Bandidos Shoe Drops

January 6, 2016

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Bandidos Shoe Drops

Richard L. Durbin, Jr., the United States Attorney for the Western District of Texas, unsealed a nine count racketeering indictment against three national officers of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club today. The indictment describes the club as the “Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Organization.”

The men named in the indictment are Jeffrey Fay Pike, the national president; John Xavier Portillo, the national vice-president; and Justin Cole Forster who is the club’s national sergeant at arms.

The indictment charges the men with participating in four methamphetamine transactions, The first transaction occurred in January 2013 and the last allegedly took place last June. The men are also charged with three counts of violence in aid of racketeering, one count of extortion and one count of racketeering – which is generally defined as the crime of being a criminal.

The Boilerplate

The indictment describes the Bandidos in what has become the boiler plate of racketeering indictments against motorcycle clubs. Recent case law stipulates that prosecutors must describe an enterprise separate from the club as a whole. There will be a superseding indictment in this case but for the time being the enterprise is defined only as Pike, Portillo and Forster. For the benefit of naïve journalists, prosecutors have christened the enterprise as the “Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Organization.” There may be 1.200 Bandidos in the United States. Three of them are charged. The words were chosen to portray the Bandidos Motorcycle Club as a whole as a criminal organization.

The pejorative rhetoric reads:

The objectives and purposes of the Bandidos OMO enterprise included the following:

a. Preserving, protecting and enhancing the power, territory, reputation and profits of the enterprise through the use of intimidation, violence, threats of violence, assaults, murder, attempted murder and robbery against rival motorcycle organizations.

b. Promoting and enhancing the enterprise and its members’ and associates’ activities, including, but not limited to, robberies, including robbery of property of rival motorcycle organizations, and other criminal activities.

c. Making money for the enterprise through, among other things, extorting money from other motorcycle organizations through fear and threats of violence, drug trafficking, and illegal gambling activities.

d. Maximizing profits for enterprise leaders and members from a variety of illegal activity.

e. Keeping victims, potential victims, potential informants and witnesses, and the public-at-large in fear of the enterprise, and in fear of its members and associates, through extortion, intimidation, violence and threats of violence.


The indictment overflows with references to the Cossacks Motorcycle Club. At least part of the government’s case is founded upon statements made by members of the Cossacks to police. It specifically mentions a confrontation between Bandidos and Cossacks in Abilene on November 2, 2013; the homicide at Gators Jam Inn on December 12, 2014; statements attributed to Portillo that the Bandidos were “at war with the Cossacks;” a patch pulling at a gas station in Palo Pinto County, Texas on March 22, 2015; and an assault on August 22,2015, in Port Aransas, Texas. The indictment never breathes the word Waco nor does it make any reference to the Twin Peaks Massacre.

Cynics might think the indictment is at least partly intended to obscure the emerging truth about what happened at the Twin Peaks last May 17.

The indictment does throw in the detail that “On or about November 3-7, 2015, John Portillo traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada to conduct a sit-down meeting with the National President of the Vagos Outlaw Motorcycle Organization.” It does not specify how the meeting might be illegal.

The indictment also serves notice that federal prosecutors will seek the forfeiture of “real property, including things growing on, affixed to, and found in land; and tangible and intangible personal property, including rights, privileges, interests, claims, and securities.”

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46 Responses to “Bandidos Shoe Drops”

  1. Shovelhead Says:

    I see you picked up on Patricks bullshit wording too.
    I’ve never known or met a 1%er who used the term OMG. Only Cops and their ass kissing trolls use that term.

  2. Phuquehed Says:

    @Patrick – Yeah, we’ll believe you’re all good and snuggly-wuggly with 1% clubs, because everyone who is always calls them ‘gangs’ or ‘OMG’s’.

  3. onefootinthegrave Says:

    Godspeed for a quick and righteous outcome for those accused both in the Waco trump and in the above article. It is an outrage, what lengths the feds–and haters–will go to anymore.

  4. onefootinthegrave Says:

    I mean, rolling as in owning up to bending over for the leos, admitting to carnal knowledge of the set up that day at Waco by the leos, later on down the line. Cops who will never fess up no doubt can swallow any shards of remorse one might ever feel in time. A biker might have not been able to live down the wreckage that he was part of creating–especially had it turned out the way the pigs obviously were intending and anticipated, where the real bikers would actually throw down. Maybe there was a backup plan of eliminating any potential leaks if it was clear that their original plan wasn’t taking shape.

  5. onefootinthegrave Says:

    Cops use snitches but cops hate snitches. Who’s to say that the dead copsacks weren’t intentionally hit by leo to keep them from rolling?

  6. Patrick Volk Says:

    Ok…hypothetically…a UC in the Bandidos is part of the conversation where they talk about all of these things Don, including how they will be TCB at Twin Peaks etc. and now none of this happened? None of this is the truth? I realize you have some ties and affiliation to the OMG world as do I, but come one, give me a break. No, not all of those in the OMG clubs are committing crimes. I rode with some great guys, one who was an electrical engineer with a 6 figure salary and a wife and two kids and a $500,000 house. He just wanted to be cool and wear a 3 piece cut and ride his scoot with us. He made 1 delivery of some “stuff” and now he’s on the down hill side of 10 years of Fed time. His bad, not the feds.

  7. RtC Says:

    Justathought, you have stated nothing but FACT about the BandidosMC! NO WAY
    will they DO, let alone DEAL f’n METH! Now Community Coffee is another subject!
    lol You drink strong enough CC, you don’t need f’n meth! Seriously, I know for
    a fact that these charges are all trumped up BS! Just how do these fed-fucks
    sleep at night?!
    Hoping you’re regaining sight, Rebel! Best wishes for a speedier recovery.

    RESPECTS to all but the f’n trolls, fed-fucks & Urine Odor faggots. And that
    includes Reyna & his inbred cronies of Wacko! Oh BTW Big FUCK YOU to COOK you
    useless waste of human skin!

  8. Justathought Says:

    “Go Fund Me” does not allow people like us to use them for our kind of causes

  9. Justathought Says:

    Thanks @ Mike Smith, I agree. He was a great man.

    on another note, Some here have inferred that the indictment/news stories which mention “meth”, is how these Bandidos got caught by the law enforcement!!That leo’s laid it out there like some bait, and the Bandits could not resist selling it! Ridiculous!! Does anyone here seriously believe for a second, that the 3 highest ranking members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, would be out peddling “Meth”? LOL…Think about it: You over-see and guide an international club of thousands, and you’ve got to go meeting people on street corners peddle “meth” on your own? These 3 men are business owners/managers/etc…not fools. Nobody is stupid enough to do that. I will say I know several Bandidos, and to a man, I have never seen them do any type of drugs other then pot, alcohol and cigarettes. I Asked one I know pretty well about accusations of meth sales and usage in the MC world and he said ” Use to be a problem, but not so much anymore. We don’t do that shit. I’m not going to tell you any club business, but Our by-laws even say, if it doesn’t grow natural, Bandidos do not use it”. He had no reason to lie to me. Do the leo have reason to lie?

  10. Mad Dog Says:

    Of course, the timing of this indictment is hardly coincidental. I don’t know a single Bandido or a single Cossack, and so I can only comment on how this looks to me–namely that the most benign interpretation of the Cossacks’ involvement in it is that they got straight played by law enforcement, local and federal, from start to finish, and their rank and file have already paid a terrible price.

  11. Meh Says:

    Bacon manipulating the Cossacks is IMO likely because an older, wiser group would not fall for that shit.

    The Cossack who died shooting at SWAT was obviously NOT in on the game, but flipping a few actors is pure COINTELPRO, and that strategy can never go obsolete due to human nature.

    An infiltrator being present at Waco gives them credibility for being in the fight. Their safety could be (mostly) assured by sniper cover.

    The main strength of biker culture is tribalism, but that’s also its main weakness because rivalries are permanent and easy for infiltrators to inflame. The impossibility of hanging together doesn’t ensure hanging separately, but it’s convenient for pork. They will remain able to do what was done to black nationalist groups, which was stir shit then stand back and let nature take its course.

    The counter to infiltration is investigation and intel. The pork counter to investigation and intel is flipping weak members of poorly run upstart groups. The only counter to that is refuse interaction with those groups, but if those groups choose to intrude by force then that won’t work either.

    Tricky problem with no obvious solution.

  12. Mike Smith Says:

    @ Justathought. Thank you for the correction. He deserves to have his name spelled correctly.

  13. Gandalf Says:

    Simplicity. In the end the jury are simple people. There is really only 1 question they will have. “Why were you at Twin Peaks on the Morning of May 17th.” If a person is a member, or friend of a member of the COC&I they are pretty much in the clear. If they are not…They are Fucked.

  14. RtC Says:

    The FACT is that this is ALL about WACKO & trying to cover their asses!
    Corrupt motherfuckers!

  15. Mama G Says:

    Rebel making a documentary is a phenomenal idea!!!


    Let me first say that I know nothing about anything. I have thought, and commented, that the pawns who were targeted, chosen and groomed to be part of the rapid growth of the Cossacks. I think that, other than UCs and rats, the pawns targeted by LE were the guys who have long fantasized about being part of the MC community but would never ever get past buying a support shirt at a rally. We have all seen those fan boys, if you will, who look longingly at a pack of PHs when they roll in wishing they could be part of the sacred brotherhood shared by a select few. To me, they are the ones who would be ripe for the picking by LE for Operation Crooked Tiny Dick Cop. Who better for them to bring into the fold than fan boys. Easily swayed to obliviously follow the script. Put a handler or two in each chapter. Start a few whisper campaigns. Create the world they have longed to be part of, make them a full patch member and stir the pot. I envision Steve Cock and his bitches camped out in their war room slowly and methodically setting things into motion. It isn’t far fetched to theorize the “operation” plan being hatched years ago. Strategically picking and choosing snitches and rats in random bust who would sell their mother to keep themselves out of the pokey. Add in the fan boys along the way who would never question just follow because they finally made it. LE shooting their “own” makes perfect sense. You can’t sing like a canary if you aren’t above ground. Some of them were probably like leading lambs to slaughter.
    The whole thing is appalling and we can only hope that at some point in time hell fire will reign down on every corrupt POS involved in Waco and every other “game move” prior to May 17th.

    My candle burns bright for the victims of Waco.

    Much Respect

  16. NCRider Says:

    I am stressing bad that the book will be sold out before I order a copy. Print a ton of them, Rebel!


  17. Road Whore Says:

    Rebel, I think you producing some documentaries would be a sterling idea! Your connection with Nick Mead might be a good place to start, yes?

    Ride Free

  18. Dino Says:

    Crazy shit. I don’t know if anyone has watched Making a Murderer on Netflix. It is hard to make heads or tails of the truth of his murder conviction for me, but it is at least very intriguing. The corruption that is proven is shocking, especially considering nobody was held accountable. But add in the corruption that is very likely but not proven and it is disgusting.
    I would love to see someone chronicle the injustices done to the biker community in the same way. Or, for now, maybe just a good documentary on the Waco fiasco. It didn’t take long for a documentary to come out on Waco I (Branch Davidians) and that was very powerful. The documentaries seem to hit a much larger audience than books on the same subjects.
    Have you ever ventured into the documentary arena, Rebel? I am looking forward to the book either way.

  19. Gandalf Says:

    I see a Fed Operation that was named “Texas Rocker” 23 months ago and a MC who changed their bottom rocker at about the same time. ??? I also see that the Operation was targeting the Bandidos and the MC who changed their bottom rocker was the very same MC who arrived early on May 17th at Twin Peaks, armed and attacked the Bandidos before they even got off their bikes. That’s what this “outside observer” sees. Like Rebel said… This thing gets stranger and stranger every day. I believe we all smell the same thing no matter what we “see”.

  20. TX_Biker Says:

    The Cossacks seem to be all chanting the same rehearsed rhetoric. This plan has been laid out for some time and it is not a conspiracy theory, it is a fact that is plain to see. The result of this plan will be to further destabilize the biker community. Where that happens other ambitious clubs that have never been in Texas will fill the void left by the clubs that destabilized. Then they will have a real problem on their hands. But they (the feds) do not care about that. All they care about is justifying their existence and filling their coffers with taxpayer dollars…..

  21. Dino Says:

    An outside observer would perceive LE infiltration at a high level within the Cossacks. Or maybe that is just the conspiracy theorist in me. I wonder if their own members have the same suspicions.

  22. popeye Says:

    Heres the indictment

  23. Brad Milch Says:

    Well, I’ll be damned….looks like it was the Feds all along with hard-ons for the Bandidos. Fed dick’s been hard since 2013 too. That makes for a mighty sore pipe wanting & waiting to bust Fed nuts on the Fat Mexican riders.
    Some folks figured this out early in the Waco II saga. It explains why the Texas State government & its mama (the Feds) have been letting the Waco & county DA act like a lazy, conceited, spoiled brat & not spanking him hard in response.
    As this new twist in the road straightens out, many more questions may be answered along the way, such as: are the Cossacks an LEO front & is the Twin Peaks patio shooter (the fellow with the high Austin salary that was one of the 1st that could afford the 10% of the original million dollar bond that is also a Cossack)an undercover bacon? Is that why the DA has not initiated a trial for the only visible shooter the public has seen so far?
    The big question I have in this Waco II puzzle: If the Waco area Cossacks are a front for LEO, why did LEO kill its own operatives just to nail one Bandido & one independent rider? Was the entire sordid affair played out just to assassinate one Bandido president?
    If so, Feds want those boys as bad as it gets.

  24. chromedome Says:

    “The indictment also serves notice that federal prosecutors will seek the forfeiture of “real property, including things growing on, affixed to, and found in land; and tangible and intangible personal property, including rights, privileges, interests, claims, and securities.”

    kinda sounds to me like its sayin were comin for your plants dreams and porn. Lol i swear they jumble all the fanciest lingo that really dont mean shit.


  25. Anonymous Says:

    DA agrees to release evidence to Twin Peaks biker’s lawyer without conditions

  26. Justathought Says:

    @ Mike Smith it’s Ronnie Hodge…with an “ie”. But your quote of him is spot on. He also said, referring to his Brothers: “We (and bikers) are the last free Americans”.

  27. NCOM CU Says:

    All I can say is Rico is going to move faster in the courts than Waco…

  28. Mike Smith Says:

    In two years this case will fall apart. But for those two years these men will rot in jails and detention centers.

    Ronny Hodge once said: “You can beat the rap, but you can’t beat the ride.” He was referring to these exact injustices.

  29. Mike Smith Says:

    As I and many others have said all along, the LEO’s staged the riot in Waco to use these statutes. Then their shoddy little plan went sideways and nine men were murdered. To that end they have been going all our to arrest and silence as many people as they can. The main part of the indictment is from March of 2015 to July of 2015 with a great big hole where the massacre goes.

  30. NCRider Says:

    What Old and Stoned said! For those that do not believe this was orchestrated by Waco, it is because they do not care about “bikers”. Wonder what Mr. Broden thinks about the indictment?


  31. Gandalf Says:

    I’m sure there is no shortage of Cossacks willing to say anything after watching the Twin Peaks Video, knowing they were uninvited, fully armed, shot at Cops and attacked the Bandidos. Fact is most Cossacks are Fucked and looking at big time…. These people might say anything. Enough of them saying the same thing (whatever they want) and a conviction is possible. Seems to me these are the 3 guys responsible for the peaceful arrival at Twin Peaks that day and the dignified code the Bandits followed since then. These are the guys who outsmarted them all…. LE ain’t gonna let them just get away with that. I wish them Luck but making fools of these people is dangerous business.

  32. T Hell Says:

    this case comes forward “now” with the cumulative effect of further contaminating the jury pool in Waco. To the pigs this is nothing more than a choreographed dance if they win they are treated as heroes if they lose they simply try again. Fuck em one and all….

  33. Anonymous Says:


    I am in total agreement with your first paragraph. Someone planned all of this, the cossacks were used as pawns.

    A person or persons in law enforcement is planning and executing a masterminded attack against The Bandidos with all the morals and ethics of a Machiavellian sociopath.

    Justice and the rule of law have been thrown out the window by the same people who have sworn to uphold it.

    This is no longer about what is “right”, it seems to be personal.

  34. Meh Says:

    Bacon loves meth bust so much it should be rightly considered bait.
    Deny the pigs leverage and avoid the shit. It’s fun but that’s all.

    Drugs didn’t get into black ghettos by accident. It was an easy way to fund anti-Communist efforts in Latin America while giving leverage to “fight crime” by busting blacks. The Feds love the War On Some Drugs because they profit from it in a variety of ways and the chemicals bait a steady stream of people into their social game.

    The reasons pork love busting people for tangible objects like firearms or chemicals not blessed by Big Pharma is they like to tie people to transactions and follow money. They then play asset forfeiture games making money for THEIR enterprise.

  35. Justathought Says:


    After reading the indictment, all I can say is “Wow”. ANYONE who believes that the law isn’t behind every bit of this planned attack on the Bandidos MC, including WACO, and importantly the growth (rapidly) of the cop sack club, for this very purpose of trying to take down this club, is blind,deaf,and stupid.

    I know where I can go to get the unmitigated truth of the matter. Thank you for that Rebel. Thank you very much.

    Maybe it is time to put “Bandidos” “Bandidos MC” or similar, on your “tags” section. I think a lot of people have been searching for the Bandidos online,and even more will be now, and I would hope they would first be directed here, where one can easily can find the truth. What do you think?

  36. Candy Says:

    Once again, Rebel, you’ve managed to inform readers, using the talent you’ve been clearly given. Keep ’em coming Much appreciation for your dedication to justice.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    The indictment gives a day-by-day account of actions taken by the Bandidos while skipping the events that unfolded May 17 in Waco.

    Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton declined comment, saying the police department remains under a judge’s gag order.

    The gag order only applies to the case of Matthew Clendennen…

    Swanton said he stands by comments he made to the Tribune-Herald shortly after the shootout.

  38. Phuquehed Says:

    Just keeps proving the feds are corrupt, the local pigs are equally corrupt as the feds, and the cocksacks are filled with nothing but bitches and snitches.

  39. old & stoned Says:

    this “operation texas rocker” along with evidence of waco / fed undercover rats involved in the fray say: “premeditated murder”. doesn’t it all make sense now,, why do cossacks always seem to sound like cop-snitch stooges,,?

  40. Peachy Says:

    Did you notice that the federal operation started in 2013. And was named “Operation Texas Rocker” Hmm isn’the that ironic!

  41. BMW Says:

    Autocorrect made “conspiring” into “considering”. Sorry, BMW

  42. BMW Says:

    More malfeasance and Misconduct by the “authorities”, who exhibit more criminal activity and conspiracy every day than a “biker gang” does in a decade! Such hypocrites, the “authorities” who are currently considering to strip Americans of their civil rights by framing motorcyclists as gangsters. I hate to even drive by a courthouse any more. I would have to agree that the timing of this bust looks like another attempt to draw attention from Cookiestealer staged in Whaco


  43. Anonymous Says:

    I guess going forward we’ll hear from some slick Federal guy about how the Waco thing isn’t a rotten steaming pile.

    I will miss these cornpone fellers:

  44. Anonymous Says:

    Though the mills of God grind slowly;
    Yet they grind exceeding small;
    Though with patience He stands waiting,
    With exactness grinds He all.

    Numbered pages 8-10 (Document pages 11-13) are especially instructive.

  45. TX_Biker Says:

    Won’t Change a thing.

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