Wild Wild West

September 16, 2015

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Wild Wild West

Sean Duffey, a member of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club and Danny Macias, a member of the Poor Boys Motorcycle Club were killed in an exchange of gunfire outside a bar and a convenience store in Los Chavez, New Mexico shortly after midnight Sunday morning.

Three other men were wounded in the gunfight. Police are withholding their names and conditions citing “security reasons.”

The shootings took place in a dirt parking lot shared by the Wild Pony bar and an Allsup’s convenience store  The location is about a quarter mile west of the Rio Grande River and about two miles east of Interstate 25. New Mexico State Police are investigating the murders and have said they have no leads.


13 Responses to “Wild Wild West”

  1. Mama G Says:

    Condolences to the families of the fallen.

  2. Wolfenlover Says:

    “Rockatansky” why don’t you go fuck yourself leuie! You & xplor both!

  3. Wolfenlover Says:


  4. xplor Says:

    The Rebel walks in the footsteps of George Mason and Patrick Henry. He is speaking out for the liberty of the individual over the arbitrary powers acting in the name of the state.

  5. cavalry2k14 Says:

    I understand turf and respect, but I wish the clubs could set aside their differences and see the real threats lie in a government and law enforcement that routinely abuse and overstep the limits of their power. It feels to me like every club member death, no matter the club or the reason, is simply playing into the hands of the coppers and their corrupt government puppet masters.

    Condolences to the families of those that died. Rest in peace.

  6. BMW Says:

    Condolences to the Brothers, family and friends of the bikers who have died. May they now ride in peace forever!

    No matter who did what, two clubs two families and two sets of friends have suffered a severe loss. The ATF, no doubt, continues to see every biker death as a means to accrete more funding, by lying about bikers, (they may have deliberately created the conflict, as they have with other well-known clubs) but within our communities, there are TWO serious losses.

    Love, Honor and Respect to All 1% RIDERS EVERYWHERE!!!

  7. Nags Says:

    Many condolences to all the deceased lover ones and brothers. We’ve lost way to many good bikers recently I surely hope this trend comes to a halt. 2 more warriors enter the great hall where they can eat, drink, and do battle as men are intended.

  8. Asskiller Says:

    Condolences to the families.

  9. rollinnorth Says:

    Condolences to those who knew and loved these men.

    Withholding info on others involved for “security reasons” is troubling.
    Thank you, Rebel.


  10. Wrangler Says:

    Condolences to the families and loved ones left behind.



  11. CORNDOG Says:

    Sincere condolences to the families and brothers of the fallen

  12. Rockatansky Says:

    Cutting and pasting from an Albuquerque Journal article for a little more context:

    “The Bandidos have been involved in a series of violent incidents in the Albuquerque area in the past few years.

    In March, a member of a motorcycle club holding a fundraiser at Applebee’s in Northwest Albuquerque was shot in the parking lot. Police said they believed the shooter to be a member of the Bandidos.

    In August 2013, a massive shootout at a fundraiser in the North Valley left a member of a rival motorcycle club, the Vagos, dead. The Black Berets, who are believed to be aligned with the Bandidos, were participating in the event.

    That incident, and an exchange of gunfire between a Bandidos member and a Vagos member early that year, led the FBI to issue an intelligence report that warned local authorities about a potential surge in violence between biker gangs.”

    Link to the article: http://www.abqjournal.com/644819/news/weekend-shooting-was-clash-between-bandidos-and-poor-boys-state-police-say.html

    Link to one of Aging Rebel’s previous articles on Bandidos in the Land of Enchantment:

  13. John Deaux Says:

    Condolences to both families on their loss.

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