Drunk Runs Over Hog Celebrant

September 3, 2008

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Last weekend in Milwaukee, an unidentified, 61-year-old woman killed a man who loved to ride his motorcycle. She was drunk. He was Michael V. Fleming, 55, of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Fleming was in town for Harley’s 105th Anniversary Celebration.

Fleming had previously visited Milwaukee for Harley-Davidson’s 95th and 100th anniversary celebrations, according to his friend Ron Betts, 60, of Brighton, Mich. Betts told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel he witnessed the accident.

An Ordinary Guy

Betts and Fleming were weekend riders who met each other through a Michigan Hog Chapter 12 years ago. Fleming loved his family and his Electra Glide and was loved in return. “I don’t know what I would have done without him,” his cousin, Dora LaValley of Canton, Michigan told the Milwaukee newspaper. “He was a very wonderful, kind and loving person.”

Fleming was riding with his friend Betts and two other motorcyclists when he was hit. Sgt. Mark Stanmeyer of the Milwaukee police said the drunk made a wide turn, struck a curb and, while she was correcting her car, hit Fleming. She was arrested on suspicion of operating while intoxicated.

Thought She Missed Mike

“I thought she missed Mike,” Betts said. “I saw her keep going down the road. When I looked back I saw him lying in the road, the bike next to him.” Michael Fleming died in the ambulance.

The drunk’s name was not released. She has not yet been charged.

The Journal-Sentinel reported that Fleming was not wearing a helmet but even if he had been it would not have helped.

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