El Paso Federal Charges

November 4, 2016

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El Paso Federal Charges

Loren Jay Bingaman, a member of the Brass Knuckle Motorcycle Club and one of seven men arrested on state charges in El Paso on Tuesday, is facing a federal charge of unlawful possession of a machine gun.

Bingaman was charged with Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity with an underlying charge of Aggravated Robbery on Tuesday. He made bail and was immediately rearrested by United States Marshals Service deputies. He is currently being held without bail. His detention hearing is scheduled for next Tuesday, Election Day, November 8 at 9 a.m. before Judge Leon Schydlower. He does not yet have an attorney of record.

According to an affidavit signed and sworn to by Adrian Armendariz, a special agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives:

Blah Blah Blah

“While conducting the search of the property (Bingaman’s home) , Texas DPS CID (Department of Public Safety Criminal Investigations Division) Special Agent located a box of suspected explosives within the attached garage of the residence. EPPD Bomb Squad conducted a search of the property including a detached storage unit to identify any additional explosives for public safety given that the residence is located in a heavily populated neighborhood.”

“US Army Explosives Ordinance Disposal was called to the residence to examine the suspected devices and determine if they were functional explosives. US Army EOD personnel determined that several of the items found within the property were functional explosives. US Army EOD personnel began a secondary search of the property for additional explosive devices in the interest of public safety. US Army EOD located additional suspected explosives which included one hundred and fifty-one training grenade blasting caps and four military type flares. These blasting caps and flares were identified by US Army 734th EOD. US Army EOD noted that based on his training and experience as an US Army EOD Soldier the training grenade blasting caps and flares were considered an explosive device that can cause bodily injury and are therefore not manufactured for the public.”

“While searching the property for additional explosive devices US Army EOD located multiple firearms in a storage room within the garage. US Army EOD contacted your Affiant and another ATF Special Agent to examine the firearms that he located in the
garage and render them safe. An ATF Special Agent field tested an AK style closed bolt rifle and based on his training and experience determined it to be a machinegun. Shortly thereafter US Army EOD contacted your Affiant and another ATF Special Agent to examine and render safe a second firearm safe that he located on a work bench within the detached storage shed in the backyard of the property. This open bolt firearm was field tested by an ATF Special Agent and was determined based on his training and experience as a machinegun.”

Salt Peter

“US Army EOD located fourteen plastic containers containing Potassium Chlorate and Potassium Nitrate within the detached shed. Several of the plastic containers were labeled ‘Military Grade German Blackhead.’  Nine plastic containers were found containing aluminum flakes and several bags were found containing Potassium Nitrate. A suspected machinegun in various states of  manufacture and assembly was found in a storage shelf within the shed. Ten grenade hulls were found in a box within the detached shed. The grenade hulls were welded shut on one of the ends. Based on your Affiant’s training and experience given the chemical precursors, blasting caps and the grenade hulls, Bingaman has the ability to manufacture a functional explosive device.”

The affidavit details several bureaucratic records checks that led agents to believe that he was not licensed to possess a machine gun, to possess explosives or to manufacture firearms. Bingaman is not now charged with possession of the alleged bomb precursors.

Officially, Bingaman’s home was raided because the ATF suspected he was somehow involved in the assault of two members of Los Traviezos El Chuco Motorcycle Club outside a casual restaurant in El Paso named Hot Chicks Wing House last August 3. A cellphone was stolen during that alleged assault.

The victims were Gerardo “DJ” Quesada and Edward Delgado.

So far a total of eleven men who are members of either the Bandidos, the Brass Knuckle or the One Motorcycle Clubs gave been arrested and charged with conspiring to assault Quesada and Delgado and steal their cellphone.


11 Responses to “El Paso Federal Charges”

  1. Tommy Says:

    So he had all necessary chemicals to make tannerite. Whoopdie fuckin doo, People shoot tannerite out in the desert for fun all the time. Ive never once heard of anyone using Tannerite for any unlawful activity as there are much better options out there to make shit go boom. Just sayin

  2. Irish 1%er Says:

    ATF are no doubt the lowest fucking scum on earth! At lest the muslims believe in something.. ATF never fuck with the Muslim, the pedaphiles, no they like to shoot women in the head while holding their babies, shoot kids in the back, burn families alive and harass ex-Military just trying to get bye. Lowest of the low!!

  3. Meh Says:

    A little-noticed change in laws regarding explosives is what made those training grenade noisemakers and live grenade fuses in general restricted items.

    I inquired a few years ago about buying smoke grenades to test a prototype rifle grenade launcher (launchers of the inert variety are legal BTW and many historic re-enactors used inert projectiles, smoke is also legal). Turns out shipping restrictions on smoke grenades of the military fuse style are based on the tiny amount of now-restricted explosive in the detonator, not the smoke generating payload.

    I mention this because now if you have what used to be a perfectly legal signal smoke grenade you could get busted for not having an explosive license for the damned fuse! This has no effect on “terrorists” who could use any number of better detonation methods for IEDs.

  4. Fr. Abraham Says:

    All that being said, though…it does raise questions as to why the Bureau of Assault, Tax, and Fuck Everyone was even involved in the first place if the warrant was tied to an alleged “aggravated robbery” over a cellphone that got misplaced during a disagreement in a beer joint.

    After thinking about that a bit more, BMW may have a point with the notion that the ATF very well could have been planting evidence. Seems kinda odd that “The Case of the Vanishing Telephone” would warrant the use of the BATFE and/or the military.

    When the feds wanted to fuck with Adam Kokesh after he videoed himself racking a shotgun on the streets of DC to protest their restrictive gun laws, it’s widely thought that someone involved in the multi-agency raid on his house in Maryland was responsible for planting the baggie of shrooms in his gun safe that eventually made him a federal felon. It was far easier to get him on “possession of a firearm and a controlled substance” than having to take a gun rights issue up the court system’s food chain.

  5. Fr. Abraham Says:

    Being a bit of a “gun nut” and whatnot, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say this guy is likely fucked. With very few exceptions, an “Open Bolt” firearm is a full-auto firearm, the few that aren’t are generally older MAC-10 and similar types. The federal gubbmint made it illegal to manufacture open-bolt semi-auto firearms years ago, because of the relative ease at which they (most of ’em, anyway) can be converted to full-auto.

    For those who don’t know what an open-bolt firearm is, it has a fixed firing pin attached to the bolt (MAC-10, Soumi, Sten, etc). When the trigger is pulled, the entire bolt moves forward, instead of the bolt being already in battery and a hammer falling on a floating firing pin as you’d see in a full-auto M16 or AK47. They’re more mechanically simple, having far fewer moving parts, as they don’t rely on a sear to time the pin punching the primer…it just fires when the bolt slams closed.

    Sieg, determining whether a firearm is semi-auto or full-auto is fairly simple, especially with an AR or AK. Cycle the bolt, pull the trigger and hold it down, and cycle the bolt again. If the hammer falls without having to release the trigger to reset it, it’s full-auto. Also, what kind of dumbfuck cop doesn’t know how to clear a firearm? Are they hiring them straight off the short bus now?

    The thing that’s really going to fuck this guy are the grenade hulls. When a grenade is demilitarized, what is typically done is either grinding or sawing off a small portion of the bottom of the hull. They’re often sold at gun shows and whatnot as “collector’s items” or “paperweights”, I used to have one when I was a kid. The idea behind that nickel-sized hole on the bottom is to provide pressure relief in the event that someone tried to make it functional…welding them shut undoes what has been done to render them demil’d. That, along with the binary explosive, are what’s going to get him.

    The potassium nitrate and aluminum flakes are commonly sold as “Tannerite”, it can be shipped legally straight to your door. It’s marketed as a “reactive target”, in that it explodes when shot with a rifle. It’s completely legal to own it, so long as you don’t mix it until it’s ready for use, because each ingredient is inert on their own. Having the stuff in quantity, combined with grenade hulls that have had the bottoms welded shut, are what the Bureau of Assault, Tax, and Fuck Everybody likes to call “constructive intent”…which, in their book, is just the same as having a functioning grenade.

    I can’t even begin to speculate on whether the gubbmint planted evidence, and we’ve got to remember that the ATF are the same group of morons who declared a shoestring (yes, like you tie your shoes with!) to be a “machine gun”…but as it stands, things don’t look good for this guy’s future.

  6. El Gringo Says:

    fuckn disgraceful… bein fmr army wtf is the army involved in this… when did we declare marial law…

  7. BMW Says:

    @ Ironrider: exactly! The corrupted judicial political class/ANYTHING THAT FITS/ATF seems to be taking effective classes in conjecture, practical fiction writing, imaginative imagery and the like. Maybe Baylor specializes in this, as well as Football?
    @Aging Rebel:
    This affidavit reads more like conjecture than observed fact. Why issue a search warrant for an implication of a POSSIBLE “armed robbery”? What weapon was used in the “armed robbery”? If a grand jury indicts, I can see an arrest warrant being issued…it is almost as if the federales KNEW what was where BEFORE they had the warrant issued…

    Years ago, federal agents routinely pulled “black bag jobs” to make sure the evidence was there BEFORE they raised a location. Is this a rebirth of those tactics? Maybe they just kept the receipts after a sale?

    Overall, it seems as if the persecutors/ATF are trying to take down people associated with clubs to get someone to flip…


  8. Sieg Says:

    Also interesting to see what a defense attorney does with the allegations that the training caps were considered to be illegal. Hell, if being manufactured for the military and not sold to the general public makes something illegal, then everyone wearing a surplus M-65 is a bust.

    “An ATF Special Agent field tested an AK style closed bolt rifle and based on his training and experience determined it to be a machinegun.” I want to see how that one works out, too…considering that when I got popped, I had to show the atf gun-thug searching one part of my shop how to clear an AK. And how did they determine that one was a “closed-bolt rifle” and one an “open-bolt rifle”? Guess the guy installed a hold-open on one…

    Fucking pigs doing what fucking pigs do. Forget the actual gangsters and terrorists and kick in doors of guys that aren’t doing much of anything. Hell, even if the man actually HAD grenades, I mean, grenades with charges in them, and functioning fuzes, all that, who cares? He’s just trying to even the playing field a tad.


  9. Paladin Says:

    It would be interesting to know the basis for the search warrant’s issuance and the description of the specific items to be searched for within that search warrant.


  10. Anonymous Says:

    Ya dun goofed!

  11. IronRider Says:

    Why is that I get a felling that there is a lot of reaching as to the conclusions reached by Law Enforcement in regards to what was found on this property? The mere fact that someone has gun powder does not mean they are making explosives, plenty of folks make their own bullets, Christ my neighbor does that and he is an outdoors men.

    Potassium Chlorate and Potassium Nitrate have legitimate uses other than making explosives as well. There are a ton of people who modify firearms legally and illegally, in their homes and garages and shop’s so this isnt anything new. Shit you can go on YouTube and find hundreds of videos on people in the USA doing any of the above.

    Blasting caps can be used in demolition, in rock removal, tree stump removal, fireworks and yes for explosives as well. Can old hand grenades be modified, sure but most of the decommissioned ones are usually modified in such a way that it would take a ton of work to get them back to what they once were, sure a person could simply modify it, but would you really trust the stability of it if you were carrying it in your vehicle or in your hand, doubt it.

    This sounds like a lot of buzz words to amp the charges up to the public of danger in the air and how the saviors took a bad guy off the street. It wouldnt be the first time the cops have made allegations and laid charges to make it look more serious than it is.

    Let’s see how much of this sticks when the time comes to go to trial or strike a plea, my guess is there will be a lot of shit that just doesnt stick to the wall.

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