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October 6, 2015

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Mongols On TV

Tomorrow night’s episode of This Is Life With Lisa Ling titled “Inside Mongol Nation” began last May as something quite different.

The week after the Twin Peaks Massacre a producer named Jessica Chermayeff began pursuing the inside story on what had happened in Waco. Chermayeff works for Part2 Pictures, a production company in Brooklyn that, in Chermayeff’s words, “creates high-quality documentary programming for PBS, OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network, National Geographic, the Discovery Channel and other major broadcasters. We produce a successful CNN documentary television series called This is Life with Lisa Ling, which explores unique American experiences through personal profiles and intimate storytelling. Lisa Ling is a journalist who is recognized for her nonjudgmental approach and integrity, and her collaborations with Part2 Pictures have been characterized by compassion, curiosity, and beautiful craftsmanship.”

“Normally,” she continued, “we do not jump into the whirlwind of hard news and current events because we look for stories that are much more complex, grey and personal. After seeing the coverage of the conflict in Waco and…just how one sided it has been – we thought Lisa could be the perfect correspondent to take on this misunderstanding, get on the road and talk to real bikers, understanding what the culture is really about, what attracts people to it and where the media has gone totally astray with fear mongering or over simplification.”

Lisa Ling

Ling, who may be best known as a host of the daytime talk show The View, and Chermayeff, accompanied by Air University professor Will Dulaney, began filming in Texas a couple days later. After returning to Brooklyn, Chermayeff said that she understood “how badly they (which at the time was the Bandidos) have been burned by the media, especially the news on CNN and others. I just want to reiterate” she said, “how different we are and that we are entirely separate from that team. We have editorial control over our material and are not forced to make quick headlines.”

“The FBI has heightened surveillance on motorcycle clubs nationwide,” Ling told Rodney Ho of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution last month. “I tried to get access to one of the clubs involved in the shootout but because they had so many people locked up, they’ve been unwilling to grant anyone access.”

The Mongols

Intrigued by the idea of doing a sympathetic show about motorcycle outlaws, Ling and Chermayeff made contact with the Mongols before June. The Mongols may be the most demonized motorcycle club in the country and they recently won a seven-years-long attempt by the federal government to seize their insignia. Ling describes herself as having “imbedded” with the club and the result seems to be something unique to television. “We are not exploitative,” Ling told the Atlanta paper. “I’m not an antagonist. I listen. I want to give people an opportunity to tell their story and share their lives.”

Ling told Judah Robinson of the Huffington Post, “We got unprecedented access into the Mongols Motorcycle Club in the wake of that notorious biker shootout earlier this May. The Mongols are the group, of all of the one percenter biker clubs, that the government has been targeting the hardest and they let our cameras in.”

The documentary appears to be as sympathetic and nuanced as Chermayeff and Ling have promised it would be last spring. Everybody can judge for themselves when Inside Mongol Nation is telecast on CNN tomorrow at 9 p.m.

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88 Responses to “Mongols On TV”

  1. Jaliboy Says:

    As a Brit was interested to see this. Took me a little while to find….

    Cheers. J

  2. Wolfenlover Says:

    Re-reading this thread & gotta give kudos to Road Whore & Caretaker. Damn fine
    wordage Men. If the culture is to survive, there has to be, if not unity, at
    least a truce among the MC’s, in order to fight the real common enemy.
    Over the years I’ve met & partied with many a PH from many a club & seems all
    were able to get along. I’m going to leave it right there as my typing skills
    will get my “moderated”! LOL (Too much time doing this!)

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  3. Mama G Says:


    I could not agree more. The refusal of the sheople to think for themselves astounds me. They would rather believe the propaganda machine then think for themselves. Unless citizens are directly affected, or find an appealing band wagon to jump on, they could give a sh%t less about what goes on outside their self centered bubble. When they are affected, they whine like little bitches about injustice and the need for change. Often creating meaningless bullsh%t petitions and/or the ever popular raise awareness Facebook page. When in truth if citizens actually cared about the world outside their bubble enough to think for and educate themselves about the changes that have been made by the crooked f%cks they voted for, or who got elected because they didn’t bother to vote, things would be different.
    The article relating “White Privilege” to Waco is pathetic and sickening.

    The sheople in this country make me angry, sad and sick. Oblivious to the propaganda the so vehemently defend and perpetrate and its affects on society. Add to that the pulpit politics that runs rampant in this country and you have a mix that puts me on my soap box.

    Much Respect…..

  4. Wolfenlover Says:

    Patches don’t make Men.

    This show may have only been seen by 200,000, BUT if each of those 200,000
    tell 10 people to watch/check it out, & THOSE people tell 10 more… With the way the world is today, EVERYBODY is FRIENDS with EVERYBODY ELSE… Fuck, we’ll
    have close to 200 MILLION informed folk, & I’m hoping most are citizens! I
    didn’t see anything I didn’t already know, more or less. BUT, there had to be
    citizens who had not a single clue about an MC, especially a 1% MC! SPREAD THE
    WORD, YA’LL!!

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  5. FF Says:

    Give respect, get respect. Thats 1% code right there. I dont even have to think about it. I aint gonna be a dick to somebody if they aint being a dick to me, whether he’s outnumbered or not. Further down range you be sure to show one of mine the same courtesy.

  6. Road Whore Says:

    @ FF and Caretaker…thank you for those words.

    And Caretaker…I knew it could be done. Thank you for proving it and living it. Now let’s expand that nationwide.

    Respect, and Ride Free

  7. Caretaker Says:

    @Road Whore-
    Here where I ride and reside we have three major 1% clubs. One is major,but small in numbers. The state was basically split into three parts with the smaller club taking the central counties (all two of them) which overlapped the other two larger clubs. Been that way for decades. Years ago that became a small issue when we all realized all three clubs had friends and/or ol’s working at a certain bar that sat right in the middle of it all. Reps from all three clubs sat down,had a chat,and so long as no Colors were flown there was no issue. Everyone shook hands,bought a round,and left with a smile. Never been a problem since. If we can do that here,it can be done anywhere else. A simple call ahead lets anyone go anywhere.


    PS-Thank you Rebel for all that you do,and thank you Lisa Ling and the Mongols for showing clubs for what we really are.

  8. Shovelhead Says:

    Thanks for the utube post. This is the first chance I’ve had to watch the show. Don’t get CNN with basic cable.
    I would have to say, not bad. Good job Mongols Nation & Lisa Ling.

    Respect to 1%ers

  9. FF Says:

    @Road Whore

    FWIW, I respect your point of view.

    Some men dream in color, some dream in black and white. We all have to follow our vision. Peace.

    Respect a 1%
    Support your local

  10. Road Whore Says:

    @ Great Episode: It’s obvious that you did not carefully read my comment with full comprehension of the points I was making. I never suggested any such thing as you have alleged.

    As far as provocation, twice it was stated on the show, once by Little Dave, that there would be no breaking of bread with the Angels, and no offer accepted of “Hey, let me buy you a beer.” Instead it was stated that if an Angel came in and offered to buy a particular Mongol a beer that he would refuse it, probably spit in it, and give it back. Lisa Ling said something to the effect that well, that would probably start something, huh, and the Mongol acknowledged it probably would.

    Clubs need to move past old beefs and provocations in order to survive, and not start new ones. If a man offers a hand of friendship you should take it. Otherwise it will be just as easy in the future for the feds to instigate wars as they have in the past, because each Club will believe the other to be at fault and the instigator.

    Also, like it or not, I have stated correctly how the average citizen views such Club violence.

    I stand by my comments.

    Ride Free

  11. Harris Hunter Says:

    Just finished watching. Someone called it ‘fluff’. Maybe. But I think this is about the fairest shake we’ll get from anybody.
    Who are we going to send in for ‘in-depth’ investigating? Jerry Rivers? Where is that faggot going to find more little boys to shoot AKs over his head to impress us viewers this time?

  12. pete Says:

  13. pete Says:

    This is Life with Lisa Ling S02E02 “Inside Mongol Nation”

  14. rollinnorth Says:

    Mama G:
    That “Liberals Unite” sure is a load of crap. Just goes to show how some twist information to push an agenda.


  15. The Kraut Says:

    The Charter/Spectrum cable Co. has an “On Demand” category titled ‘News and science’ that has CNN on it and has Life With Lisa Ling and the Mongols…

    The cable lists the episode with the Mongols as availible until 10/11/2015

    Respects to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  16. VikingTrotter Says:

    I see the Lisa Ling show will re-air tonight in a few hours. I look forward to seeing the acknowledgement of Rebel at the end. I do wonder if they will see a recruitment bump from this show.

  17. Harris Hunter Says:

    For those of you(like me) that missed it, the show is being re-run tonight, Friday, at 2300 Eastern

  18. Great Episode Says:

    @Roadwhore…Wow we neverhought of that,just strip everyone of there patch and it will be roses and rainbows,thats sounds awsome!!!(SARCASM)…Its not immaturity,its not about being an adult,It’s not about being a grown man..It’s about pride,honor and respect for ourselves.We are nothing like them and we represent the total opposite of what do…There was no one trying to antagonize anyone on the show, it’s called the truth.

  19. Mama G Says:

    I thought that Lisa Ling did a great job portraying the club. The show was very well done by all involved. My favorite part was the “Don’t F%ck with them.”

    Knowing that immediately following the events that unfolded on May 17th, Lisa and her team were inquiring about what went on is a good thing. For her to attempt to do a story on Waco, is a good sign. When she was unable to find a way through the cloud of cover up/corruption she did not give up. Few people outside the motorcycling community would attempt to facilitate, let alone care enough to, provide a platform to get the real story of Clubs out to the general public.

    If she and Rebel could team up and tell the story that would be amazing. Not that Rebel needs any help at all as he has been the HERO voice of truth since day one. With that said, who better for Lisa Ling to speak with than Rebel? Imagine a series of episodes telling the entire story. One episode would not even begin to scratch the surface. I am thinking that there would need to be more like 8-10 episodes with at least two dedicated to exposing the corruption in McClellan county. Hard hitting make Reyna and all those other pieces of sh!t physically ill at the mere thought of their truth being exposed. Ahhhhhhhh…..yeah!! Lisa has an audience of varying demographics who may not otherwise be aware of the Twin Peaks Massacre, let alone the on-going corruption/cover up and targeting by LE that plagues the victims of Waco or the motorcycle community as a whole. I cannot be the only one who would love to see a full on journalistic tag team assuallt by Rebel and Lisa Ling and her team, relentlessly dig into the TRUTH just as Rebel has done from day one.

    May be it would be helpful for us to email her and request she does not let go of the story in Waco and let her know Rebel is wealth of knowledge. Anything to keep the spot light on the story and educate as many people as possible.

    Just my opinion. Oh and before I leave you. Found this story that kind touched on the Waco Tragedy being WHITE PRIVILEGE. Here is the link:

    Deepest Respect to those of you who are worthy.

    My candle continues to burn for those who have suffered due to the circumstances of May 17th. You are always on my mind.

  20. Rojas Says:

    Here’s A Short Wiki stub on RICO referencing the “BET” instigated incident.
    I wonder if Scott Barnes wrote it.

  21. UnaffiliatedObserver Says:

    @Jenn, thanks for posting that link to Lisa Ling’s facebook.

    Her exchange with LEO is worth a read. Here is a snippet:

    Lisa Ling Do you regret what happened with DAGO? Just curious

    Scott Barnes ·Yes, so very much. One MONGOL i arrested Brant Rudolph Honkanen was the one we (BET) used to get the HA’s and Mongols to war, I feel we were deeply responsible for the (BET) HA’s Hit on Jingles and Red in DAGO. Then we did some deplorable things from one state to another all in the name of Justice

    This sort of thing has been going on for decades, and it does not surprise me that some LEOs have regrets.

  22. Dante Says:

    I think there is a term for this type of “journalism”…


  23. Hans Says:

    This former agent’s experience and testimony would be a great basis for a new book or CNN interview. The question is, does he have the balls to elaborate in detail and go on record?


  24. Road Whore Says:

    @ Jenn: Thanks for that post! What an astonishing admission of guilt from law enforcement, something many have suspected all along.

    Ride Free

  25. Tommy Says:

    I just read that…..Very interesting. Lisa should interview that ex BET agent that would be great.

    I also saw this on the facebook page:

    “Then we did some deplorable things from one state to another all in the name of Justice, I recently told George Christie of the HA’s who is now a CNN biker consultant , he knew we BET were coming after so many bikers with false evidence.”

    Christie is now a biker consultant. God help us…..

  26. Jenn Says:

    And she continues the dialog with this recent post on her Facebook page…

    “Just wanted to post this exchange that I had on FB with a former federal law enforcement agent who says that he, along with the BET–Biker Enforcement Team, incited war between the Mongols and Hells Angels that lead to a number of deaths….”

    Click on link to read whole thing. (Sorry if someone already posted – I didn’t see it anywhere.)

  27. EclecticAK Says:

    Gee,right there at the end in the credits amongst the “Special Thanks’ what do we see but …… Aging Rebel

    Getting props from CNN and Lisa Ling, good work dude…..

  28. Road Whore Says:

    @ Justathought: I picked up on something that a couple of the Mongols said, including Little Dave, that I know the citizenry will pick up on and magnify…the ongoing beef between clubs, specifically between the Mongols and Hells Angels.

    This is going to be difficult to phrase without sounding naïve or stepping on some toes, something I hope I am not and also do not intend to do, but in my mind there has got to be a way to move past these feuds. Not saying that there may not have been legitimate reasons for the beefs…but maybe there’s a way to stop fanning the flames.

    I’ve always tried to look at it this way: take the patch off the man; remove him from any affiliation that I know about and would have a preconceived notion of; let me get to know and judge that man as the fellow American and fellow human being that he is.

    I bet you dollars to donuts that there are Hells Angels that would meet Mongols out of context and find them a friend and a brother, and vice-versa.

    Yes, this oversimplifies it somewhat, but we are all fellow Americans, and we are all fellow human beings, and we all are facing threats both to our country and to our personal freedoms that may realistically be greater than at any time in our country’s history. Never before has there been a greater need than to practice forgiveness and band together.

    I know Laughlin is trotted out again and again as the prime example of biker violence. Unfair, yes. But is it? Citizenry views that and in the average mind it goes something like this: “My god! Grown men playing dress up and fighting over imagined territory like kids on the schoolyard! Immature bullies…I don’t want nothing to do with them.”

    We know that we don’t tolerate slights or insults easily, but the average person does…they wouldn’t dream of talking back to their boss, or insulting a cop, or whacking the shit out of someone who hurt them and insulted them. And to see two such groups in a public arena having a full-blown shootout, knockdown drag-out fight is beyond the comprehension of most. Regardless of how legitimate the reasons may have been for the rumble it doesn’t play out well in the public mind. They tend to view such as barbaric behavior, not the behavior of fun-loving rebels against society. As I’m watching the replay of Laughlin and seeing the guy firing his weapon at people inside the casino while other bikers and the citizenry cower I’m thinking to myself, “What the fuck?!”

    One of the answers to the current persecution of bikers will be for grown men to act like grown men and to stop insulting each other and provoking violence to begin with. And to begin to get along. As it is, bikers in general and Clubs in particular seem to provide plenty of fuel for the fire of law enforcements attention.

    Just some thoughts that I hope somewhere down the road will prove to be helpful.

    Ride Free

  29. Paladin Says:


    Thanks for the linkup. As other have stated, I too think it was a fair and well balanced show. Quite refreshing when one considers the times we live in.

    Long May You Ride,


  30. Justathought Says:

    @ Roadwhore

    Agreed. I would have liked to have seen that too. Lisa Ling wanted this to be more about Waco, but the only club involved in the debacle in Waco, that matters outside of Texas, refused to be involved….It’s just rumor, but some say she was told “From Geraldo Riviera to the chicks on “the View”, we’ve been lied about by all of them. We will pass”. That is easy to understand just a couple few weeks after Waco…what with all that “Anything you say can and will…” bit hanging over many heads.

    But I liked this generally speaking. I thought it was fair and thought out by all involved. Maybe some minds will get changed and other clubs will utilize more media, media that the club tells the story to, instead of just the cops telling the story? Next step is for clubs to start controlling the story coming out in the media, and we really probably have a short time period to effect that change in thought, as to the way the average citizens views us, generally speaking. People seeing the stuff that shows how regular we are in most ways, will start to leave us alone. The truth is, all I’ve ever wanted is for the cops and “the man” to leave me alone. Maybe more clubs will let a little bit of their story get shown and by showing some, maybe we would end up getting left alone more? I guess it will take smarter shot callers then me to figure that one out!

  31. Sandmann Says:

    It works perfectly – thanks a lot!

    Respect to the deserving,

  32. dogbreath Says:

    Just managed to get a copy of the show, all of the above comments are correct and apply.

    It would be good for CNN to delve into the Waco story now. A full blown show about the coverups and corruption of the system is in order, and they have the resources to make it LARGE. And Lisa Ling could ask much tougher questions with a reasonable expectation of receiving honest truthful answers. And the fact that she wouldn’t get a straight answer from a crooked bastard would be apparent to all who saw them squirm. I would love to see her have a conversation with Swineton, for example – anyone heard anything from Pretty Patty Posterchild lately?

    I am sure that Rebel, as always, knows more than he is saying.
    Thank you for the things you say and don’t say and allow us all to say.

  33. SK Says:

    It was a well done show. It seems like Lisa Ling was really trying to understand the culture. Also, it’s pretty cool she was willing to get on the back of a bike and ride with them.

  34. mamaridz Says:

    Normally I just read quietly but on this one I have to say she did an incredible job. Interesting that an outside female reporter can do a better job portraying the mc life than an insider with decades of time. It speaks volumes to integrity.

  35. Scootertrammp Says:

    @ SANDMAN Try this hope it works.


  36. Mercyful Fate Says:

    The smile on Lisa’s face and the excitement in her voice (“I get it now”) after the national run was truly priceless.

    I would not have minded having that fine lady on the back of my scoot. No sir, not one bit.

    Nicely done, Mongols.

  37. stroker Says:

    Watched it, liked it.
    well done, and fair.
    don’t agree there was anything derogatory said about the other crew….
    just what you’d expect to hear from any club, talking about any other club.
    Kudos Lisa Ling.

    AGREE! PLEASE Lisa, take on Waco!

  38. T Hell Says:

    @Thinking phase
    “But I am still thinking about David Martinez. Yeah, not the time or place. Just sayin’. It’s almost been a year.”

    This is always the place, in my opinion, and always the time. When I think of Zach Tipton I get depressed then completely pissed off, when I think of Martinez I still have hope. The word justice has gotten so bastardized that nobody even knows what it means anymore. I don’t fly that patch but I know a fucking travesty when I see it.


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