Barger Versus Christie Continues

September 15, 2015

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Barger Versus Christie Continues

Ralph “Sonny” Barger is still annoyed by George Christie’s “reality” television The Outlaw Chronicles, or as Barger prefers to call it, The Out Bad Chronicles.

Barger was an Angel before and during Christie’s tenure. Barger remains a member. Christie does not. There is obviously bad blood between the two men and while Christie uses the very loud voice of cable television to give his version of the way things were, Barger stands in the audience and heckles back.

Here is what Sonny Barger thought of the second episode of Christie’s show titled “The Wild Life.” The episode was first cablecast on August 25 and will probably be available for viewing somewhere in the universe for the rest of time and a day. The History Channel describes it like this:

“What’s it like to party with the world’s most notorious motorcycle club, the Hells Angels? Former Angels president George Christie reveals for the first time the debauchery, delights and dangers that go into the club’s revelries. These are no-holds-barred accounts of outlaw fun at its most extreme, as Hells Angels reach for a thrill that can come only with women, alcohol, drugs and violence. Christie decodes how the colors of a member’s wing tattoos indicate bizarre sexual conquests, but how brothers and bikes always come first. We’ll see the carnage of the all-night runs to wild parties, the brutal mind games members play with each other, the deadly price paid by those who take it too far, and how drugs and alcohol fuel the frenzy. If you’re a Hells Angel, every party is a test of your ability to keep up–and if you don’t, you’ll find yourself fighting to stay alive.”

Most readers will probably be more interested in Sonny Barger’s comments while watching the episode than in the show itself.

Sonny Barger

1.    The way I remember it, you found out motorcycles are dangerous. You had a few accidents and one of them caused bleeding of the brain. Is bleeding of the brain the reason your recollection is so different then mine? There is also the fact that the majority of your recollections happened before you were in the club. How do you remember what you never knew?

2.    You speak of LSD parties and about sales in the Haight district. You were not even in the club until December 1976.

3.    You talk about LSD in eyedroppers in 1977. I remember LSD was on the way out by 1977.

4.    You say the club was the main distributor of LSD. Did you get that from the cops? You were not around in the 60’s or 70’s..

5.    Again you say we had rules against spiking member’s drinks 20 years before you joined the club. Did the cops tell you that too?

6.    Use of heroin was against rules in the 60’s before you were in club. Cops tell you that too?!

7.    You say you could take meth and feel as though you were on top of the universe. Is that part of your bad recollection?

8.    You speak of Bass lake as though you were there. We stopped going to Bass lake in the early 70’s

9.    You talk about a shooting in Steamboat Springs in 1996. You were sleeping in a motel three miles from the shooting. You say the cops called you?!? Are you crazy!? Why would they call you?! They had no idea who did the shooting. You say you took the shooter out on the back of your bike. That’s bull. He left in a car!

10.    About Slave Louie’s bike being stolen:  Neither you nor Louie nor you were in the club when that happened. One guy took the bike. The Free Wheelers Motorcycle Club had nothing to do with stealing it. I don’t know anything about some guy’s foot getting drilled at club house. But if that happened it had no connection to Louie’s bike. Bill Reed, who has given me permission to use his name by the way, found the bike and returned it to Louie. I’m sure Louie punched the guy.

11.    I’m not going to get involved in ol’ ladies. Everyone treats them differently. I will say some of them take the heat for members. I know one who took the heat for you.

12.    Yes. As you say, a lady sued your charter for membership. It went nowhere.

13.    Yes. Margo Compton (who was found dead in Hillsboro, Oregon in 1977) was a very bad scene. One guy got six months. The other guy would have got the same if someone hadn’t killed her. The case went unsolved for years until a RAT told a story to keep from going to prison. To this day, I’m not sure it’s Buck (Odis ‘Buck’ Garrett) who belongs in prison. But the Rat who had all the evidence to convict him.”




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  1. NOS4A2 Says:

    @ Slowhand
    Apology accepted.

  2. Slowhand Says:

    @nos4a2. Apologies if I got it wrong.

  3. Big Ang Diamondback Says:

    @nos4a2 – amen.

    Nos4a2 wasn’t referring to the main post here. Im sure he more than agrees with sonny. As do I. He was replying to Emmitt Grogan The federal lawman calling three piece and 1% mc culture all about the money these days.

    Emmitt grogan how many times you going to mention pats name here? This is the third time you’ve mentioned his name in a bad way. Thats some punk shit right there. Did u have a Bad experience in the feds top bunk back in the day? I’m going to give you some small insight into 2015 world culture. Everybody and their mother is all about the money these days!!!

    There is not one person posting on this forum right here that wouldnt like to have an extra couple thousand in the bank account tomorrow if that could be possible … It’s the nature of this materialistic modern technological world we are in. Its just about the times. Times change. Not to mention all of us want to live a little bit more comfortable. I don’t think there is anyone that wouldn’t mind making a few extra dollars.

    Now using the club’s name for massive financial gain is wrong, I agree. But every three piece patch club, when it really comes down to it , is about family and putting your life on the line for your brother next to you and vice versa. In my opinion, no citizen family or friend could ever have the same amount of respect, loyalty, and honor to say something like I will die for you. When a brother says I will die for you. It means he will literally sacrifice his life for you. Try and find a citizen family member or friend that would jump in front of a bullet for you these days. Thats what mc culture means to the real. Not the fucking money.

    I dont give a fuck what you say. Most 3 piece clubs 1% or not NEED to organize financial structure these days. And most are incorporated as well. Do you know what a lawyer costs for a high-end criminal case these days? Shit a decent lawyer will set you back $2 million for a high-profile case over three months. Maybe even more. Clubs need financial structure.

    What happens to your brothers kids and old lady if he goes to jail? What happens if your brother cant afford associated legal fees? Fuck how about that annual run to las vegas and the 25 grand donated to the local childrens hospital for christmas. Tell me how a dominant three pc club can run without corporate structure and relying only on dues and donations. This world runs on money. Corporate Club Name and likeness is required in modern times. No if ,ands ,or buts about it. Every club is going to have that bad Apple that will use the clubs status and privileges just to make and amass money for himself. There are bad apples in every organization. But dont generalize the whole club culture based on a few bad apples.

    Sorry for the rant. Respects to rebel and the hardcore readers.

    Big Ang.

  4. Dante Says:

    A MST3K version would be hilarious!!!!

  5. slowhand Says:

    @NOS4A2 … I’m no 1%er but I guess if you or one of your brothers had died for the patch then you might give a fuck.

  6. NOS4A2 Says:

    Who really gives a fuck?

  7. Emmitt Grogan Says:

    Check out Pat Matters, Minnesota H.A big shot. Why isnt he highlighted in this article. Its all about the money now.

  8. Tony Says:

    I’m a Brit and a ‘biker’ who’s been watching the program over here on you-tube.(Admittedly I’m one who’s more politically orientated having been involved in the riders rights battle over here for 25 plus years.) Now Mr Christie is an engaging personality who comes over well on the telly and has the knack of sounding honest. Being English I don’t know any of the background of his and Mr Barger’s disagreement but no matter how you look at it, club business should stay club business and Mr Christie washing the club linen in public smells to me of him being little better than a grass.



  9. jcfromnj Says:

    I’m not taking any sides on this issue, I don’t have all the back channel info that really defines the story. Waiting for the last episode to see what Christie has to say about Sonny.
    The one thing that I know for sure is that no organization ever survives the personalty of it’s charismatic leader (Sonny). Come hell or high water in the future,it will be Sonny that is the personification of HA. I don’t know if George Christie will be spoken of in that light down the road, don’t know him on a personal level.

  10. Base Says:

    If MC’s do not evolve with the times & technologies they are doomed at the worst or left far behind at the least. That goes for any organization and people in general, sure you can live in the past and even make your way, but try finding a pay phone today! Follow?

    Not saying it could not be done.

    People coming in here spouting off about murders and making accusations with out proof. WTF? Talk about agent provocateur’s! Fucking tools!

    Believe this comment above sums it up.

    Christie = out bad, no contact

    Sonny = legend, active member

    What else needs to be known?

    Head on a swivel, stay frosty

  11. Wolfenlover Says:

    I STILL will not watch. Got a friend who enjoys the “farce-ity” tho. He was still laughing last time I talked to him. He knows actual facts from mid 70’s
    & is watching just to see how stupid they make this.

    Very much WELCOME BACK Rebel!

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  12. Meh Says:

    Christie held a position of trust. That begs the question of who else is cooperating in-place. Some betraying the many is normal for any human group no matter how dedicated. The trick is finding them out to limit their damage. If not exposed, they can manipulate the group COINTELPRO style.

    What the surveillance state wants is more “criminals” to justify its bureaucratic empires. Likewise it is ready to “reward” those who switch sides and help validate its reason for being.

  13. Vince1%ER Says:

    NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN….as relating to ……..those THAT REVERE,RESPECT & BOW @ THE FEET OF Elders in the club in question & think that GC is a Rat & Snitch. Too many HYPOCRITES & SNITCH RAT FUCKS Are Still IN THE CLUB – and a FEW OUT *GOOD* REVEL IN THE Attention .
    Well…….many know better- and the power play that has been in effect untill 2011 which is now WAY PAST US HAS nothing to do with the current club & its status.

  14. Big Ang Diamondback Says:

    Man a whole lot a coppers on rebels site today. Either that or GC groups. HA a bottom feeding corporation? And the other guy trashing ralph by lying about murders ordered. I mean this equation is very simple.
    Christie = out bad, no contact
    Sonny = legend, active member

    Dont believe the hype.
    Big Ang

  15. Jim Kelly Says:

    There is a big difference between a storyteller, and the person that is the brunt of the story. “The Topic” Many out there in TV land would not have much interest in anything being said. Those that have an interest, would know the balance of both sides. Myself, fairness in a reality check, does it with me. Which gives the integrity of the legacy of the Hell’s Angels to Sonny, hands down. I don’t have a personal relationship knowing any angels. Though throughout my life I’ve know a few guys that have gone that route. Even lost a girlfriend to a guy that eventually went that route. What I do know in real terms. If you already have a well oiled functioning machine, you don’t try to get something to go wrong with it, just to create friction. I watch and pay attention, to whats being said, but I already know the truth.

  16. Emmitt Grogan Says:

    All this talk but the truth is, This club is no longer what it was, Look at Minnesota Pat. He was a big shot in this club, and now turns in his ” brothers” Face it,, This club turned itself into exactly what they hated. Money before all. What has become is a cash cow for a few type a personalities. Good luck. Your done.
    Add Pat Matters to this list of people who turn on this club. Check it out. Why is this gaining in this club,, Money and Drugs, it destroyed the values of what this once was. Its over .

  17. 198VTAsupport Says:

    This angers me so much – growing up in Ventura, and wasting my time respecting this piece of shit. Much love to Sonny Barger, going to try to make it to this year’s birthday bash.

  18. @SHARKEY Says:

    @SHARKEY..Lets make one thing fuckin thing clear there is only club that is accused of using Bombs,killing kids and women during this war so dont u dare try n put both clubs in the same catagory!!..AND THAT IS A KNOWN FACT..So push your rhetorical propaganda preaching in the other direction not this way.

  19. Asskiller Says:

    @Phuquehead – “…you pig fucks can go suck the hot end of my exhaust tubes then shoot each other in the head to end my misery.”

    Too damn funny.

  20. WildCard Says:

    Funny (NOT), How George & History Channel make un-supported, no proof statements. Listen closely to recordings on above link.. George openly gives up an active Member. He IS a snitch & a Liar!

  21. Danny Romero Says:

    Yes, I would much rather hear what Sonny has to say. I know him, have played his 58th anniversary in the club, and am fixin to play his birthday. as he is a big country music fan, and appreciates greatly my singing. for which i am very humbled and honored. I have found him very polite, extremely respectfull, and generous. A man who has the extreme respect of all around him. Extreme respect he has earned. To hear of this man George Christie having a “reality” TV series? Well, for me, that says it all. Much respect to the American Legend Mr. Sonny Barger and all 81

  22. mike Says:

    I don’t watch this bs show if you really wanted to know about this stuff, first off isn’t your business second ask.

  23. Phuquehed Says:

    @VikingTrotter – That’d be fucking hilarious! I miss that show, I’d laugh damn near the whole time I was wathing it. Me and my friends back in the day, used to do similar shit, except we’d get good and stoned and we’d each pick a character in a movie we were going to watch and then we’d sit there and ‘talk’ for our character during the movie. Usually we couldn’t get past maybe a half hour of doing that as we’d get to laughing too much or wanting to get higher or walking off without thinking about it to go get something to drink or munch on, heh heh.

    @ Emitt & Sharky – Unless you fucktards have some way of backing up your pathetic bullshit, you pig fucks can go suck the hot end of my exhaust tubes then shoot each other in the head to end my misery.

  24. rose Says:

    Unfucking believable~
    This fucking asshat rat talking “OFF” the record go suck a big dick George the RAT Christie you are a damned disgrace to the club it’s members it’s supporters and to me personally you make me sick~ Growing up in Oakland the neighbor of Sonny’s sister back in 69 70 we have been supporters my entire life and I cannot say enough about how special these guys made me feel as a lil tot~ Angels forever and hell to the rat!

  25. Jim666 Says:

    “God has given you one face,and you make yourself another.”
    William Shakespeare

    That just about says it all about GC.

    Viking Trotter
    I agree that would be great, lol

    M/L/L/H&R to Chief and Z

  26. Emitt Grogan Says:

    All due respect to you Mr.Barger. But, at this time your group apears to be more coporation orientated. As I found the H.A. actualy have an investment corp. for members
    Not to mention Pat Matters new book about H.A. in Minnesota.. whats up?
    I do not dis you or your generation,but,,, that apears to be in the past. This is not about bikers, this is not about comoraderie any more, You guys are a bottom feeder corporation.

  27. Dustin Says:

    I lost my virginity to that in the back ground! Its been years since i have seen lol. And thano you Sonny for clearing it up nothing i hate more then a liar!

  28. TinCanVn69 Says:

    To the Legend, the man, Sonny Barger … Respect.

  29. VikingTrotter Says:

    They should reformat the show ala MST3K….Mystery Science Theatre 3000. For those that don’t know. It’s a cult classic series. Where a guy and some robots watch old scifi films and heckle them. You see their silhouettes….
    It would be great to have Sonny, heckle the show as it’s going with his own audio.

  30. Kenneth Cash Says:

    I have alot of people that I know that know Sonny personally is the godfather of the Hells Angels there are different between bike clubs and gangs bike clubs help the community and gangs take from the community that’s the difference some people don’t understand the real difference between a game and a bike club is family as soon as you put the colors on no question asked I know people that have personally met The Godfather Sonny Barger they say he’s the one the best when you can meet and will do anything for anybody there’s nobody that’s going to gang that will do that I have friends and family there out of Glendale Arizona that are part of Club family that have personally hung out with Sonnye burger and made a movie with him you might want to get the movie watch it see what a family is all about. Sunny burger will always be The Godfather of the Hells Angels even when he’s dead

  31. Robert Says:

    I still love watching those old Hell’s Angels movies. Sonny is the real deal, always was, always will be. Little Georgie will get his due one day. And that is one show I would love to see.

  32. JOE CHENEY Says:


  33. Freddy Popp Says:

    JUS SAYIN…………. George Christie ….. where is your INTEGRITY or have you ever had any.. seams to me you never did.. What has happen to “LESS SAID IS BEST SAID”… ” LN HOUSE IS IN HOUSE” .. The way I see it your are trying to make yourself bigger than you actually where back in the day…. Because right now George Christie in MANY EYES YOU LOOK VERY VERY SMALL.. Jus SAYIN…… TO THE FAMILY OF SUPPORT 81.. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT…. RED and WHITE IS ALWAYS TIGHT.. MLLHR&T/A.. 184.. bHc 81.. BLESSINGS TO ALL JCML&S

  34. "Sharky" Says:

    Very strange comments, I have know Sonny for over 35++ years, knew his wife at the time Sharon as well. I have been in the Oakland Club House, in Sonny’s home on Golf links as well as in over 12 other club houses.

    I’m very familiar with the Margo Murders especially of the children and the young coast guardsman all murdered by the Tells Angels with Sonny’s approval. I knew several members, Kenny Owen, Sergay Walton, Russell Beyea, “Cisco” and over 45+ others from California, Arizona, New York and many more. I have listened to dozens of wire taps tapes from the late 60’s through the late 90’s

    What i find bizarre is that after all these decades, that Sonny soon to be as i recall 77 years of age, spewing things that are not 100% accurate. Remember the clubs should now stop spewing at each other and come to terms with reality and the evils and destruction and Killings of kids, women and so many innocent people and berry the hatchet As we all are getting old and life is coming to a final closure to us old men. Peace/Love/Forgiveness/Reconciliation/Forgiveness/ It is time to grow up and not spit gossip, misinformation and realize no one is perfect. Peace & Love to all of You….

  35. Outside it all. Says:

    SONNY BARGER A LEGEND IN HIS OWN TIME, George Christie?…. something, something? – OUT BAD! Nothing else to say.

    BTW: Sonny’s Birthday and Poker Run is October 11, 2015. Arizona

  36. Pat hastings Says:

    For where it should never go… tale of woe????…caught the first episode and didn’t watch anymore…..x members can be a bitter bunch. … long was he there b4 he relied. ..what it’s all good for…..shout out…. crew….Authorpatriciahastings. Com….for…when u know what your into…..

  37. Dark Corner Says:

    This whole thing bums me out. Whether he’s a snitch or not (he is), Christie is a real piece of shit. That’s all I have to say.

  38. Paladin Says:


    Having dealt with “entertainment” executives in the past, I don’t think any of them concern themselves with anything other than making money. Christie shows up, tells ’em he’s this that and the other, wants to “set the record straight” by telling “his” story. The Execs. at the History Channel do the math: Hells Angeles = money, meeting adjourned, and they’re off to the races. The truth only matters if it enhances the prospect of making money; if it doesn’t, it only gets in the way.

    Even Buffalo Bill had elements of truth is his Wild West Show. Those elements were: Indians, U.S. Calvary, Stage Coach, Cowboys, etc. It’s how those truthful elements are woven together that make the story truthful or in Christie’s case, untruthful. Christie has woven just enough truth in his tale to tie certain events together for his unwitting audience. Buffalo Bill was never present at all the events depicted in his Wil West Show and he never claimed he was. On the other hand, Christie was never present at all the events told in his tale, but claims he was.

    A little story, illustrating the cluelessness of studio Execs.

    When I was actively teaching, I got a call from a Producer at Warner Bros., wanting me to teach their story’s main character how to gunfight. This Producer went on to tell me that this particular actor had no experience with firearms and that they needed him up and running within four weeks. I replied that if their actor was reasonably coordinated, I didn’t see a problem with teaching him what he needed to know within that time frame.

    Just before concluding our conversation, the Producer told me that it was of vital importance that the actor be able to draw, twirl, and re-holster his gun. I was not happy hearing this, but asked the make of gun they planned on the actor using. When I was told it was going to be a Glock, I politely declined the job.

    Long May You Ride,


  39. FF Says:

  40. Va.Bob Says:

    In his memoir (and I paid ful retail for my copy), Sonny mentions the infamous “California Club Rules”, which were somehow leaked to the press.One rule was the no spiking of booze.It’s pretty much common knowledge.And about 20 years before that publication, the back cover of the George Wethern tell-all listed the”Rules”.Yeah, I don’t get the mention of Garrett, with regard to Compton.I thought his beef was the kingpin statute.

  41. vta Says:

    what a fucking joke you are GC you should have just disappeared but now down in flames a big liar many of us looked up to you until we could see through you and it did not take a TV show it just took time not sure how much you have left…

  42. Phuquehed Says:

    Fuck you Christie, you lying, sellout rat fuck piece of shit.

  43. popeye Says:

    George shopped his story around until he found someone stupid enough to buy it. The history channel has proven again and again it has no problem re-writing history for a profit. Just be glad they never got into printing textbooks or we’d be learning how Elvis discovered America from the window of the spirit of st louis.

  44. swampy Says:

    Rebel, wishing you a continued and speedy recovery.

    Just when I was getting back to believing nothing could be worse than MSM, with its lies, parroting, “headline fodder” and keeping up with which organ grinder’s monkey has slipped its chain this week; The History Channel outperforms again! I’ll watch the shit storm again tonight that continues to spew forth, from GC’s mouth, with the gale force of a cat. 4 hurricane. The reason being so I can wait for Sonny’s response and calling Christie out. It’s late in the Day, and can’t recall at the moment if the HC has ever had the “pleasure” of dealing with Fritz Clapp. With the highest regards and respect, swampy

  45. Slide Says:

    “Uh,this is off the record, right?” –George Christie How can anybody, justify that? How can you be friends and defend this guy? And thats the way it was 2009, imagine what he said facing 120 years?

  46. oldskewl Says:

    Fucking RAT!!
    Fuck Christie. I wouldn’t give his show a minute of time, not even the commercials.


  47. Frank Says:

    It was my understanding that Buck Garrett was was already doing life w/o parole and he was never tried or convicted for the Compton murders.

  48. cerati Says:

    “Most readers will probably be more interested in Sonny Barger’s comments while watching the episode than in the show itself.”


  49. Mac Says:

    Dont fuck with Sonny this man is sharp as a tack and is a straight shooter he will tell the truth..

  50. Whitepride Says:

    Thank you Mr. Barger!

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