A Reply To George Christie

August 18, 2016

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A Reply To George Christie

Some of the people former Hells Angel George Christie has vilified recently, including writer Candy Chand and filmmaker Nick Mead, commented on an article about Christie published on this page yesterday. Not everybody reads the comments. In case you missed it, here is what Mead – in the photo above and who coined the term “The Last American Outlaw” to describe Christie – had to say about him now.

‘Scuse me while I drag myself up out of this alcoholic stupor…

The Last American Clown

The George Christie circus was set to leave Ventura for Joshua Tree, that would be once we had picked up the trailer from UHaul, because The Last American Clown didn’t want to ride all the way there. We un-trailered it for about 20 minutes the next day — and that was all the footage there was of the Last American Clown on his motorcycle.

As the film progressed his lies became more and more apparent — he’d lied about clearing the film at an officer’s meeting, but when I’d arranged a screening at the CBGB film festival in New York he was too scared to go because it was apparently “too close to the clubhouse in NYC” – that was the first I’d heard that there may be an issue between him and the club. I pulled the film from the festival.

Ironically when I then tried to fact check elements of the film with him he refused to cooperate. His lawyers couldn’t get any straight answers out of him either. No one from any club threatened me, the only threat was from his daughter lawyer who threatened to make me bankrupt if I didn’t hand over the film. I refused, stating a clause in the contract with Mrs. Last American Clown that said if anyone made it impossible to continue with the film then the agreement was null and void – any agreement with the Last American Clown and Mrs. Last American Clown was and remains null and void. That was over a year ago. His lies made it impossible to continue. Why the contract with Mrs. Last American Clown? – because Mr. Last American Clown didn’t want to be exposed should any victims of his thuggery come forward for restitution.

He also tried to bully me into being a part of the History Channel and wanted to “premiere” the film on the channel. I said, no, and no again and again. His lawyers tried to pressure me, I said no again and again, and eventually his other lawyer apologized (the only person remotely having any element of integrity in this sea of thuggery and bullying.)

Ironically he suggests giving takethetestGeorge money to an Autism charity. Yet at the charity screening for autism in Ventura, one where Mrs. Last American Clown sold advance tickets and took generous donations at the door, he claimed “we’d barely broke even” and he had “donated $300” by “dropping the cash into a bucket” at an autism charity shop in Ventura. Anyone know of any Autism charity shops with buckets in Ventura?

So nice of The Last American Clown to advise me about dependency problems. I do have an issue with alcohol, the issue being that I am stuck at my age drinking 2013 Les Portes de Bordeaux at $5.99 a bottle from Trader Joe’s, when at my age I should be drinking much nicer stuff. In my job strange things happen and one strange thing was the anonymous delivery of various audio files, one of which was an alleged arrest tape of George – on it, he’s being a total pussy, being arrested for possession of meth and cocaine. He seems to not adhere to the old chestnut of not admitting anything to the police, on this tape he seems to admit to everything – he’s a pathetic example of how to behave when arrested. Based on this tape it might appear that the Last American Clown might have a Meth issue…but I don’t know…

My complaints about his piracy of the film were upheld. You can no longer link from his website to purchase the film. He has no right to sell it, its not complete, finished, nothing is cleared. He’s keeping all the money. No screeners were ever given to Mrs. Last American Clown, he’s lying. I’m tempted to re cut the film as a parody, the Spinal Tap of the outlaw world, and call it The Last American Clown.

The Last American Clown was a big fan of organized crime – I have “ friends” in that world in New York who are interested in my work – when I told them about the film and what it had evolved into – a pathetic lightweight tale of a sad pathetic man carrying out a stupid crime, sealed plea deals and vastly reduced sentences, they halted the conversation mid-flow while brushing their hands on their shoulders as if removing irritating dandruff. They did not want to know. And that is what The Last American Clown is, a minor irritation looking for relevance.

George is the saddest, most hypocritical, clown I know.

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162 Responses to “A Reply To George Christie”

  1. swampy Says:

    Mr. Mead, thank you for your input, and especially for smelling a Rat and putting a stop to, or rebuking, the fictitious GC film. I do hate that it was a waste of your time, resources, etc., and for having to “rub elbows” with his type.

    Paladin, yes, you sure jarred my memory mentioning Sonny Routt. I think it was the many custom motorcycle magazines that were everywhere during the ’70s(I spent a small fortune on them) where I read and learned of him. Looking at the MAP catalog was worse than looking at a nudie book for me back then – couldn’t touch it – LOL. With regards and respect, swampy.

    bcnasty, sincerest condolences on the loss of your Mom and Dad. I think of my dearly departed parents daily. It’s one of the few things that can still make me tear-up sometimes and I find no shame in it. Keep them close to your heart. Respects, swampy.

  2. bcnasty Says:

    again thanks to all for the kind words. My apologies for going off story on this post but find little things in life that bring humor. One was forgotten story. When I patched I rode a built to shit flattie. Had a job in a small boat rework yard and the machinist was a brother. Couple of runs with break downs and decided to rebuild the flattie so bought a BSA off a brother and he gave me the BSA shirt. Then thought 500 and a t shirt was a great deal. Showed up for church and imediately learned my mistake when the comments you two fags share clothes, what does BSA stand for ? big stupid ass. BSA got sold and never used the t shirt again.

  3. Paladin Says:


    Back in the day, Sonny Routt ran a successful Maryland business making accessory big bore kits for Triumphs when he wasn’t building record-setting twin engined drag bikes.

    Long May You Ride,


  4. sherides Says:

    My condolences on the loss of your Mom.

    Happy gal on her 99 XL1200C….

  5. swampy Says:

    Never owned a sporty. I had to start on a ’61 Triumph pre-unit that ran like a scalded ass ape until I seized the lower end. Went to a ’69 Bonneville and chopped it with a bolt on hard tail. A Joe Hunt magneto and a rewire got ride of the dual points and that fucking positive ground system. A pair of mikunis replaced the leaking amals; I look back as if that might have been a mistake now. The old trade school machine shop instructor let me drill and tap the rocker boxes, during class, from Whitworth to American. Had to wait until I turned 18 to get an oilfield job so I could afford the ’68 shovel. Hot damn! The Guy wanted $1995.00 for her and she was mostly stock. I was so glad to get her that I gave him two flat and bought him a six-pack too. When I could only afford the Triumphs there was a parts place out of Missouri that delivered C.O.D. Damn if I can remember the name. M.A.P. Cycles was located in St. pete, FL. and sold 750 kits for the 650s. Although, I could never afford anything from them.

  6. The Kraut Says:

    I got a ’77 XLH in late ’78, stock and chromed up…a zoomie at Charleston AFB had it.

    Old style frame w/drum rear brakes…fucker would numb my ass and right hand inside 20 miles. Kept it up and running on a near nothing budget…truly a mud-check that lasted 7 years.

    Broke often and not when convemient…XL-H (h for ‘hope[i make it back]’

    @ BC; Respects for your mom

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  7. Nick Mead Says:

    Hey Lipps

    Thanks for your observations — not one word I have said about Christie is a lie.

    Elsewhere on the internet he has said some stupid and ridiculous/slanderous things about me — I’ve taken advice re Slander and one of the main things to prove is that it has effected my reputation to the extent that it has effected my work. Fact is it hasn’t — I’m busier than I’ve ever been and no one believes or cares about a word he says. So I guess that says more about him than it does me.

    But if you really would like to see George run then say these magic words — Polygraph George?

    BTW – My first bike was a Triumph Trophy 250! and I had a Sportster in London So don’t know what that makes me but they made me extremely happy and surely that’s what it’s about.

    Remember – “polygraph George?”

  8. DocB Says:

    @ Paladin

    “As a result, most street bikes ridden were British (Triumph, BSA, Norton, Matchless, etc.)”.

    That’s the way it was in this part of the country too. Started on a Triumph 650 in the late 60’s moved up to a Pan in the early 70,s. Bought that pan from a local motorcycle shop for $600. Pretty much all factory. One reason you could own a pan was that there were so many used parts around. Bought a used Sportster in the late 70,s but never got comfortable on the shortster. Fast bike, but I always felt like a circus bear on it.


  9. Sieg Says:

    XLCH = XL Cick Hard.

    Never had the bug, myself, but have had plenty of Brothers who did. As Paladin said earlier, yeah, that was the asphalt-burner of the day.

    At one time in the early eighties, I got my ol a 750 Bonneville Twin. Pretty unusual piece, most 750’s were triples. I was told they only made abojt 4-500 of the Twins as a special project, then dropped the idea. It had belonged to one of my Brothers, and he did everything he could to make it sound like a Harley. When he realized it just never would, he sold it to me for, if I remember, $500. Probably had that much invested in speed-work on the thing, I mean, it flat-out screamed. Ended-up selling it for $1500…I should have sold my ol and kept the Trumpet-fucking things are worth their weight in gold now.

    Did get a 900 CC Ironhead in the mid-nineties, but that was strictly for the kids to play with. Think I rode it once-guess I’m just an FLH kinda guy.


  10. bcnasty Says:

    @Big Ang Diamondback,
    when your raised by a patch and you act up you get corrected. I try to never be corrected anymore. Thank you for the kind words.

    running 11.5 to 1 in the 79. And yes she will let you know she breathes fire.


  11. Lipps Says:

    owned a 72 Sporty and every time I rode the damn thing it seemed to break. Found out later that was a real bastard year, first for 1000cc and just a giant overbored 900. But it was the nastiest thing I ever rode, so came the comment of “Angry Sportster Riders.” Found the knuckle and found nirvana. Great highway bike but a little tricky to get used to the jockey shift in traffic first week or so. I now ride as my day to day bike one that the Oakland Enthusiast rides. Very smooth lost of power and can go hours on the road. The knuckle is now for short jaunts only, the old back is just too bad for the rigid.

  12. Lipps Says:


    No that is not my first name, the guy you are thinking of was from WWII

  13. Paladin Says:


    In my day, I’ve owned a couple of Sportsters. I’m reminded of them when the weather turns cold and my right knee begins to ache.

    And as always, long may you ride,


  14. Big Ang Diamondback Says:

    @bcnasty – continued condolences to you sir.
    For the many years I’ve been lurking and couple of years I’ve been posting you’ve always been a straight up and courteous member.

    Respect and rest easy tonight.

    -Big Ang NY

  15. bcnasty Says:

    @Paladin, the first patch I ever got the honor to meet other than dad and his crew was in 1971. I was 11/12 years old riding power lines on a Suzuki TC 120 and when crossing the road this guy was stopped smoking one and said kid let me ride that thing. Being a smart ass I told him let me ride yours. It was an older 900 cc Sporty chocolate brown with gold flake and 14 carrot gold in the club emblem. He tossed me his key and took off on my bike so I rode his. Never forgot that feeling. Got my license and guys in the club built me a triumph chop but soon traded it for a Sporty and for the longest while in mid to late 70″s wasted my youth on a 74 14 over rigid and a 76 go fast sporty. I remember little due to a liking of mescaline and THC back then but my love of Sportster’s never left. Still got a 1979 rigid in my stable but my old ass can not ride that girl more than 50 miles as either she or I will break down.

    Russell, hopeful to head your way and see you soon my friend.

  16. Base Says:

    Special Agent Lipps,

    If it walks like a duck. Quacks like a duck. There is a good chance your looking at a ????

    Here is the thing, Agents,Bull Shitters, Braggart’s, Trolls, miss-guided teens and or the easily offended who need a safe place to hug it out do not do well here.

    On one hand, that is an issue because it drives traffic away, by no means would anyone of us wish that.

    On the other hand, it does keep the dumb assery to a minimum.

    “BUT” when a duck walks in and starts quacking about I am this! I have done that! Let me tell you! I know a guy! dropping names and his balls on the bar. Such action and afore mentioned people falls in the larger category of “ASS HOLE”

    A simple fact that ass holes either do not see, ignore or understand.

    “Act like an ass hole, get treated like an ass hole!

    And now I only have one more question ((pause)) is your first name Loose?

  17. russell1946 Says:

    Johnny Rotten, I still carry the card you gave me in beer city, and hope to hook up with you again, someday.

    bcnasty, always great to hear from you… continuing condolences to you.

    Lipps, I was born in 1946… turning 70 next month. Riding an ’06 FXST.

    from the fringe,

  18. Paladin Says:

    For those that could afford them, Sportsters were a status symbol in the ’60s. It was the only American made “sport bike” at the time and was 133 CCs bigger in engine displacement than its nearest competitor, being Norton / Matchless.

    Back in the 60s, British bikes dominated the American racing scene. As a result, most street bikes ridden were British (Triumph, BSA, Norton, Matchless, etc.). At the time, Harley was starting to become a force to be reckoned with on the Flat Track circuit with their KHK racing version of their K model Sportster. The axiom: Win on Sunday, sell on Monday was as true for Harley Davidson as it was for the British makers.

    As much as we wanted them, none of us kids could afford a shiny new British bike. A Harley Sportster was what dreams were made of. However, retired police bikes could be had on the cheap, as could military surplus bikes. So, those of us that really wanted to ride, got jobs after school, worked on the weekends, and with varying degrees of success, we were also able to pester older bikers and some shop owner into helping us out. They did so just to get rid of us.

    The point of all of this is that when I was growing up, Sportsters were considered to be powerful, high performance motorcycles. A fairly well known motorcycle enthusiast, living in Oakland, CA seemed to think so too, because he owned and rode one. I know of several motorcyclists that own and ride Sportsters. They seem happy.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  19. bcnasty Says:

    Many thanks for the kind words. To those that know me yes, loose your mom and dad 21 days apart fucks with a mans mind a bit. Went back to a dark place and then climbed back out . Shit happens and we can quit or move on. I was always a puke and rally type. Again thanks to all for the kinds words and yes I miss daily conversations on that site.

    @Cap,n Bill, that’s because some of us are old enough to remember when only rich people rode bigger bikes. Most I seen back then had sporties. Shit got a 43 year old Sportster tatto on my shoulder still. So faded it almost looks pink . Great seeing you up and around. Respects

  20. Cap'n Bill Says:

    @ BC NASTY
    You have my deepest condolences. I remember that you’ve been dealing with a lot the last few. Much Respect.

    I’ve often wondered what happened to the other site…

    The ‘angry Sportster rider’ reference made me chuckle. I don’t think I was angry back then, just GROUCHY…much like these days…


  21. Lipps Says:


    Point taken, point understood. Get it, got it, good. I had my suspicions after all the attacks, and the “Agent” part really hit a nerve. Will definitely keep it lean.

    By the way, totally Boss class act to roll to HS on a damn knuckle. All I had then was a Norton.

  22. Paladin Says:

    Lipps Says:
    September 13, 2016 at 2:18 pm

    “I just don’t understand all the attacks and attacks on who I have known over the years. It seems that all others on this site can post as they wish about who they know/knew, who they rode with and associate with and it all seems okay.”

    I believe if you do a little research you find that those of us that have truly been around, do not mention clubs or drop names in an effort to gain status or credibility, in public or in private. Many of the regulars that lounge in Rebels house are patched. It is an unspoken courtesy that when posting here, we post as individuals and that our opinions are ours and ours alone.

    Rebel publishes the news as it relates to bikers, MCs, OMCs and the biker subculture in general. Many of those stories revolve around the misfortunes of MCs and their members at the hands of law enforcement. It is offensive to reference the misfortunes of one MC when one is trying to make a point, which is what you did in either your first or second post. It shows disrespect toward the club you mentioned. BTW; if you’re going to continue to post on Rebel’s page, I personally would appreciate it if you wouldn’t post anything about someone that you wouldn’t say to their face. I seriously doubt that you would say to my face what you’ve posted on this thread.

    BTW; I’ve been on two wheels since ’65, that’s over fifty years. The bike I built and rode to High School was a ’47 stroked (FL lower / EL upper) knucklehead. There are those that post on this site that have seen the dated photos of me and that bike. So please, save your chest beating bullshit about Knucklehead riders. I was building, riding and racing Knuckleheads back in the days when Knuckleheads were still plentiful.


  23. FF Says:

    Who sprayed diarrhea all over the seat? FISH LIPS WAS THAT YOU!

  24. Lipps Says:


    Condolences on the loss of your mom as well. Lost mine 5 years ago and it still hurts. You never really get over it, you just learn to live past it. Always remember the good times with her, that helps you through it.

  25. Lipps Says:

    Russell 1946,

    Good on you man for owning and riding a knuckle (1946?). Outlaw Fringe; explained as, not a full patch 1%er but close association. Thanks for the comment.

  26. Lipps Says:

    Dog Breath,

    STFU, come on man, I’m well over 60, heard that one long time ago, maybe even before you quite possibly?

  27. Lipps Says:

    Johnny R,

    That’s a doozey of a mug man, be more than glad to fill it a time or two should we ever meet on the trail. Does it take two hands to lift it when its full :)?

  28. Johnny Rotten Says:

    good call lipps….
    the regulars here are a tight group
    hell, ill let anyone buy me a beer…
    even got my own mug jus to save time…


    no thats not photochopped…
    its that big

    as to you b.c.

    missin you an the rest of the fuckers on the news site


  29. Lipps Says:

    Big Ang Diamondback,

    Thanks for the neutral view, much appreciated. I don’t know anybody on this site, never researched anybody’s background so I have no idea who’s who, but I seem to have offended the entire group by making a post. As I stated before, I simply made an observation comment. Never meant to disrespect anybody or any organization. As I said, totally baffled why I was instantly attacked for doing what I just thought everybody else was doing, just making a comment. I don’t know why people keep saying I disrespected Rebel, never even made a comment to him or about him, he commented on my piece. As for Mr. Paladin, I see from the comments above that he is an outstanding individual with much credential in the biker network, that is a great thing. I’m a long time rider and been around the block a couple times, I just don’t understand all the attacks and attacks on who I have known over the years. It seems that all others on this site can post as they wish about who they know/knew, who they rode with and associate with and it all seems okay. A new viewer to the site does the same and all of a sudden I am classed as a phoney, a liar, and other choice expletives where others seem immune to it with their posts…just sayin. Mr. Paladin being the class rider that all have said, I would love to have a beer with him at his favorite watering whole and talk scoots and rides and the old days. I have no animosity at all towards him or Rebel or any other member here. So to all, if I have offended any or all for whatever reason I apologize. So hopefully this will clear a few things up….not sure but at least worth a try. By the way, the Cannon Ball Run is the Bees Knees!

  30. Paladin Says:


    Condolences on the loss of your mom. May your mom rest in peace.

    Long May You Ride,


  31. bcnasty Says:

    Lunatic Fringe is my guess russel1946 but hell we all been there once or twice. I come on here so little and got to laugh sometimes. How do we find these folks ? Seems like they come in, pretend they know the life, drop names, apologize then get keyboard commando at the end. Anyways, thanks for the laughs. My sincere respects for the real as this made my day on the birthday of my now 10 month dead mom I needed entertainment.

  32. Paladin Says:


    I had no clue I had such wisdom and class, hangin’ out my ass.

    Long May You Ride,


  33. Big Ang Diamondback Says:

    Not trying to disrespect you here. But everything you had wrote beginning with your first intro paragraph looks like complete fiction and a story, it just looks like you read some info on Wikipedia and created a AR profile. Can’t you see why the longtime members here my suspect you of bullshit? If I’m wrong, my apologies. But as far as disrespecting the veteran posters and rebel, himself. Shady as fuck

  34. panamaa Says:


    Paladin’s as square up as they come, he’s got more knowledge, class and wisdom in his asshole then you got in your whole fucking body…

    Fuck you you moron…

  35. russell1946 Says:

    “Outlaw Fringe”?

    not sure I know what that means.

  36. Retired 1% Says:

    O yea, good ole Budweiser. How about that Vince 1% he was another mouth that was eventually outed by real people on here too. Just a matter of time….

    On another topic ( maybe this belongs in the saloon) Anybody watch the Harley show on Discovery channel? Enjoyed it. Following the Cannon ball run now online.

  37. dogbreath Says:

    @Lipps – here’s a saying that goes back to before your time and still holds true even today – STFU.

    Before posting up your bullshit stories, you should have taken a look around the site, read some background articles and done a little thinking.

    I’ve owned a Knucklehead too. And a few Ironhead Sportys. So what? Your comments suggest a mentality of around 13 years of age, regardless of your actual physical age.

    Hopefully we will meet somewhere on the road, and will stop for a beer in Paladin’s favorite watering hole. I don’t know either of you personally, but I do know who I’m putting my money on – and it sure ain’t you.

  38. Paladin Says:


    Unlike you, there are those that post on this site that have met and actually know me. Those individuals and others also know what I’m about. Obviously, you haven’t a clue as to whom you’re talking to.


  39. NCRider Says:

    Mouth – Paladin certainly does not need my input and can speak for himself, but you have most likely just worn out your welcome completely. First you piss off the owner of this site and now you have insulted a very well respected long time poster that contributes a hell of a lot more to this site than you ever could. Like Rebel said, you are an idiot. You just proved it.


  40. FF Says:

    Coca cola cowboy?

    I say, old boy, you cut me to the quick!

  41. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    @LIPPS – Oh so we’re talking about the Pagan’s – wild guess. As for Paladin – well, I cannot even think of a metaphor, analogy or allegory that can remotely describe how completely far off you are of your profiling of Paladin.

  42. Lipps Says:

    Hey Paladin,

    Do you even own a bike? Bet its a Sportster?! Sportster owners are always angry people. We the few the proud the Knuckle Riders call you clowns Coca Cola Cowboys.

    So who died and left you appointed sheriff for Mr. Mead? You seem to very overly protective of him and most likely have never even met him? Have you ever even had a one on one sit down with him? Look at my posts, look past your anger (for whatever reason) and you will see that all I did was make a simple comment about two sides to a story. I neither support Mead or GC, don’t know either couldn’t give a toss about either of them. I was told that this site was run by a cool dude and had some good info on it, that’s the only reason I checked in. But I guess Mr. Mead is your favorite uncle so you feel the need to protect him.

    By the way puss nuts, I did not disrespect another club in a previous post, just stated a fact that was in every PA news paper after a big bust years ago, so get off your high horse. Shit, I bet you weren’t even off your Momma’s tit when Paladin was on the air, hell maybe not even out of the womb. So hate me all you want, for you know not why you hate, hate is your way of life. as for being a poser, I pose for know one, I live by Indian Larry’s credo; “Lone Wolf No Club.” so until you get your facts straight on any level, ZIP IT CRIP!

  43. Paladin Says:


    You’ve been running your mouth about everything else. Now, all of a sudden you don’t consider it “good policy” to name names? Yet, you have absolutely no problem about naming and disrespecting a club in you initial post and now, you’re braying about a 1%er club in VA, back in the ’70s that you had a close relationship with? You sound like another bullshit artist that posted here, named Budweiser.

    You are nothing more than just another paper poser that shows up on this site from time to time.

    Fuck off!


  44. Lipps Says:


    I hear you loud and clear and understand yours and others comments on my previous post. was never trying to bust anyone’s balls and not taking any sides in this matter, and I am sure and have found various inconsistencies in GC stories. Was never trying to even remotely insinuate that Mr. Mead was doing anything wrong in his context of words. Just trying to make a point that all people have their own truth and see things different/multiple ways. Neither man has wronged me, so I have nothing to say on that matter. For those that GC has wronged, you have my full support and respect to write and say what you wish. I was in no way trying to stick up for GC, I think that is the message that got lost, just saying when you have a feud like this between two folks each will go to their respective corners and call the shots that they see. I know nothing of either individual, only what I have read here and heard some comments out on the street. Not trying to trash the 1%er code either, I found through bitter experience with several of my riding buddies, that when some of their “Bros” were facing 20 to 60yrs under RICO, they had a second look at “Brotherhood” and opted to let loose some info about particular individuals that sent them up for over 8yrs a piece, while they received reduced sentences, i.e. probation and a slap on the wrist. All I was stating was that now days this type of activity seems more common place than it did back in the 60’s & 70’s era I am from, not that we didn’t have stoolies then too.

    As for your question about how far out on the fringe I was, I believe it not to be good policy to name names, but suffice it to say that I had very close relationships with a 1%er club in VA back in the 70’s. All were top notch and had real class, and when they went down, they went down quiet and did their time, not like GC. They truly lived and died by the outlaw code and I am proud to have been affiliated with the ones that I knew. As you stated above, I still no many men of honor and that honor the code, but alas, there are those that do not and we have found that GC is one of them, was never trying to say he was in the right by any stretch.

    As for riding safe “is for pussies,” I found out a few years back that I don’t get off the pavement like I did in my 20’s, so I have slowed the roll just a bit.

  45. Base Says:

    Captain Obvious takes the night off, in walks Captain Oblivious?

    “3 sides to a story? 1% code is dead because of the mob? 40 years of riding on the fringe? Stupid “yuppie” bystander? No special Agent?”

    Any intentional deviation from the truth is a lie. 2 sides, Truth/Lie. Matters little how many versions of the lie there is. Truth is singular.

    Even at face value Mead has less reason or motivation to lie than Christie. Meade pulled the plug after spending a good junk of his on cash. Christie spent zilch, and is attempting to sue to relieve others of theirs .

    Do you see the turd in the punch bowl?

    Evidence: readily available even on a short search,Christie has been caught red handed lying. Hell, his short prison stay alone screams “HE’S A RAT!”

    Living by a code:
    There are still solid men who honor their word. Know & associate with such folk. Take the Author of this page, some of the commentators also, these people are cut from that cloth!

    Stepping back,,, it’s just that, a person who gives due respect, not on a Verizon phone & has ridden the Outlaw Fringe over 40 years, partying with Outlaw clubs not a stupid “yuppie” bystander or not trying or intending to trash anyone I find very special, Agent.

    Riding safe is for pussies.

    Just saying.

    How far out on the fringe did you live?
    Just asking.

  46. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    @ rebel, @ Paladin

    Thank you

  47. Paladin Says:


    Anyone with the background you allege to have would have never made the initial post you made, nor would they be as ignorant of the the law as your posts show you to be.

    I won’t speak for others, but for me, please stop, just stop…just sayin’.



    Given all of the recorded audio of George conversing with the cops, does anyone in their right mind believe that he would be silent when it came to making a deal that got him ten months when facing 110 years in Federal Court with only his transcripts sealed and everyone else’s not sealed? He sang prettier than a canary!

  49. Lipps Says:


    With all due respect, I am damn sure no special Agent on a Verizon phone. Been riding on the Outlaw Fringe for over 40 plus years. Knew many of and partied with many of the Outlaw clubs over the years. So not a stupid “yuppie” bystander making comments on a blog. Not trying or intending to trash Mr. Mead either. Just saying in all stories there are multiple sides and somewhere in between lies the truth. We may never know it all from either side….just sayin.

    Ride Safe

  50. Rebel Says:

    Dear Lipps,

    You are full of shit. Truth isn’t just another weasel word. It is an actual thing like fire, ice and algebra. And Nick Mead knows George Christie a lot better than you do.

    Probably, although you are commenting from a Verizon phone in Alexandria, Virginia. You have a nice day now, special agent.


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