Barger Versus Christie Continues

September 15, 2015

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Barger Versus Christie Continues

Ralph “Sonny” Barger is still annoyed by George Christie’s “reality” television The Outlaw Chronicles, or as Barger prefers to call it, The Out Bad Chronicles.

Barger was an Angel before and during Christie’s tenure. Barger remains a member. Christie does not. There is obviously bad blood between the two men and while Christie uses the very loud voice of cable television to give his version of the way things were, Barger stands in the audience and heckles back.

Here is what Sonny Barger thought of the second episode of Christie’s show titled “The Wild Life.” The episode was first cablecast on August 25 and will probably be available for viewing somewhere in the universe for the rest of time and a day. The History Channel describes it like this:

“What’s it like to party with the world’s most notorious motorcycle club, the Hells Angels? Former Angels president George Christie reveals for the first time the debauchery, delights and dangers that go into the club’s revelries. These are no-holds-barred accounts of outlaw fun at its most extreme, as Hells Angels reach for a thrill that can come only with women, alcohol, drugs and violence. Christie decodes how the colors of a member’s wing tattoos indicate bizarre sexual conquests, but how brothers and bikes always come first. We’ll see the carnage of the all-night runs to wild parties, the brutal mind games members play with each other, the deadly price paid by those who take it too far, and how drugs and alcohol fuel the frenzy. If you’re a Hells Angel, every party is a test of your ability to keep up–and if you don’t, you’ll find yourself fighting to stay alive.”

Most readers will probably be more interested in Sonny Barger’s comments while watching the episode than in the show itself.

Sonny Barger

1.    The way I remember it, you found out motorcycles are dangerous. You had a few accidents and one of them caused bleeding of the brain. Is bleeding of the brain the reason your recollection is so different then mine? There is also the fact that the majority of your recollections happened before you were in the club. How do you remember what you never knew?

2.    You speak of LSD parties and about sales in the Haight district. You were not even in the club until December 1976.

3.    You talk about LSD in eyedroppers in 1977. I remember LSD was on the way out by 1977.

4.    You say the club was the main distributor of LSD. Did you get that from the cops? You were not around in the 60’s or 70’s..

5.    Again you say we had rules against spiking member’s drinks 20 years before you joined the club. Did the cops tell you that too?

6.    Use of heroin was against rules in the 60’s before you were in club. Cops tell you that too?!

7.    You say you could take meth and feel as though you were on top of the universe. Is that part of your bad recollection?

8.    You speak of Bass lake as though you were there. We stopped going to Bass lake in the early 70’s

9.    You talk about a shooting in Steamboat Springs in 1996. You were sleeping in a motel three miles from the shooting. You say the cops called you?!? Are you crazy!? Why would they call you?! They had no idea who did the shooting. You say you took the shooter out on the back of your bike. That’s bull. He left in a car!

10.    About Slave Louie’s bike being stolen:  Neither you nor Louie nor you were in the club when that happened. One guy took the bike. The Free Wheelers Motorcycle Club had nothing to do with stealing it. I don’t know anything about some guy’s foot getting drilled at club house. But if that happened it had no connection to Louie’s bike. Bill Reed, who has given me permission to use his name by the way, found the bike and returned it to Louie. I’m sure Louie punched the guy.

11.    I’m not going to get involved in ol’ ladies. Everyone treats them differently. I will say some of them take the heat for members. I know one who took the heat for you.

12.    Yes. As you say, a lady sued your charter for membership. It went nowhere.

13.    Yes. Margo Compton (who was found dead in Hillsboro, Oregon in 1977) was a very bad scene. One guy got six months. The other guy would have got the same if someone hadn’t killed her. The case went unsolved for years until a RAT told a story to keep from going to prison. To this day, I’m not sure it’s Buck (Odis ‘Buck’ Garrett) who belongs in prison. But the Rat who had all the evidence to convict him.”




88 Responses to “Barger Versus Christie Continues”

  1. Jim Says:

    I think G.C. was playing both sides like Whitey Bulger..just my thoughts.

  2. Joe Says:

    You don’t have to be a hells angle to see sunny is a show. Ignorant fool looking for an identity and a profit

  3. Scooter Rick Says:

    I am not a Hells Angel. I have never been one, and given my advanced age, I probably won’t ever be one. I figure that if they wanted me to know what’s going on, they probably would have already told me. OK, now that’s out of the way. As I read and hear about all of the fussing going on with Sonny and George, I notice something. One of these guys is living out in the open and making comments live and in person. The other is hiding behind TV cameras and issuing his BS framed as “public announcements”. I would think that if Georges comments were true, he would not be hiding behind the cameras. If George was a true Angel, I am pretty sure he wouldn’t be airing his laundry in public either. But that’s none of my business, just my opinion.

  4. mc quillis Says:

    Good post I’m lucky to be wear old vest also. Born this way. Luccese gambino.

  5. Tim Says:

    J C.Is Dead that’s why they played it on TV Because now he cant be sued for not telling the truth.ASGS.

  6. ShArK~~^~~ Says:

    I was in Griffith park in 1967 at a lovein when Sonny Barger and another club member came riding up and stop at the top of a hill and sat on there bikes and having a good time,when a ass hole under cover cop looking like a hippie thought he was a big shit, started a fight with Sonny for know reason, That started a riot with all the teens.There was more under cover cops that thought they were hot shit,and started fights with the teens,I was twenty at the time and saw the hole thing go down standing twenty feet from Sonny and all I can say is ACAB.SFFS81.

  7. Kanye Diggit Says:

    Not that anyone asked me but here is my observation anyway.I’ve been reading this amazing site for years.I think you guys give these alphabet agencies extra incentive to shut you down by being vastly superior to them in every way.Your supposed to be the bad guys.Your not supposed to be more articulate,more knowlegable,sharper,funnier,more lucid,and living by a code they can never hope to understand or emulate. In short you outman them in every way.And that must be very frustrating for them.No one with half a brain can come to this site and not walk away with at least a grudging respect for what you guys are really about.Maybe if you dumbed yourselves down and didn’t intimidate them so much they wouldn’t feel so threatened by you.Wish I had friends with your kind of character….love peace and hairgrease.

  8. Shovelhead Says:

    Why are you speaking about what 81 should or shouldn’t have done about Christie or Sonny? What’s it to you? Are you a member and pissed because you didn’t get any money? This is up to the Charters, they apparently approved of Sonny’s Books. So whether you agree with that decision or not, doesn’t really matter, does it. 81 doesn’t have to explain their decisions to you!! If you have a problem with them, by all means, go and talk to them!!
    Who even cares whether you like Christie or Sonny. I’m betting you not only don’t know either, but have never met either.
    But to tell folks here, shit about infiltrators in AZ but none in Ventura. How the fuck do you know what the real story is? How do know the Feds never infiltrated Ventura? Were you there?
    far as I know, Jay never became a member in AZ. having an opinion about an article is one thing. Arguing a point about a subject you have NO real knowledge of is kind of pointless don’t ya think?

  9. bcnasty Says:

    Rebel said
    I very much understand people who have problems with the HAMC. Trust me, I get it. But the idea that somehow George Christie has done more for the club than Ralph Barger is kinda nuts. The idea that somehow Christie is a better man than Barger is nuts. George is a very likable guy. Sonny is well into his 70s. If I had to pick one of the two of them to walk into a dark alley with, it would be Barger.

    Not kidding there my thoughts exactly.

  10. Phuquehed Says:

    @tim – You epitomize the term ‘Stupid should hurt’. How’s that aneurism going, fucktard? Aren’t you worried that while it’s happening you’ll have some kind of seizure and bite off Christie’s dick?

  11. slowhand Says:

    Dont undertsand why George just doesnt come on here and say what he has to say instead of putting it through Mr fergusons mouth. come on George dont be scared, you’re tough remember, you even defused a real bomb

  12. xplor Says:

    We must not talk about Tony Tait.

  13. Tim Ferguson Says:

    Yea Barger has done a lot for the Hells Angels but he’s just as guilty as Christie about tell all. He did it before George and is still doing it to this day. Numerous books movies and how much money went to the club. Sounds like he’s cashing in bring notoriety to a secretive organisation. So who’s really to blame, if a low ranking member did what eather one of these two have done do you think it would be ok. And as for JayBird aka Jay Bodkins well he infiltrated an Arizona chapter as far as I know no federal agencies have ever infiltrated the Ventura chapter during George’s tenure. Barger is a legend but his time is over time for him to hang up his patch. All good thing’s come to an end. Let other’s speak for you and you will buried under bullshit !

  14. chromedome Says:


    im surprised your able to type while holding GC’s dick with both your hands.


  15. Rebel Says:

    Dear Tim Ferguson,

    I think you might be deluded. I heard Barger refer to Jay Bird one time. He didn’t refer to him by name. He called him “That fucking cop.”

    I very much understand people who have problems with the HAMC. Trust me, I get it. But the idea that somehow George Christie has done more for the club than Ralph Barger is kinda nuts. The idea that somehow Christie is a better man than Barger is nuts. George is a very likable guy. Sonny is well into his 70s. If I had to pick one of the two of them to walk into a dark alley with, it would be Barger.


  16. Tim Ferguson Says:

    Sonny has had one to many hits of meth his time as an 81 is over. Just hang your patch in the closet old man your time is over. GC wanted to move forward and and bring back the respect the 81 had years ago but Barger wants to hold on and drag it down. I feel sorry for the future 81 if Barger keeps his hand in.

    Hey Sonny if you read this say hello to your friend Jay bodkins for me.

    ARIZONA 81

  17. Slowhand Says:

    George.(flip) That’s how people sound not how they write. Why don’t you just respond to rebels request for your side of the story or better still take the polygraph that sonny suggested ? Creating these cartoon characters for yourself is embarrassing .

  18. chromedome Says:

    @steve aka penis wrinkle

    your name and who you are is enough of an embarrassment. nothing else can be said other than since your so inlove with a club that your probably not nor ever will be a part of why dont you show some respect and junp off a bridge. your advise is as usefull as vinnie 1 inchy’s opinion. hell maybe the both of you (thats assuming that you arent thew same person) can go spoon together while you watch outbad chronicles dreaming of the day you will never have which is being somebody that deserves and gets respect.


    the problem stevepeniswrinkle has with your statement is that it makes perfect sense. in his world he would give GC a medel of honor for being so brave and daring.the REAL problem is is that half the world feels the same way. they are so caught up and worried about the “gossip” and other shit that aint their buisness that they fail to see the wisdom and realness of the above knowledge you posted in regards to the situation at hand. i learned from a now deceased patch holder (rest his soul) that its better to sit and listen than to be a fool and stand and shout. i have read many a word you have wrote on here and even though we dont know each other the honor and class you present and represent as well define what in my opinion it means to be a solid stand up dude, in writing atleast. people change in person but in your case i highly doubt it. not tryin to kiss no ass or ramble on jus callin it like seez it. i rarely wander outside these tennessee fields but if im ridin through your neck of the woods first jar is on me. respects


  19. chromedome Says:

    noone cares about your “gang wars” or your “nigs”. you can cheerlead on which ever side you want but atleast have some sort of understanding of what the fuck is going on and being talked about before you feel the need to pull, as wolfenlover would call it, “a vinnie 1 inchy”. another thing why is it the motherfuckers who have no idea or know nothing about this or any other situation like it always wanna chime in with their invalid and pointless opinion?


  20. Rebel Says:

    Dear Flip,

    Also known as Road Kill. I understand you are sticking up for George. You are free to do that here. Why are you using multiple handles? Are you George?


  21. Outside it all. Says:

    Flip? Flip?…. is that F’n LIP SERVICE?…. illiterate are you? Go lay down and rest your neck your head is tired. FUCKING BURNOUT!

  22. Flip Says:

    From what I seen g.christie ain’t no rat lol sunny seems like one of those assholes that will turn on any1 in his crew if they don’t agree with him .. I’m older now but I’m from the real streets of Chicago fought in gang wars and g.c is a leader sunny would of got rich off us n sent a lot of us to our deaths pffft fk him.. Ego maniac … Sad thing is a lot of these bikers turn on their own due to meth n dum sht… To out g.c should show every1 wuts comin to them for a full life’s dedication to the club ..fkn sad if my crew did that sht when I bleed n did sht for their survival my entire life n got outed from 1guy n the rest was clinging to his balls with out a voice really my nigs don’t give a sht they’d speak up n tell that one person who ain’t above every1 that regardless that guy fought n bleed with us go fk urself he’s gonna die one of us

  23. Wolfman Says:

    if you are in a MC you should know this

  24. Jim666 Says:

    Hey Stevie boy, GC is a rat, even if he is not he is flapping his gums about something he is no longer a part of that’s a huge No No in all outlaw and 1% clubs, so w/ given just that aspect of his en devour He is doing something he knows is very wrong and is breaking a code of silence . That alone puts him on the out bad list w/out all the other piles of shit he has stirred. when one leaves a club in good or out bad club business is what it states, if you are no longer part of so called club anything to do with that club remains that club business no matter if you were a part of it at the time or not.
    Leave the past in the past, bury history and let it go at that,
    Get it ? got it ? good ! now you should have no more comments on this subject………
    All out
    To Chief all our L/L/H&R from me and mine to you and the lovely Z
    Wishing you a fantastic birthday run and party, if at all possible id enjoy being there Btw Sonny and Z my 6 yrl old son Aiden still loves hie shirt you sent for his 6th b-day.
    you are truly a man among men and your word has always been solid and the gospel.
    He had it framed,
    Wishing you and yours a very special Birthday run and hope to witness very many more anything we in Va can do don’t hesitate to ask
    M/L/L/H&R Jim and the Va crew
    L&R Jim.

  25. Phuquehed Says:

    @Big Ang Diamondback – Heh heh, man oh man, I’d sure be cookin’ with Crisco if that’d happen!

  26. Wolfenlover Says:

    Hey STEVIE WINKIE, Your real name is vinnie 1 inchy sansevere, isn’t it…
    Take your own advice & get off the f’n web, then take Phuquehed’s advice &
    leave us in the dark as to how it worked for you. moron
    Are all of these trolls sniffing f’n GLUE these days?! WOW!

  27. Big Ang Diamondback Says:

    @Phuquehead – you deserve lifetime free beers all over the globe, sir. I can’t count how many times your wonderful posts have saved me from ripping new assholes on the daily.

  28. Phuquehed Says:

    Hold your breath for ten minutes steve, then get back to us and tell us how it went. Fucktard.

  29. steve winkle Says:

    hey rebel I know who you are your name is scott barnes isn’t it…

  30. steve winkle Says:

    a lot of people are being given an ultimatum to be sonny’s friend or George’s friend. the term friend on facebook reefer’s to an application not an association. sonny you told a journalist that motorcycles would be th e be all, or the end all for the hells angels. not gonna happen because the internet is doing a rather proficient job of as the be all which is gonna be the end all. hate to see it happen since the hells angels are national treasures especially George and yourself. so please just get the fuck off the internet get on your motorcycles and be the hells angels the whole world love’s. just get the fuck off the web….

  31. FF Says:

    It seems 81 attracts alot of a stalker, fanboy types and other wacky packages. From mike yevtuck to vinnie to that vevois fella with the horns in his head.

  32. Wolfenlover Says:

    BTW, HOW did that little POS get back in here after Rebel told him Good Bye?
    What a f’n loser Miss Vinnie is.

  33. Wolfenlover Says:

    NOS4A2, sure looks like it! What a fuckin’ bother. Must be a tag-team in
    Rebel’s. Lee-O,xplor,mmmmffffff & 1 inchy Vincy! HEY ALL YOU WORTHLESS FUCKS!
    Click the ads at least. Till Rebel gets around to booting yer asses anyway.

    Hell yea Big Ang! Just as long as I DIDN’T have to be a f’n RAT,Snitch or
    a f’n Narc, I sure could use a couple thou extra! But if the previous are
    my only options to getting that extra… Been broke for many years, but still

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  34. NOS4A2 Says:

    Uh Oh, One Inchy Vinchy is back?

  35. Tooj Says:

    Hey, want to get specific Emmitt? Cops are ALL about money these days.


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