Don’t Visit Rhode Island

September 7, 2016

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Don't Visit Rhode Island

Four Iron Horsemen made the mistake of riding through Rhode Island last Friday on their way from Kentucky to a club party in Maine.

The four were stopped in Warwick on Interstate 95, the major north-south freeway on the East Coast. Police told the four men they were stopped “because of the turf battle going on between two other clubs.” Police told the Iron Horsemen “they were just wanting to keep an eye on who is coming in and out of Rhode Island.”

Turf Battle

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has been telling police for almost two years that a “war” between members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and the American Outlaws Association is either imminent or simmering in Rhode Island. According to ATF Intelligence Analyst Jeremy Sheetz, there is a growing  “problem” of “Outlaws expansion in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.” According to Sheetz, two Outlaws attacked three Phantom Lords on August 18, 2014. On November 1, of the year, “approximately” five Hells Angels attacked an Outlaw with bats and brass knuckles at an Outlaw clubhouse. On November 13, an Outlaw’s motorcycle was “torched” in front of an Outlaw clubhouse. On December 3, a vehicle belonging to a former Outlaws spouse was set on fire.”

Rhode Island began overreacting a year ago. In September 2015, police arrested three Outlaws for the crime of driving through the state. At the time, a Rhode Island State Police Major named Joseph Philbin told a Providence television station: “The Outlaws are one the of biggest motorcycle clubs or gangs in the country, and the fact that they are establishing a presence in Rhode Island is alarming to us because sometimes they can bring forth some violence and criminal activity.” “New England is considered to belong to the Hells Angels.” “The Hells Angels have had a presence in Rhode Island as long as I’ve been on the state police, the last 20 to 25 years. So the fact that the Outlaws are trying to maintain or create a presence here could create a problem.” Philbin learned what he thinks he knows from the ATF. The words and ideas are the ATF’s.

The ATF thinks the establishment of an Outlaws clubhouse in Woonsocket in 2014 marked the start of the next Great Nordic Biker War.

Nineteen days ago, “WPRI 12 Eyewitness News” in Providence reported, “Law enforcement officials are concerned a feud between two outlaw motorcycle clubs in Rhode Island is a tinderbox on the verge of exploding into a violent turf war. In June, the Rhode Island State Police organized a meeting between 13 local police departments as well as representatives from the Massachusetts and Connecticut state police amidst growing tensions between the Hells Angels and the Outlaws motorcycle clubs.”

Rhode Island Hello

The four Iron Horsemen, whose names are Robert Frayer, Michael Matteson, Jerry Palmer and Steven Overby stumbled into this public hysteria because I-95 is part of the shortest route to Maine. They were later accused of careless driving but none of them was ever issued a traffic ticket. Three of the men were wearing unconcealed knives and were charged with possessing Weapons other than Firearms. One man was charged with possessing the anti-seizure medicine Clonazepam. Another was charged with possessing methamphetamine. Without bothering to establish probable cause, police pried open a locked saddlebag and found two pistols inside. That rider was arrested for possessing a firearm without a license.

All four men were released on $10,000 bonds. Since there was no reasonable articulable suspicion for the initial stop – like specific traffic charges – and since police didn’t bother to establish probable cause before they conducted their warrantless searches, the charges against the men will probably be eventually dismissed.

But all four had to pay a bondsmen and all four will have to hire lawyers. All four have an initial hearing on September 28.

In announcing this victory in the ongoing war against motorcycle clubs, Rhode Island State Police Superintendant Col. Steven G. O’Donnell said, “I commend the Troopers for their attention to detail in seizing firearms and contraband. With the current climate and ongoing disputes between rival Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs in our region, these arrests may have prevented some violence.”

That is how Rhode Island says “hello” to bikers.

“Our biggest mistake,” one of the men told The Aging Rebel, “was not knowing about the Rhode Island witch hunt going on or we would’ve avoided that state, I promise”


64 Responses to “Don’t Visit Rhode Island”

  1. Kyle Says:

    Notice the bikers haven’t touched anyone in the public. That’s their scene. If those people didn’t want in then don’t join that. I rode in a small club in florida for three years and the only violence i saw was handled and then everyone moved on. People should just mind their business

  2. Shovelhead Says:

    Man, I can’t follow your childish rambling, Where did you go to school? Or did you?
    You from Central Falls?
    Doesn’t matter anyway. Everyone in Rhode Island knows the cops there are the biggest crooks around. Motorcycle clubs, Italian Clubs, they stick to their own, hardly ever here about them. Cops…fucking things up daily.

    Either you’re a Pig or you’re sucking a Pig. Which is it AR?
    I suggest you go over to Providence find an Italian American Club or a Motorcycle Club house and express your opinion. It’s good to get things off your chest.
    Let us know if you ever get the balls to do that, how it turned out.

  3. The Kraut Says:

    @AR; Your grammatically near incoherent rambling leads me to suspect your mom and dad are also your aunt and uncle….

    Being your own cousin has its consequences…delusional fantasies and an overinflated sense of self worth leave you in the unenviable position of being a meat puppet key board commando….cunt is the short explanation.

    Kindly fuck off and remember to wipe your ass after you’re done with your babbling bullshit.

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  4. AR Says:

    Well that’s expected from Morons who think Criminal acts upon others is your highest morals. Please come to Rhode Island and enjoy the Crushing Blows of Law and order. You get Stupidly angry at me as our citizens OD & Die from the Poison you spread. You get stupidly angry cause we Dismiss you as losers who belong in Prison or dead. You’re angry at me cause I speak for our Security and Protection from Unethical, Moral less, Undervalued humans. Your no different then the Mafias that have been brought to their knees, go ahead mouths raise your evil heads and we will lop them off as for the dirty snakes you are.. ” Idiots on this comments area ” Say what you want I win you LOSERS!

  5. rollinnorth Says:

    Growing up, we referred to Providence Rhode Island as, “the armpit of the Universe.”

    Respect, to those…

  6. anon Says:

    Lala: If you’re Almighty Latin Kings and Queens aka gutter trash spic motherfuckers that leave a wake of destruction and sorrow behind you wherever someone is unlucky enough to have you- you ain’t affiliated with any MC I know. MC’s don’t fuck with your “street clique” banger bullshit. We have rules, ethics, standards- you have none.

    If some group of motorcyclists is affiliated with you I strongly suspect it’s a bunch of rice rocket assholes who give anything on two wheels a bad name.

    AR: Go to one of those sex shops you have in Rhode Island, go get you one of those big, black, spiked S&M dildo’s, take and coat it in J-B Weld, and when it’s hard- fuck yourself to death with it.

    Fuckin’ dickhead civilian running his mouth about MC’s when Rhode Island is a puppet for the remnants of the Patriarca’s and De Calvacante wop trash motherfuckers that give Italians a bad name.

  7. rocco151 Says:

    @Sieg+1….still laughing over your comments !

    @Shovelhead…The Office is indeed still open for business !

  8. Paladin Says:

    @ AR;

    When one continues to cling tightly to one’s ignorance, one’s ignorance will eventually morph into stupidity.



  9. Parsifal Says:

    @ AR – You want some Liberty? So do I …… FUCK OFF! PIG SUCKER! See? I just took the Liberty to use my 1st Amendment Rights. Take off blow fish.

  10. Sieg Says:

    um, AR? Can you do yourself a solid?

    Here, right over there, fuck off, okay?

    No, not there, over there! Yeah, about a klick down the trail there.

    And when you get there, do yourself an even bigger favor and just keep fucking off.

    And take all the niggers and spics with you.


  11. Shovelhead Says:

    Now that was funny…surely you are joking right? If not, you are one ignorant asshole.

    RI State Police are some of the most crooked police in the Country you idiot. My Father grew up in Providence, I lived there in the 70’s when a certain Family ruled Rhode Island and to some extent…..still do.

    You have a much bigger crime problem in Rhode Island than a few guys riding motorcycles partying and having some fun, which by the way are Fathers, tax payers, voters and believe in the Constitution. Something you obviously do not. Just because they want to join a club you have decided they’re criminals. That is funny!!

    Best wishes for you and your quest for a Communist State. I don’t think you’ll like it much if you succeed.

  12. AR Says:

    As a Father, Taxpayer, Voter and a believer in Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness also a Solid believer in Justice For All. You need to see this from Non Biker Gang citizens, we need tourism, New industry, new economic investment, more jobs, more recognition as a Good State to do business, Raise Family’s, grow old without intimidation and Serve and Protect our Rhode Island Citizens from Crime from all sources of criminals unlawful acts within our state. Best advice leave our state alone, Stay Out, Get lost or be arrested and enjoy our ACI. HEROS are the Rhode Island State Police and they Dress well too! Just Stay Away! Best wishes to all biker criminals doing business elsewhere.

  13. Chris Says:

    Very well said Lala! No matter who there are, club members, mafia, a cartel, or the biggest gang the US, government how the hell do they state police have the right to just pull them over like that and do whatever they want to them after they pull them over(all illegally I might add) RI is so corrupt it’s unreal.

  14. Lala Says:

    Why are hispanics “spics” and black people are “niggers” thats called racism. I am hispanic my family is from PR. I am afiliated w A.l.k.q.n. and are allied with several biker clubs or gangs. Pigs are the biggest gang in the world and do as they please. Hope these men whom were arrested for being discriminated, get good legal council and charges get dismissed.

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