Waco DA Hides Head In Sand

June 16, 2016

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Waco DA Hides Head In Sand

McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna and Waco police propagandist and failed Sheriff wannabe Patrick Swanton reacted to yesterday’s decision by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals to lift a year-long gag order in the strange and terrible case of the Waco, Texas Twin Peaks ambush.

Nine men died and another 19 were wounded in a confrontation between members of the Cossacks and Bandidos Motorcycle Clubs on May 17, 2015. Waco police and officers of the Texas Department of Public Safety knew in advance that there would be a confrontation and rather than stopping it decided to video record it. At least four of the dead, and possibly a fifth, were killed by Waco police officers Michael Bucher and Heath Jackson using model XM 15-E2S, 5.56 x 45mm caliber select-fire rifles manufactured by Bushmaster Firearms International. Jackson was described by other officers as laying down “suppressive fire” during the incident. Thirteen months after the incident Bucher and Jackson remain on administrative duty although neither man has been charged with any crime nor have their actions been reviewed by a grand jury.


Reyna was aware that most of the people taken into custody after the incident were innocent of any crime. Texas Rangers had already worked out the logistics of releasing most of them. But about eight hours after the smoke cleared Reyna conceived and implemented a conspiracy to conceal and cover up embarrassing and possibly illegal, official actions that resulted in the carnage. That official conspiracy was intended to control information and misinformation about the Twin Peaks ambush and events that preceded it. One way in which Reyna and other officials controlled the official narrative was by locking up witnesses.

The conspiracy was business as usual in the Waco criminal justice system. ESPN and various news agencies have documented that the Waco Police Department concealed information about crimes committed by members of the Baylor University football team. Swanton, in his role as Public Information Officer for the Waco police was also part of the conspiracy to cover up official misdeeds and mislead the world’s press after the bloody brawl at the Twin Peaks. The gag order enforced against Dallas Attorney Clint Broden, one of the most outspoken defenders in the criminal cases created by the Waco conspiracy, was sought in furtherance of that conspiracy to cover up the facts of the incident.

Reaction Quotes

Yesterday, when the gag order was finally lifted, Reyna issued a written statement that said:

“The Gag Order was requested by the State to help preserve and maintain everyone’s right to a fair trial.  I want to commend the Judge on his effort in doing so by issuing the Gag Order. While we may not agree with the Court of Criminal Appeals, we respect their decision.

“With that said, the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office will continue to make every effort to preserve everyone’s right to fair trial by not commenting any further on this matter. In short, we will leave our talking for the courtroom.”

As a matter of public record, Reyna has stymied numerous efforts by defense attorneys in the case, most notably Houston lawyer Paul Looney, to get their clients to trial where they might finally prove their innocence. In one hearing, Reyna actually had the audacity to claim that none of the defendants could be tried until Waco police had examined the social media tracks of every defendant.

Broden And Swanton

After Reyna issued his statement, Broden issued his own press release which said:

“Strangely, following the vacating of the gag order, McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna issued a statement saying that his office would now leave its ‘talking for the courtroom.’ Nevertheless, Reyna held a press conference only a few days after the tragic Twin Peaks incident declaring all the motorcyclists guilty in a transparent effort to taint the McLennan County jury pool and he then later held another press conference, when the gag order was still in effect, announcing the first round of indictments in the case.

“The Waco Police Department and the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office engaged in a concerted effort to control the narrative, scare the public and taint the jury pool immediately following the Twin Peaks tragedy during numerous press conferences held before local, state, national and international media. It was only after t he media and public began to realize that a large majority of the motorcyclists were innocent of any criminal wrongdoing and the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office realized it could not longer control the narrative that Reyna sought the ill fated gag order that has now been lifted.”

Swanton replied to Broden by telling Dane Schiller of the Houston Chronicle: “We don’t comment on the rhetoric defense attorneys use trying to protect their clients who have been arrested for criminal offenses.”

The Twin Peaks Ambush


11 Responses to “Waco DA Hides Head In Sand”

  1. RVN69 Says:

    Wasn’t sure where to place this comment but here seemed good enough. Last night Fox News reported no one was killed in the Orlando night club until the SWAT team entered. If true I wonder if we will ever know how many of the 49 deaths were from police bullets? They must have heard of the Waco coverup and will probably use the same delaying tactics on the ballistic reports. Plus the shooter and the cops both used 5.56mm, that gives them the excuse that they can’t tell who shot who, but my guess would be that the cops killed more people than the terrorist. Huh, that’s a synonem cops are terrorist.

    Lex Talionis

  2. T Hell Says:

    The similarities between Orlando and Twin Peaks exist only in your mind, the Orlando shooter earned and deserved a bullet to the head through his deliberate actions, most of those at Twin Peaks earned and deserved a cold beer and a burger. The queer shooter did not break the law until he pulled the trigger, buying ammo and body armor is not a crime in and of itself. Don’t confuse the issue with this comparative bullshit….

  3. popeye Says:

    Watching the news coverage of the pulse nightclub mass shooting in orlando and some similarities to waco are unfolding. It looks like the FBI knew about this shooter and was warned he was trying to but body armor and a large amount of ammo but did nothing. Once again the feds chose not to save lives but instead wait to make arrests and increase their budget. Just like waco except in waco they took the extra step of instigating it. Could this be the new standard operating procedure to not act unless it benefits their own bottom line?

  4. david Says:

    Un-Abel Reyna apparently still has the fantasy his office will conduct trials.

    1) He, with criminal intent, had his pet-boy puppet, JP Peterson, issue fraudulent and un-constitutional felony arrest warrants for the accused, in violation of the high TX law which prohibits JP’s from doing so.

    2) He, with criminal intent, commandeered the executive branch of gov. and ordered state and local po-lice around in true puppet fashion interfering with their decisions, in violation of TX high law guaranteeing separation of gov. powers, while holding judicial office.

    3) He, with criminal intent, sought and received a defendant only gag order
    effectively commandeering the whore press already in his greedy pocket, in violation of the accused’s 1st. Amend. protected free speech right.

    With the evidence of this criminal tyrant’s public acts, one can be led to think how outrageous his private thoughts and acts are.

  5. Jackie Treehorn Says:

    Reyna, you punk motherfucker. Swanton, you’re still a braying jackass.

  6. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    you think that now this gag order is lifted Reyna will give these 9 families proper notification of of who is responsible for their deaths? They have been hiding behind the gag order and has never contacted these families, they still don’t have closure. Fact..14 officer’s fired there weapons and what did 11 officer’s fire? and who did they shoot?

  7. TX_Biker Says:

    Dammit T Hell you beat me to it…..

  8. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Exactly right Butcher & Jackson fired long before the first biker shot rang out. Just as Swanton said as soon as they BANISHED WEAPONS we quickly moved in that weapon being brace knuckles, they said that DPS officers didn’t fire..that’s a lie, I have a picture of a DPS officer in Don Carlos patio and a shell casing is on the floor in front of him…

  9. Brad H Says:

    “We don’t comment on the rhetoric defense attorneys use trying to protect their clients who have been arrested for criminal offenses.” claims officer hatrick swinetongue. He only comments on unarrested criminal offenders in the d.a.’s office, local, state and federal leo’s. How else would one justify their existence?


  10. T Hell Says:

    “The Waco DA hides his head in the sand” would predicate a deliberate attempt to obfuscate his prior intentions. On the other hand “The Waco DA hides his head up his ass” would indicate he is but an abject buffoon incapable of formulating a proper response to his actions. Perhaps he is in sand up to his waist whilst his head is firmly implanted up his ass?


  11. Glenn Says:

    Justice cannot be found within the system if the judiciary fails to enforce it. Yes, the appeals court overturned the gag order. They also took almost a year to do it when it should have been done within a month. They didnt see that justice was done. They sat on it.

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