Stahlman Pleads To Lesser Charge

April 13, 2009

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Ronald Stahlman, the former patch holder with the American Outlaws Association who moved to Arizona after a man died in an Ohio street fight thirty years ago, pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter last Wednesday.

Because Stahlman, 56, pled guilty to a crime that happened in 1979, he was sentenced under 1979 law. Judge Andrew D. Logan sentenced Stahlman to serve between one and 10 years in prison. After he begins his sentence the state parole board will determine how many years Stahlman will actually have to do.

The Crime

On April 29th, 1979, Stahlman and a friend named Roger Collins were drunk in Collins’ pickup truck. Collins, who was driving, accidently rear-ended a car operated by 18-year-old Bernard Williamson. It was 3:30 in the morning in Warren, Ohio.

Williamson jumped out of his car to instigate a fight. The only two surviving witnesses, Glen Ellison and Patricia Strickland, remember seeing Williamson beating Collins to the ground and seeing Stahlman get out of the truck to help his friend. Stahlman’s public defender, Tracy Lazlo, pointed out that there was no particular reason not to think that it was a drunken Stahlman who Williamson was trying to beat to death and a drunken Collins who went to his aid.

A short time later, police found Williamson dying in the street with nine stab wounds.

There was absolutely no physical evidence in the case. All the blood evidence and other tangible evidence disappeared when a Cleveland forensics lab went out of business in 1979. The local police lost the crime scene photos all on their own. The prosecution’s case boiled down to the argument that no innocent man would ever run away after a first degree murder warrant was issued for his arrest.

The Myth Of Lie Detectors

The Warren police put warrants out on both Stahlman and Collins. A week after the fight Collins turned himself in and confessed that Stahlman did it. He passed a lie detector test and was allowed to plead guilty to assault and obstruction of justice. He was punished with six months in the Trumbull County Jail.

After his apprehension, Stahlman also agreed to take a lie detector test. He failed. Anyone who has ever been within ten feet of a lie detector knows that police manipulate the test results which is why the results are not legal evidence. However the prosecutor in the case, Chris Becker, made sure that jurors knew about the tests anyway.

Becker also put Stahlman’s mother and one of his daughters on the stand and tried to make Stahlman’s wife testify against him. Stahlman confessed before Becker could get his other daughter in the witness chair.

Beyond His Control

When he entered his plea, Stahlman told the judge and relatives of the victim that he was at the scene of the murder, that he was sorry, that he apologized and “wished there was something I could do but I can’t.” He said Williamson’s death was “beyond my control.”

Becker called the plea just. “We are very happy we have a 30-year-old homicide solved,” he told the local television cameras. “Although justice was delayed, it was not denied.”

Later however, Becker told the Youngstown Vindicator that it was mostly just because he had won the case. “What happened that night, unfortunately, nobody knows,” Becker admitted to the Vindicator. “One of the two (Collins or Stahlman) had to stab him (Williamson) but which one, I can’t venture a guess.”

Which is a lie right there. Becker did guess. And then he bullied a defendant’s family until the defendant agreed that the prosecutor’s guess was the truth.

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16 Responses to “Stahlman Pleads To Lesser Charge”

  1. jj solari Says:

    “He brought this all on himself. He arrested himself, he incarcerated himself, he arranged for a trial date, he selected a judge, he arranged to be prosecuted, he got a jury lined up, he conducted a trial, 12 people who never met him in their lives decided on his guilt as he directed them to, he sentenced himself and put himself into prison. he brought all this on himself.”__________Sincerely, every American prosecutor ever born.

  2. jj solari Says:

    ” I have not victimized Ronald Stahlman and his family, he chose his own actions that night and for the next 30 years.”


    dude, we know you didnt victimize him during the crime and for the 30 years he was not on trial. we know that. that’s a different topic. the first part of that sentence and the second part are not related. they are two different topics HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. Sieg Says:

    Hey Reb, CJC is just out shilling for a fourth-rate internet hustle…nothing even worth responding to!


  4. Rebel Says:

    Dear Criminal Justice Careers,

    You are so full of shit about Ron Stahlman that I don’t know where to begin. Okay, I’ll start here. EVERYBODY PLEADS OUT! Stahlman was accused of killing a man in a street fight in the 70s. Some cops, to showboat, using federal money, eventually tracked him down to rural Arizona and ruined his life and his family’s lives. The other guy who was there that night long ago agreed to testify against Stahlman in return for immunity. Stahlman took the plea with the understanding that he would be out in a year. Then Stahlman got screwed some more. Fuck you, you sorry fuck.


  5. Criminal Justice Careers Says:

    The main point is that man is plead guilty for murdering his fellow. Ronald Stahlman deserves to be punished.

  6. Sieg Says:

    Interesting cell phone number…

    The phone is listed under the County Offices, to Dennis Watkins, who is the head prostitutor..lil Chris is his number one butt-boy, and I’d guess, bucking for his gig.

    Becker, Christopher D., “Esq.”
    Trumbull County Prosecutor’s Office
    160 High Street, NW, 4th Floor
    Warren, Ohio 44481
    Phone: 330-675-2426
    Fax: 330-675-2431
    e-mail: [email protected]

    Here’s an alternate phone, maybe you can use it to wish ol’ Chris a happy birthday on December 7th…he’ll be 50!


  7. Sieg Says:

    The “victim”?

    I’m pretty sure an 18 y.o. getting out of a car and challenging a couple older guys to a fight sure didn’t think of himself as a vic.

    There is so much bullshit piled-up in this case it isn’t even minorly amusing. At least with Stahlman sentenced under the guidelines in place in ’79 he will get good-time credit that could see him out in 8 months…if the Board of Review doesn’t get a wild hair and give him the whole ten!



  8. afriend Says:

    OK…I will QUOTE YOU.
    Vindicator Newspaper April 9th:
    The problem with the case was that no witness saw the knife that caused the victim’s death, the prosecutor said.
    “What happened that night, unfortunately, nobody knows,” Becker said later Wednesday. “One of the two [Collins or Stahlman] had to stab him [Williamson], but which one, I can’t venture a guess.”

    Payson Roundup Newspaper April 10th:
    “Collins was apparantly losing the fight, and Stahlman got out and stabbed the victum.” Becker said.

    So which is is Chris?

  9. Rebel Says:

    Yeah Chris,

    Everybody likes this site. With the possible exception of a certain homicide detective and a certain ATF agent and a guy named Wolf. Not Huns Wolf. Not VNV Wolf. Another Wolf. The Wolf I don’t know. And, I know you like to match wits with me and win. So I’ll tell you what I’ll do.

    You go to the judge. I know you have a little history of doing this. You buy his honor a drink and you tell him that you think that the interests of justice would be best served if Ron Stahlman was released after six months. Six months is what his partner got. He should already have about five months in. Ron Stahlman is a real guy with a real family and a real life. You go to the judge and you see if you can get Stahlman out with a minimum sentence and then I will let you talk here again. You already have your little victory that you can campaign on the next time so you have nothing to lose.

    You fix this and then I will let you come on here and insult me and call this site a “little rag” and tell me what a lousy job I do and all that shit you say to me without me even trying to shoot you in your damned knees. I will let you get away with that and we will be pals. God help me. I am saying I will be pals with a fucking prosecutor. Lord forgive me for how dirty I must sometimes get.

    Until then, I am pretty sure you are definitely not welcome around here. You did wrong. You know and I know. Now be a man and go fix it.


  10. Chris Says:

    LOL, that’s mature! Ah I guess it’s your website you can say what you want. Peace, out!

  11. Chris Becker Says:

    Rebel? Are you really….

    Shut up Chris. Nobody here is going to vote for you.


  12. Rebel Says:

    You’re right Chris. Really, what this case is about is you. YOU, YOU, YOU. Really, when you think about it, isn’t everything in life about YOU, YOU, YOU?

    YOU, YOU, YOU reached out and snatched grandpa from his home in Arizona and put him in the penitentiary. YOU, YOU, YOU subpoenaed his wife and his daughters and his mother and put them on the stand. YOU, YOU, YOU. What I really need to do is call YOU, YOU, YOU and ask YOU, YOU, YOU some questions so I will know what I am allowed to say and so YOU, YOU, YOU can get the credit YOU, YOU, YOU deserve.

    Okay, let’s start now. How is that misconduct charge going for YOU, YOU, YOU? Did YOU, YOU, YOU beat that yet? Do YOU, YOU, YOU think YOU, YOU, YOU will be disbarred for cheating on a prosecution? When they put big shot egomaniacs like YOU, YOU, YOU in prison do they put YOU, YOU, YOU in the unit with the snitches and the child molesters or do YOU, YOU, YOU expect they will just rent YOU, YOU, YOU a place at the Embassy Suites?

    Oh that’s right. You did not do this for you. This one was for the voters. And God bless you, too.


  13. Chris Becker Says:

    I know either Stahlman or Collins or both killed an 18 year old boy by stabbing him at least 7 times. I know Stahlman fled Ohio, changed his name, uprooted his family and worked under the table in an attempt to avoid apprehension for 30 years. If extenuating and exigent circumstances existed Stahlman never made mentioin of them in either his plea or when given the opportunity when he was arrested. He may very well be a different and better man today and I hope that he is but that doesn’t mean he should’nt be punished for what he did whether it was 30 minutes, 30 days or 30 years ago. I have not victimized Ronald Stahlman and his family, he chose his own actions that night and for the next 30 years. As for the Williamson Family they will have to speak for themselves but I believe they can at least close the chapter of this tragedy as it pertains to Ronald Stahlman. No sentence ever “heals” a victim but rather the criminal justice system is to protect the public from future crime by the Defendant and others and to punish the offender. I believe the sentence of 1-10 was a fair sentence given the state of the evidence including the memories of the witnesses and all of the facts that occurred that terrible night. I don’t know where you think I’m gloating or considering this or any case a victory. There is no gloating or victory when a man is killed and another is incarcerated. You seem to be very bitter and to have a clear agenda against law and order. You stated at one point I know who you are, quite frankly I don’t know who you are since you operate under an alias and not your real name I may never know. But anonymous sites such as yours only tend to create and encourage misapprehension and fear. I operate in the open public and my work in and out of the courtroom is public record and subject to review every 4 years by the voters.

    Good luck and God bless


  14. Rebel Says:

    Dear Prosecutor Becker,

    Thank you for correcting my errors. This story now seems finished, but if there is more that I should know, i suspect you will tell me about it. Maybe, for now, we can agree on this.

    You do not know whether Ronald Stahlman killed Bernard Williamson or not.

    Even if Ronald Stahlman did kill Bernard Williamson he did so under at least extenuating and possibly exigent circumstances.

    The way life works, the man you put in prison is a different and probably a better man that he was the night of this street fight.

    You have victimized Ronald Stahlman’s family and you have given very little comfort to Bernard Williamson’s family.

    And, you are gloating over all of this. Like a psychopath. This is a victory for you. You are gloating. You seem certain as a fool. Have you no shame? Are you a politician?


  15. Chris Becker Says:

    Very Factually incorrect article. Both daugthers testified. You forgot to mention Stahlman started using the name “Jim O’Neil”, Stahlman’s attorney was retained by the family and was not a public defender, conspiracy law permitted Stahlman to be charged as a complicitor,and in fact the State does not have to convict a principal offender, Stahlmand DID NOT agree to take a lie detector test, the jurors NEVER were told about the lie detector test. But I guess when YOU are only interested in your warped sense of the truth and your viewpoint you really don’t care what you write. Finally, if you want to quote me why don’t you call me rather than take quotes from other media sources? (330) 675-2426 is my number.


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