Waco Biker Perversion Alleged

January 12, 2017

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Waco Biker Perversion Alleged

Yesterday, in an email sent to Waco, Texas television stations KCEN and KWTX, but apparently not to the Waco Tribune-Herald or any major market news outlet, prosecutors in the Twin Peaks case announced that the release of evidence vital to the criminal defense of the 154 men indicted so far will be “briefly delayed” while Waco police – not the FBI or the federal Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force – “do a full review and investigation” of what, according to Jim Hice of KCEN, amounts to “thousands of images of child pornography found on the cell phones of bikers involved in the Twin Peaks shootings.”

Possession, distribution and receipt of child pornography using a telephonic device is a federal crime under Title 18 Section 2252 of the United States Code.

According to Hice, Waco police “recovered 206 cell phones and five other electronic devices” during the mass arrests of witnesses to a brief, violent brawl at the Waco Twin Peaks 607 days ago. Hice doesn’t report which ones contained images of child exploitation.

Frozen Case

The Twin Peaks brawl resulted in nine deaths. Five of the dead were killed by police. Eighteen men were wounded. One hundred seventy-seven people were illegally arrested and held on $1 million bonds. Multiple defense attorneys have been trying ever since to get their clients tried so they can prove their innocence.

Eighteen people are suing various Waco and state officials for false arrest. A federal judge named Sam Sparks has ruled that none of those civil cases can proceed until the criminal charges against the complainants have been disproven. Six additional lawsuits in state court are also on hold until Waco prosecutors release all the evidence in the case. There are an additional three dozen defendants who were arrested on May 17, 2015 but who have not yet been either cleared or indicted..

Throughout the duration of this frozen case, police and public officials in Waco and surrounding McLennan County, including county prosecutor Abelino Reyna, have repeatedly lied about what happened before, during and after the brawl. Reyna and other officials have also deliberately obstructed the course of justice. In November, Judge Matt Johnson announced that a defendant named James Rosas would begin trial 11 days from now. At the New Year, Judge Ralph Strother announced that the first trial in the case would begin on April 17.

In general, defense attorneys are reluctant to proceed to trial until they have seen all of the state’s evidence against their clients.

The announcement of the discovery of “thousands” of pornographic images on devices seized from the arrestees seems to be cynically intended to both prejudice potential jurors and further delay justice.

Evidence Dumps

So far Reyna has discovered, or released, seven batches of potential evidence to defense attorneys in the case. Multiple batches of discovered evidence have exceeded one terabyte of data each. Each batch of evidence is comprised of a confusion of documents, reports, photographs and audio and video files. Most of the “evidence” discovered to defense attorneys is irrelevant to their clients’ cases. The release of extreme amounts of unorganized data is a common prosecutorial tactic called an “evidence dump.” Evidence dumps are intended to overwhelm and confuse defenders and are done to better secure convictions against innocent defendants.

The alleged child pornography was discovered in evidence batch six and caused that particular pile of information to be recalled by prosecutors last September.

If there is child pornography on some of the electronic devices seized during the Twin Peaks arrests, it is probably not admissible as evidence in any subsequent child porn case. The phones were searched after a warrant was issued but most appeals courts would probably rule that the search warrants were issued without valid probable cause.


47 Responses to “Waco Biker Perversion Alleged”

  1. Steel Says:

    What is that smell? Yeah that’s right, more bullshit from Reyna and his cohorts.



  2. Whitepride Says:

    Damn this frame up stinks so bad I can smell it here on the east coast! It would not be the first time that they have pulled this child-porn stunt! Just fucking wrong!

  3. chromedome Says:

    so far there are atleast 3 cocksacks that are convicted sex offenders with charges against minors my brother works with 1 the guy washes dishes at the resteraunt my brother works at when he found out about his charges he told his manager he was gonna beat the guys ass the next day detectives showed up to my brothers house and told him he no longer had a job and if he told anyone the guys identity they would make his life living hell. i know feds read this thread so not going to jeapordize my brother but i will say the cocksack pedophile who is being protected by the feds wears and san antonio side patch fuck him and fuck the cocksacks orever matter of fact fuck all clubs that are in any way like the cocksacks and iron order


  4. old & stoned Says:

    what is obvious by it’s absence is no follow up investigation. had these folks actually found this crap on the phones, it would give them immediate probable cause to impound / search ALL their personal computers at home, scour their houses, etc.

    David Burgess all over again. when a child porn prosecution / investigation stops at the primary evidence discovery, it’s a dead giveaway it’s planted.

    best bet when getting arrested is destroy your phone, accidentally stomp it. phones are cheap relative to persecution or incarceration. would you rather buy a new phone or finance a lawyer’s vacation home?

  5. G-dog Says:


  6. Fr. Abraham Says:

    Ahhh, the old “kiddie porn” tactic. Cops know it is the one thing that even hard-core criminals won’t let slide, and the general public sure as hell ain’t going to. They’ll use it to discredit/disparage someone when nothing else will stick, because they know the evidence can’t be made public even if it really did exist.

    Seems like a crock of shit to me.

  7. Gandalf Says:

    Yes, This “Child Porn” BS Story has been out for awhile. The reason why no names or charges were filed is because the “Blackmail” needs to be kept quiet. A person who Testifies against the others can not be shown to have been giving a deal to drop (or not charge) them for Child Porn. The DA will say the testimony was volunteered and no deal was made.

  8. popeye Says:

    They’ve known about the kidde porn since last september but instead of arresting and indicting the child pornographers they allow them to remain on the street to commit more crimes against children. Hmmm.. When was the last time you heard of cops finding a stash of child porn and not have an immediately arrest and put on a show with the press? Child pornography is in itself a charge more heinous and easier to prove than what these men have already (falsely) been indicted on.

  9. Straight Shooter Says:

    rw Says:
    January 14, 2017 at 9:11 am
    :The ACLU will only help minorities or somebody whining about a nativity scene on the courthouse lawn” Very true. No protests over the Menorah ever. The accused are too Christian (see how unpopular that faith is today?) & too white (*again how the average white male is lampooned in the media today). The ACLU is controlled by the TRIBE. Media/Hollywood? TRIBE. Wall St? Yep, follow the money & you have them running the show. Speaking of shows SOA ( Sons of Anchovies) is theirs. They took over the last 60 years & now control the information flow. And social engineering the way the USA acts, thinks, dresses & spends it time & money on. THEIR products. Yet they are the victims 24/7. Wanna bet?

  10. Gandalf Says:

    @ Tom Barker….EXACTLY! Y’all are fighting and suffering for more than just your ass, your reputations, your families future, your brother’s ass, His families future… Y’all are fighting for ALL Americans everywhere. Black, White, Brown, Libs, Trumpers… EVERYONE! To give up is to endanger every American. Sorry it had to be you but TY just the same. Stay Strong it’s worth it.

  11. Tom Barker Says:

    This is another obvious attempt to persuade “innocent” persons to plea bargain their cases and provide the authorities protection from the liabilty of their overreaction. This comes along with overcharging, and putting off the trials and trying the cases in the media, thereby ruining the reputations of those arrested. Many of those charged will not be able to financially resist and will plead to misdemeanor offenses. I have already discussed the civil rights violations at one professional meeting and will discuss it at another meeting this month. In my opinion, the Waco “incident” is the worst case of civil rights violations that I have ever seen.

  12. rw Says:

    The ACLU will only help minorities or somebody whining about a nativity scene on the courthouse lawn

  13. BMW Says:

    This is a time-worn tactic to poison the potential juror pool. Each juror will be asking himself, “Is this guy the child pornography dealer?” Even if the local Gestapo don’t manage to install child pornography on phones, the odor persists. Who benefits? The corrupt Whaco Injustice Industry!


  14. Bone Head Says:

    Largeandy Says:

    “…Locals should at least question the “process” here? If local citizens had one ounce of sense, they should realize the grave danger this so called prosecution presents to their freedoms living in this dumb ass jurisdiction!…”

    Yes they should. Where I’m located it is interesting to hear some of the mumbling of local citizenry at the gun shop, bank and carryout of some of the violations of civil rights and laws by cops, county officials and such in the general area. I would like to believe that some sort of awakening is taking place. Doubt I’ll live long enough (I’m old) to see it come, but it’s a pleasant thought none the less.

    Respect to you.

  15. Largeandy Says:

    This is mere stall tactics used by the local DA (read “Gestapo”) and his crew. They KNOW that time, delays and massive defense legal fees will cop various guilty pleas deals from defendants. This is one case where the fucking ACLU should trully be involved in a big way but I have eheard no word that they are Involved?

    Where are the news crews here? Locals should at least question the “process” here? If local citizens had one ounce of sense, they should realize the grave danger this so called prosecution presents to their freedoms living in this dumb ass jurisdiction!

  16. NCRider Says:

    Not that I know anything about people that look at child pornography, but wouldn’t you tend to think this would usually be on home computers, laptops, and tablets? Isn’t it odd they found 206 cell phones with thousands of pornographic images at one location? 206 people walking around with child porn on their cell phones on a Sunday afternoon at a restaurant? Just out of common sense, doesn’t that seem a little unlikely? But the Waco PD wouldn’t lie…people think. Bullshit. More corruption and injustice.



  17. Straight Shooter Says:

    Merely suggesting this offense will be hanging on each accused for the rest of their days……a favorite tactic used by the TRIBE that blackmail every DC puppet, every circuit/district judge into a ‘yes man’ position. Play ball or go down hard. That is what is is this country.

  18. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    They issued 20 warrant for DNA and they are having continuance hearings and are asking them for their DNA as well. Some had warrant for their DNA at the Hospital and some gave DNA while in jail. This is how screwed up they are. They don’t know who’s who nor does the attorney’s. Yes as for the evidence dump you are spot on & they throw everything thing in 1 big pile, WHICH MEANS IT’S ALL CROSS CONTAMINATION. and the PD didn’t have on gloves and they fired their weapons and then took weapons from people without gloves and throwing all in a pile as well.
    The police under oath to PROTECT & SERVE committed premeditated MURDER they was already shooting at people who was fighting they missed their targets and shot people who was behind their target, this caused these people to start defending themselves against each other. 14 officer’s fired their weapons and was placed on administrative leave. Only the 3 officer’s who fired the. 223 rounds was acquitted by a grand jury 2 of those 3 was who started shooting and 3 of the 4. SO WHO ARE THE OTHER 11 OFFICER’S?
    The DA is using the 3 prior case’s of which 2 hasn’t any proof of who did it.As he is using the the charges of engaging in organized criminal activities ( meaning intent ) well that too can be proven false.

  19. donny brasco Says:

    “Sin has many tools but a lie is the handle that fits them all”.{Oliver Wendell Holmes} The DA and Feds will do all the lying necessary!

  20. Gandalf Says:

    So imagine, if you can, your a Cossack who had a weapon that day. (legally) Uninvited. Crashed the Patio Meeting. The Team that obviously attacked the other team. Imagine you have a wife and kids…a job. Family. etc. Now imagine you took a pic at a titty bar of this young looking Chica or you got Lucky one night or your girl looks young. Then they polute the Jury pool by releasing the SUSPECTED crime or reason to not disclose.Either way it’s news. AND AND AND Putting the defendents on notice. Without a name and/or proof of age Waco PD then says, “We have experts who can tell the age of this girl and we can charge you… Easy.” “Lets Make a deal” Their Lawyers add the pressure. “You MUST make the deal” I can assure you that the second anyone makes a deal it’s front page. The deal will state that their team is/was a criminal enterprise. Maybe Testify…maybe not. Either way signed and admissible. Waco needs to PROVE that 1 basic fact to bring them all down. CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE. It’s STRONG blackmail against a bandit if Chica is really under aged. This is Jury tampering + Blackmail. Plain and Simple. With high stakes for everyone. Stand firm. Remember who you are and the meaning of the word Honor. Y’all got this.

  21. Nuke n' Pave Dave Says:

    I predict the screaming and accusations will continue being announced at maximum volume until they recede into a wounded whimper, about 2025 or so if all current trends continue. Justice delayed=justice denied…

  22. Shameful Says:

    They know exactly what they’re doing, and as mentioned, they know the locals (potential jurors) are indifferent. If there was kid diddling on a phone or phones as they claim, they have evidence for a solid charge. File it. Instead, they announce it, get the news to report it to the masses, and further taint the jury pool against the defendants as a whole. Fuck a child perv. If it’s there, do the job you were elected to do. Don’t use this sick shit as a way to increase your odds to convict innocent people in your screwed up power trip.

  23. Sick Rick Says:

    In exchange for airing “a story you’ll only see on K___”, the TV station will feature a Jeremy Slate movie marathon all weekend.

  24. rw Says:

    They wrapped the phones in aluminum foil to prevent any wiping.

  25. Hangaround Says:

    Everyone with a samrt phone should make sure
    1) their phone is encrypted.
    2) that the ability to remote wipe the phone if its lost or stolen is enabled.
    3) that they have a brother that is familiar enough with tech to be able to login to their account and wipe their phone should they get arrested.

    No reason to make things easy for the alphabet crew.

  26. NCRider Says:

    Its obvious as hell what Waco is doing. But what pisses me off is most citizens are ignorant enough to believe this crap and Reyna knows it.



  27. Mercyful Fate Says:

    This article clearly demonstrates why you need to encrypt your phone as well as any personal computers you own. Force the fuckers to get a warrant and ensure that your attorney is present at all times during examination of said device if you are ever required or agree to unlock it.

    Local cops don’t have the tech to crack an encrypted device in order to plant kiddie porn on it. The shit-stains have ratcheted-up this strategy since no-one will care what happens to you once you’ve been accused of this. LEO hope you’ll plead to the other charges in order to get the kiddie porn charges dropped. The fuckers should take a bullet to the brain for making this false shit up and ruining the lives of innocent men.

    Don’t make it easy for them to set you up. If you haven’t done so yet then encrypt your shit with strong password:

    For iPhone users: https://ssd.eff.org/en/module/how-encrypt-your-iphone

    For Android users: http://www.techrepublic.com/article/encrypt-your-android-smartphone-for-paranoid-level-security/

  28. Mickey Says:

    My first thought was the same as Paladin, Great Shades of Burgess.

  29. Jim Parks Says:

    Let’s see, now. Oh, yeah, that’s right. KWTX and KCEN both have federal broadcasting permits and part of the CBS and NBC broadcasting networks, aren’t they? Hmm. What’cha know ’bout that, Guv-nor? I say! – Legendary Jim

  30. englishyank Says:

    I read this the other day and it’s the same tactic…

    “legend has it that during one of Lyndon Johnson’s congressional campaigns he decided to spread a rumor that his opponent was a pig-fucker. LBJ’s campaign manager said, “Lyndon, you know he doesn’t do that!” Johnson replied, “I know. I just want to make him deny it.””

  31. Dan-O Says:

    This is a perfect example of how the Constitution is allowed to be ignored by the very people who are sworn to uphold and defend it. I was reading an article the other day about attacks against the Freedom of Speech in which it addressed the tactic by those in positions of authority and by influential groups and the mainstream media (MSM) of attacking and humiliating individuals who oppose the establishment and stand up for rights of unpopular groups. The Waco bikers are the quintessential example of an unpopular group, even more so following the wholly controlled State narrative of the events of that day. It’s extremely easy to vilify groups of people who are unpopular, especially to make it easier to gain convictions that allow the State to increase its grip over the population. Waco is a great example. Releasing this hint of information in the manner in which Waco did – without differentiating what was found or who was found to possess it – serves only the State’s purpose of painting every one of those men and women who were arrested with a very broad brush, further ensuring the impression the public has of the accused is clearly manipulated. Regardless there once was a time when the rights of all citizens were defended, if not by the government sworn to do so then by rights advocates. Sadly things have changed and the MSM and general laziness and complacency of the population of the United States makes so this is no longer the case. Far too many people simply accept what the State tells them without questioning it, and that is dangerous. I sincerely hope there are more individuals and groups out there that will still stand up and uphold the rights of the people as laid out in the Constitution.

  32. Smitty1961 Says:

    What a bunch of low life fucks those pricks are in Waco. They know they have nothing so they’re going to pull the lowest card in the deck and throw it at innocent people. That whole place needs to be washed away.

  33. PJ Says:

    Wait – isn’t there some sort of gag order still in place?

  34. popeye Says:

    I’d be willing to bet that harmless everyday photos of their own children are being labeled as kiddi porn in an effort to delay and deflect.

  35. Igo Says:

    Child porn must be the new RICO

  36. bones_glass_1973 Says:

    Hhhhh cee,we got nuttin cee,haaa gonna use the ole child porn thingy cee
    Fuck face fucks,tosiar

  37. Shovelhead Says:

    This has Matt Bingham smith county fingers all over it!

  38. Paladin Says:

    Sounds like the same play used in the Dave Burgess frame up.


  39. IronRider Says:

    No one likes anyone in the biker community or outside of it that would commit a crime against a child, hell even prison inmates dont put up with inmates that are that in for that.

    The mere fact that this was selectively put forth to a couple of news organisations friendly to Law Enforcement should tell anyone looking at this that this screams red herring.

    Reyna and friends would like the public and anyone else to believe that 200+ cell phone may have contained images of child porn? Really? I this was the case anyone that had child Porn would have been indicted once again and be seating in a cell block awaiting a hearing.

    The fact that no one has been indicted, no one has faced additional charges tell you that there is a lot of bullshit behind this and the motive for this information being selectively released will be pointed to by Reyna &Co. for them to say, this is additional evidence we have uncovered and need to investigate further as this may be a large child porn trafficking ring or pedophile ring within the OMG community, you can bet your ass this will also be a reason why trials will need to be delayed and hearings about evidence need to be put off so the child porn investigation can continue and they can follow more leads.

    This is all very very convenient timing for Reyna & Co and another excuse to ask for more time to investigate these new developments ~wink wink~ and of course good old Judge Johnson will whole heartly endorse putting off hearings about evidence and delays and trials to make sure the course of justice is allowed to pursue these concerns as their are children at stake and MC members on the streets with heinous intent in mind.

    So this is a brand new built in excuse to allow Reyna and the cops and the Texas judicial system to go on and keep these 177 people firmly in a holding pattern and besmirching everyone’s reputation before trial of being a possible child molester or pedophile and of course that ought to make for a fairly prejudice jury pool for when these cases do come to trial because Reyna & Co put it out there that some 208 cell phones contained child porn and it is all associated with those at Twin Peaks that day.

    Expect people to get a fair trial when people are going to be thinking the accused is a pedophile? Yeah good luck with that. If I was the defense for an of the defendants I would be screaming holy hell about the abuse and blatant attacks to smear all 177 defendants with the accusation of being in possession of child porn and how prejudicial this is going to be against them when it comes to a trial down the road

  40. rw Says:

    How is it that the so called porn wasn’t noticed to be porn until it was time to send out as part of discovery?

  41. Bone Head Says:

    Jail sentences, parole afterwards IF convicted…IF…are not the punishment Waco seeks. The delay; the waiting IS the punishment.

    As far as the child porn. How long has Waco held those? Long enough to plant those pics? I am not a high tech sort, so if I’m talking out my ass please tell me so. But I think if they could, they would.

  42. Sieg Says:

    I’m shocked, SHOCKED i tell you.

    When all else fails, break out the kiddy-porn

    FTF /FTP

  43. zero Says:

    They’ve had plenty of time to plant pictures on those phones. This shows how weak their case is and that they won’t give up. This reminds me of Barney Fife going after Otis. Will it ever end?

  44. Beenthruthisinwaco Says:

    I’ve been where these guys are in Waco, the cops here love throwing child porn charges at bikers. The arrested me on some BS charges then weeks later arrested me for “suspected images of child porn on my cell phone”! The problem was I did not have a cell phone on me when I was originally arrested. Nor was one listed as being in my stuff they took as evidence against me. The charge got thrown out, just like it will in this case.

  45. Grimey Says:

    Son of a bitch! How long can they drag this shit out?

  46. The_Tired_Biker Says:

    These Ass Clowns used this on David Burgess as well. When is someone who can do something, gonna step in, review this, and see what “Really Happened?” Then punish the leo’s and others responsible?
    ro bad folks can’t speak up for their brothers!

  47. Paul Says:

    What a crock! This merely shows that the prosecutor is grasping at straws! It is also a way to smear the character of the bikers. If they had enough evidence to convict on any of these crap charges they would have proceeded long ago.

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