Pike, The Feds And The Aryan Circle

January 12, 2016

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Pike, The Feds And The Aryan Circle

Jeffrey Fay Pike. El Presidente of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, was granted bail by United States Magistrate Judge John R. Froeschner yesterday after a hearing in Houston, Texas. Bond was set at $250,000. Pike was required to pay a $15,000 cash deposit.

Pike, Bandidos vice-president John Xavier Portillo and club sergeant at arms Justin Cole Forster were named in a surplusage filled, federal racketeering indictment returned on December 16 and unsealed January 6. Portillo and Forster remain in jail.

The most attention grabbing claim in the indictment is that Portillo and Forster declared “war” on the Cossacks Motorcycle Club and that Pike, in his capacity as club president, should have known about it. Multiple, informed sources have independently told The Aging Rebel that members of the Bandidos had arranged a truce with the Cossacks before the Twin Peaks Massacre.


Among the witnesses who testified on Pike’s behalf yesterday was Houston consultant Wayne Dolcefino. Dolcefino is a former investigative reporter for television station KTRK who brags on his website, “For more than twenty-five years, Wayne Dolcefino has been one of the most feared names in Texas television.”

Dolcefino testified yesterday that he had been hired by Pike on behalf of the Bandidos to investigate what happened in the parking lot of the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco last May 17. Dolcefino said, “Mr. Pike believed they were ambushed in Waco. And that the presence of law enforcement there made it clear to him there was some conspiracy between the Cossacks and police.”

Assistant U.S. Attorney Joseph C. Magliolo Jr. immediately asked Dolcefino “Would you reveal the identity of an undercover police officer investigating this organization? Yes or no?”

Dolcefino replied, “Depends on what I find out.”

The Aryan Circle

The Aging Rebel has been told by multiple informed sources beginning last May that some of the “intelligence” Waco police cited to justify their presence at the Twin Peaks that day was the fruit of a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives investigation into the Aryan Circle. Some of that intelligence, for example, was discovered during an ATF raid on multiple locations on April 7. The Aryan Circle is commonly described as “a large, growing and dangerous white supremacist prison gang based primarily in Texas.”

The Cossacks Motorcycle Club shares some iconography with the Aryan Circle. The Aging Rebel has identified Cossacks who were also members of the Aryan Circle and who were present at the Twin Peaks restaurant last May 17. Since last May, sources who have provided information to The Aging Rebel about the Twin Peaks Massacre have had their lives and the lives of their families threatened by persons who have represented themselves as members of the Aryan Circle.

The Aging Rebel believes that the most likely instigator of the confrontation between Bandidos and Cossacks last May was Owen “Big O” Reeves. Reeves was one of two Cossack “Nomads,” present at the brawl. Reeves is also a “Director” of the Aryan Circle.



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  1. Sieg Says:

    Padre, my apologies-I was suffering from cranial-rectal inversion when I typed in 7.62 x 54 instead of 51. I would surely hat to try to jam one into an M14.

    As for the reman stuff, I can say, since it’s ancient history and I no longer have any dealing with such things, that the reman companies do indeed label rounds with 5.56mm headstamps as .223 Remington. I had roughly 10K rounds so labeled in my shop when the FedCoats put me out of business. Maybe that has changed, I don’t know.

    Thank you for your correction, and my respect.



  2. Jonathan Says:


    Not mistaken one bit. at one point, I was offered full patches myself, but I have this small hang-up about earning my patches. you can say whatever about people you know nothing about, but you might want to be sure that I don’t know what I’m talking about. Doc may not like a lot of copsack information, from now to Zeke, plastered all over the Internet. Badges, butt buddies, and rats tend to wither in the light of day.

  3. TX_Biker Says:

    Dirtyfxd, See Jonathan’s comment. He is spot on. For years the Cossacks were quiet and pretty much kept to themselves. Then, all of a sudden, all that changed. Not sure if I would blame it on a TV show. More than likely it was the various badges and/or association with an out of state club or clubs that inflated their egos. The very reason most clubs do not allow law enforcement types in is not because they are doing anything wrong, It is LE’s tactics that make them persona non grata. They will prey upon a weak link, some older out of work club member and work on them till they agree to help a brother do something that they would never have otherwise done.

  4. anonymous Says:

    Another note.. the cossacks started in 1969 in tyler texas. They weren’t the east texas scooter club as Johnathan alluded to. Also.. I have been around a lot of cossacks and been to a lot of their parties as well.. They have a major disdain for cops as the next clubs and the cop affiliates. They much rather be left alone and do there own thing as well. And never have I seen a person get offered a patch unless they were starting a new chapter as a probate. And just an FYI..(Every) club does that as well.

  5. anonymous Says:

    Just an FYI.. bandidos also have a lot of ex-AC members in there ranks along with a log of ex-mexican mafia, sarinos and others.

  6. Fr. Abraham Says:

    Seig, that was spot-on except for two things…reman companies won’t call it “.223” if they’re using the brass (many companies will use the primer and projectile on .223 brass, as those components are interchangeable), and 7.62x54R is *NOT* the same as .308Win…it’s a Soviet-era round used by the Mosin Nagant, Dragunov, and com-block light machine guns. Methinks you were thinking of the 7.62×51 NATO?

  7. Jonathan Says:

    Copsacks were founded in Tyler, Tx in 1969 as the East Texas Scooter Club. They had a completely different approach for many years. Over the last few years they began imitating their favorite episode of SOA, and many of the older guys bailed. A friend was offered a full patch around a year ago because he rode a Harley and they saw him out at a bar. Many who left have talked about how they want to be thought of as 1%ers, but most did not want to prospect long for their patches. Others there were jailers or other badges who couldn’t join a real Club.

  8. Dirtyfxd Says:

    I’m very curious, who are the Cossacks? Where did they open up shop? And how long have they been around? I don’t mean to come off like I’m uneducated but in the subject of the club “Cossacks” I really never heard of them till twin peaks. I’m not a lame to the club world, I grew up in central California and was very educated, and hung out with clubs out west. I no longer live in California, I’m now in Oklahoma and the club scene is much different. Clubs out west usually had history dating way back and every one knew about them. This Cossack club seams a bit fishey, like they came out of left field. But hey I may be wrong and someone from Texas can clue me in.

  9. bcnasty Says:

    The feds are opportunists, I’m sure that they made the connection between the Aryan Circle and the Cossacks and may have even connected another famous MC from california to the Cossacks.

    You said a mouthful their.

  10. Sieg Says:

    JC, many departments buy reman for range and everyday use. The companies doing the reman use mostly surplus brass and projectiles. The FedCoats won’t allow the military to sell surplus rounds anymore, reasoning that the Citizens shouldn’t be allowed access to all that nice Lake City stuff that’s a year out of rotate-date. They hire a company to pull the projectiles, dump the powder, and, usually, punch out the primers. The cases and projectiles are sold as scrap, and the reman outfits pick them up cheap, swage the primer pockets, and reload them with fresh primers and new powder. Pretty much the same as a brand-new round, and you can pick it up at a significant savings, especially if you’re buying by the pallet.

    End result? Many times, the reman company slaps a label on the box that says .223 Remington, but for all intents and purposes, they are 5.56mm. No difference in recoil, especially when fired from an AR-type platform, which is typically chambered for the 5.56.

    This is also done with 7.62mm x 54, or as it is known in the non-OD world, .308 Winchester, and .45 ACP rounds. Good deals to be had there.

    At least that’s what some guy told me once.


  11. Fr. Abraham Says:

    Probably don’t matter much and ain’t really related to the article, but I thought I’d clarify the .223/5.56 ammo thing since I’ve built several of the AR-platform rifles and researched the topic thoroughly…

    The rounds are almost identical, except for the neck/shoulder and casewall differences previously mentioned. The “higher case pressures” stem from the thicker case wall in the 5.56 brass making for less space inside, for a given powder charge. Think of putting a firecracker inside a coke can vs a coffee can.

    Barrels of an AR chambered for 5.56 are virtually identical to that of a .223, aside from a few thousands of an inch difference in the way the chambers are reamed. The “don’t use 5.56 in a .223 rifle” thing stems from people attempting to use 5.56 rounds in traditional hunting/varmint rifles with drastically different (and often much smaller) barrel profiles. Rifles such as the Ruger Mini-14, which used to be the PoPo’s go-to SWAT rifle, are chambered for .223 but Ruger specifically states that it will safely fire 5.56 rounds.

    As for the ammo, most police departments use .223 rounds because they are commercial ammo, whereas all *new* 5.56 rounds are NATO-headstamped (that’s the circled cross) and manufactured at .mil ammo plants such as Lake City. Rounds marked “.223” will always be .223 Remington rounds, and 5.56 rounds will always be 5.56 rounds, as the difference is in the actual brass that is shaped for a specific chamber profile. The powder charge and projectile are often identical. Marking one round as the other simply does not happen because of the off chance of a 5.56 round being used in a .223 rifle that can’t hold up to the chamber pressure.

    New .mil 5.56 NATO rounds are limited to FMJ rounds such as the M855 or M193 due to international “Laws of Armed Combat” that go back to before the first World War and prohibit expanding bullets due to the “unnecessary suffering” they are said to cause, whereas domestic LE have no such restriction and often use hollowpoint ammunition such as Hornady TAP and Winchester PDX-1 rounds in the .223Rem chambering.

    Recoil from 5.56 and .223 rounds are virtually indistinguishable, because at the end of the day, they’re both just glorified “.22 magnum” varmint rounds originally designed to kill gophers and rabbits. The round is so small that many states won’t allow them for use on 150lb deer.

    Sorry for being long-winded, but I wanted to clear up the confusion.

    Long live the real.
    -Father Abraham

  12. James Crawford Says:

    Re Sieg,

    Excellent point.

    I don’t expect any LE to grow a brain or a pair of testicles.

    I do expect the defense attorneys to demand discovery of a full tally of ALL empty cartridge cases recovered from the scene including the roof of firebase Don Carlos and all bullet holes in and around the Twin Peaks restaurant. Since none of the bikers had rifles deployed (some in vehicles) any 5.56 mm rounds would probably be from law enforcement which would be damn embarrassing.

    I didn’t realize that some manufacturers mark all police 5.56mm and .223″ ammo as .233. Is this perhaps because cops are too limpr wristed to handle the recoil from 5.56mm?

  13. FF Says:


    Yeah, I hear ya.

    Everybody is just hanging on for a pension. Conscience acting up?

    Vodka. Lots of it.

    Frequent Flyer

  14. Meh Says:

    Aryan links with the Cossacks may have had tacit help from authorities.

    What deadlier way to disrupt bikerdom than encourage toxic groups to infest it? It’s a self-sustaining situation if done right. LEO are fond of calling clubs “gangs” so their next logical step is to help make gangs a reality. The ideal pawn is convinced he is NOT a pawn.

    The only way to counter a murderous “gang” opponent is prepare for war and fight back. Pork can break out the popcorn and wait for targets of opportunity.

    The endgame they are shooting for (pun of course intended) would be disrupting established clubs in favor of an unstable mix of easier targets. They can’t beat bikers in court, they can’t make a habit of shooting them in groups, but they can exploit the mess if bikers and pseudo-bikers take each other out.

  15. old & stoned Says:

    i love the ‘vince foster’ reference. the Parks Service dept doing a murder investigation,,, instant cold-case.

  16. Sieg Says:

    JC, I don’t meant to diminish in any way, I just see a little different side to it.

    Not all ammunition sold to LE is marked 5.56mm, even when being used in weapons chambered for it. One of the largest corps selling reman to the LE market marks ALL their rounds as .223 Remington, no matter what the headstamp says. Headstamp? “WE don need no steenkin headstamp!”

    But really, fellas…does anyone here really believe there’s gonna be that magical moment when the pigs decide they can’t live with the shame, and give it all up? When Reyna and the other corrupt shit-bags out there decide that in the interest of truth, justice, and the ‘murican way, they are going to release ALL the evidence and free those unjustly accused? When the gun-thugs of the atf admit that they’ve been murdering, torturing, and framing people FOR DECADES????

    Any of y’all really think that?

    I just ask cause, well, sometimes it sounds like a convention of jailhouse lawyers in here. This shit is all going down the well, and while I hope enough of it gets out to at least get the innocent off the hook, I have no confidence or belief that it will.

    And if a lawyer were to suddenly to discover that Reyna and whatever Chi-Town gangster Osama has running the atf these day were partying down with midget-hookers n cocaine while they made up stories, how long do you suppose it would be before he met Vince Foster, or even worse, before the FedCoats found kiddy-porn on his computer???


  17. Meh Says:

    If the cops popped off many rounds nofuckingway would they have found all the projectiles.

    That begs the question of where those went and what their trajectories add to the story.

    Has any of the structure present that day been removed? Disposed of?

  18. James Crawford Says:

    Correction on the assumption that even a cop can identifle the caliber of expended cartridge cases simply by reading the I vividly recall ROTFLMAO at an episode of COPS in which an officer saw a rifle case on the ground, picked it up to read the headstamp that indidicated that it was a 30-30 round then fearfully announced that it was from an AK-47.

  19. old & stoned Says:

    i believe the quote was ‘only 3 waco pd’ fired weapons, specifically waco pd. understandable when you consider they were caught in dps’s crossfire. i have seen NO public mention of swat or dps brass tally, other than the witness accounts of a ‘barrage’.

    4 ‘confirmed’ le ‘kills’. one could reasonably assume most, if not all, fatal injuries were snipers due to target accuracy. handguns wielded one-handed in a fire fight would not yield such accuracy.

    the conclusion would have to be that ‘almost’ all were dps/swat.

    just because ‘the Truth is out there,,’ doesn’t mean it will EVER see the light of day. when the State releases ALL the video UNEDITED, unredacted, it will be obvious this was a staged buffalo hunt, with a stack of casualties dozens deep.

  20. TX_Biker Says:

    Pancho Villa, The feds are opportunists, I’m sure that they made the connection between the Aryan Circle and the Cossacks and may have even connected another famous MC from california to the Cossacks. Then saw the opportunity to entangle the Bandidos in Their web of deception….

  21. Mike 184 Says:

    I really can’t believe that these guys don’t have to record their rounds when they are on duty. I remember guarding some bunkers while in the Marines and every time we left for and returned form a post we had to place all 30 rounds form the magazine into a wooden block. That was locked up and then we got it back the next time we went out to reload our mag.

    Now, anyone knows that there has been serious pencil whipping going on with this, but with all the descriptions of the shootout, it sure sounds like way more than 12 rounds were shot. I haven’t tried listening to the various videos to see.

  22. James Crawford Says:

    Re Sieg:

    ROTFLMAO on your 555grain, 5.56 mm typo. It is a pleasure to meet someone who can appreciate the implications of such a projectile that would be about 8″ long.

    Your comments about the major difference being the gentler lead angle between the chamber and the rifled barrel are of course entirely correct. This difference in lead angle inevitably results in higher than expected chamber pressures occurring when 5.56 rounds are fired from .223 rifles. The difference in lead angle as well as a higher standard for acceptable chamber pressure allows ammunition manufacturers to load 5.56mm a bit hotter than .223″. This seldom results in catastrophic problems because modern guns have barrels made of stronger steels which gives them a sufficient safety factor.

    With the exception of a few gun geeks such as myself and firearms forensics experts, very few shooters and almost all cops are unaware of the subtle differences between the two cartridges. However; the M-4 carbine or M-16 variants commonly employed by most police departments have 5.56 mm stamped on the barrel. Most police departments purchase 5.56 mm rather than .223″ ammunition for their tactical rifles.

    My issue is the improbability of the forensic lab misidentifying the ammunition. If the police had been armed with say .308 caliber rifles, the lab examining the projectiles would quickly determine that they were 30 caliber projectiles. The lab would not be able to determine definitively that the projectiles were from a .308 caliber rifle rather than a 30-06 or even a .300 Winchester magnum unless they used bore markings to determine that the projectile was fired from a particular rifle that was chambered in .308.

    In this case, the forensic lab was positively matching specific expended cartridge cases to specific rifles. Identifying the caliber of the case is accomplished simply by reading the headstamp. Even a cop can do this. Unfortunately; this simple identification process presents the police with a simple method to conceal how many rounds they fired. Assume that all of the officers except one idiot had their rifles loaded with department issue 5.56 roundsmand the one idiot had his rifle loaded with .223 rounds that he bought at Bi-Mart. The police commanders then assign the task of collecting expended cartridge cases and sorting out the cases that were likely to have been fired by the police to the one idiot. The idiot sorts out only a dozen .223 caliber cases because he is too stupid to understand that his collegues were all firing 5.56 mm ammunition. His commanders might recognize his mistake, but they are eager to conceal the fact that their trigger happy cops fired off hundreds of rounds into a crowded restaurant and that some of the innocent people who were killed were shot by the police rather than other bikers.

    Now do you understand the importance?

  23. Sieg Says:

    T Hell, that’s an easy one-the other shooters were atf gun-thugs.

    FTF / FTP

  24. T Hell Says:

    Waco Chief of Police Brent Stroman held a news conference on or about June 6 2014 where he shared information about the investigation into the clusterfuck forever to be known as Twin Peaks that killed nine and left 18 injured, most of them innocent. Among the statements directly from his press release, Stroman said three Waco officers fired 12 rounds in the exchange of gunfire, this was to be taken as three and only three officers fired their weapons. No distinction was made between rifle casings and pistol casings. I ponder once more why were 14 officers put on the desk for firing their weapons when only three fired a total of 12 rounds?

  25. Lost Cause Says:

    They claim “12” LE casings were recovered, 12 RIFLE casings. I don’t doubt for a minute that a few of the non-tactical guys popped off a few pistol rounds as well thus 14 officers total on administrative leave. They may also account for more of the kill shots.

  26. Sieg Says:

    um, a 555 gr. 5.56mm round would be REAL interesting. Sorry for the typo.


  27. Sieg Says:

    James Crawford, I really, really, REALLY hate to get into all the 5.56mm stuff here-been done to death everywhere for the last 50 years, BUT.

    The 5.56mm doesn’t fire a “longer, heavier projectile”. The standard loading for either a 5.56mm or a .223 Remington is either a 555 gr. or a 62 gr, depending on barrel twist. There are heavier projectiles in use, notably by military marksmen, but they aren’t commonly available. The difference in projectile weight is, in most of them, minimal

    The 5.56mm isn’t loaded to higher chamber pressures. The interior dimensions of the 5.56 differ slightly in the web from the .223, but the capacity of the case is the same, with minor variations from brand to brand. the difference in the chambering is in the leade of the weapons chamber itself, with a rifle chambered for .223 Remington having a slightly sharper leade angle. This MAY result in higher chamber pressures when using 5.56mm ammunition, because of the shorter length of leade.

    That said, it’s a very, very rare thing to see any type of failure in either a weapon chambered for the .223 OR the 5.56mm when mixing ammo. I’ve been building, shooting, repairing, and playing in bushes with M16’s and AR15’s for the last 40+ years, and I’ve never seen a failure from using one type of ammo or another. There is no question that a rifle chambered for 5.56mm can safely and reliably fire .223 Remington ammo, the only problems I have ever heard of were the result of people firing 5.56mm ammo from bolt-guns with VERY tight chambers.

    To end that little rant, I’ll just say that very few people outside of a section of the shooting community know the difference, or that there IS a difference, betwixt the two. I wouldn’t place any great significance to a pig spokesman or “news” person using the terminology interchangeably.



    For all of our pig friends, I haven’t touched a weapon since the day the FedCoats raided my home. I are very law-abiding.

  28. Meh Says:

    Metal can be analyzed using a mass spectrometer, potentially matching projectiles to ammo batches or anything that accumulated sufficient projectile wear metal to test.

  29. James Crawford Says:

    Re THell

    Very perceptive comment regarding the discrepancy between the 14 officers placed on administrative leave for firing their weapons and the alleged 12 rounds fired by police.

    The alleged 12 rounds fired by police was based on expended cartridge cases recovered from the scene that could be ballistically matched to individual weapons used by the police. This is an ass backwards method to track rounds fired by police. The officers should KNOW how many magazines that had and how many rounds were in each magazine (nominally full magazines) and if they carried their weapons with a round in the chamber. The police can then count number of rounds remaining in their magazines to get an accurate count of rounds that they expended. This eliminates the risk of undercounting rounds fired resulting from failure to find all expended cartridge cases or an inability to positively ballistic match with individual weapons.

    What fascinated me is that the forensics lab claimed that the 12 expended cartridge cases that were matched to police weapons were .223 caliber when the police were firing variants of the M-4 carbine derived from the M-16 which is chambered in 5.56 millimeter. The two cartridges share common exterior dimensions but the 5.56 is usually loaded with a longer, heavier projectile and to higher chamber pressures. While it is perfectly safe to fire .223 ammo from weapons chambered for 5.56 mm, firing 5.56 mm ammo from a weapon chambered for .223 can result in severely excessive chamber pressures. Keep in mind that .223 and 5.56 cartridgesnas well as the FN 5.7 mm for the FN-P-90 rifle have the exact same bore diameter and can be loaded with the same assortment of projectiles. A forensic lab cannot determine which type of weapon a projectile has been fired from unless they can do an exact match with barrel rifling.

    What I suspect is that the police in connivance with the forensics lab are playing bait and switch with the ballistics to obscure how many rounds were fired by police and how many people were shot by police. Key to this is an erroneous claim that the police were firing .223 caliber rifles which can then be used to exclude 5.56 mm and 5.7 mm that were fired from police M-4 carbines and FN-5.7 rifles.

  30. Drew151 Says:

    As someone fairly new to the biker world I find your investigative journalism regarding same fascinating ! Also, the way you relate a story, with hard facts from reliable sources that are indisputable due to their validity, puts you in a very elite league of excellent writers ! After following this story since the beginning and in light of recent revelations, I can’t help but wonder if some of the instigators of this situation were released early from prison to achieve their twisted goals ! Keep up the good work !

  31. Brad Milch Says:

    Jeffrey Pike is close. It’s bigger that conspiracy between Waco bacon & Cossacks. It’s more like Cossacks = police in biker drag. IOW, when the public sees a Cossack they unknowingly are looking at bacon.
    Wasn’t it thoughtful of the feds to keep Pike’s bike for him while he’s busy with his lawyers? I suppose they grabbed it fast before Pike’s house & whatever money they can shake him down for is seized next. Poor man has got almost as many leeches after his valuables as El Chapo does. Probably has about as many snitches feeding feds & lesser bacon too. It ain’t right. I feel for him.

  32. rrwerker Says:

    Well,the Ryan circle is involved
    With the Cossacks that finally makes sense. No one could figure out what had made the Cossacks loose their minds in recent years.
    So a prison gang takes control of a Motor cycle club and suddenly the club starts flipping out doing shite that it never did before causing problems it never did before. Now they go off the deep end all of them choosing to drink the koolaide….
    Doing exactly what will get them all thrown in Prison…
    Not caring what happens to their brothers not there.
    It now makes perfect sense. Big O and all the rest of them just wanted to go home.(back to prison)
    Why didn’t ya just go rob a liquor store and leave everyone else out of it.
    See, real bikers don’t like to go to prison.
    Ya can’t ride your motorcycle in jail.
    All the bullshit they are shoveling is to cover up their insanity.

  33. Mad Dog Says:

    Pancho Villa, that’s an interesting comment. Looking at as much as we can see of the whole picture, now I really wonder who’s using whom. Maybe it’s mutual back scratching, or one hand washing the other.

  34. Pancho Villa Says:

    Well… All I can say about the whole thing is it has stunk for a while now (even before waco). The I dont know if its the organization or just some of its members, but the Cossacks are in bed with the feds. The ones that are not in bed with them are sure cooperating with them and feeding bullshit and lies into the evidence pool. If you read the full indictment it screams of cooperation. With as many “unnamed” cossacks it has listed giving statements it cant be much else. I personally think the Cossacks are using the feds as a weapon against the Red and Gold Nation and the feds are just eating it up like the little idiots they are.

  35. 198VTAsupport Says:

    Due to that new show on the Netflix, ‘Making a Murderer’ (or whatever its called), I have noticed that the general population has started to take notice of LE/Fed corruption. Rebel, maybe an investigative documentary on the Waco tragedy, by the same people who did that Netflix series, may make for quite an eye opener for those with their eyes still shut.


  36. Rebel Says:

    Dear Schmoopytx,

    I am digging as deep and as hard as I can. I am aware of the notorious lynching. The connection between that lynching and the Twin Peaks Massacre eludes me.


  37. T Hell Says:

    “14 officer’s placed on administrative leave as standard procedure after firing their weapons.”

    14 officers placed on leave for firing their weapons, 14.
    12 shots fired by police, 12.
    Back when I went to school 14 – 12 = 2, is this some super secret LEO math?

  38. Road Whore Says:

    Thank you, Rebel.

    Ride Free

  39. Anonymous Says:

    I guess this explains some of the patches the cossacks wear.

    Pictures below are some more supporting evidence.



  40. Lost Cause Says:

    “Federal authorities on Monday moved to seize the home, Harley-Davidson motorcycle, work truck, guns and cash from the reputed national vice president of the Bandidos as his lawyer requested more time to prepare for a bail hearing.”

    So much for innocent until proven guilty.

  41. Schmoopytx Says:

    Maybe an investigation into who in law enforcement in Waco is part of the Aryan Circle. Dig a little and see some history of Waco and the torturous death of a black mentally disabled young man, Jesse Washington in 1916. He was hung after being found guilty and thousands of Waco residents went to the hanging to watch him burn and be castrated alive. (Including government officials)

  42. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Wait a minute here on Swanton’s report, 6 was on the D side.. 1 on C side & 2 was told that you have to take them to the EMS,30 MINUTES LATER. we will not allow EMS to come in..they are staged at the shopping center. 1 made it over there the other didn’t. They pulled him from the bed of the truck and laid him down behind Don Carlos. ..
    NOW, saying them.. they claim of another is who invited them for peace?

    As 44 casings recovered NONE WAS OF NON-LE, 14 officer’s placed on administrative leave as standard procedure after firing their weapons.

  43. Peachy Says:

    Love you Rebel. Keep sharing the truth.

  44. Rebel Says:

    Dear XYZ,

    Oh I am looking at something about the civil cases.


  45. XYZ Says:

    Clint Broden has been quiet lately:

    So has the Appellate Court on the Gag Order:

    The Twin Peaks entities keep serially filing motions to designate law enforcement as responsible third parties. (Of course no MSM will report or follow up on that rather stunning development):

    Now add white supremacist prison gangs, and “investigative” reporters from Houston and Dallas. What a load of shit.

    Tic-toc says the clock.

  46. Gandalf Says:

    The Problem with threats and blackmail ect. is that some people just don’t give a fuck…. I heard they come from Missouri or Texas or Detroit or Phila, I forget…. Oh Well, There it is.
    BTW In Court $ is ammo…. LE is trying to drain the Bandits ammo.

  47. old & stoned Says:

    and who was ‘big o’ rollin’ with when he’d go shit disturbing,,,,?

  48. TX_Biker Says:

    And the plot thickens…..

  49. T Hell Says:

    “Wayne Dolcefino. Dolcefino is a former investigative reporter for television station KTRK who brags on his website, For more than twenty-five years, Wayne Dolcefino has been one of the most feared names in Texas television.”

    Hey Wayne where the fuck you been since last September?

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