Redneck Patch Holder Arrested

February 22, 2016

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Redneck Patch Holder Arrested

Jimmy Frank Williams, a member of the Rednecks Motorcycle Club, was arrested over the weekend in connection with a gunfight between members and associates of the Rednecks and the Iron Order motorcycle Club last Friday near Harrah, Oklahoma.

Police are close mouthed about what they think Williams might have done.

According to a single source in Oklahoma, Three motorcycles ridden by Rednecks passed two members of the Iron Order on Oklahoma Route 62 between Harrah and the Kickapoo Casino about five miles east of Harrah. As the Rednecks passed one of the Iron Order tried to impede their progress. The two Iron Order riders followed the Rednecks to the gas pumps of the Kickapoo Convenience Store about 100 yards from the casino. Aerial footage taken from a helicopter Friday night showed five motorcycles at the shooting scene.

Redneck Wife

The single source claims one of the Iron Order bikers shot a Redneck in the leg. The Redneck, according to the source, was not armed. The wife of the man who was wounded drew a legally carried pistol and returned fire. Lincoln County Sheriff Charlie Dougherty told television station KWTV Friday night that three shooters were involved. “A couple of them blocked off a guy and an altercation took place,” Dougherty said. “And then from that point it became a gun battle.”

Dougherty told Dana Hertneky of KWTV today, that “more arrests are likely to come.”

Hertneky reported today that after the shooting members of both clubs converged on the shooting scene. “We were playing crowd control at that point with crime scene tape and everybody was just having a stare down contest,” Dougherty told the television station. “We’ve got a lot of people involved in this, looking at this to try and figure out what exactly happened and where it’s going.”


The shooting is being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Lincoln and Pottawatomie County Sheriffs Deputies and Kickapoo Tribal Police.

The Rednecks are a support club for the American Outlaws Association. Throughout its existence, the Iron Order has sought confrontations with Outlaws. Former club president, Ray “Izod” Lubesky bragged extensively about those confrontations in two memoirs titled IOMC The Book and IOMC – Birth of a Motorcycle Club.

Speaking about the AOA, current club vice president Mike “Cgar” Crouse wrote “I know our club has the advantage. One percenters won’t call the cops. So what the fuck!? Destroy any fucker that confronts you.  It’s a free ticket…if they can…..We have put fuckers in the hospital. You know very well if a MC got their ass handed to them by the IO they will do what they have to…to lie about it.”

The Iron Order self presents as a Jimmy Carter era outlaw club but has branded itself as a “law abiding motorcycle club.”


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  1. Kwma Says:

    When are the people going to stand up and stop this shit, the law keeps using national security and drugs to scare the public into thinking that they are doing a good thing by steeling from anyone that they can. It’s happening all across the country, it’s fucking sad that they can manipulate the people like they are.

  2. Parsifal Says:

    @ Jay – because that is how the Iron Order Murder Cycle Cunts works. The mere sight of them in drag is provocation, and they know it, so they show up and the shit starts. Nobody that is at least marginally sane like them. They are pariahs and display overtly homosexual acts upon each other.
    They are Cops playing dress-up. They are only serious about stirring the shit. They are just wrong. They are fucked up.

    The reason the REDNECK member was arrested?…. name something, I’m sure they’ll make it fit. But! Basically your best defense against these fucking retards is stay away from them. Far, Far away, or else you will be shot. Back shot, front shot, shot, shot etc. etc..

    FUCK the urine odor murder cycle cunts.

    Respects to the REDNECKS MC

  3. Jay Says:

    Why was a REDNECKS MC member arrested and not the fkn IOMC that started the shit !

  4. Dumb Fuck Says:

    Rebel I aint never said shit on here or any other place about clubs. I am dumb as fuck but I have been around this rock long enough to know who has earned my silence and respect. This TV generation of vaginal discharge riding around murdering people in broad daylight will never even be mentioned by name or even insulting nicknames from me. Thats what I think of that “club”. At this point it seems to me that the fact there are no stories of violent retaliation of any kind toward these idiots disproves everything ever said, written, or spewed out by the revenuers of the alphabet. I mean their existence alone should be the legal defense for every cut case, gang case, and rico case out there. If what is said about clubs by the gubment were in any way true there would be bombs, and snipers, and holes filled with corpses left all over America by these “international criminal organizations” and “violent street gangs”. Hatred for these posers seams to be the only thing other than riding that every club agrees on. I, just like everybody else on here stroking foreign made keypads instead of my throttle wishes there would be some kind of para military style wild west revenge story I could pass my boredom with. But shit man those days are over and freedom is dead. I mean shit even people on this sight are calling for the pigs to do something about these beer farts on credit riders. WTF. I guess the Feds have finally accomplished their mission and whipped us into shape so only they get to be the criminals. I guess I am just asking you to let me know what the fuck is real anymore. AH fuck it I’m just gonna go ride.

  5. molasses Says:

    Is this mail order shit ever going to end the right way?

  6. Phuquehed Says:

    @Philo – No, not second nature, a requirement. The patch holders that ask anyone to join if they like sucking dick and walking around without pants ready to take it up the ass, then they get to go through the routine of that anytime they’re all gathered at their faghouse…erm, clubhouse. The pictures don’t lie. It’s what the fags of the urine odor are and want with each other.

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