Repent Waco Before It’s Too Late

December 9, 2016

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Repent Waco Before It's Too Late

It is no longer possible to be subtle or merely ironic about this. Abel Reyna is a lying son of a bitch who is making a career of obstructing justice.

He is an embarrassment to himself, his family, the city of Waco, the state of Texas and to every prosecutor who doesn’t work for Kim Jong-un. Compared to Reyna, Angela Corey is Learned Hand. He is a disgrace to Baylor University, where he attended law school, and considering its recent history as the Baptist University where football players get a pass to rape, Baylor is almost impossible to further disgrace but Reyna has done it. If there was any hint of decency left in Waco, Reyna would be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail.

There is a broken down, old temperance temple on U.S. 54 in the far northwest corner of the Lone Star State between Nara Visa and Dahlhart. The sign on the roof says “Whisky Is The Devil” and when you are riding your motorcycle drunk at dawn in a lightening storm with that temperance temple on your left side and a tornado on your right – when you come to that place on that road – you are forced to understand that sometimes there just may be consequences to things. And the city of Waco is at that place on that road right now – caught between a warning lit by lightening on one side and a glorious example of black and howling retribution falling right out of the goddamn sky on the other.

Be warned Waco. Repent. There’s none so blind as those who will not see.

Long Ago

Five hundred and seventy-two days ago McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna personally ordered the arrest of 177 men and women for conspiring to murder each other at a brunch at a tacky breastaurant – which at the time offered the finest dining in all the county. Then he personally ordered a detective to lie, in writing, about why those people were being arrested. Then he old-boy-talked a ridiculous justice of the peace into approving those arrests and holding all the arrestees on identical $1 million bails. It ruined some of them. It shook most of them. It really annoyed the toughest of them with the least to lose. For the last 572 days local politicians have been bitching and moaning about how much it cost to lock them all up.

A redneck rooster named Patrick Swanton and Reyna and persons as yet unknown contrived a sordid explanation that plagiarized the script of the 1991 Brian Bosworth biker movie Stone Cold and fed it to the press that gathered in Waco as gulls gather at dumpsters. The press, as everyone should know, doesn’t get paid for telling the truth so much as for telling interesting and easy to grasp stories. So the press, led by the venerable Washington Post, further punished with shame, embarrassment and scorn all the people Reyna had already summarily punished with wrongful arrest.

Theoretically, all these wrongs might yet be righted but the truth of the matter, as every child knows, is you can’t put Humpty-Dumpty back together again. The damage Reyna has done is irreparable. The best his victims can hope for is to be repaid for what Waco has literally stolen from them. Then they can take a deep breath and try to start their lives over again, But before they can be partly repaid and be allowed to start over they must first be cleared of the bogus charges against them.

Ignorant Yahoos

The same ignorant yahoos who complained about how much it cost to irregularly rendition all these social nonconformists now fret over how much it might cost to try them.

The rub is, Reyna has simply refused to let his victims prove their innocence in court. Every time the subject has been raised, Reyna has simply replied that he doesn’t yet have enough evidence to convict. The argument is surreally illogical. Reyna has said time and again that he can’t allow any of the cases to proceed until he has sifted through every last fragment of his victims’ shattered, former lives – what they posted on Facebook, the names in their address books, the unresolved complaints of their former wives, who they telephoned and when and how many times.

This has been going on now for 573 days. That is far more days than it has taken the world to forget what happened in the parking lot of the Twin Peaks restaurant one Sunday in the May before last; far more days than it takes to forget Reyna’s victims; far more days than it takes to make what Reyna has done seem irrelevant in the great scheme of things. That’s the point. Reyna and official Waco and official McLennan County and official Texas and the official United States Department of Justice and whoever else officially contrived a gunfight between the Cossacks and Bandidos Motorcycle Clubs wants the world to not notice that Reyna’s victims have been punished every day for the last 573 days.

Trial Setting

Three hundred ninety days ago, the Houston attorney Paul C. Looney filed a “Request For Earliest Possible Trial Setting” on behalf of his client, a guy named Cody Ledbetter who lost his father that day, in that parking lot, the May before last. The police killed him.

“Most of these cases will need to be tried separately,” Looney argued. “Many of the defendants will seek changes in venue; the amount of pretrial publicity by itself could justify a change in venue, but it is plain that after the trials begin the publicity and attention will again be focused on these cases. The number of trials, all with almost identical evidence, will put an enormous strain on the resources of the McLennan County courts, prosecutors, law enforcement, and taxpayers. They also will put an enormous strain on the criminal defense bar, as they will need to purchase and learn the testimony from previous trials – eventually, over a hundred such transcriptions!  Further, it is almost inconceivable that any defendants will choose to plead guilty when being faced with an untested legal theory – it could conceivably be malpractice for an attorney to recommend a guilty plea on what may turn out to be deemed legally insufficient evidence because of a flawed prosecution theory. Because of the remote likelihood that any significant number of cases will be resolved with pleas or dismissals, and the large number of defendants, even if one case was tried every week it would take more than two years to resolve the cases from this one incident.”

“Someone must go first;” Looney wrote, “and the sooner that occurs, the better for all involved. This Defendant is prepared to proceed to a jury trial without delay. No motions, beyond routine motions-in-limine, need to drafted or litigated. This Defendant is satisfied to go to a McLennan County jury and does not believe it necessary to seek a change in venue. The primary issues in this case are legal ones; there are few disputed facts. In short, the Defendant seeks to go to trial as quickly as possible, as a sort of “test case,” allowing his case to proceed before this Court, and before the appellate courts if necessary, in order to determine the validity, or lack thereof, of the State’s theory. The Defendant believes that most, if not all, relevant discovery has been provided and any outstanding discovery that the State must turn over can be provided quickly, allowing for trial at the earliest possible setting.”

Looney’s request was denied.

Trial Dates

Last month, four of Reyna’s victims finally got trial dates. James Rosas is currently scheduled to get his chance to prove his innocence to a jury next January 23. But Reyna will be given a chance to further delay Rosas’ trial at a status  hearing on January 13. Three Bandidos named Jerry Edward Pierson, Christopher Julian Carrizal and Christopher Jacob Carrizal were all given a trial date of April 25, 2017 but only one of them can be tried then. Reyna has not yet decreed which of the three it will be. And he has months to ask for another delay.

Meanwhile the Waco felony court sits empty. The Waco Tribune-Herald reported Monday that 23 cases were scheduled to be tried this week in the same court that may eventually try Rosas, Pierson and the two Carrizals, who are a father and his son. All of them were continued while 60 prospective jurors cooled their heels.

Tommy Witherspoon, who works for the Waco paper, called Reyna to solicit his comments about the unused courtroom but, “Reyna did not return phone messages Monday. Neither did his first assistant, Michael Jarrett.” Maybe they were drunk.

So far Reyna and the city and county he represents have suffered no consequences for the wrongs they have done. That doesn’t mean they never will. Anyone can see that. Maybe Reyna doesn’t see it because he is drunk with power. Maybe everybody in Waco is drunk too.

There is a cure for that. Tornado season is coming.


27 Responses to “Repent Waco Before It’s Too Late”

  1. chuckthebull Says:

    What i find astounding about the biker culture today is they all suck the cocks of law enforcement and the mindless right wing (or left) mentality to worship at the alter of oligarchy and then play all bad ass rebels and stupid as fuck criminals in syncopation with police and government and then the government abuses the fuck out of them but in typical mindless servitude to Oligarchy they still suck up its propaganda koolaid and run around spouting MERUKA all the time all because of some old time veteran bull shit all left over and hold over from Vietnam that had them abused and used by the same shits in human skin they all worship today..its like Stockholm syndrome or something… They cant figure out the hands that feed them are the hands that abuse them but still glassy eyed worship their masters.. blame those fucked up liberals that are con artist fucks, yet while the right wing authoritarian jar heads fuck them up the ass through a court systems. but they still talk MERUKA bring back that old time bigoted useful idiot mythology of american exceptionalism, bring back the Americana they long for (that i miss too) but still hate vast peoples of other countries from the comfort of the melting pot because the main stream news told them too. Bunch of bad ass’s all scared Muslims are under the bed to steal the lint cause fox news said so…..Its funny these bad ass acting tools want respect through their violent actions towards each other but based on being oligarchy asshole butt lickers anyway.
    The mythology of the bad ass rebel biker they all try and live up to as a life style has become one big hypocritical LIE and makes them all look fucking ridiculous. But they will beat you up to shut you up for pointing out their emperors are butt fucking naked. Bad ass’s in a fight and intellectual Cowards in their empty skulls.

  2. Griz's Gal Says:

    Mr. Broden has been in court again today. Of course, Judge Johnson didn’t want to play fair, as usual.


  3. gordo Says:

    What happened to the fourth amendment rights, due process, (or lack thereof) for those US citizens

    Law not quite the same north of 49th but timeliness to a fair trial is an issue here as well

    Equality before the law???

  4. Gandalf Says:

    @Guido— Breitbart and Huffington both now agree with Rebel that these people were arrested without cause. How many times do those 2 agree?
    Also the “Football Fan” is a perfect analogy and can be taken much further. How about 4 Eagles Fans have tickets (reserved seating) in Cowboy Stadium. An Hr before the game some armed Cowboy fans take their seats. Stadium Security knows the seats are reserved and knows Eagle and Cowboy Fans don’t get along. So they set up snipers and a camera and wait… The Cowboy Fans get drunker and drunker. Yet, they wait. When the Fight Starts they open fire on the crowd. Then claim any random Cowboy Fan shot “deserved it” and it was The Eagles Fans fault that the Fight started. So they arrest anyone with a Eagles or Cowboy Jersey.

  5. Guido Says:

    @ hangaround

    I am not a big fan of the Huffington Post as most of what they spew is horse shit, but that article was a good one. I guess the sun shines on a dog’s ass once in a while. The dog’s ass being the Huff.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Guido Says:

    If two fans from opposing teams at a football game got into an altercation and shots were fired and people lost their lives, would the city of Waco arrest everyone wearing a team logo from either team?

    The answer would obviously be no, which is the key problem here!

    Essentially that is what happened at Twin Peaks and instead of a proper investigation they arrested everyone. How hard would an investigation been? Didn’t they have the entire event on video? They arrested people for trying to find cover when the shooting started because they were wearing “a team logo”! And it is all on video!

    What evidence is unAble Reyna trying to come up with that will refute the video evidence? Mind blowing to say the least!

  7. Griz's Gal Says:

    From the WacoTrib today…A new indictment.

  8. Hangaround Says:

    From mainstream media

  9. zero Says:

    Shyster is right. Good things are in store if they hold out and don’t plead, especially don’t rat. There’s no need for that. It’s about to get interesting in Waco.

  10. Potmetal Says:

    Methinks any bullshit spewed forth from Sam Sparks is nothing more than his lame attempt at throwing up flak in order to have some sort of an alibi when this finally washes out. He has been fluffing Reyna since the moment he got the call from him, and has backed all of Reyna’s requests while behind the bench. Lest we not forget those two clowns have a pretty long history, and likely know where each other has been hiding skeletons. This is just PR, and shitty PR at that.

  11. LoneWoofWoof Says:

    As reported by the Dallas Morning news:

    “U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks also said it “makes one wonder” why 154 bikers were indicted following the May 2015 shootout outside the now-closed Twin Peaks restaurant, the Waco Tribune-Herald reported Sunday. Sparks did not ask attorneys to respond to that comment during a June hearing in Austin, according to a transcript obtained by the newspaper.
    “It’s just so far from all of the experiences I’ve had. It’s just staggering to think of the problems,” said Sparks, referring to the number of people indicted.

    Sparks is overseeing a civil lawsuit that several indicted bikers filed against McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna, the Waco police chief and others law enforcement officials.”

    Seems as though even a Federal Judge is scratching his head. It’s tragic for any innocent defendants and their families.

  12. Paladin Says:

    It has become increasing evident over the years that this Country’s judicial system serves only those that run it, feeding itself with baited hooks, barbed with case law that is graphically depicted in Rebel’s The Twin Peaks Ambush.

    A long time and well respected poster on this site ends his postings with: TOSIAR (The Only Solution Is Another Revolution). He may indeed be a gifted teller of things to come. I do know that when a mechanical device is out of balance it will break at some point and that over wound springs too will fail.

    The judicial system in this Country has long been out of balance and when the spring that drives it snaps, it will unwind at a horrific rate. Be prepared. Get very prepared.


  13. LONER Says:

    Go Fuck Yourself Reyna you no good son of a bitch.

  14. TX_Biker Says:

    Fuck Waco, I hope they get sued out of existence.

  15. Gandalf Says:

    It IS too Late. IMHO

  16. chromedome Says:

    there can never be enough comments that say FUCK ABEL REYNA………


  17. JoeThePimpernel Says:

    The real SHTF is going to happen when it is revealed that most of the dead and wounded were shot by SWAT.

  18. Fr. Abraham Says:

    It’s been said time and time again, but it still rings true…

    Fuck Abelino Reyna. May he rot slowly and die a painful agonizing death from cancer of the ass.

  19. Cookie Says:

    I think he knows he’s fucked and isn’t sure how to get out of it without losing his ass. He thought the feds would bail him out but they won’t touch it. Just my opinion.


  20. Phuquehed Says:

    Fuck you reyna, you corrupt, lying, waster of the planets good air. I can only hope you die horribly and painfully when your time comes, you useless shit-stain.

  21. Angry White American Says:

    Humans are very unpredictable animals when cornered and fearful.

  22. Bone Head Says:

    Is it possible reyna means to continue to drag this out until he leaves office? If so, I can imagine it all starting over again with a new asshat in office.
    Where’s the limit?

  23. IronRider Says:

    Deny, Deflect, Delay is the strategy Reyna is employing in the Twin Peaks cases. The matter of the Grand Jury running thru 177 identical indictments (in record time I might add) is one of the many many problems with the Grand Jury system.

    Grand Jury’s are great for prosecutors because you could get a ham sandwich indicted by a Grand Jury, hence why people use that phrase and it rings very true. Prosecutors love it because it is pretty much a slam dunk that anything they put to a Grand Jury will be approved and it is not adversarial which is the whole problem and the Twin Peaks cases are a perfect example of that.

    Think about it 177 people charged with the same crimes and all with the same evidence and only Reyna and Co. present to give the Prosecutions view of events, no defendants counsel, no other side present just the District Attorney’s view.

    Yet Reyna has continually said he doesn’t not have all the evidence necessary to proceed with a trial, but yet he took these 177 people forward to indictment with not enough evidence to get to a trial? What is wrong with this picture? It is the fact that with next to no evidence Reyna went and indicted 177 people for crimes Reyna alleges they committed but has no evidence to back the claims up. That folks is a travesty of justice.

    The Texas judicial system is more than complicit in the crime that it allowed Reyna to Indict 177 people for a crime that Reyna does not have evidence that any of them committed, and has allowed Reyna to withhold disclosure, evidence, reports, investigators notes at stages and when it has shared disclosure Reyna has purposelessly made disclosure cumbersome for defendants counsel to find relevant documents that pertains to each indicted person and to make sure that the costs to wade thru this dump of a disclosure would have to make the indicted person incur hours and hours of legal fees to wade thru the dumped disclosure to find anything relevant and that is an abuse of process to coerce defendants who aren’t financially capable of being able to afford to put forth a defense.

    I see that tactic as a way to forcing those that can afford to pay for a lawyer and the costs they would mount as a way to force them to take a plea deal and anyone would be blind to not see that. To force a situation like this is an abuse of power and a violation of a defendants rights and to see courts and Judges allow it when they know full well what is going on shows you how broken the justice system is and how the court and it’s Judges are far from being fair and impartial and are tilting the scales in favor of the state.

    This is why I have said that you are guilty until you can prove your innocent, there is no innocent until guilty. The courts are supposed to be fair and impartial but that has not been the case of years and years. Now the courts are bending over backwards when they see wrong doing on the parts of Law Enforcement with warrants, investigation techniques, outright lying in investigators reports, planting of evidence violating peoples civil, constitutional and criminal rights and the list goes on and on and court have routinely let tainted evidence and violations of the law and then proceed to allow such violation not jeopardize the prosecutors case and give it a pass when it knows full well that such violations prejudice a defendants right to a fair trial.

    It is a sad state that the Constitution and the protections in it that are afforded to the people are being watered down and out right obliterated by the government and its Law Enforcement agencies

  24. Nuke n' Pave Dave Says:

    the comment about the Temperance Temple reminded me of something. There was a time when I drove from Galveston to Chanute, Kansas twice a week. Had to go through Oklahoma (obviously) and every time I drove past Oral Roberts University there was either lightning , hail or thunderstorms hanging over the place. Usually the weather all around it was just fine, but that particular piece of ground was being hammered anyway. Maybe that weather will find a new home in Waco. We can always hope, I guess…

  25. FF Says:

    Abel Reyna = Mike Nifong

  26. Sieg Says:

    Have to wonder if this lousy cocksucker is stalling for time, hoping to get all of the poor mokes they popped indicted in a FedCoat court for…SOMETHING! ANYTHING!!! Bout the only way that Waco will get the weight off their shoulders.

    Shyster said it straight, hold your mud, no pleas, no agreements.


  27. Shyster Says:

    You will lose Abelino. Waco will lose. The County, City and Fed pigs will lose. Hold your mud everyone. Accept no deals. Never plea guilty. Good things are in store for all arrested.

    It is a good day for you to kill yourself Abelino.


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