Sonny Barger Has Notes

September 8, 2015

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Sonny Barger Has Notes

One of the million or so people who have been watching George Christie’s reality series on the History Channel, about what it is really like to be a Hells Angel is very well known Hells Angel Ralph “Sonny” Barger. Barger has been taking notes while he watched and he has offered to share them here.

You can decide for yourself how much Barger is holding in and what else he might have said.

1.    “Some call him ‘The Last American Outlaw.” That phrase was coined by Nick Mead as he filmed a movie about him. Since finding out the truth about him, Mead has refused to show the movie. That cost Mead about $200,000.”

2.    “George Christie says he worked for the Department of Defense. I can’t say for sure, but I only know of him working for the telephone company”

3.    “Most powerful member of HA!? In his own mind!”

4.    “He was in confinement awaiting trial for about one year. Also he did seven months on a case where he was facing two mandatory 20-year sentences and two life sentences.”

5.    “He quit because he decided to quit to make changes in his life?! He quit because someone from another charter told him if he did not quit they were going to fight! After he quit and all the evidence showed up, his status was changed to out bad. He, himself, put over 30 members out bad as informants without any paperwork.”

6.    “He talks about the club in 1968 – 70. He wasn’t even in the club until December 1976.”

7.    “He said one club rule is to ‘Stand With Your Brothers.’ Is that what he’s doing here?”

8.    “He talks about a tattoo with a dotted line that says ‘cut here.’ I’ve been around. I’ve only seen a tattoo like that once and it was not on a member.”

9.    “He says after the war ended in 1945, pilots became members of the Pissed Off Bastards Of Bloomington. In 1945, Otto Friedli (who founded that club) would have been about 14-years-old. He might have been a little older than that. Otto became president of the Berdoo charter after Bobby Zimmerman was killed in a motorcycle accident on the way home from Bass Lake in 1961, HE (George Christie) says American fighter pilots called themselves the hells angels and that’s where the name of the club came from. NO fighter pilots called themselves that in World War Two. One of American General Claire Lee Chennault’s squadrons was called Hells Angels. They were mercenaries. They were American pilots who resigned their commissions and got $500 for every Jap plane they shot down. At any rate, when the United States entered World War II they got back their commissions and reentered the Army Air Corps.”

10.    “The ex-member says he was out of the Marine Corps and working for the Department of Defense in 1966. If that was true he would not have passed a background check to become a hang around.”

11.    “He says we have to have an American bike. That’s NOT True. Some charters have that rule but not the club. In the fifties and the sixties a lot of people rode BSAs and Triumphs. There were no foreign (Japanese) bikes then. I, myself, grew up in World War Two. I buy American. I ride a Victory made in America. I drive a Chevy truck and I ride American Quarter Horses. That’s because I’m American. People ask me why I don’t ride a Harley-Davidson and I say the only reason you do is because I did in 1950.”

12.    “He says how hard it is to join the club. But I say it’s harder to get kicked out. Possibly because your brothers always want to believe and trust you even though you put out over 30 people without paperwork. Your 35-year membership proves that.”

13.    “The story about you pulling Tall Paul back into the lane sounds just like when some of us were travelling across the country. I fell asleep and Deakon (Oakland charter member Edward James “Deakon” Proudfoot) reached out and shook my shoulder. That was before this ex-member was even in the club.”

14.    “He says we have contempt for the law! We believe in law and order more than most Americans. What we do not believe in is when police act under their own authority rather than the courts. When they do that they are vigilantes. We do not have to stand for that.”

15.    “Prospect sending hamburger from Frisco? On that I will just say he is telling less than the truth.”

16.    “A prospect cutting off his own finger? I guess he saw my movie, Dead In Five Heartbeats. That was a true event involving Cisco (longtime Hells Angel Elliott S. “Cisco” Valderrama) and four fingers.”

17.    “Boots and patches. There was never a rule that members had to do what they told prospects to do. I would never ask a prospect to do something I would not. The fact he says he would not do it would have got his face beat or expelled from the club. Howe ver, boots and patches were only done at Bass Lake. We stopped going to Bass Lake ten years before he entered the club.”

18.    “I guess the one truthful thing he said was that he ‘was not a good leader.’”

19.    “Humpers fight? Says John fought a guy. So what?”

20.    “Says when a guy doesn’t make it we take his vest and bike. He may have and others may have but as a club we do not.”

21.    “He says when he got voted in, in December 1976 Betty from Berdoo made all the club patches. That’s not true. Betty made patches for Berdoo and whomever. Betty didn’t make any of the patches for Northern California or the rest of the country.”

22.    “The narration talks about the North Carolina Fiddler’s Convention in April 1976. He wasn’t a member. He didn’t become a member until that December.”

23.    “He says the clubhouse is home. The Ventura clubhouse was in his name. He took out an inflated loan on it and never made a payment. There was more money owned on that clubhouse than it was worth so the Ventura charter lost its clubhouse. Nice way to take care of your home.”

24.    “He said the Hells Angels is not a criminal organization. I guess so far he’s told the truth there.”

25.    “He says we live by a code of silence. I wonder what he lives by now. Even though we’ve had informants we still love and trust each other. Which is why he lasted 35 years.”

26.    “He says in the late 70s a member along with a woman police officer did a lot of telling. He says the man who was made a good deal to tell. Is that the reason they stopped your trial, sealed the record and gave you seven months instead of two mandatory life sentences and two 20-year mandatory sentences. Did you too got a good deal?

27.    “Everyone asks me, what do I think of the show. All of the above is a brief outline of my thoughts on episode number one and I will take a polygraph to my answers if he will take one to his statements. I hope you don’t ask me about number two.”

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94 Responses to “Sonny Barger Has Notes”

  1. SAM Says:

    Is there anyone WHO can remember WHO file Jay Dobkins to

    Arizona Chapter ???

    And WHO was close friends with Tony Tait in Oakland ???

  2. SAM Says:

    Sonny Barger nedds not to annoy Christie to be tv horney,himself is even a large Barger Compagny,the Club in America has many problems because of his EGO,he want war with all Clubs,Hells Angels in war with 5 Clubs,250 members left since 2010,Barger has not rat on Christie,he,s got his wife to do it

  3. BigCountry Says:

    First off I have nothing but love for Chief and the entire organization, but with that said I think a 35 year member like Georgy doesn’t have shit to gain by saying what he’s said at this point. He’s made a little money off this venture but not a fortune and definately not enough to retire on. I think this was more about getting back at Chief because of the past issues between the two of them. He is a rat there’s no doubt about it, nobody likes a rat and that’s a fact! But the statements that he’s made can’t be all wrong like what is being said. Keep in mind before he was a rat he was a respected member of the club. Saying he has lied about everything is like saying that fucking ATF agent never infiltrated the club, once again this is classic damage control at its finest. Anyone who knows anything knows what I’m saying is the truth, nothing but politics and peoples butts being hurt here…..

  4. JMacK Says:

    The whole thing sounds like Club bizness to me…

  5. NOS4A2 Says:

    ”all I have in this world is my word and my balls and I don’t break them for anybody!”

    Pretty much sums it up, don’t it?

  6. John Deaux Says:

    To the backers of C.G. remember unless your 81 all you really know is one side of the story, C.G.’s side. Unless S.B. comes to the decision that his side is any of your business and tells his side you’ll never know the whole story.
    I don’t know shit of the inner workings of 81 but C.G. sure went out of his way to pat himself on the back while trying to throw S.B. under the bus, reminded me of my ex. Nothing was ever her fault, she was perfect it was everybody else who was wrong. She’s on her 4th ex these days and it’s still someone else’s fault.

  7. Wolfenlover Says:

    Bone Head, it’s that time of year when all of the things that creep, crawl or
    fly are trying to come inside. I HATE the onset of fall/winter!

  8. Bone Head Says:

    (…Bone Head sits in front of his ‘puter looking around and swatting at unseen buzzing little things…); sez…
    “Where the fuck did all these trolls come from?”

    Sorry guys…just couldn’t resist…Respects to the regulars and Rebel.

  9. Rjpny Says:

    i watched George Christies show. I enjoyed all 3. He seemed genuine and since he was in the HA for 30 years who am I to doubt him. Sonny said george wasn’t there for some of the things he claims in the show. That he became a full member in 1976. According to GC you first become a hang on then a prospect. He said it could take 2+ years maybe more to be full member. Isn’t it conceivable that GC was there when the LSD on the tongue thing was going on? And as far as GC being a RAT, it didn’t seem he was giving away club secrets on the show. Throughout the series it seemed he really cared and still does care for the club. Damn shame his “brothers” didn’t back him when he confronted sonny. They wanted something done about sonny and when the time came they turned tail and ran leaving GC alone.

  10. 8offhitler Says:

    First off george Christie put in tons of work for his club. He didnt last that long being a p.o.s. there has been members called out on there b.s within there first few months of being patched in. Sucks to see a good dude like christie being shitted on. The dude wanted to change his ways as he aged. Thats not betrayal! I trully belive george held it down for his side for years! Even big wig shot callers in the joint dont like some of there fellow leaders and they have them hit or killed, simply for a power grab! Its all politics! George was there for the important years! This is just a good ole case of YOU EITHER WITH OR AGAINST US simple and plain

  11. willytellson Says:

    Any person with any experience in the courts knows you dont get a plea deal of time served 1-2yrs from 2-20yr mandatory sentences and 2 life sentences without co-operation on a MAJOR SCALE. ESpecially from the feds!!

    No one needs his papers. The obvious is obvious.

    And , even if his case was sealed.Its not sealed from him.Nor his lawyer.
    THus he would be the 1st person to splash proof of his “PEDIGREE”across the internet!!
    The guys likeable and Im sure hes made alot of friends that wanna believe hes stand up. HE IS,as long as his own freedom isnt on the line.

    Imagine John Gotti on TV reality docu telling about his captains killing people.Extortion,bombing cars,how they sold drugs,tricks they used to extort or smuggle drugs? Naming names of pop stars,politions,corporations he did buisness with or had drama with?
    All the sudden 2 weeks later hes out of his Supermax cell,free on a technecality and refused to tell anyone how it came to be.
    Same situation here. 2plus2 equal whore for the state.

    ITS MY MAJOR BELIEF> Christie always shared information with the feds in return he was insulated from being charged with conspiracys.
    He prly did work for the DOD and quite possibly was a plant with
    card blanch.

    His story of how an enforcer came to collect.
    enforcer Put their gun on the table.Inferring hes not gona push george like that.Kinda like,Im here in peace…But,heres the deal,u know Im real.
    George sensed it,He took the gun off the table and said bill me for this too cause i dnt owe.
    BUT george tries to make himself look like this tuff guy and twists the story saying the guy wouldnt dare challenge him cause he was outgunned and outranked after he TOOK HIS GUN AWAY. What a clown!!

    Well,the shows were interesting. One thing you can appreciate is his ability to tell a great BS story.

  12. Big Red Says:

    I am not member of any club, but have friends that are. I came across this searching for e-books one night.. It’s free, anyone can download, or read it FREE! It is about the Original HA members in Berdoo, I’m from San Bernardino County. And I’ve seen the “George tapes” aka tales, and laugh knowing it’s B.S.
    He contradicts himself 100% in this show, “we live by a code of silence” LMAO
    You do George, or do they? Then why you talking out your neck? Anyway before I piss someone off, like I give a fuck.. Here’s the link to the book enjoy

    I’m sure Sonny will enjoy this..

  13. Emmitt Grogan Says:

    Truth is, This club is no longer what it was, Look at Minnesota Pat. He was a big shot in this club, and now turns in his ” brothers” Face it,, This club turned itself into exactly what they hated. Money before all. What has become is a cash cow for a few type a personalities. Good luck. Your done.

  14. La5t R1d3 Says:

    We live in an era of raging bad taste pop-culture and fictional & fanatical reality shows. Don’t get me wrong, I watch the Christie series. I try to keep score as to how many inaccuracies I can pick out in uncle Georgy’s “stories”. I especially love the one which he describes how he just showed up at the doorstep of “Taco” Bowman for a surprise visit. This is what people want though. A good story. “Twighlight” did to vampires as what “Sons Of Anarchy” did to bikers. It’s glamour now and who better a poster child for it than George Christie, himself.

  15. P-body Says:

    Sandman, thank you. I found that link also but I just wasn’t sure if it was on the level or someones idea of a joke. Maybe Mr. Dylan was right, the times they are a changin’. RIP to all that have lost their lives following their own roads.


  16. bcnasty Says:

    Old man drilled into us boys, You can take a mans money and even his lady if he wants you to or not. One thing you can never take from a man is his word or honor. That has to be given up. That is a choice.

  17. Sandmann Says:


    Talking about Windsor in the UK here though…

    Respect to the deserving,

  18. P-body Says:

    Hello to all, it’s been awhile. The last thing I want is to comment on this topic, I’m just looking for info. Does anyone know about a member of The 81 that was “African-American” ( or whatever euphemism you’d care to use ) from Windsor? Possibly someone who’s deceased?

    Just a Gentlemans discussion at work, and I can’t find anything definitive on the ‘net.


  19. Wolfenlover Says:

    Kickstand, you are of the Old School breed & I take my hat off to you. There are
    few too many these days. The Old School ways are dying each & every day with the
    death of old Bikers. BUT with gc, he has proven he isn’t Old School. He’s a POS
    SELLOUT. Just SAD. Maybe he did some good things, but the shit he’s doing now,
    wipes that slate clean & makes any new good done by him, un-writeable! I don’t
    think he will be able to do anything good, from now on. His soul is now bought
    & has been destroyed. He is no longer human but scum.

  20. Wolfenlover Says:

    NOS4A2, Definitely let us know “blow-by-blow” details. hehehe A “bitch” needs
    slapped once in a while, ya know. You kept better restraint than I would have
    by letting it get to 3rd time! I commend you for that. Bet there ain’t a 4th!

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  21. Bone Head Says:

    NOS4A2, I’d love to hear how the “chat” turns out. For 40 years I worked in Q.A., and I wish I had a dime for every piss ant supervisor or engineer I had to have a chat with.

    Good luck on Monday!


  22. Irish 1%ER Says:

    @ Pissed Off Bastard, took the words right out of my mouth! I got chills reading your words, I literally could smell the joint and feel the cold stale air in the cell.. I have zero interest in ever seeing it ever again for real but if faced with living a life behind bars with my honor and integrity intact or living life free at the cost of those morals I would and have twice chosen the path of omerta! As Tony used to say ” all I have in this world is my word and my balls and I don’t break them for anybody!” George Christie much like Whitey Bulger were never in this life for the right reasons, they both cared more for their vanity than there brothers, both cared more for their reputation than the truth and both will now be remembered when they die for what they really were, Rats and opportunists with no honor and no loyalty to anyone but themselves. There reputations were what mattered most and now they are gone, it’s called righteous justice or karma but fact is you can’t fool the streets and when your a paper gangster at the end of the day all your made up of is paper and paper don’t last!!! Respects to the real

  23. NOS4A2 Says:

    @ Manipuflation
    I work in an extremely controlled environment. Nothing is taken for chance. No actions are taken without the utmost concern for safety and security. I have some 40 years of experience in what I do. My position is of tremendous responsibility. I too work with a young college educated, no common sense, no work ethic, full of himself smart ass prick who is a manager with some authority. This fuck has disrespected me in front of people 3 times in the last few months. (Yes, I have kept count) I let the first two occasions go but logged them in my memory banks. The third occasion was yesterday in a group meeting.

    I will be greeting him at the site entry gate Monday morning to have a chat.

  24. RRwerker Says:

    Well, George Christi is doing what he is doing. So much of motorcycle club stories are told by those that are no longer active.
    George was always cordial to us and was able to show a coherent face for his club during his time.
    There where quite a few accomplishments that George did that where a great help to his club and other clubs and to motorcycle clubs as a whole.
    You can’t “undo” that. No matter what has happened later.
    It is regrettable that George Christi fell apart with his club.
    He loves his brothers and they loved him. Somany times members get angry about some small thing and forget, and loose a lifetime of love and brotherhood.
    Club brothers are intrinsicly valuable in and of themselves and should never be wasted or thrown away.
    If club members disagree with Georges version of their story then tell your version….others will disagree with you as well.
    It is always going to be that way.

  25. Road Whore Says:

    Amen Phuquehed!

    Remember 9-11 !!!

    Ride Free

  26. John Deaux Says:

    What Phuquehed said.
    Much respect my friend.

  27. Phuquehed Says:

    @Kickstand – You’re good people, better than the majority of men breathing air. If I was on my last few bucks, I’d buy your beer or gas or whatever for you. Christie needs to kiss your ass and ask your forgiveness for him being a lying rat fuck and making money and fame from it.

    @Manipuflation – I’ve smacked the fuck out of peoples’ arms when they touched my ride and got right in their faces and let them know I have too little and hurt myself keeping what little I have to let anyone just come along and do what they please to my property.

    Not only that, the slightest amount of dust on chrome or paint and running anything but a dust cloth or microfiber cloth on it makes scratches, and a “dirty boot” does even more. The fucktard who did that to your property needed and needs to be schooled, if it costs the job or not. He has no respect for anyone or anything other than himself and what’s his. I’ve lost jobs for less because I told the ‘boss’ off in not very nice terms. Up to you and how far you’re willing to take letting someone disrespect what you own or you. That’s my advice and I’m sticking by it whether it’s worth a fuck to anyone else or not.

  28. Pissed Off Bastard Says:


    I would not only give up my parking space if you needed it, I’d loan you my bike if you needed that too no questions asked. What you did in the real world – not the television
    world – takes fucking balls easier said than done – because my guess is that you spent 15 years without any parades, ratings, facebook “likes”, visits from friends or maybe family and fan letters telling you how great you are. AThere were times you may have felt like you were the only person left in the world. I know what it’s like to dream you’re at home with your ol lady having a cold beer and grilling some steaks and your dog is with you and maybe a kid or two and your favorite music is playing in your head -only to be woken up by fucking steel doors slamming and metal bars that need wd-40 and the echoes of men screaming and shouting and the locker room disinfectant mix of stink Wake up! it’s another morning in hell and you’ve lost count of how many youve done or how many are left. You could have pulled a George Christie and saved your own skin while denying it pointing your finger at the other guys. But you chose not to. You opted for honor and chose one of the cruelest things man can do to other men – take away his precious time on earth watching yourself grow old 15 christmases and thanksgivings and everything else. You could have avoided that all you had to do was give them a few names, testify maybe – they wouild have sealed the transcripts like
    Christie – maybe even witness protection – when you’re facing 20 years they make flipping sound so sweet. You said no. I dont know you but I have

    Nothing but respect for you mister.and i dont bow down to nobody

  29. Kickstand Says:

    Man, before I watched one episode I googled searched for any information on Cristy being a rat. Something just did not sit right with me. But all that showed up was a bunch of what a great guy he is. Well At least we got the truth.. after I wasted 4 fn hrs on another tell all brother fucker wanabee holly wierdo. I’m to old for more lies & bullshit. The courts offeres me 2 to 5 to rat and I was sentence to 20yrs for not. It was worth it.. I have to live w myself.

  30. Manipuflation Says:

    I have a question for you guys about respecting another man’s vehicle and respect in general. I not a member of an MC so I wear no patch but I think I understand the concept. I ride modded Harley and I usually just read what you guys talk about.

    Here is the question. This 28 year old “supervisor” put his dirty boot on the bumper of my nicest car and thinks that is OK. That is NOT OK. I am only working this job for the fresh air and to see if I want to stay in the business after 20 years of having a higher position than this kid does now.

    I am trying to help a friend out who I have known a for long time who happens to be this kid’s boss and there have been some problems with this kid’s attitude towards me. But I never touched his ride or anyone else’s.

    This kid is always late for work so I can’t get into the shop and sit around not making any money in the parking lot. I left a note on the door that I am going home. Then this kid texts me and and says, “You just seem to think that you can do whatever you want.” and a bunch of other bullshit as well. I have no debt so that was kind of the idea but I would never touch another man’s ride or his woman.

    I came home and took my ten year old daughter to school on one of the Harleys because it was Dad take your daughter to school day. She got respect from her classmates and I got respect as well. No one touched my bike or texted me some bullshit.

    I think I know what the answer will be from you guys but I need to show some respect. I watched that “Last American Outlaw” about HA thing on the idiot box. I don’t buy a word of it. That is disrespect for the HA MC just by talking about it on the boob box.

    Thank you for your time and I enjoy reading this site. I respect all of your patches no matter affiliation.

  31. Wolfenlover Says:

    After reading this write-up of Rebel’s with HA Sony Barger’s notes, I rest
    assured that I have have saved at least 1 hour that would be impossible to get
    back! WHEW! Actually, I already knew that before this article, as I had seen the
    advertisements for another abortion TV show about bikers. This shit should
    actually be illegal to advertise as “reality”. HELL! The Beverly Hillbillies
    had more reality to it than anything else on the “tube” today!

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  32. Wolfenlover Says:

    “John Smith” ?! How original & clever you are. What chapter of the Urine Odor
    are you in? Or are you a f’n Sgt. in Cali? Either way you are a useless
    DOUCHE-BAG. Go piss down somebody else’s back.

  33. Hr Says:

    To bad Howie was not shown the trust and brotherhood of number 12….

  34. Harris Hunter Says:

    God Bless Mr. Barger and Sandy Alexander. May Hurricane Vinnie Girolamo Rest in Peace.
    My Dad passed about 25 years ago. He said back in the ’80s, “You know, it says a lot when you know more honest bikers than honest cops”. He should see what’s going on now.

  35. Dino Says:

    “He says we have contempt for the law! We believe in law and order more than most Americans. What we do not believe in is when police act under their own authority rather than the courts. When they do that they are vigilantes. We do not have to stand for that.”

    Isn’t this perfectly appropriate given what is going on in Waco (and other places). Contempt for LEOs does not equal contempt for the law.

  36. Grumbler Says:

    It was most notable that Sonny wasn’t riding his Victory Cross Country; he was test-riding a Thunder Black 2014 Indian Chieftain while his Victory was in for some service. Sonny was loving that new Indian and his new full-face Bell helmet. – Thunder Press, July 17, 2014.

    WRT hardware getting sucked through carbs and TBI, those backing plate bolts are almost like IEDs.

  37. Dino Says:

    This is incredibly interesting. I am nearly addicted to this site.

  38. Big Ang Diamondback Says:

    We covered it in the comments.
    Christie claimed on his facebook its impossible for him to prove his rat status a show paperwork from when he was in the feds bc he claims “aging rebel forced the gov to seal the case” fucking rat fuck

    Ps- just an update. t 4 hours after i posted christies fb comments word for word on here he deleted every last trace from facebook. What a stand up guy

    “FGC” hahaha i see what you did here

    Big ang Diamondbac

  39. Wino Enzed Says:

    Rats in a box eat their young !

  40. TopHaat Vago's M/C Nomad Says:

    Sonny We met mant years ago and got a long fine some problems happened between our two clubs and you no longer wanted to communicate with me. I would very much like that to be straighten out. We both go to the same VA in the Prescott area. Just want you to no that I have always respected you as a person and also your position. I never wanted to create any friction between you and I and would certainly like for us to be able to communicate when we see each other. I have always had lots of respect for you and that will never end. Although I spent 28 years in the Vago’s I don’y see any reason that we can’t communicate and be cordial to one another. Hopefully when I see you in the Prescott area we would be able to talk. Keeping in ming that I’m no longer a member in the club. I guess we all have the tendency to get older. But I’m still riding a 2007 street glide with a little over 100 thousand miles on it. I would certainly like the chance to say high and have a coke or cup of coffee I buy. Would like to here from you, [email protected]


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