Bandido Acquitted

December 17, 2015

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Bandido Acquitted

It took a three-man, nine-woman jury about 90 minutes to find Abilene Bandido Curtis Jack Lewis not guilty Wednesday of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Lewis and another Bandido named Wesley Dale Mason had been collectively accused of four counts of aggravated assault for allegedly stabbing two members of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club in the parking lot of the Logan’s Roadhouse restaurant in Abilene on November 2, 2013. The two Cossacks are named Timothy Shane Satterwhite and Edward Corley.

Mason Takes Blame

Mason testified yesterday that he had actually stabbed Satterwhite and Corley. The fight broke out after Cossacks confronted an unknown number of Bandidos. After the fight the Bandidos left and the Cossacks stuck around to talk to the police who responded to the scene. Corley will probably argue that he acted in self defense. During Lewis’ trial, attorney Jon Hanna said Lewis had been attacked by Cossacks.

Satterwhite and another Cossack named Michael Don Baxley who testified against Lewis were both arrested in Waco last May 17 on suspicion of participating in organized criminal activity after a brawl between Cossacks, Bandidos and other motorcycle club members resulted in nine deaths and 20 hospitalizations. Corley’s truck was seized after it was found in the parking lot of the Twin Peaks restaurant where the brawl occurred.

Although there was no evidence that Lewis had actually stabbed anybody, he was charged with aggravated assault under Texas’ “law of parties.” The law allows bystanders to be convicted as accessories to capital crimes under certain circumstances – such as when the prosecutor is glib and the jurors are stupid. The incident at Logan’s Roadhouse has been widely portrayed as a seminal event in an incrementally escalating struggle between Cossacks and Bandidos that eventually, somehow, led to the Twin Peaks Massacre.

Twin Peaks Connection

Prosecutors in Waco have encouraged that theory. And they have also subscribed to the notion that seven or eight score of people who were at the Twin Peaks last May 17 are guilty of murder and assault under the law of parties even though they, like Lewis, never harmed anybody. The Abilene prosecutor, a fellow named James Hicks, tried to convince the jury that Lewis had “incrementally planned” an attack on Satterwhite and Corley.

Waco prosecutors will probably also use nonsense phrases to try to convince jurors that most of the defendants in Waco are guilty of murder because they expressed support for either the Cossacks or Bandidos.

Michael Jarrett and Amanda Dillon, the two McLennan County Assistant District Attorneys who are most involved in the Twin Peaks prosecution were in Abilene to observe and consult on Lewis’ trial. In the end, Lewis’ jury decided he couldn’t be guilty because he didn’t do the crime.


17 Responses to “Bandido Acquitted”

  1. EC Vagos Says:

    Thanks Rebel. I would say “that clears that up”.
    Cossacks Rat, 1%ers are brothers.

    As @AVAGOVFFV says, Merry Xmas to our host, and all on our side of the road.

  2. FF Says:

    Merry Christmas AVAGOVFFV

  3. Phuquehed Says:

    @AVAGOVFFV – Those shit-stains don’t have a clue what ‘shame’ is or what it means. The best thing they could do for the planet, is jump off the rim of the Grand Canyon. At least that way their bodies will feed the ants and buzzards, and they’ll stop wasting our good air.

  4. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Mr.Mason, Is obviously a class act and a seriously committed Brother which is rare anymore my hat is off to him with nothing but respect. Best of sincere luck to Mr.Mason on a successful outcome of his trial.

    As for the two snitch fucks Satterwhite and Corley who like playing dress up? If this is any indication of what a Club that has alledgedly survived since 69 is now made of then those should bow their head in shame and close shop.

    Be who you are not who you think you are.

    Merry Christmas to all the longtime posters and to our host you all be sure to raise a bit of hell yet stay free.

    Viva Los Vagos

  5. Woodstock Says:

    There has never been any question about who is who in Texas.

  6. RtC Says:

    “xplor”, does your computer turn on by itself?!


  7. Dark Corner Says:

    One side testifies for the prosecution; the other side tosses the clown car into the ditch by simply doing what any 1%er worth the diamond would do.

    I think that clears up the question of who is who in Texas.

  8. xplor Says:

    Do I gave this right? The president of the Abilene chapter of the Bandidos is on trial.The sergeant at arms raises his hand and says I did it. What a band of brothers.

  9. BD Says:

    Nice. Hope Mason gets off too. Fuck those chickenshit testifying cocksacks they are no better than the UO

  10. Anonymous Says:

    It sounds like Lewis had good counsel and also got lucky. The “law of the parties” statute in Texas can have a pretty broad application. Lewis must have also made a convincing witness since he testified on his own behalf, which he was not obligated to do. Mason’s testimony, that he did the actual stabbing, must have helped as well.

  11. Gandalf Says:

    LE will say the Bandits purposely changed the COC&I Meeting to Waco Twin Peaks to provoke the Cossacks. Here are 3 examples of similar “provocation” by people excersizing their Civil Rights in a obvious Provacation. I’m sure they all “conspired” about how they would defend themselves if Attacked. I’m not saying the Bandits DID pick TPs on purpose…. I’m saying these groups did(do) pick their spots where they “excersize their Constitutional” right to Protest. 1- The Klan in the Greensboro Massacre. 2- MLK in Birmingham and the March from Selma to Montgomery. 3- “Gun-toting anti-Muslim activists held a protest outside the Islamic Center of Irving, Texas, on Saturday” Irving Texas just this year where, BTW, They also brought their AK 47s. LOL The Bandidos had to Constitutional right to eat Chickin wings, drink beer, look at some T&A and hold that COC&I Meeting. Members of the COC&I walk in a no-brainer.

  12. panamaa Says:

    They just keep throwing shit at the wall hoping it will stick…..

  13. Lost Cause Says:

    Hopefully the defense attorneys are paying attention as well. In my opinion, this sounds like a good place to have the trial moved to. It’s highly unlikely they could get an unbiased jury in McLennan County.

  14. Gandalf Says:

    This is the 2nd most important story Rebel wrote about Waco. IMHO. This story is VERY IMPORTANT on so many levels… Even the Waco DA’s were there knowing how important it was….. 2 comments. Hell the robot car got more comments. LOL. I’m thinking Y’all see it, know it’s true… but are speechless and won’t comment for fear your dreaming. It ain’t no dream Dorothy…even a “Unicorn” has rights…even in Texas. LOL

  15. Whobe Says:

    “The law allows bystanders to be convicted as accessories to capital crimes under certain circumstances – such as when the prosecutor is glib and the jurors are stupid.”

    Unbelievably beautiful sentence. Speechless.

  16. FF Says:

    Rebel, good job!

    I am happy for Mr. Lewis. I hope Mr. Mason is exonerated, too.

    As for Satterwhte, well….

    He is a worm but ultimateley I have to hope he isnt convicted in the twin peaks fiasco EVEN THOUGH HIS CLUB CAUESED IT because if he is, then everybody is.

    Revenge is a dish best served cold.

  17. Tooj Says:

    Well. imagine that! Common freakin’ sense actually kicked in in Texas. Abel Reyna must be changing his Depends about now.

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