The Shadows Of Waco

September 30, 2015

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The Shadows Of Waco

Today GQ Magazine became the latest national publication to officially notice the ATF instigated police massacre in Waco last May 17.

Staff writer Nathaniel Penn gives the incident 5,000 words and, since he is mostly clueless about the context in which the Twin Peaks massacre occurred and he knows it, he admirably resists the temptation to be definitive.

He doesn’t break any news. That’s no surprise. Official Waco has been obstructing public scrutiny of what happened at the Twin Peaks for 137 days. Official Waco, particularly the loathsome Abel Reyna who started the coverup by locking up all the witnesses, expects to continue this deception indefinitely. Maybe it will. The grand jury that will exonerate all the police officers who admitted firing shots that day is already in session. A hearing that might life a gag order in all the cases is still a week away. The grand jury which will decide who to indict and who to let be will probably not convene for at least another two to four weeks. The first trials are at least six months away. The Department of Justice is not going to appoint a Special Prosecutor. The Department of Justice is a co-conspirator.

Undoubtedly, tomorrow Reyna will issue a statement accusing GQ of being ultra-liberal like all the other national publications that have noticed that the Constitution of the United States ceases to exist about 25 miles outside Waco. Like the ultra-liberal Associated Press, ultra-liberal Atlantic and ultra-liberal Reason.


Coverup or not, what happened that day is recognizable by the shadows the event left behind; like the ghost shadows of Hiroshima – the images of old people, playing children and pets that remained after the old people, playing children and pets were incinerated into stardust in the instant it takes light to travel a mile.

Penn begins by noticing that “the Waco PD was still suppressing any video footage and ballistic analysis;” that it was the “bloodiest day in the often sensationalized history of American biker clubs;” and that “most bikers today, in Texas and elsewhere, are community-minded law-and-order Republicans – the less affluent, more racially diverse descendants of the Elks and the Knights of Columbus. This includes Bandidos.”

He begins to go astray when he writes, “Much less is known about the Cossacks, except that they were founded in 1969 in East Texas, and they are growing rapidly. They claim a current membership of about 800 members, which would make them the second-biggest club in Texas after the Bandidos.”

Aspirational Club

In fact, the Cossacks are part of a new phenomena inspired by Sons of Anarchy and various “reality” television programs like The Devils Ride and Warlocks Rising – the aspirational motorcycle club. The Cossacks may have been founded in 1969 but they became an aspirational, as opposed to a traditional, motorcycle club within the last three years. The extent to which the club’s sudden growth was encouraged by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is open to investigation and debate. But the club was almost certainly infiltrated by undercover federal agents and those agents may very well have encouraged naïve members of the club to show up at the Twin Peaks that day. Multiple Cossacks have stated that their club was encouraged to crash the Confederation of Clubs meeting that day by Waco police. It is irrefutable that local police, Texas Rangers and ATF agents had already installed surveillance cameras, including pole cams, to document an anticipated confrontation between the two clubs before the Twins Peaks opened for business that day.

Penn hints at this. He says, “Some bikers believe there’s an even more sinister explanation: that a firefight of some kind was supposed to happen – that it was all part of a plan by the Waco P.D. to provoke bitter rivals into a public brawl that could be violently crushed and then used as a basis for sweeping RICO indictments.” But of course, Waco police don’t contrive racketeering indictments against motorcycle clubs. The ATF does.

“This article is one of the first I’ve seen that actually attempts to piece together a coherent narrative from both police and bikers,” an unusually informed observer in Texas wrote this page today. “From the perspective of one who wants the truth, this is the best attempt I’ve seen yet in the national media.”

You can read the complete GQ article here.



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79 Responses to “The Shadows Of Waco”

  1. rollinnorth Says:

    Word is getting out:

    “The DA Who Is Trying To Shut Up 177 Arrested Waco Bikers Won’t Shut Up”
    By Tamara Tabo
    7 Comments / 191 Shares

    / Oct 9, 2015 at 6:02 PM


  2. d.neumann Says:


    Here’s a story that may interest your readers.

    Keep up your most excellent work!

  3. Pissedintx Says:

    What we need is a federal law mandating that all law enforcement officers nationwide be required to procure their own liability insurance policy before they are allowed to patrol the streets. That way after an insurance company pays out a claim, like in the Walter Scott case in North Charleston, South Carolina, following an illegal police assault or murder the insurance company will deem the officer uninsurable. Hopefully thereby ending his career with any other nationwide law enforcement agency. This would save taxpayers money as well because the insurance company gets stuck paying the out of court settlement and not the innocent taxpayers.

  4. 198VTAsupport Says:

    Interesting…All out of jail and all but 22 without monitors? Time to rally in Waco and remove all these asshats.

    Also, i’m liking the comments on this article, most are questioning how fishy the whole thing is.

  5. wilson Says:

    In my post of 2 minutes ago I was responding to what evolutionist x wrote. Instead, I made it look like my post was something Ev-x himself said. Whoops!

  6. wilson Says:

    EvolutionistX Says:

    In addition to being an Obama supporter, I’m also a Harvard grad. Stop trying to make this about who is in your tribe and who isn’t. You just antagonize people who could be allies. And I don’t understand someone who is concerned about Waco, but meanwnile can’t acknowledge the possibility that law enforcement also abuses black people.

  7. TX_Biker Says:

    All will weep for what once was a great nation founded on individual liberty and justice for all…..Justice? nice word with no meaning anymore….

  8. Meh Says:

    And so fades another op, The spin doctoring on this will be fascinating.

    Remember, kids. The pigs work for a public who, by and large approve of their murdering bikers. You won’t here many of them put it that way, but you won’t see many LEO fired for it either (unless individuals become “designated sacrifices” to the media gods) and that’s the real test.

  9. Thunderbird Says:

    They don’t want a trial in court because it will bring out the truth that there are criminals on both sides of the law. That is a hard pill to swallow for law abiding folks but it has always been that way. Who else can do the dirty work for the pubic and not have to fight with their fear of confrontation?

    It takes a criminal mind to catch a criminal. An ATF officer once told me that years ago. With so many law enforcement agencies now operating in the country is it no wonder that we have so many criminally minded looking for criminals? And what makes criminals? Laws. Without laws there are no criminals. We have become a country of laws so it is only reasonable that we have so many criminals.

    We have gone insane making laws and our minds are bent on thinking those who break those laws must be bad people. So we hire more law enforcement to go after those bad people and we give them the tools to do it.

    If all this hakaka came out in a court of law many of these laws would be seen for what they are and questioned along with the actions of law enforcement who mindlessly enforce them on a clueless public.

    A mind bent on seeing criminality through the eyes of law only is a very narrow and biased mind. In an honest court of law both the law and the intent of the individual has to be examined.

    In the case of the shooting deaths of nine people at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco on May 17, 2015 there is no closure apparently because information is being withheld by the Waco PD and other law enforcement agencies involved. The question begging an answer is who has primary jurisdiction in this matter? Without going through the correct channels how can the matter be addressed? It can’t.

    The history of humanity for the last 6000 years is a criminal history. Waco is part of that dark history. It would surprise me if this event makes it to court. The light would be to great for law abiding people to handle. This is Lucifer’s world.

  10. FF Says:


    Thank you for the words of inspiration.


    This has alot of good stuff to learn:

    Respect, FF

  11. rollinnorth Says:

    Your tax dollars at work:
    “Presumably, prosecutors are still waiting on state and federal authorities who are assisting in the investigation to finish their analysis of videos and ballistic evidence from the chaotic incident that left nine bikers dead and 20 injured.”
    Such a tragedy, such a shame.


  12. rollinnorth Says:

    Well said, FF. I see an example of such trolling under “The Motorcycle Gang Intelligence Expert.” You may be right, yet, about reachinga a turning point in our history.
    Glenn S., good to hear from you.


  13. Rojas Says:

    Interesting article from the Waco Trib.
    I don’t share the rosy view of the defense attorneys quoted in the article, but I certainly hope they are correct.

    “That is what I see. We are starting the letting-go process, although they are not admitting they did something wrong. Oh God, no. They would never do that. I don’t think we will ever get to that point where they admit these people did nothing wrong and should never have been arrested,” Reposa said.

    “I have gone through the discovery, and right now I am of the opinion that they might not successfully prosecute anybody who is still alive. I think they may have a couple of dead people they may be able to convict, but the ones who committed the crimes are dead. Everybody else was defending themselves or other people,” Looney said.

  14. T Hell Says:

    When looking thru a scope one can not see right or left only that which is in the crosshairs.
    FTF. FTP


  15. rollinnorth Says:

    Some trolls just don’t know when to STFU.
    I don’t know which is more annoying; typical liberal lame-ass need to turn to the government to “protect” our rights, or complete ignorance of the concept of outlawry, despite all of Rebel’s writing.

    Thank you, Rebel.


  16. tiger Says:

    Well put FF. I see the one party wants to take my guns while the other wants to shoot me with my guns. I honestly don’t care what someone does in their home as long as kids aren’t being hurt or it disrupts my own. We had a chili fest canceled thanks to the paranoia that gets fed by the government. Twenty years of no problems but, that meant nothing. Until the truth of Waco and the unjustified murdering of innocent bikers I see this snowballing into a complete cluster fuck of the bill of rights like downunder in Australia. May God ( or whoever ya believe in) help us. Respects to Rebel for keeping the light shining on this. Respects to the real. Tiger. PS keep on with the good work FF. I got away from that after coming too in the grey bars not knowing how or what happened.

  17. Eochaidh "Toe Popper - M14" OghaChruithne Says:

    Mail will not be published required: [email protected] – Social Security Number: 469-62-5050 Residence: 101 Malachite Avenue, Tyrone, New Mexico 88065

  18. Glenn S. Says:

    Road Whore, to paraphrase Stephen King, I am on a grand and glorious adventure. Let’s hope some trigger happy pig don’t decide to shoot me in a Twin Peaks parking lot and then arrest my brothers because I’ll haunt that pig and his whole family to the end of their days.

  19. FF Says:

    Just a quick observation, I am noticing that the trolls ●●Stasi stooges★★Agent Provacateurs have been polluting the board with politics and club antagonisms.

    Please lets not be taken there. there will be no political solution to any of this, indeed its the two headed snake party that got us here in the first place.

    We had a war in 1861 because less than 4% of our population owned almost all the land and needed slaves to cultivate it. Today this same 4% imports Mexicans and instead of slaves they call it cheap labor, and they pass the overhead costs onto taxpayers vis a vis section 8, medicaid, EBt…

    The same 4% own both political parties.

    Ch3ap labor will be resolved the same way slave labor was.

    If you aint prepping, good luck with that. Baltimogadisu and Chicongo will be coming to your neighborhood. If they cant fuck it or eat it it, they break it.

    I anticipate a Reichstag Fire real soon.

  20. Road Whore Says:

    @ Glenn S.: Excellent thoughts and words, Glenn…I agree 100%! Good to see you back, and I hope your path is a pleasing one.

    Ride Free

  21. Glenn S. Says:

    The whole thing is Alice in Wonderland surreal. Excercise your right to free expression by wearing patches indicating membership in or support of a motorcycle club and your subject to arrest and prosecution. Verbally defend yourself and the courts will order you to refrain from proclaiming innocence, after the government has proclaimed your guilt using the bullhorn of the international media. And, not coincidentally, there is more evidence that the cops were the murderers than that any of the accused were. The heroes in all this will be the ones who refuse to take any plea bargains. Much respect to them because they are the reasons this might not happen again.

  22. infidel Says:

    There is much hullabaloo about US citizens’ ‘freedom’….

    Its actually 20th in the world regarding personal freedom….and part of that is due to lower ratings of ‘procedural justice’. After reading about the Waco police fiasco…..

    I understand why the USA is ranked where it is….

  23. Philo Says:

    @Dogbreath –

    Well said. My personal observation is that Americans who are right-leaning in their political philosophy have yet to reconcile their belief in a civil society with the growing police state. Taken on its face, their support is really more for the old school, “peace officer”, than the modern paramilitary storm trooper. It’s hard for folks to accept that Andy from Mayberry has turned in to Jay Dobins, and that Dirt Harry Callahan is tossing flash bangs into baby’s cribs, instead of dusting serial killers. It’s even harder to accept that a group of law enforcement agents would collude to perpetrate a massacre on unarmed American citizens. It’s takes an event like Waco to shake people out of their fog.
    This is where I believe groups like ‘black lives matter’, et al(and people like tiger) go wrong. They allow their objections to the police state to be shoe-horned into a political narrative, when it should be the catalyst that unites all true freedom loving Americans, across the spectrum.


  24. Paladin Says:


    Son; you really need to put down that bong and step away. The government is now and always has been violating the rights and freedoms you speak of, for as long as I can remember. I think you just made the Guinness Book of World Records as being the most clueless individual on the planet.


  25. NCRider Says:

    Spell check changed it! Sorry.

  26. Philo Says:

    LOL Jesus Fucking Christ on a carousel. Simmer down there tiger.

    No Constitution loving Conservative supports the armed enforcement wing of a broken and corrupt government.
    American politics now makes Game of Thrones look like a third rate Sunday school play for the mentally challenged. If you can’t see that, you’re lying to yourself.
    The only “media” I trust are the John Batchelor Show, and The Aging Rebel.


  27. T Hell Says:

    “Rights and freedoms, if they are to mean anything, require a vigorous response by government whenever they are violated. Where is the government now ?”

    Probably still high fiving each other at the Dunkin Donuts, too fucking stupid to know any better, too egotistical to care…..

  28. NCRider Says:

    @ EvolutionistX: Don’t put an apostrophe in Hell’s Angels.

  29. John Deaux Says:

    Glenn S
    As usual we are of a like mind.
    Good to see you back here, hope all is well in your world.
    Much respect.

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