The Denver Police Version

May 3, 2016

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The Denver Police Version

Today the Denver Police Department released a 195 page report on the fight between members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club and the Iron Order Motorcycle Club on January 30 at the Colorado Motorcycle Expo in Denver.

At the conclusion of the fight, Mongol Victor “Nubs” Mendoza was shot in the “right center chest” and killed by Colorado prison guard Derrick “Kong” Duran. Before shooting Mendoza, Duran shot and seriously injured Jared “Hercules” Chadwick. Duran was not charged with any crime.

There are no surprises in the report. There are numerous inconsistencies within it. For example, at one point, the report states, “Two of the victims had been assaulted, one victim had been stabbed, and four had been shot.” A couple hundred words later the report lists six victims instead of seven: Victor Mendoza (deceased); Jared Chadwick (shot); Daniel McCallister (shot); Aaron Mercer (assaulted); Johnny Winston (assaulted); and Matthew Woelfle (stabbed).


The report states, “there was a verbal altercation between the Iron Order Motorcycle Club and the Mongols Motorcycle Club over the Mongols laying claim to a stairwell just south of their booth; that was located on the bottom level, and members from the Iron Order club who were standing on these stairs and to include the landing. At some point the verbal altercation turned physical. During the physical altercation, a member from the Iron Order club fired one time and struck a member from the Mongols, this individual was identified as Jared Chadwick…. The altercation between the two clubs continued up the stairs to the main level where a male; possibly from the Mongols, fired one time striking a member from the Iron Order, who was identified as Daniel McCallister…and grazing another member from the Iron Order, who was identified as Derrick Duran…. As a result, Mr. Duran who had been grazed returned fire and struck Mr. Mendoza.”

“During the second shooting event, a member from the Iron Order; who was identified as Matthew Woelfle…was stabbed presumably by an unknown member of the Mongols.”

“The two individuals who were assaulted were identified as Aaron Mercer…and Johnny Winston.”

The report indicates that the police investigation of the murder continued April 21.

“Some of the incident at the stairs” was recorded by “button cams” worn by two undercover police officers.


Detectives first contacted Jared Chadwick while he was in intensive care, According to the report, “Mr. Chadwick told Detective Estrada he didn’t care to make a statement, didn’t wish to pursue charges, and asked Detective Estrada to talk to his attorney.”


The report includes a confusingly written account of an interview with McCallister who claims, he “was with his group downstairs at the last booth looking at parts. After looking at parts, the group walked upstairs. There was a large group of Bandidos to his left. He continued up the stairs and realized that the prospects were still down stairs. The Bandidos started harassing the prospects. He told Kong what was going on. He went down the stairs with Kong who tried to talk and resolve the situation. As a result, a fight ensued. He tried to get one of the Mongols off of one his the guys from his group. He told the guy are we done, released the Mongol, and started walking back up the stairs. As he walked up the stairs, the Mongols would try and grab one of the members and pull them back down or beat them up. He got to the top of the stairs. They were telling the Mongols to give them the rest of their guys and they would leave.”

“A male from the group pulled out a smaller caliber gun and pointed it at Kong. He stepped in between the guy and Kong and ended up getting shot. Oak and a prospect carried him outside. He knew he was shot. He kept constant pressure on the wound.
He went to the motorcycle meet with other members from the Iron Order club.”

The next day McCallister, “reiterated his previous audio statement given at the hospital recounting the incident. Mr. McCallister related that he heard what he believes was Kong’s gun going off. This was downstairs. Mr. McCallister stated he was shot by a Mongol. He was then carried out by a couple of guys. Mr. McCallister described the Mongol who shot him as being approximately 5’05 to 5’07, possibly Hispanic, bald or shaved head, wearing black glasses, red shirt, and had facial hair. Mr. McCallister marked locations on photos of the scene where members of the Iron Order including himself and Mongols were located. He also marked positions of people during the disturbance/shooting. Mr. McCallister has been a member of Iron Order since 10/04/2014. Mr. McCallister goes by the moniker of Penguin. Mr. McCallister was shot in the lower right chest with an unknown caliber bullet. Mr. McCallister does not know if the bullet was recovered by a physician. Mr. McCallister wants to see justice because he was unarmed when he was shot. Mr. McCallister thinks Kong made a poor choice in the matter and believes the person who shot him also made a poor choice in the matter. Mr. McCallister is willing to press charges against the man who shot him. Mr. McCallister believes the situation was made a lot worse because of the guns.”

The next day McCallister told detectives he thought he was shot with a derringer.

Aaron Mercer

Aaron Mercer called police from the crime scene and spoke to them later.

The report summarizes Mercer’s 911 call like this: “He told the call taker members from his club were coming up the stairs when the Mongols told them to get upstairs. He told the call taker they were waiting for guys from their club when the Mongols jumped them. He told the call taker on person had been stabbed, two had been shot, and a bunch of them were assaulted. He told the call taker one of the guys was hit bad and needed medical attention. He told the call taker Denver police are there and are telling him to get off the phone and the call ends.”

Later that day Mercer told police: “He went with members from the Iron Order Club at the National Western Complex for the swap meet. He was at the swap meet with Iron Order members Nick, Aaron, Kong – Derrick Duran, Snydy, Cactus Jack, Woops – Johnny, Oak, six guys from the Ft. Collins Club. They call him prospect Aaron Duce, and prospect Aaron Gregory.

“He drove his car down to the meet and arrived around 11:45 a.m. While the group was walking around, the group was split up into three groups. There were 5 or 6 at the top of the stairs. There were 4 in the middle group to include himself and Snydy. This group was on the landing on the bottom of the stairs. The rest of the group was looking at a booth looking at parts. As he was waiting for the group that was looking at parts, about ten Mongols walked up and told the four of them to get up the stairs. Snydy told the Mongols they would go in a minute and stated he was waiting on the rest of their group. The Mongols told them again to get upstairs. The Mongols began to surround the four of them and the guys upstairs came down the stairs. Woops stood next to him. One of the Mongols knocked the beer out of Woops his hand. He heard someone say, ‘Fuck him up’ and the Mongol swung at Woops.”

“He either fell down the stairs or was grabbed he doesn’t know. He was punched by more than three Mongols in the head and face. He went to the ground and was kicked and stomped in the chest and head. He got up and heard a gunshot. He tried going up the stairs and was grabbed by the vest. The Mongols tried to pull him back down the stairs. He started up the stairs, saw a Mongol pull a knife, and saw the Mongol lunge towards him with the knife. Someone from his group grabbed him and helped him upstairs. He then heard another gunshot. He got to the top of the stairs and saw Penguin on the ground bleeding.”

“He called 911 and heard another shot.”

“He stated he heard the first shot down stairs, the second shot on his way upstairs, and the third shot while at the top of the stairs. He added Kong had a gun, Snydy might have had a gun. He denied firing his gun.”

“Mr. Mercer was armed during the incident and admitted to drawing his firearm during the incident.”

Johnny Winston

Winston told police:

“He thinks they arrived at the motorcycle swap meet between 11:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. they walked around. As they were walking, he saw a Mongol at a beer tent. The Mongol saw the group and walked away. He and Putz bought a beer. Prospect Duce had to leave to catch a flight so the group began to make their way up stairs. He was near the top of the stairs when he stopped to look behind him. He saw Snydy being approached by some Mongols. He called to Kong, Putz, and Cactus Jack who were near the top with him. He went down and stood next to Snydy and had a beer in his left hand. As soon as he stood next to Snydy, one of the Mongols told him to get his black ass back upstairs. the Mongol spilled his beer and Mongol told him “what are you going to do.” He then heard another Mongol say, “hit him” and was punched in the left side of the face. The Mongol grabbed his cut and he grabbed the Mongols cut. He was pulled down and was stomped, kicked, and punched. He saw prospect Duce (Mercer) on the ground balled up. He was trying to swing back when he heard a gunshot go off. There was a short pause and he was put in a choke hold. Snydy grabbed him and pulled him out by his cut. A Mongol kicked him in the face. He was walking away and heard another shot go off.

“He and Snydy went out a back exit and he called Kong. He told Kong they were outside and Kong told him he had been shot. Kong told him where they were and he and Snydy met up with the rest of the Iron Order members.

“He stated he received multiple blows to the head and was in and out after the incident and possibly suffered a concussion.
He stated he was wearing a his black vest, a black hat, white t-shirt, tan pants, and black and white Converse shoes. He was not armed and knew that Kong, Sunny D, and prospect duce were armed.

“He had one beer and only had about a quarter of that beer. Putz and Cactus Jack also had purchased a beer. Kong didn’t have a beer but did ask for a sip of his beer.”

Matthew Woelfle

Woefle told police: “He is a member of the Iron Order and goes by “Worf”. He was downstairs at a booth looking at motorcycle parts when his group got separated from the main group. After he was done at the booth, he came around the corner and saw a group of Mongols and a fight ensuing. ‘Loop’ was with him and told him he saw ‘Kong.’ He ran over there and started pulling guys off and heard a gunshot. ‘Kong’ was up against the wall with his gun in his hand. They started to make their way upstairs. He made it to the top of the stairs and ended up in a pile. He made it through the door way and thinks this is where ‘Penguin’ got shot. He saw a Mongol came around and start to shoot. His group began to make his way out of the complex when ‘Loop’ told him he had been stabbed. He looked down and saw blood. When he got out side, he realized he had been stabbed four times. He doesn’t know when he was stabbed. He doesn’t know who stabbed him.”

Derek Duran

“Duran stated that he had been ‘grazed’ by a bullet and pulled a blanket down off of his chest, where there was blood coming from a wound near the left side of his chest. Duran stated the he was the vice president of his chapter of the Iron Order motorcycle club. Duran was also a corrections officer with the Colorado Department of Corrections. Duran was with several other members of the Iron Order Motorcycle club at the motorcycle expo. The group became separated at some steps of the event (unknown exactly where at the event), so Duran stayed with a few members to regroup. Several members of the Mongols motorcycle club walked by and told them to get up the steps. The group of Mongols then started punching and kicking Duran and others he was with. Duran described the fight as the Mongols throwing ‘Hay-makers’ and smashing his head against the wall as well as kicking him. Duran was afraid for his life so he pulled out his .380 caliber handgun, which he had concealed on his person. Duran warned the males who had been assaulting him to back off and when one of them approached him again, he fired a single shot. Duran and the other members of his club tried to leave and the unknown members of the Mongols shot back at him and continued to pursue him, so fired a second shot.
Officer Stadler asked Duran if he would be willing to make a recorded video statement and Duran said that he wanted to speak with an attorney before making any further statements.”

The Post Report

Noelle Phillips in the Denver Post wrote a brief account of the report and has provided a link to the entire, slightly redacted, Denver Police report.

You can find the Post report and the link here.

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36 Responses to “The Denver Police Version”

  1. scrape Says:

    You know nothing about the 1% world.

  2. scrape Says:

    You know nothing about the 1% world.

  3. gnshp Says:

    “Dr. William Dulaney, a professor at the Air Command and Staff College at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, and an expert on biker culture.” . Forgot to mention former OL.

  4. atxpsycho Says:

    Steve – apparently the Mongols had guns as well. Lets get into a huge fight and stab/shoot each other over a stair well..and you wonder why anybody riding gets stereotyped.

  5. steve Says:

    So the iron Order can carry guns where they are not supposed to have them shoot first and they are guilty of nothing.

    Not a surprising result considering how things have gone with the Iron order in the past.

  6. slo joe Says:

    fuck iron whores… fuck you

  7. Kenny 1%er Says:

    Here is the thing. Who was wearing cameras. U know now that these idiots are doing a cop thing and using cameras. Of course knowing who is filming u can dictate the scene to make yourself look inocent. Its truely says it all. So now when u c one..U know your on film. Remember all the worlds a stage.

  8. Dennis Wolf Says:

    Mercyful, I can assure you the IO is most definitely not respected by LEMC’s,at least not in my area (North Jersey) But when IO becomes classified as an OMG, all the cops will have to leave anyway, they’re not going to risk their pension just to play bad ass on the weekends. At that point my guess is IO will begin to either fall apart or try to sell themselves as a true OMG.

  9. Meh Says:

    IronRider wrote:

    “This stinks to high heaven much like Waco. Under cover officers wearing button cams that happened to be in a an area the Urine Order were playing tough guy in and the catch the some of events but yet not who did what and where and who started what, even the UC officers didn’t see anything but were in the vicinity? Yeah as if.”

    Those body cams have reliability problems…

  10. Big Dave Says:

    The POS atf is behind the PUNK BITCH uo

  11. Fuck iron whores Says:

    SloJoe..Your a duchecanoe..One of the most respected qualities of being in a outlaw club is the military characteristics it carries as far as u take responsibility for your own actions and if caught by the enemy you keep your mouth shut!!..This urine odor are nothing more then cops rats and out bad trash no real clubs will tolerate. …And there all SNITCHES!!!!

  12. rollinnorth Says:

    T Hell, good one. I’ll be chuckling for a few days.


  13. rollinnorth Says:

    “He drove his car down to the meet…” says it all.

    Respect, to those ..

  14. Parsifal Says:

    uo – the cancer on the rectum of pigdom, in the kingdom. [i wasn’t aware this was a chess game?}…. count me out! i much prefer titty winks with real honest to gawd wimmen. and i didn’t even “crack,” a smile when i typed this. i Parsifal the gibberish typing non thinking moronic idiot.

  15. puterindabasketchief Says:

    Merciful Fate:


  16. Phuquehed Says:

    Mercyful Fate said it best and most correct, IMO.

  17. Mercyful Fate Says:

    Meh, no dis-respect meant, but, never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

    Until Rebel comes up with the proof-positive otherwise, which if it’s there to find I’m sure he will, I don’t think the urine odor is anything more than a pay-to-join, weekend-warrior, homoerotic, pretend-biker, wanna-be club that was originally made to to line the pockets of Izod, et. al., and to fulfill the fantasies of instant-gratification retards.

    The fact that they also have some LEOs in their ranks should confirm the low-IQ entry requirement. I can only surmise that the real LE MCs are disgusted by the whole thing.

  18. T Hell Says:

    Hey bro can I have a sip of your beer? WTF.

  19. IronRider Says:

    I would like to know when the members of the Urine Order gave their statements to Law Enforcement, how long after the shooting took place. There is no way the Urine Order members gave them right away, I bet they gave them after they “recalled” ~wink wink ~ what unfolded.

    As I have read what Rebel posted I can’t help but wonder how the Urine Order’s paid mouth piece was allowed to insert himself into a homicide scene and chat with the cops. I have never heard of an outside figure who isn’t connected being allowed into a crime scene to advise the cops on the events that took place in a city and state he was not even in and be allowed to do so.

    The fact that this was allowed to take place tells you how solid of an investigation it was and how an outsider interjected himself in an ongoing active crime scene scream that the Blue Wall was alive and well and looking out for it’s own.

    I also wonder how many phone calls and trips to Colorado to visit the District Attorney’s handling this case and tell the Urine Orders side of the story and to advise the D.A. of the vents that took place that very day.

    This stinks to high heaven much like Waco. Under cover officers wearing button cams that happened to be in a an area the Urine Order were playing tough guy in and the catch the some of events but yet not who did what and where and who started what, even the UC officers didn’t see anything but were in the vicinity? Yeah as if.

    Or do we have another Twin Peaks on our hands were LE were fanning the flames, or were the Urine Order there playing tough guy at the behest of Law Enforcement in some operation? They sure weren’t looking for guys selling T-Shirts or bike parts, that’s a little too mundane for them.

    If this was some Federal and Local LE operation like Twin Peaks was, then maybe this is why the D.A. refused to press charges for fear that the Urine Order would blow the whistle if one of their cowards was charged and had to testify in court ( wouldn’t be the first time something like that has come out ) There is more we haven’t heard yet, but there is something rotten in this whole thing, you can bet on it.

  20. Meh Says:

    slo joe wrote:

    “the IO has morphed into an outlaw club, or at least a wannabee outlaw club,”

    The strategy looks different to me. There are practical benefits to cooperating with the government while using political/institutional leverage and strategy of deniability.

    If you want to break laws (EVERYBODY in their heart of hearts wants to break one law or another or many) but not piss off the masters ya gotta play some of their game to earn tolerance. If Uncle Sugar doesn’t care about your targets or sees them as hostile he’ll enjoy the show. If you identify with Uncle you might consider yourself exalted over your opponents and freer to act.

    Look like what Uncle likes, do some things Uncle likes, do others on the down low. Uncle has pressing business and so long as you ain’t it, you get to play in the shadows.

    What we aren’t seeing YET is the economic motive. It’s stupid to fight wars for no payoff. If the long game is spread out and take power, economic opportunities can be created and facilitated by that power. There’s no point in cosplaying outlaw biker unless you have serious potential gains to offset the risks.

    I find this very fucking interesting. It’s a puzzle with missing pieces. I’m not paranoid though there are grounds for that, but I’m curious. Fortunately for all of us and civil libertarians in general Rebel is curious and exceptionally dedicated.

    Government and proxy actor tactics seem to have a pattern:

    Start or exploit existing shit.
    Own the narrative every time or enough of it to get away with murder.
    Prolong legal actions beyond public attention span.
    If a LEO or government official, make defense punitively expensive.
    Close the door against legal redress which dovetails with owning the narrative.

    Everyone acting in these scenarios wants something.

  21. john miller Says:

    Write up in Reason magazine.

  22. Philo Says:

    You can almost make out the face of the uc cunt taking the secret spy video in the reflection of the door his punk as is half hiding behind….


  23. Whitepride Says:

    You know something ain’t right when the cops feel a murder has taken place and recommends charges to the DA and nothing happens. Iron Order Poser Club is just filled with a bunch of cunts!

  24. slo joe Says:

    outlaw motorcycle clubs having been fighting and shooting each other for decades. the IO has morphed into an outlaw club, or at least a wannabee outlaw club, they never were an LE club but hid behind that banner for a long time, this isn’t surprising that things like this are gonna happen

  25. Nihilist Says:

    I always dig your comments, Meh–level-headed & spot on. Thanks for the feedback.

  26. Meh Says:

    Parsifal Says:
    “and there just happened to be 2 UC with “button cams.” Set up!”

    The counter to cams is cams. Bringing a knife to a gunfight often works poorly. Bringing only Mark 1 eyeballs to a cam fight ditto.

    There have been personal cams in military combat for many years. Having your own record covers your ass. I get “outlaws not videoing outlaws” for obvious reasons, but outlaws videoing cop proxies, cops, and so forth should be considered thoughtfully because it could plug a serious fucking gap in the information war.

    Customs protecting other honor cultures are fine when their observance is mutual. When a dishonorable opponent hides behind the rules, that proves either the rule or their non-selective application defective.

    Indigenous Americans once practiced “counting coup”. It was undeniably courageous but had the minor drawback of being useless against opponents dedicated to wiping them the fuck out.

    Nihilist wrote:
    ” the Iron Order is an organization of clueless, provocative, lying , homoerotic shit stains.”

    I’m not disagreeing, but this fellow (RIP) proved his opinion in more than one war:

    “Respecting your opponent is the key to winning any bout. Hold your enemy in contempt and you may miss the strategy behind his moves”
    ― David H. Hackworth

    Some food for thought:

    “Security culture should always be a major component to new streamer training. It is the job of the streamer to protect the activists and not their job to help the cops. In most cases, protests are nonviolent and laws are not being broken. It is as important to document the calm peacefulness as it is to document when police get violent. My live stream footage has been used in court to attain not guilty verdicts. Without my footage, it would be the cop’s word against the protesters words and juries tend to side with police. Most activist groups welcome live streaming and don’t ask that faces not be shown.”

  27. Nihilist Says:

    195 pages? And yet there are still more questions than answers. Aside from what is already known–that the Iron Order is an organization of clueless, provocative, lying , homoerotic shit stains.

    Respects to the Mongols and Victor Mendoza’s kin.

  28. Gandalf Says:

    I’m thinking those last 2 shots were from the same gun. I’m thinking Kong shot his own guy… then shot the Mongol. I’m thinking He ditched one of the spent cartridges to show only 2 shots fired and the Mysterious bullet not found in The Penguin Convenient. I’m thinking Kong’s “bullet graze” wound was/is BS and possibly a wound from the fight…Maybe a knife. Those last 2 shots…long after the 1st (Kong admitted) sound WAY to much the same and perfectly timed as if someone squeezed off 2. (100% Theory)

  29. corrupt Says:

    There was an interesting article in the Military Times indicating that UO was NOT on the Off Limits List Yet. Another interesting point from the article:

    “the district attorney’s office said “there is no likelihood of a conviction due to the self-defense claim of Mr. Duran.”

    The decision has shocked some observers.

    “It’s disturbing, at best,” says Dr. William Dulaney, a professor at the Air Command and Staff College at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, and an expert on biker culture.

    Dulaney, a former Air Force special operator, says his own sources close to the investigation believe there is little evidence to support Duran’s claims of self-defense:

    “I am gravely concerned that the Denver District Attorney’s office has opened the door for more wrongful deaths in the Motorcycle Club community. And the Iron Order is unequivocally not a part of that community.”


  30. Sieg Says:

    Dave, the only people that have had any doubts as to what the urine odor is are the idiots that keep apologizing for them, and the fools that keep joining them.


  31. dogbreath Says:

    The only statement that should have been made, by every individual involved:

    “Mr. Chadwick told Detective Estrada he didn’t care to make a statement, didn’t wish to pursue charges, and asked Detective Estrada to talk to his attorney.”

    Theres gonna be fights, beatings even. Stabbings. And apparently shootings. And none of this is new. The only thing new is the bitches who snitch.

    Snitches get stitches is often heard, and these particular ones:
    Nick, Aaron, Kong (Derrick Duran), Snydy, Cactus Jack, Woops – Johnny Winston, Oak, six guys from the Ft. Collins Club, prospect Duce, and prospect Aaron Gregory. Also mentioned: Putz, SunnyD, Worf (Matthew Woefle), Penguin (Daniel McCallister) and others I may have missed, need the ones you get after the Y incision is ready to close up.

  32. Paladin Says:

    When one alienates an entire sub-culture one claims to be a part of, one finds themselves existing on an island, surrounded by sharks. Stepping off the island risks an attack.

    When attempting to fend off sharks, one may be successful in combating one or two, but in the end the sharks will have there way with all of you.

    Long May you Ride (to those that deserve to),


  33. Parsifal Says:

    and there just happened to be 2 UC with “button cams.” Set up!

  34. Jackie Treehorn Says:

    Fuck the Urine Odor twats

  35. Dave Says:

    Never was any doubt, after a relative called me to brag how his non cop club would get away with killin Nas T.
    Fuck you Urine Odor punks.

  36. Sieg Says:

    Well, I guess there isn’t any doubt in anyone’s mind that the urine odor is a professional organization consisting of snitches, bitches, and pigs.


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