Lisa Ling And Scott Barnes

October 9, 2015

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Lisa Ling And Scott Barnes

Lisa Ling, the CNN journalist who hosted an hour-long television feature about life inside the Mongols Motorcycle Club Wednesday Night, published an interesting encounter with Scott Barnes on her Facebook page yesterday.

Ling obviously had no idea who Barnes was. She seemed to take him at his word. She wrote, “Just wanted to post this exchange that I had on FB with a former federal law enforcement agent who says that he, along with the BET – Biker Enforcement Team, incited war between the Mongols and Hells Angels that led to a number of deaths.”

Dear Lisa

Barnes had messaged the journalist Wednesday:

“Dear Lisa,

“I see you’re doing a segment on the MONGOLS MC, I am a retired Law Enforcement person who was in the BET Unit – Biker Enforcement Team. I testified at two RICO cases involving the Hells Angels. FYI it was the Dago Unit of the BET team that had targeted the HA’s and Mongols to war with each other in he early 70’s as our unit tried to get the HAs and Mongols to go to war. Sad to say it worked and Jingles and Red were shot dead on the freeway so long ago.

“You are an excellent reporter and hope that on your MONGOLS story dig into there DAGO chapter and how they and the HAs went to war you will see it was due to our BET Team.”

Ling thanked Barnes for his “candor.”

After the show aired, Barnes wrote Ling:

“You did one incredible job on The Mongol Nation, you aired things never before known. Your segment was a home run and actually touched and changed many people who sent me messages on your show.

“Even many Feds who taped it and watched it were surprised , you really did a great job. Glad to see this new younger group of club members are much more respectful, honorable and caring than when I went after them in the 70’s.”

Scott Barnes

The exchange has excited some readers who, like Ling, assume Barnes may very well be the most interesting man in the world. There is considerable anecdotal evidence, apart from anything Barnes might say, to indicate that the FBI conducted a secret war against the Hells Angels that included assassination in the 1970s. Unfortunately, Barnes is probably not the smoking gun.

Barnes, who is now 60, was raised in Redondo Beach, California, attended El Camino Community College in Los Angeles County and briefly worked for the El Cajon Police Department, near San Diego, in 1977 before he was fired for lying. He was hired and fired by the Ridgecrest, California police the next year. At some point, before or after attending El Camino, he was a Military Policeman and was given a general discharge.

Barnes official biography claims: He “was a deep cover operative for many years. He first started working with the ATF on radical bombing suspects from the SDS  (Students for a Democratic Society) and Weathermen groups who were responsible for numerous University Bombing and anti-government attacks.” He “was a covert operative for the US Government from his early days in the 1970’s…. He was first recruited by agents of the…CIA in 1973 while in Vietnam.” “He holds numerous Degrees, was trained by the US DOD, US Army, US DEA, US DOJ, US Treasury FLETC, HDSOC and many other training groups.”

Barnes first made his claim about belonging to a “Biker Enforcement Team” in 1981 when he offered to testify for the defense in a federal racketeering case against 11 Hells Angels. He repeated the claim in the 1983 documentary Hells Angels Forever.

Other Adventures

Also in 1983, Barnes was hired by the Hawaii Department of Corrections as a prison guard. That same year Barnes appeared on ABC television claiming that he had been hired by the CIA to assassinate an inmate named Ronald Rewald to prevent him from divulging government secrets. ABC later retracted the story. Barnes then filed a $145 million libel suit against the network which was dismissed. Also in 1983, Soldier of Fortune magazine called Barnes its “favorite flake.”

Barnes has a long history of telling interested people interesting things they want to hear.

He was briefly famous again in 1992 when he convinced presidential candidate Ross Perot that he was part of a Republican plot to smear Perot’s family. He also convinced Perot that he was part of a covert group that had knowledge of forgotten prisoners of war in Vietnam. Barnes claimed to have found Americans in two Laotian camps and received orders from the CIA to “liquidate the merchandise.”

Perot was concerned about men listed as Prisoners Of War and Missing In Action in Vietnam. The candidate was outspoken about his belief that the United States had abandoned captured Americans as part of a CIA conspiracy involving senior government officials on behalf of the Shan States heroin trade. Perot told the Prescott, Arizona Courier that “Barnes is credible and knows what he’s talking about.”

Lisa Ling seems to think so too. Maybe not.

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141 Responses to “Lisa Ling And Scott Barnes”

  1. Wolfenlover Says:

    Pissed Off Bastard, I don’t gamble, but I’d bet $100,000.00 GC went “Vince who?”
    lmao They both are in the same boat, in my book.

  2. Michael Says:

    I agree with Johnny. Law enforcement has done more to both incite biker wars and build the “bad” reputations of motorcycle clubs than they clubs themselves could hope to do. The problem is the clubs enjoy the reputation that the FBI and ATF’s creative writing schools have developed for them. Worse the LEOs thoroughly believe their own headlines. I have respect for MC club members, mostly. But some are immature, disrespectful, fuckups. The young cops coming up, today, are mostly coward punks.

  3. Pissed Off Bastard Says:

    If you go over to George Christy’s Facebook page and look hard and long enough, you’ll find Scott Barnes praising George and showering him with accolades and so on.

    You’ll also run into Vinnie 1%er who calls himself Vince i think, and tells George that he got kciked off of Aging Rebel for defending him. Leaves out HOW he was defending him and disrespecting everyone here.

    Sorry I dont have links to those specific pages but they are there somewhere.

    Point being that edven lets say Barnes has got the inside track, he sure as hell missed the forest for the trees in backing Christey while club members and supporters are all congregating on another page called Crystal Padilla. On Padilla
    page theres hundreds of 1%ers from all over the world signing up. Isee one or tewo on Christy’s page.

    Respect to all who ride

  4. Wolfenlover Says:

    I know, Paladin. He’s proven himself to be too stupid to even be a lowly PIG.
    Still believes he/it is providing valuable input by doing complete opposite
    statements in short time spans. Too stupid to realize he/it should move along
    elsewhere, even after at least half of the regular posters have suggested that
    implicitly. F’n MAROON!

  5. Lone Rider Says:

    I am a guest of the Rebel.
    I am a guest of the Rebel.
    I am a guest of the Rebel.???????

    Well damn! You got us there spanky. You a real personable type guest of the Rebel or is you just a hang-around????.

  6. Paladin Says:


    He’s just lickin’ the glass.


  7. Wolfenlover Says:

    “The MAN is at the window, The MAN is at the window…”

  8. Dirty Bitch Society Says:

    It’s beyond apparent that Barnes is what they call, “Frustrated Law Enforcement.” He’d done everything he could to be legit but couldn’t cut the muster(idiom)per say. At the same time, having the stringent desire for a privy/covert mentality, he may very well have asserted himself into situations where he may have learned some half-truths. But as they say, you can put Chrome wheels on a VW but it’s still a VW. I give him credit for his conviction, even if it is all an act.

  9. xplor Says:

     I am a guest of the rebel. Any time he wants me gone he can drop me a note or stop by. As for those of you that can add nothing but insults, so be it.

  10. rollinnorth Says:

    Scrap Dog:
    Good find, another legend in his own mind.


  11. rollinnorth Says:

    Perhaps it is time once again to starve the xploiting troll of attention.


  12. Scrap Dog Says:

    Aka Scott Barnes??? What is it with these idiots?

  13. Wolfenlover Says:

    So, “xplor” you’re too stupid to go back & read, right? FOESAD DOUCHE

  14. Tommy Says:

    He claims he was a mechanic for 50 years. Not so sure I believe that answer…..

  15. oldskewl Says:

    ^^^^^ RAT – COP – FED – CI ^^^^^

  16. Lone Rider Says:

    xplor = either: a young kid pushing buttons or an attention whore.{which most of these ‘TROLL,” types are – urine odor & urine leakage included.”} If said explor was really “shocked,” by what happened in wacko, I would have to say B.S.. Texas L.E. has “ALWAYS,’ had a reputation for redneck wild west type enforcement of “THEIR,” laws. Gee! Wacko I and the assassination of President Kennedy comes to mind real quick, I mean Lee Harvey Oswald was in “POLICE CUSTODY,” when he was murdered, right on T.V.. Do you get it xplor?…. push this button: Why did you differentiate between “R.U.B, Bikers and or P.H. or just regular Independent Bikers?. Was it so “MUCH MORE, SHOCKING IF IT WERE RUBS????. You come off as a Cop fishing around to incriminate someone? Is that your real purpose? Or! Are you really that mentally deficient? I really don’t expect something but nonsense for a reply anyway. Take your time and really think about it. Like maybe a couple of hundred years.{THATS BASICALLY 200 Y-E-A-R-S.}


  17. xplor Says:

    VAGO 1% could you repeat the question ?

  18. Phuquehed Says:

    He’s never answered a single question honestly or that made any sense from *anyone* the whole time he’s been wasting bandwidth on Rebel’s site.

  19. VAGO 1%er Says:

    You did not answer my question.

  20. cruiser Says:

    I thought this was pretty good, damn site better than all the crappy ‘lower your voice and sound menacing’ outlaw bike crap docs on you-tube. Everyone came across as human with a lifestyle choice, all looked like they were living the life….

  21. Paladin Says:


    NOS4A2 asked you a very straightforward and direct question. You deflected that question by making a nonsensical and unrelated statement. You, David, Lee and some others of your ilk either have a serious reading comprehension handicap or are on a fishing expedition with less than honorable intentions. I suggest you and David move along. There’s nothing to see here.


  22. Mama G Says:


    Please don’t get discouraged or frustrated because of one person making claims that have been called into question. The few you have encountered won’t be the last. As this is a still a foreign environment to you it is hard to know who is who and what is what. There are a lot of really good people on this thread who have been around a long time, live and breathe the world of two wheels, are a valuable wealth of information. They will share with you what they can. In addition to sharing what they can, they will also sound the alarm when/if they see you being led into a web of deceit by someone they know to have a reputation or history other than what they claim. These are proud, respectable, honorable men who take our lifestyle very seriously as you have already learned. If they have no respect for someone there is very good reason. If they actually take the time to voice a negative opinion of someone there is good reason. They know what they are talking about and do not convey those opinions lightly. This is not Facebook or any other standard forum. Comments here are posted with thought and are conveyed articulately with intelligence and forethought. The AG is HIGHLY regarded and respected for a reason. The AG, Rebel, has earned their deepest respect and trust. They will in no way shape or form tolerate dishonesty from anyone who claims to be someone/something there not, or to have done something, that is not true.

    Keep in mind, for the first time, aside from Rebel, someone from the outside world has been deemed worthy to be trusted enough to enter the inner sanctum, if you will. You are not only listening but were/are willing to provide a platform for the truth to be told. For them to have taken the time to A) TRUST you B) watch your show, C) take the time to write to you to convey their gratitude and D) request that you do what you do best which is facilitate the telling of a story, in this case the tragedy and corruption of Waco, speaks volumes. One of the very first, and most important, things you learned is that this is a close knit group that is very protective of our lifestyle and community.

    As many have previously stated, your interest and willingness to provide a platform for a portion of the motorcycling communities story to be told to the public is greatly appreciated. WE WANT YOU TO STOP AT NOTHING TO TELL THE STORY OF WACO & THE CORRUPTION THAT SURROUNDS IT. Take your time and leave no stone un-turned.

    As suggested by Paladin, use Rebel as a sounding board. You have already taken the time to read the information available through Rebel. There is a wealth of knowledge, pride and experience here on this site. Anything the fine genuine men on this site can share with, and teach you, they will.

    Kindest Regards,

    Deepest Respect to the genuine regulars.

  23. xplor Says:

    NOS4A2  to answer your question, what happend in Waco was a shock to me. I saw the pictures and thought they just killed a bunch of Rich Urban Bikers. The parking lot was full of baggers,ape hangers and sissy bars. These must be hang arounds I thought willing to drink your beer but not cover your back.

  24. NOS4A2 Says:

    Why are you here?

  25. Wolfenlover Says:

    So, “xplor” or semenxxx, why don’t you just FOESAD! Mechanic? Right! Bet you’ve
    got a left-handed monkey wrench in your toolbox, huh? You’ve worn out your
    welcome, which happened shortly after your 1st post, douchebag! Guess we’ll just
    have to repost all of your info to remind folks just where your dumbass lives!
    Won’t be hard to look up.

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  26. Kanye Diggit Says:

    Male anal canal I should add if it’s not readily apparent.

  27. Kanye Diggit Says:

    He is a butt mechanic.His full screen name is,”i will lovingly XPLOR your anal canal with my tongue.

  28. oldskewl Says:

    Look shit head, I know you think you’re some sort of investigator of peoples military records, (yea, I’ve read all about your BS) but the truth is, when you lie about your own record it makes anything you say worthless.

    You’re a low life

  29. xplor Says:

    Stay in school oldskewl . They might have a class in doxing.

  30. oldskewl Says:

    @xplor – Do yourself and everyone here a favor, change your IP address and your name, come back with a new personality and life history. The one you’ve made up here has been exposed for what it is, fake. Your fake Thailand judo school (or whatever it’s supposed to be this week) your failed military service has all been brought to light both here and on another site you were barred from.
    When discovered, you shut down your linkedin profile was stripped of all info as soon as it was posted here.. You’re a fucking fraud. You’re not a biker, I highly doubt you’ve ever ridden.. You and Scott Barnes have a lot in common. Both of you are serial liars.

    Rebel and the members here don’t take kindly to liars and frauds, which is why your background was looked into. You thought people here were stupid so you took it for granted that you could bullshit blog by running your mouth, nothing could be further from the truth.
    You and Barnes should swap numbers and suck each others assholes while you tell lies about your selves.


  31. Asiashooter Says:

    Barnes was also on record during his military MP days as saying Shan State heroin was being imported into the US via the caskets of dead US soldiers during the Vietnam War, with particular emphasis given to McChord AFB in the SEA-TAC area. This myth was later perpetuated in the film American Gangster about Harlem drug kingpin, Frank Lucas (Denzel Washington). You may
    recall the scene. What was strange about the film and of course reality, was that there were of course no dead GI’s coming out of Thailand at the time, almost all flew out of Danang, Vietnam. Col. Bo Gritz considered Barnes the flakes flake, and he ought to know.

  32. xplor Says:

    @ Tommy, Mechanic 50 years plus and you ?

  33. Big Ang Diamondback Says:

    Xplor can be found at the nearest pork store or Dunkin donuts.
    I think phuquehead or wolfenlover called this mf’er out a few weeks ago.
    Phuquehead we need to add another to your list man. ;) haha

  34. Phuquehed Says:

    Heh heh

  35. Wolfenlover Says:

    Tommy, he’s a full time Maroon.

  36. Tommy Says:

    Hey xplor what do you do for a living? Just curious

  37. xplor Says:

    Here’s your clue Wolfenlover. “Hells Angeles Forever -1983 about 43 minuts in. Thats what Scott Barnes looked like 30 years ago.

  38. Wolfenlover Says:

    “xplor”, you can quit campaigning for “Most clueless bastard on the planet”
    any fuckin’ time, douche!

  39. popeye Says:

    Reagan was mad for not getting the role as “Billy” in easyrider. It would have been a much different movie – just say no

  40. xplor Says:

    Dear Lisa, Monika Jensen-Stevenson

  41. Johnny Says:

    I believe law enforcement would and still does incite biker wars among clubs and cause other problems in the biker community. I also believe there are many club members that are cops and have been club members for years ! Thats how biker gang units get their funding. I hear cops in restaurants talking about attending seminars on motorcycle gangs ” with a bunch of confiscated patches and other gangs related articles ” Which really comes down to stolen property by the police. I know that club property is not cheap which would lead a cop to being a felon because of the price of those items. If he/she was not a cop.

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