Defending Sonny’s Brand

September 18, 2015

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Defending Sonny's Brand

George Christie’s television show has problems.

The other night  Outlaw Chronicles: Hells Angels was cablecast opposite Kurt Sutter’s The Bastard Executioner and its audience dwindled. It is now averaging about 915,000 viewers per airing. The show’s audience peaked with the second episode. Entertainment executives usually prefer that television shows build audiences rather lose them.

On top of that the production has obviously offended Ralph “Sonny” Barger, a founder of the Hells Angels and, for most of the world, the face of the club. Christie, who was run out of the Angels in disgrace, has blamed Barger for his expulsion and has insinuated, and more, that for the last half century he has been the seminal member of the club. That is the most basic lie Christie’s “reality” program tells. Anybody who knows anything about the Angels knows that the club is fiercely egalitarian and decision making is widely dispersed. Then there is the matter that Christie didn’t join until about 20 years after Barger did.

The club simply has no single decision maker but Barger is a sort of spiritual leader who has led by fierce example and with a humility that is beyond Christie’s grasp. Christie has long sought to discredit Barger, for reasons that would seem to be more explicable in a novel – something by Dostoevsky maybe – than in a cheesy TV show. But that seems to be the dramatic arc the producers have plotted. The big climax of Outlaw Chronicles is supposed to be an episode titled “Sonny versus George.” In an instant, in a mere three words, Christie has declared himself to be Barger’s equal or more. It seems like a short step from that to the worldwide marketing of “George Christie An American Legend” tee shirts.

The Brand

This week Barger’s intellectual property attorney (yes he has an intellectual property attorney) wrote a letter to A&E Televisions Networks, the History Channel, Shaw Media and Shaw Communication who collectively produce and profit from the stories Christie is telling.

“As you are aware,” the letter begins, “Mr. Sonny Barger is an actor, author, speaker, and businessman who has achieved success and notoriety due, in part, to his role as a prominent member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. Mr. Sonny Barger’s fame and reputation has resulted in the Sonny Barger brand (the ‘Sonny Barger Brand’) becoming a commercial asset of great value to Mr. Sonny Barger and his affiliated companies. In addition to common law rights, Mr. Sonny Barger and his affiliates own a federal trademark registration for the SONNY BARGER mark as well as several pending trademark applications for various goods and services (collectively, the ‘Sonny Barger Marks’).”

Want to read more?

“It has come to our attention,” the letter continues, “that HISTORY plans to air an episode of the Show titled “Sonny vs. George” on or about September 22, 2015, and we are under the belief that there has already been a great deal of marketing utilizing the Sonny Barger Brand and/or the Sonny Barger Marks.”

Cease And Desist

“Please be advised, you or your related business entities are not licensed or in any way authorized by Sonny Barger or his affiliated companies to use the Sonny Barger Brand or the Sonny Barger Marks for any purpose whatsoever, specifically including any use in or connection with the Show. We believe that, absent the express written consent of Mr. Sonny Barger, the use of the Sonny Barger Brand or the Sonny Barger Marks by you or your related business entities is an infringement of Mr. Sonny Barger and his affiliated companies’ rights, including, but not limited to, rights to the Sonny Barger trademarks and brand, and may further constitute other violations of statutory and common law rights.”

“Mr. Sonny Barger and his affiliated companies take violations of their intellectual property and their rights thereunder very seriously,” the letter concludes, “and plan to protect such rights utilizing any legal avenues available in both law and equity. Accordingly, on behalf of Mr. Sonny Barger and his affiliated companies, we hereby demand that you and your subsidiaries, networks, and affiliates immediately comply with the following:

1.    Cease and desist from any and all use of the Sonny Barger Brand and the Sonny Barger Marks and any versions of such brand or marks; and

2.    Cease and desist from any and all development, sale, distribution, promotion and airing of any and all products and services in connection with the Sonny Barger Brand and the Sonny Barger Marks, or any names or marks confusingly similar to Sonny Barger.

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73 Responses to “Defending Sonny’s Brand”

  1. SAM Says:

    Listen people

    George Christie diddent like the Clubs policy anomoore,there where personally problems between him and Barger for years before George left in god tearms,Barger diddent have the power to trow him out,2 weeks after Christie left Barger change change to bad standing,no one normal will ever do that,why did he do that,christie left anyway,barger did that becaurce off Revenge, the last 20 years he become Sonny Barger Firm Compagny com.
    George was spokesman for Hells Angels America,his phone ring 24-07-365
    if he was an maby new member it will be something else,Barger have write books and the last 20 years Money come before the Club,the Club is in war with 5 Clubs in America,he Hates all other 1% Clubs,no one ever here him talks nice about other Clubs,when Christie were in the Club i said,Bandidos is a good solid Club,RESPECT,no one have heard Barger said that,Barger called Christie RAT,Christie have NEVER PUT ANYONE IN PRISON,Barger never rat on CHRISTIE,His wife told everything too the police,but offcource maby Barger and his wife never talk,only fuck,in 2003 he beat his wife and stepdauther so bad they went too hospital,and Barger went too Prison ,am i the only one WHO knos dat ?????????

  2. Flash Gordon Grow HAMC Oakand California Says:

    Sonny always has Club approval. Everything Sonny does 100% Class which means that everything he has written or said is totally honorable! There is no comparison here. As far as Jealousy, George is the only jealous person here. His interpretation of Sonny’s motives or actions is so off base, it shows his paranoid delusional state of mind.

  3. ElleElle Says:

    Sonny Brand…Smart.

  4. Wolfenlover Says:

    T-pain, or is that Hemorrhoids Pain?! Why don’t you just go sit on it, ya goofy
    fuck! If you don’t give a fuck then why come here just to spew your drizzly

  5. Wolfenlover Says:

    Well, Timmy F. why don’t you take your own advice & STFU?!

  6. swampy Says:

    Tim Ferguson, yeah, Sonny wrote a book. When was that? ’99? or 2000? I can’t remember and I’m not about to go digging through my book shelves(or anywhere else) just to find a copyright date. Sonny B. talked about Rats in his Club. So? No big deal – what’s wrong about calling out Rats when it is fact? Fact: Christie is a Rat. Barger went to prison too. Sentenced twice and the two years waiting on an acquittal on the RICO thing? Quick, someone help me out; it’s late in the Day and I’m drinking…just a little. Did everything happen as he said it did in his Book? I don’t know. I really DON’T know. I found, in his book, there was some “reading between the lines”, for example, like the idiot with the bogus patch at the book signing. Comparing SB to GC is like comparing a Peregrine Falcon to a Turkey Vulture; Barger being the Falcon – Christie is the buzzard. I’m much more inclined to believe Sonny. George Christie is the ONE that is blabbing everything he knows, everything he thinks he knows, and it seems, some outright lies too, on what? The fucking History Channel. A cable tv network that has produced the likes of GANGLAND, spun directly from ATF propaganda. Okay, it’s a “free day” and I’m going in for anutha’.

  7. Tim Ferguson Says:

    Isn’t Sonny just as guilty as George. See no. HERE no. Tell no. Don’t mean shit anymore. From the top down just shut the fuck up. Stop doing law enforcements job for them secretive my ass. Everybody write a godamn book and get it over with. If a lower member did what they have done would the results be the same for them. George got an out bad for he what did what did Sonny get besides money. The rules should apply equally to everyone so why is Sonny still a patched member. Everybody just shut the fuck up. DAMN !

  8. T Pain Says:

    Who gives a fuck?
    Really? Like who gives a fuck?

  9. 10Gauge Says:

    Watching George bitch and moan about Sonny was embarrassing. It just shows what type of a punk he really is.

  10. Tooj Says:

    Hey Pajama, when did you stop beating your wife? (I know, an easy classic question. Because, when you begin attempting to defend yourself you “appear” guilty.)

    Quote: “I have noticed that in clubs these days, the not so smart work overtime to suppress, alienate, disparage the reputation of (or flat out remove) the intelligent brother. (or the brother not hanging off of the leaders nuts.) It is the fear of superior intelligence, that works to silence the truth and selfishly maintain power and/or inflated reputation.”

    Yes, what IS GC doing?

  11. Jim666 Says:

  12. Jmas Says:


  13. chromedome Says:


    based on the fact that GC has already stretched the truth like a used condomn maybe he doesnt want his name associated with this circus of a tv show.


  14. Steel Says:

    Seems to me George Christie is trying to also create a brand but he will never ever succeed. Rats can’t succeed. They feed off the crumbs of others which is what is happening and eventually those crumbs run out. Sonny is the man and an American legend. He really is an icon.



  15. Mad Dog Says:

    Slowhand, that link is funny and all too appropriate.

  16. Mad Dog Says:

    “With this in mind when one entity SUES or threatens to sue, to keep the information or allegations silent in the first place… Why not just put up a billboard and a super bowl add, announcing Guilt?”

    Wait a minute, Pajama. Who was it exactly that got the details of his plea deal/sentence reduction sealed? Wasn’t that GC? I wonder what he could be hiding.

  17. slowhand Says:

    PAJAMA Didn’t Christie try and sue the guy that made the other film, the guy that walked away when he found out Christie was full of shit? Seems to me that Christies having a little temper tantrum and wants it all his own way. You really think he’s intelligent? Blowing up tattoo shops but not his own, stamping his little feet to get his sons bike back by claiming it was stolen, taking a loan in his name out on the clubhouse and running off with the dollars? That’s intelligent is it?

  18. Pissed Off Bastard Says:


    not sure what you’re getting at. If you’re implying that Barger’s cease and desist is motivated by a fear of the truth getting out I don’t think that’s the case. I think he’s pissd off that Christy is piggybacking the brand name of hellsangels when no one else is allowed to do that. like someone said receently
    do you think thyere would be a show called O”utlaw Chronicles starring George Christy?
    So Barger is saying look youve already hijacked the club name for your own gain – don’t try it with my name andf brand.

    p.s. I wish he’d come back out with Sonny Beer I fuckin loved that shit.

  19. Wolfenlover Says:

    PAJAMA, OR is it a well known FACT that a f’n Lawyer can twist facts to whatever
    they want to be interpreted? ANYBODY who pleads the 5th is automatically
    GUILTY?! Then WHY f’n have it?

  20. slowhand Says:

    This video of George was on youtube as well as those ratting his brothers out.

    Go George your a hero.

  21. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    @ jim6 666 and company – I wish I had thought of that. Anyway I’ll be in Langley, VA 10/1 – 10/ 8 and I’ll make a detour to wherever you meet up. I’ll pay for the appetizers and like Big Ang, I enjoy a spirited debate. I’ll even wear a tie.

  22. PAJAMA Says:

    When a person pleads the Fifth. the inference is that of guilt and the desire to keep that information out of the police/public eye. likewise when a person/origination/corporation refuses an interview to refute allegations and claims. The same inference of guilt is also there. (as in there is no credible defense.)
    With this in mind when one entity SUES or threatens to sue, to keep the information or allegations silent in the first place… Why not just put up a billboard and a super bowl add, announcing Guilt?

    So what is the litigator attempting to hide? If it is Bullshit. Then let the masses be misled with that bullshit. or is the fear of the facts and truth getting out? Remember, it is the cover up that usually exposes the original misdeed.

    I have noticed that in clubs these days, the not so smart work overtime to suppress, alienate, disparage the reputation of (or flat out remove) the intelligent brother. (or the brother not hanging off of the leaders nuts.) It is the fear of superior intelligence, that works to silence the truth and selfishly maintain power and/or inflated reputation.

    Besides, the History Channel is pretty far afield when they actually entertain the idea (and project as truth) that creatures from other worlds have visited and influenced mankind.

    *I intentionally did not use names, I’m sued enough already!

  23. Wolfenlover Says:

    Well, there ya go, Emmie Lou! I might suggest bringing a straw for all those
    drinks you’ve been offered. BUT, I bet(& I don’t gamble) that you don’t take
    anybody up on their offer “Cuz I don’t drink”, RIGHT?! LMAO

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