Kingsmen Indictment Unsealed

March 23, 2016

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Kingsmen Indictment Unsealed

Yesterday afternoon William J. Hochul Jr. who is the United States Attorney for the Western District of New York, announced the unsealing of a 46-count racketeering indictment against 16 members of the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club in New York, Tennessee and Florida.

The accused men are national president David Pirk; Florida/Tennessee regional president Timothy Enix; New York Northern regional president Filip Caruso; New York Southern Tier regional president Emmett Green;  and Kingsmen members Andre Jenkins; Edgar Dekay; Jason Williams; Thomas Koszuta; Gregory Willson; Robert Osborne; Stanley Olejniczak; Jack Wood; Ryan Myrtle; Thomas Scanlon; Glen Stacharczyck; and Sean McIndoo.

The underlying investigation, which appears to have relied on at least five cooperating witnesses, seems to have been underway since at least 2009. It gained traction after the murder of two Kingsmen named Paul Maue and Daniel “DJ” Szymanski outside the Kingsmen’s North Tonawanda, New York Clubhouse in September 2014

Bad Boys

Large sections of the 73-page indictment read like a description of the clubhouse in Valhalla.

“KMC chapter clubhouses maintained a supply of untaxed cigarettes, obtained from area Indian Reservations tax free, which were routinely sold for profit inside the KMC clubhouses.”

“KMC chapter clubhouses permitted illicit drug use and distribution, including cocaine, marijuana, and other controlled substances, between club members, associates, friends, and supporters of the KMC.”

“KMC clubhouses maintained a fully stocked bar, with a wide selection of beer and liquor, sales of which were utilized to generate income for the KMC.”

“Certain KMC clubhouses maintained gambling devices and machines, such as slot and poker machines, as a means to generate income for the KMC.”

“Members recruited women to perform ‘strip’ dances inside KMC clubhouses and to engage in sexual encounters with KMC members and associates in order to increase club profits and membership.”

One Percenters

It all seems to have gone wrong when, “in 2013, certain KMC members sought to establish the KMC as a 1% club.”

“Following the 2013 determination for KMC to became a 1% club,” the indictment claims, “violence and other criminal activity occurred within and among KMC chapters and clubhouses involving those KMC members who wished to leave the KMC and join rival motorcycle organizations.”

According to the indictment, members, and sometimes whole chapters, patched over to the Nickel City Nomads Motorcycle Club and the Pagans Motorcycle Club. An apparent split developed in the club in 2013 between members loyal to club president David Pirk and “a former KMC National President.” There were several patch pullings and assaults. Toward the end, members in Florida, where Pirk lived, were more loyal to Pirk than some members in New York.

On August 3, 2014, prosecutors say, Kingsmen from the northern region of New York including Paul Maue armed themselves and went to the South Buffalo chapter clubhouse to confront Pirk “about KMC rule changes.”

Take Care Of It

At the beginning of September, for reasons that are not entirely clear in the indictment, Pirk is accused of telling Kingsmen Nomad Andre Jenkins to talk to members of the Nickel City Nomads and the Outlaws Motorcycle Club. “On or about September 4, 2014, defendant Andre Jenkins told the person known to the Grand Jury that they were going to attempt to collect information from members of the Outlaws and the Nickel City Nomads, to pretend the person known to the Grand Jury was from Tennessee, and to pretend that defendant Andre Jenkins was no longer with the KMC.”

“On or about September 5, 2014,” the indictment continues, “defendant Andre Jenkins discussed the change in demeanor of the Nickel City Nomads towards him and stated that KMC members Paul Maue and Daniel ‘DJ’ Szymanski were the only ones who knew what he was doing there. Sometime on or about and between September 4, 2014 and September 6, 2014, defendant David Pirk told defendant Andre Jenkins to ‘take care of it’ in reference to killing Paul Maue and Daniel ‘DJ’ Szymanski.”

“On or about September 6, 2014, at approximately 2:42 a.m., defendant David Pirk called Paul Maue via cellular telephone after which Paul Maue and Daniel ‘DJ’ Szymanski exited out the North Tonawanda KMC Chapter clubhouse located at 322 Oliver Street, North Tonawanda, New York. On or about September 6, 2014, defendant Andre Jenkins shot and killed Paul Maue and Daniel ‘DJ’ Szymanski behind the North Tonawanda KMC Chapter clubhouse.”

Jenkins was arrested near Savannah, Georgia two months after the murders. He was convicted of murdering Maue and Szymanski in August 2015 and sentenced to serve life in prison last October.


19 Responses to “Kingsmen Indictment Unsealed”

  1. Nonconformist Says:

    Was with Lil’ Bear in the joint. Read most of paperwork relating to the alleged murders. Amazing is that a bitch claimed to have been riding on the back of his scoot in pouring rain after the alleged lead poisonings, and supposedly watched him disassemble and ditch the burner in pieces during that ride.

    I’ve been riding many years. Don’t know of a biker anywhere who could keep control of a scoot with no hands while barreling down a highway in a torrential downpour with a bitch on the fender.

    Guilty or innocent is not the issue. Manufactured testimony deserving of an Oscar is.

    And so it is with government prosecutors. They exemplify the final edict on the barn wall in Orwell’s Animal Farm.

  2. RtC Says:

    @Justthinking, you are speaking of an older day. Today it’s “I for myself, & no
    body else.Cover MY ass & the rest can slide on the glass.” IF it were yester-
    year, YEAH, that would be the case. But the “yonkers” of today have not
    benefited by being taught from the older ones(2 gens ago) Todays parents are a
    bunch of dip shits who have had shit handed to them & scream I WANT IT NOW, IT’S
    MINE BY RIGHT! Fuck them. They all need kicks in the ass!

  3. Justthinking Says:

    I there is any truth to the fact that Pirk is guilty, you think he would be a man plea guilty in return for not taking 15 others with him. Seems to me that’s what a good leader does take responsibility for his actions instead of crawling in a hole . If he was loyal to his members and fucked up suck it up instead of taking your brothers down with you. That’s if the Feds will make the deal

  4. Steel Says:

    Sounds to me like the Feds are only angry about not getting their cut through taxes. You can go to parties conducted by the suits in power and find this same stuff going on.



  5. Gooch Says:

    Not ciggarettes and naked women!! Glad I don’t live near anything like that. add booze to the list, and i’m really glad i don’t live near anything like that. Gambling machines oh my gawd! What is this world coming too. Sex with strippers, uh ohhh. Wow some really bad people there. Glad that don’t happen near me. Who wans to be around fun stuff any way. I’d never want to be acused of having fun. and they ride motorcycles too wow! Scary!

    Rebel On!

  6. Dark Corner Says:

    These guys checked off all the boxes in the How To Attract The Feds handbook.

  7. ghost Says:


  8. Meh Says:

    There is the matter of two dead guys. It would be considerably easier to get by with the fun stuff if folks didn’t cap each other over trifles and left such behavior for the Ubangis.

    Of course two dead guys does not make a racketeering case, but that stuff is always pig bait. If you make a mess don’t leave said mess in public to be exploited.

  9. ghost Says:

    sounds like the clubhouses were modeled after any second rate titty bar anywhere in America, or the new one nation world!! I for one feel much safer and will sleep better at night knowing that these “CRIMINALS” are off the street. LOL!

  10. PJ Says:

    Reading that, it looks like they’re being punished for trying to make money.

  11. Vader Says:

    Well I don’t know about everyone else. But I for one will sleep better tonight knowing the federal government is protecting me and my family from the terror of untaxed cigarettes and naked women.

  12. Meh Says:

    Piggies gotta make fools of themselves instead of just charging murder as plain old murder because they want power and control.

    Internal contest for power and control is handled by homicide.

    So much for freedom…

  13. Punisher Keeper Says:

    All in the name of power and control…….

  14. Otto Says:

    As i have gone through this life I have been granted, I have found that Loyalty and Respect are seven letter words that few can spell, much less understand. No disrepects to anyone.

  15. T Hell Says:

    What no indictment for using foul language or jaywalking?

  16. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Let’s see…untaxed ciggies: sounds like every inner city bodega or mom and pop store I’ve ever been in… …’permitted drug use’: sounds like…well, damn…sounds like…everywhere right? ‘A fully stocked bar used to generate income’: ah…sounds fucking great! Sounds like…like…A BAR! ‘Gambling machines’: Vegas, New Orleans, Atlantic City, most local bars in any blue collar area; especially one of those ‘open right after night shift lets out’ places.

    Hiring exotic dancers and sportin’ women to make people spend money to keep the lights on and maybe seek membership? What a novel idea. Nobody has done that since ‘The Hellfire Club’ closed its doors in 1765 after Lord Sandwich was accused of mistaking a monkey for the devil (what was Sandwich up to? Absinthe? Some tainted opium? God knows. Who brought the fucking monkey to the party anyway?).

    Respects, and Ride Free,


  17. Dave Jackson Says:

    Kingsmen are abunch of retards anyways, boohoo. 1% my ass they act like an AoA support club

  18. Hangaround Says:

    When you have clubhouses like that you gotta make sure that each chapter gets one. Otherwise all the cool recruits are gonna flock to the chapter with the goodies and jealousy will soon ensue!

  19. FF Says:


    [loi-uh l]

    faithful to one’s sovereign, government, or state:
    a loyal subject.

    faithful to one’s oath, commitments, or obligations:
    to be loyal to a vow.

    faithful to any leader, party, or cause, or to any person or thing conceived as deserving fidelity:
    a loyal friend.

    characterized by or showing faithfulness to commitments, vows, allegiance, obligations, etc.:
    loyal conduct.

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