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August 4, 2016

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Got Sonar

The multiple, parallel cases and investigations associated with the now nearly forgotten Twin Peaks biker brawl on May 17, 2015 are all underway in caves deep below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico.

The “Battle of Twin Peaks,” as its self-dramatizing chief prosecutor likes to call it, has so far resulted in: Fifteen federal civil rights lawsuits for false arrest; the indictment of 154 people who are mostly, provably, obviously innocent; ongoing criminal investigations against 38 people who were arrested following the brawl but whom the district attorney has not yet had time to indict; five lawsuits that argue that the confrontation was the fault of the Waco Twin Peaks franchise; two motions in state court that seek to bar Abelino Reyna, the McLennan County District attorney, from prosecuting any of the cases; a federal racketeering case against four members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, including three Bandidos national officers, that accuses the club as a whole of being comprised of homicidal drug dealers who were at war with the Cossacks; an unannounced, post-brawl, DEA investigation into Cossack Nomad Owen Reeves and the Bandidos and their connections to the methamphetamine business in Texas; and an unannounced, pre-brawl, ATF investigation into methamphetamine sales by members of the Cossacks and The Aryan Circle in central Texas.

The complexity of this legal Atlantis, deep beneath the waves of public awareness, discourages any consideration of what our government might have done. The Twin Peaks just can’t compete for public attention with whatever might next come out of Donald Trump’s mouth. And only crackpots believe in Atlantis anyway.


But the question of what our government might have done is still one of the most important stories in America even in a presidential election year. The Battle of Twin Peaks and its aftermath raise a thousand important questions that should be obvious to anybody in the business of asking questions. Like: What were the police doing there; why didn’t they stop the violence before it could occur; what did they think they would capture on video; why were so many innocent witnesses arrested; why were they all treated so unjustly; why did officials so blatantly lie to the press; why didn’t the press notice; what part did the Obama Administration’s Department of Justice play in this event; and is what has been going on in Waco for the last 15 months an aberration or is this what the word “justice” now means? Is it possible that the Battle Of Twin Peaks means something more than a “real life episode of Sons of Anarchy?”

The answers are down there. Somewhere in those secret caves guarded by reefs of razor coral.The Twin Peaks Ambush

Tha Newz

Sometimes the deepest fathoms of the wine dark sea release clues as mysterious as the flatulence of mermaids.

What briefly bubbled to the surface the other day was “tha newz” that a former McLennan County Jail Deputy named Jennifer Guftason Howell, in the widely distributed shame photograph above, has been indicted for “misuse of official information.”

In addition to being a jail guard, Howell was the girlfriend of one of the men arrested after the brawl. The arrest gave police the opportunity to rummage through the portions of his personal life he had memorialized on his cellphone. That’s how police discovered his intimate relation with Howell. Police also discovered that he had asked Howell to run a license plate number for him. She did and sent the name and address associated with the plate number to her boyfriend.

Parnell McNamara, the drugstore cowboy who is McLennan County Sheriff announced he was “shocked and stunned” to learn that Howell had run a license plate number when he learned of her outrage last April. Howell was fired.

Reyna issued a press release in which he vowed to “continue to work with Sheriff McNamara to uncover the full extent of this relationship and the impact it may have had on any investigation and any resulting criminal conduct…. This investigation will continue and justice will be done.”

If she is found guilty, Howell faces a minimum term of two years in prison.

Another obvious question might be, where is the justice in that?


34 Responses to “Got Sonar”

  1. david Says:

    The face of Monkey-Boy Reyna at clearly shows he realizes how badly he fucked up.

  2. rollinnorth Says:

    A common whine from rats is, “the DA made me do it.” Now that’s the cops line.


  3. XYZ Says:

    Tommy Witherspoon ‏@TSpoonFeed 11m11 minutes ago

    Chavez said ADA Mark Parker wrote the affidavit and he is unsure where Parker got the information in the document.

    Tommy Witherspoon ‏@TSpoonFeed 33s34 seconds ago

    A DPS gang intelligence officer provided the erroneous detail that Cossacks were on a list of Criminal street gangs, Reyna said.

    Tommy Witherspoon ‏@TSpoonFeed 6m6 minutes ago

    Reyna cautioned Detective Chavez to read every word in draft arrest affidavit and make sure he could swear to every detail in the document.

  4. Meh Says:

    Phuquehed wrote:
    “And yeah, I’m lit like a motherfucker now, but I’m damned tired of feading your whiny bullshit all the fucking time, sitting on a fence and trying to tell others what side of the same damned fucking fence *they* should be sitting on and what they should be doing about it!”

    What precisely is “whiny” about accurate COMSEC advice when not heeding it is a gift to opponents? COMSEC doesn’t HAVE a side. It works if ya do it, if ya don’t then ya lose, even someone like Hillary Clinton who failed to secure their server. COMSEC requires specific practices just like building an engine. If people didn’t continually fuck up I’d have no fuckups to critique. If COMSEC angers you, don’t do it. Not my problem.

    Show me where I tell anyone what SIDE of the fence to sit on? All minds are made up on that score so it’s barely worth mentioning. Anyone here except bacontroll provocateurs has been on one side for most of their lives.

    If you’d like to contest any statements of fact have the fuck at it. If you want emotional affirmation buy a dog.

    The people watching you and me and everyone here could care less if I rant against them. I’ll demonstrate: “I hereby stand against all government invasions of personal privacy, and vote accordingly in a system rigged to ensure there’s almost never someone to vote for.” I’m in Jim Clyburns custom gerrymandered District 6 where there has never been someone to vote for or a public capable of giving a shit. That electorate WANT you and I and everyone here surveilled!

    I call situations like I see them. Surveillance isn’t going away. Americans won’t make it go away because they want Uncle Sugar to spy on everyone they don’t like. Bikers are firmly on the outsider list of most of the American public. Business won’t make it go away because our data are worth billions of dollars. What is collected may be used or subpoenaed. Welcome to the permanent panopticon with too many watchers to take out.

    You can’t stop government, business and perhaps the odd cracker harvesting your metadata but you can affect what they harvest by manipulation. “No” is not an option. “Less” and “different” are options. I don’t make the options but I can clarify some choices.

    Your choices are your business.

    Facts don’t have emotions:
    Woman X served the beast in a position with access to information. She could have continued to operate with proper COMSEC. That didn’t happen because she and her guy make tech-illiterate adult choices. Rebel (and the news story he got the info from) mention what happened but not in a comms context. That context is secondary to the article but not secondary to the bust.

    If they save just one person from being exploited my posts were worth it even if they piss you off.

  5. Griz's Gal Says:

    Thank you, XYZ. Good stuff, right? Price sounds like an honest guy. Chavez sounds like a dope. Can’t wait for what after lunch brings.

    Got this from another reporter:
    Waco Police Det. Manuel Chavez admitted under questioning he had no personal knowledge of the allegations he made in 177 identical arrest warrants on May 17. He relied solely on what Asst. DA Mark Parker and “fellow officers” told him. Chavez agreed it is an “unusual” situation. Who would he blame if the DA is wrong? “I signed the affidavit.”

    Sure would like to get my hands on the transcripts.


  6. ak rack Says:

    Thank you XYZ. It would suit me just fine if Reyna got run out of court on a rail, so I’m interested enough in this hearing to follow it tweet by Witherspoon tweet. Except I don’t tweet or Facebook, so I appreciate the link.

  7. XYZ Says:

    Manuel Chavez –

    He did not verify if Cossacks were on DPS database of criminal street gangs before he swore in affidavit that it was true.

    0 retweets 0 likes
    Tommy Witherspoon ‏@TSpoonFeed 3m3 minutes ago

    Chavez said he doesn’t know if it is true that bikers fired at Waco officers, as the affidavit alleges. He is unsure where that came from.

  8. XYZ Says:

    Tommy Witherspoon ‏@TSpoonFeed 56s56 seconds ago

    The affidavit was prepared by members of the DA’s office, not by Detective Manuel Chavez, who swore out the warrants before a magistrate.

  9. XYZ Says:


    Tommy Witherspoon ‏@TSpoonFeed 36s36 seconds ago

    Price said he was given false information from the DA’s office that Cossacks were on the DPS list of criminal street gangs.

  10. Phuquehed Says:

    *Agine = Aging (sorry Rebel!)

  11. Phuquehed Says:

    @meh – Grow a fucking pair already motherfucker! We’ve been reading your diatribe whiny shit saying what *NOT* to do/say/read/print/ad nausea, but you never step up and tell the fedtards *PUBLICLY*(sp?), right here on a site you know damn well the fedtards and every other fucktard pig on the planet is watching and reading, to fuck off and die – preferably under the tires of a runaway garbage truck after the dumbshits stepped off a curb into its path!

    You keep whining and whining but say nothing to condemn the useless air-wasting shits – the pigs and fedtards – to quit doing what they do – which is not a damn thing right so far in the past 40 years!!

    Quit your fucking over-globulating shit of exactly what Agine Rebel has already written and take a fucking stand you gahdamned coward fuck!

    And yeah, I’m lit like a motherfucker now, but I’m damned tired of rfeading your whiny bullshit all the fucking time, sitting on a fence and trying to tell others what side of the same damned fucking fence *they* should be sitting on and what they should be doing about it!


  12. Austin Says:

    “… and willfully ignored the total absence of facts to support their ‘theory.’ ”
    Sounds just like the Blue Gang.

  13. Meh Says:

    Yes, kids, phone numbers are metadata too so if anyone playing matchup might fuck up your world, don’t use the damn phone. Or internet. Or carrier pigeon.

    Legal or not, using electronic comms for anything you don’t want broadcast is monstrously fucking stupid.

    Should you be tempted to use electronic comms for anything even remotely legally questionable, pay a good friend to bury a boot in yer taint until that desire fades. Your taint and judgment should eventually heal.

    BTW keep info off Fecesbook and other social media too. Innocent data can be used along with other innocent data to assemble a legit or bogus picture not to your advantage.

    Omerta doesn’t work if you are sloppy.

  14. NCRider Says:

    Griz’s Gal – Let me thank you also. Finally something good! Almost encouraging. Reyna thinks he is untouchable, and I so very much want to see that piece of shit get what he deserves.



  15. XYZ Says:

    The AP story has morphed to include the falsehoods that there is only one Federal civil rights suit, and that all the bikers have been indicted.

    “Sparks is overseeing a civil lawsuit that several indicted bikers filed against McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna, the Waco police chief and others law enforcement officials.”

    The truth is there are currently 15 who have filed civil rights suits, and several of those HAVE NOT been indicted (nor will they ever be).

  16. Griz's Gal Says:

    @ak rack, I know just what you mean! I despise that little man with all that I am. I have been waiting every day for the news to say something – anything that is in favor of our boys, that when I saw it, I was afraid it was a bad joke. Judge Sparks has a rep for slapping down anyone who he feels is wasting his good time, so I’ve been kinda worried.


  17. Griz's Gal Says:

    Thanks, XYZ. They were a little begrudging, weren’t they? But, any attention, as long as it isn’t bad, I guess, will help.

    Bone Head, I think that judge you were talking about was probably David Ezra. He came to S.A. from Hawaii. Is that right? If so, I don’t think I’ve heard anything about him recently.


  18. XYZ Says:

    AP has picked up the story

  19. Griz's Gal Says:

    I didn’t want to say it. I was afraid I’d jinx it; but, yes, XYZ. I think you’ve got it right. I’ve read that article five times today, and I get just a little more excited every time.

    I sincerely hope that this encourages more of the bikers to file their civil cases, now.


  20. XYZ Says:

    Somebody correct me if I am wrong, but the way I read US District Court Judge Sam Spark’s comments, he not only smells a rat, and is upbraiding Reyna, (and the entire prosecution effort in Waco), he is also telegraphing to Reyna’s former law partner, State District Judge, Matt Johnson, that Reyna has got to go.

    As a matter of fact, Judge Sparks’ questioning even seems to assume Reyna is gone…

    “”Later, the judge asked the lawyers, “Now, is it the theory that the special prosecutor will take over entirely the prosecution?” “”

  21. ak rack Says:

    Thank you for the link, Griz’s Gal — I’ve been so looking forward to Reyna getting called on his bs — that Trib story really made me smile.

  22. XYZ Says:

    Thank you for posting this Griz’s Gal!

  23. Griz's Gal Says:

    Yeah, Sparks does those ‘Benchslaps’. He’s so well known for ’em, that the court has a little blurb in their newsletter about the ‘Benchslap of the Week’. Some of them are outrageously stupid. So anyway, yeah…that’s who he is.


  24. Griz's Gal Says:

    Bone Head, I believe we did talk about him. He has a reputation for taking no shit. I was worried about him being there, but maybe it won’t be so bad after all…It would be entertaining to see him ‘go off’ on Reyna like he has on others before.


  25. Bone Head Says:

    To Griz’s Gal…would that be the same federal judge transferred to Waco that I recall was posted about earlier, possibly in a different thread here? If I’m completely off base, forget it. I then plead old age.

  26. Griz's Gal Says:

    Hey, Rebel…
    Take a gander at this:


  27. Brad Milch Says:

    A tremendous amount of people globally were taken by surprise by this sordid affair & subsequently played for chumps. If there is one thing universally that stings bitterly, painfully & is never forgotten or forgiven is when one or more people play one or more other people for chumps.

    My hat off & a salute to Rebel for keeping us informed of the game play.

  28. Brad Milch Says:

    And to think I stocked up on popcorn expecting to see some serious TV trial coverage before I grow so old my pipe falls off (sigh)….

  29. david Says:

    How about the ongoing federal and state government agent’s “criminal misuse of government” to traffic in the international drug trade for profit?

    The FBI(Fuckin Big Idiots), the DEA, the BATF, NSA, and other alphabet criminals have engaged in the criminal drug trade for decades. The BS State of Texas agents are also complicit in the crime. Interstate 35 ,including the Mason Temple central known as Waco, is a major state and federal government drug traffic corridor.

  30. Ds Says:

    Nice tag to Homer in this epic saga. Thanks for the writing.

  31. Potmetal Says:

    So the newest strategy is to squeeze the chick to see if anything fruitful might present itself, thereby somehow vindicating Reyna and this ridiculous shit show? Sad. This crackpot really is just slinging shit against the wall, praying that something will stick. The new episodes of sons of anarchy are writing themselves.

    Poor, poor people of Waco. You’ve went noseblind and can’t smell the pile of shit that is your LE and elected leadership. For that offense you will pay dearly in future quality of life.

    My only surprise is that the chick is being so publicly screwed. I get that cops will turn on their own mothers if saved their own asses, but they are generally a little quieter about their indiscretions. Their thumping their chests on this crap. EVERY cop uses their access to shit for their own means. Shit if I had access to DOT or whatever sytem they look shit up in, I’d find a reason. I imagine everybody at one point or another would have a reason to want to look up a tag number. I’d imagine cops do it all the time.

    So why the high fiving and fanfare over busting a fellow cop doing something that is pretty common perk of the job? Is it because she getting boned by a PH? Seems bizarre to me. But then again it Waco, so…

  32. xplor Says:

    You missed the headline in the WacoTrib that said : Police open fire on a crowded restaurant,9 dead,18 wounded and 177 Arrested. The only video we have seen is of the bikers. Where is the video from the helicopter that shows the position of the police ?

  33. R&R Says:

    Sometimes the deepest fathoms of the wine dark sea release clues as mysterious as the flatulence of mermaids.

    Sometimes Rebel makes me snort beer outta my nose.


  34. IronRider Says:

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Reyna and co. didn’t use the Clinton/Trump fiasco to try and do some things under the wire to take advantage that not many would notice.

    The fact that this case is dragging on and on and yet no further evidence has been produced by the Prosecution to further their contention of what happened at Twin Peaks that day tells a story of a prosecution in disarray.

    While Reyna sites this ongoing investigation excuse and awaits some future technology to save his case (Now that Mrs.Cleo is gone that option is not available to Reyna anymore) the defendants still have bail bond hanging over their heads and their livelihood’s and families still have to deal with the fact of when is the other shoe going to drop which is exactly what Reyna and co. would like is the pressure to get those indicted in hopes they will take a plea deal and Reyna can then proudly say “I got a conviction, how awesome am I”.

    The fact that so many civil suits have been filed and more will be coming not to mention all the wrongful death suits to be filed, the taxpayers of McLennan County and the State of Texas will be paying for the settlements long after we are all gone from this earth, you can bet on it.

    I am still puzzled by the fact that the ACLU and the Texas Criminal Lawyers Association have not stepped forward to say aloud that the fiasco that Reyna and Co. have done by denying people their criminal and constitutional rights is a travesty and they plan on helping get those wrongly indicted and their rights restored by challenging Reyna and Co’s behavior

    It would seem that if you are a member of an MC or just happened to be in the vicinity and your constituional and civil rights dont matter must to either of the aforementioned organisations even though fighting for peoples rights are something they are tasked with respectively.

    So have the ACLU and Texas Criminal Lawyers Association decided that those MC members and non MC members whose rights were violated are not worthy of their attention? Did the ACLU and Texas Criminal Lawyers Association decide that those charged aren’t the right color to get them publicity? Did the ACLU and Texas Criminal Lawyers Association get told challenge the State and Federal Goverment and retribution will be swift thru audits and combing thru every piece of paper you have?

    I would hate to believe that the ACLU and Texas Criminal Lawyers Association are keeping their dogs out of the fight for peoples rights because of a handshake or verbal agreement to purposely stay out of the fight and let Reyna and Co. continue unabated.

    Maybe Rebel will pursue why ACLU and Texas Criminal Lawyers Association are not stepping up to the plate when such egregious violations of peoples constituional and criminal rights are being violated with impunity are taking place by Reyna and Co.

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