CNN Releases Waco Video

October 29, 2015

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CNN Releases Waco Video

This morning, CNN released edited video taken on the patio and other interior locations of the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco during a confrontation last May 17 between members and friends of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club and members and friends of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club. It was almost immediately taken down from most news outlets. The CNN report includes the same video The Associated Press described on May 20.

The video report opens with footage of Cossacks watching the beginning of a fight between members of the two clubs. The video shows that the Cossacks had commandeered almost all of the Twin Peaks patio area which had been reserved for use that day by the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents.

The video also shows Cossacks running and crawling for cover and drawing guns. One biker wearing a cut without clearly identifiable indicia, is photographed firing a large, automatic pistol toward the back of the parking lot, away from the main area of the fight. The video also offers a fleeting glimpse of another biker in a t-shirt bear hugging a Cossack and throwing him to the ground.

The CNN report also includes video and still photographs of the aftermath of the massacre.

Waco Police Department

The video is clearly marked with a caption that reads “Waco Police Department” in the upper right corner. The narration that accompanies the edited video says:

“After it was all over, crime scene photos capture the nightmarish scene: Bodies left in the parking lot by toppled motorcycles; hundreds of weapons all over the place; handguns even left hidden in the restaurant toilets. CNN has obtained more than 2,000 pages of documents, crime scene photos, many too graphic to show, and surveillance video giving us the most detailed accounts of what unfolded last May. Waco police and prosecutors have consistently defended the mass arrest of the 177 bikers that day, all charged with organized criminal activity.”

“These are just some of the videos investigators are using to piece together what happened that day five months ago. A shootout that one witness said looked like the gunfight at the O.K. Corral.”


The Waco Tribune-Herald, which has been an apologist for local officials for the last six months, reported the CNN video release at 1:01 p.m. Waco time. The paper did not run the footage but reporter Olivia Messer told readers, “The footage is consistent with early police descriptions of weapons hidden between sacks of flour and bags of tortilla chips. They were allegedly in vehicles, tucked in benches, strewn across the floor, in kitchen stoves, thrown into trashcans and stuffed in toilets.”

Messer also reported the following exchange with Waco police spokesman Patrick Swanton:

“‘It does appear to be crime scene photos and video from Twin Peaks, but we did not release it,’ said Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton.

“‘Why they put Waco Police Department on there, we don’t know,’ he added, referring to a strip of writing along the top right corner of the footage that appears to attribute the video to the department.

“Swanton noted, ‘I can speculate that it was released by an attorney who got it through discovery.’”

For at least the next few minutes, until either CNN or the thought police take it down you can view the CNN report below.


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  1. Paladin Says:


    You might consider using an avatar. It would lessen the confusion.

    Long May You Ride,


  2. Mr. B Says:

    The one guy NOT wearing a cut is the one guy who fires an obviously errant shot.

    He must have been the UC whom I have long suspected was a provoker and key instigator of what happened that day.

    The only other guy I saw in the footage holding a gun was also wearing a cut, and never fired a shot.

    That should tell you something.

  3. Drifter Says:

    Okay, another Drifter posting with a screen name I used here for years, good post but not me.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    In the video posted above @ 0:34 seconds into it, you see a cossack firing a shot from the twin peaks patio. there is another cossack at his 9 o’clock who seems to put his hands together and plead for his life at the sight of the gunman.

  5. 55 Says:

    The highly and strategically edited video obviously was intentionally ‘leaked’ by Waco PD or DA to do exactly what the judge says was the reason for the gag order – to sway public opinion before a trial.

    Do as I say not as I do.

  6. Rojas Says:

    The red head that sprints down the isle with two long necks in her right hand clearly has talent. Sleek and elegant, moving like a gazelle. I’m pretty sure she didn’t spill a drop. Even my wife was impressed.

  7. Outrider Says:

    Thanks Drifter for the link. Many thanks to Rebel for all for sure. Propaganda …I think so. My favorite part was the working girls at a full run.they were booking it. I’m always amazed how tits stay in sink no matter who how big or how fast.I have yet to see one up an the other down.just another wonder of life. Enjoy all frieds

  8. Drifter Says:

    Here’s a link to They have a good take on what this video shows and more importantly, doesn’t show.

  9. david Says:

    CNN, short for Criminal News Network, owned and operated by gov. criminals, for gov. criminals.

    @ Brad Milch, with respect,

    The seven lined up and shot in the garage, called the St. Valentines Day Massacre, by two so-called criminal gangsters dressed as pigs, may have been shot by two actual pigs, who were NOT dressing up.

  10. Concho Says:

    CNN replaying video this morning. Pathetic comments from on air “personalities” on this pathetic but not surprising travesty of justice.

  11. Windmill Says:

    CNN replaying video this morning.

  12. Grimey Says:

    I see what the media edited for me to see. I still dont see a whole lot of evidence of what those cops said happened.

  13. T Hell Says:

    Every once in a while you hear about the bank robber that is so stupid writes the stick up note on one of his deposit checks, this is a kin to what Swanton did releasing the video without first removing the Waco police department logo. His claim is that it was released by a defense attorney received it through the discovery process, not a lawyer in the world would be stupid enough to released just that segment of video, One pates bikers in the worst possible light. It’s a longshot but the grand jury should subpoena CNN to see if they will release who they got the video from, they might release it under the auspice is that they did sell two out a corrupt police department for illegally releasing the video without regard to the gag order.

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