrizal’s trial will have long ago memorized the widely publicized fiction, most widely disseminated by The Washington Post, that the fight started when a Bandido ran over a “young” Cossack prospect’s foot. Pearce was wounded in the shoulder by a bullet that was probably fired by police. The bullet struck Pearce’s Fourth Thoracic Vertebrae. He remains paralyzed.

In a hospital interview with police, Pearce said:  “He was walking between the bikes outside the patio at Twin Peaks. He said the Bandidos’ upper people came in and a scuffle started going on. He said the Bandidos were trying to park their motorcycles.”

In response to a question about the start of the fight Pearce told police that a Cossack Nomad named “Big O” was “scuffling between the motorcycles.”

Pearce said, “during the scuffle he heard a gunshot and he hit the dirt. He said he then heard a bunch of gunshots.” The detective who interviewed Pearce asked “if he had gotten his foot ran over.” Pearce said “he did not. He said the Bandidos had came in and he may not have gotten out of the way quick enough. He said he could not identify any of the Bandidos and said the scuffle was with the two Bandidos that were trying to back their bikes up and he did not see them get off of their bikes. Again, he said he did not get his foot run over, but may not have gotten out of the way fast enough and said he was in the way.”


Jarrett had a national reputation before the Twin Peaks bloodbath as the district attorney who shot out a courthouse window while playing with a Glock 22.

Afterward, in November 2013, Jarrett told the Tribune-Herald it was “just an unfortunate accident” and explained that had asked to see his colleague’s new Glock pistol and asked whether it was loaded when he was examining the gun. Assured it was not loaded, and despite a double check, he didn’t see a bullet slide into a chamber before he aimed at the window and pulled the trigger.

Two weeks later, District Attorney Abelino Reyna issued a statement in which he said: “I will stand by Michael. He is aware of the mistake he made and has accepted responsibility for his actions. With that said, Michael is also an extremely talented trial lawyer and one of the top prosecutors in the State of Texas. Much of our success at the DA’s office could not have been accomplished without the efforts and tireless work ethic of Michael Jarrett. These and additional actions were necessary to ensure that this type of incident does not happen again and that the McLennan County Criminal District Attorney’s Office can move forward stronger than we were before.”

Jarrett was briefly demoted from First Assistant but given his old job back ten months later.


21 Responses to “First Waco Trial Set”

  1. Centurion Says:

    Defendants have a right to a speedy trial 650 days is not exactly speedy

  2. david Says:

    IcemanB&W + 1

    Wall-shooting Jarrett probably will attempt to stack the jury against the Defendant.
    His idea of an impartial jury of peers.

  3. xplor Says:

    Notice the new swarm of sharks circling the toilet bowl known as Waco.
    These are are the Civil Rights Defenders. They rush in when it is safe and
    snatch up the left overs. Sure shot Jarrett is going to try and win some for the home team.
    The over and under betting is < 10, including cases not related to Twin Peaks.

  4. Hangaround Says:

    Rebel to truly cover this issue I think you are gonna have to take your bike to Waco.
    Flying is just not gonna do this case justice.

    Fire the girl up and hit the road!

  5. IcemanB&W Says:

    Let’s all hope this lawyer is as incompetent at trial as he is with a pistol. The ones who should be on trial are the criminal leo cartel that lined up on the hill to execute motorcyclists in a restaurant parking lot. At this point I hope that those who have been unjustly incarcerated for so long will be seeing an end to this charade very soon.

  6. NCRider Says:

    Carrizal’s trail is going to lay the foundation. I certainly hope Rebel can cover it. I do not feel compelled to tell anyone that reads this site continuously that they should donate. There are those that do, those that can’t and those that think it doesn’t matter. But if you do or will, please remember it can’t be a one-time thing. Rebel needs the money monthly in order for this to work. Any amount monthly would be better than nothing. Just wanted to say.



  7. Gandalf Says:

    Thanks Sieg. I just discovered one on a Trip to San Diego last week. Right on the Beach… Mission Beach. I had my own room and bathroom. Very Clean. Very cool. I had 6 20yo in tow. Worked perfect for a Marines Graduation Visit. 420 on the Beach deck every night. Very Cool. The Beach Bungalow Hostel. They are new to my 55yo ass. LOL Can’t wait to try one in New Orleans. :)

  8. Travelin Says:

    Republic of Texas biker rally in Austin is about 2-3 weeks after the anticipated date of trial. You might find additional topics to include in your coverage

  9. Sieg Says:

    Gandalf, hate ta break this to ya, but hostels have been around a long, long time. And they’re great, but for whatever reason, most of us cranky old guys would rather stay someplace with a lockable door and a private shitter.

    Motel 6 is $40 a night, single night rate, Super 8 is $32 a night, single night rate. I’m sure if the dates of the trial were figured, and the dates that Rebel wanted to stay, any of the hotels in the area would play let’s make a deal on a package rental.


  10. Gandalf Says:

    I can Uber you from DFW to Austin and back. ;)

  11. Gandalf Says:

    LA to DFW is about 150 Round Trip on Spirit Airlines.

  12. Gandalf Says:

    @ Rebel. Stay at this place. 29 bucks a night. Hostel’s are a Millennial thing. They always have WiFi and work Stations etc. Find a Hostel.

  13. Griz's Gal Says:

    It’s not much, Rebel. We both know that. But, I did what I could. Come on, guys! Rebel’s going to have some big stories coming up, and we rely on him.

    We’ve got to do our part, too.


  14. Rebel Says:

    Dear Griz’s Gal,

    Thank you. I appreciate that and need it. I am trying to figure out how I can afford to cover Jacob Carrizal’s trial.


  15. Griz's Gal Says:


    ‘Nobody can sue the Waco press…’ I know this in my heart of hearts, or I guess I should say logically. But, god-dang it! People are always whining about the press; why doesn’t someone DO something about it?

    I’ll be donating some green to ya for being a stand-up guy, and an honest reporter that we can all depend on this afternoon. I appreciate all you’re doing, Rebel. Some of my friends were caught up in this mess, and I count on you to keep me abreast of all the BS.


  16. Rebel Says:

    Dear Griz’s Gal,

    Nobody can sue the Waco press for reporting what the police tell them. They all might be stupid, lazy and gutless but you can’t sue them for that either. One thing Waco does illustrate is how sophisticated police departments have become about manipulating public opinion to their own advantage.


  17. Griz's Gal Says:

    Two things, guys —

    Jarrett “wanted one he could win.” — That tells you a great deal about the man, and his position as Prosecutor. It says ‘I don’t think I can do this’; it’s lazy and unprofessional. It reeks of that ‘Good ‘ol Boy System’that you would think that at this point, with all eyes upon them from all around the globe, would be more circumspect. So, that tells you, he simply doesn’t care…Or is Abel tossing him to the dogs?

    Another thing that needs to be mentioned is, nearly two years have passed. Here on Rebel’s page, we see the truth of what happened that fateful day. It needs to be said that it is beyond irresponsible for the news outlets in the Waco area to not report the truth, or to even make an effort to find it. If I were one of the guys filing the civil suits, I think I would find a way to include the ‘major’ news outlets in Waco that have had the ability to taint the jury pool, and slander/libel my name/reputation. I don’t know if that’s possible or not, but I’d darn sure check. It’s the media’s responsibility to report the truth. Someone should hold their feet to the fire and make it happen for a change.


  18. Jim Bob Says:

    @donny brasco- Right! I am definitely at that age where I I can look back at my hunter safety course that I took and at this point it’s going on 20 years and some change, (and I took it as soon as I could when I was 12), and that’s still the biggest lesson that has stuck with me about firearms….”Treat ALL firearms as if they’re loaded…Oh, you personally know it’s not loaded because you took the clip out and popped the round out of the chamber? Doesn’t matter! TREAT ALL FIREARMS AS IF THEY’RE LOADED!!”.

  19. Paladin Says:

    How ironic. A railroad engineer is going to be the first to be railroaded in Waco.


  20. donny brasco Says:

    the brain-e-ack DA is too stupid to know “all guns are loaded”? The shit show keeps getting Better and Better! Where is Dick Chenney? Jarret’s hunting partner?

  21. FF Says:

    Reyna, remember when Glenn Close asked Michael Douglas “how do you like your rabbit?”

    Yeah, motherfucker.

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