The Grand Inquisitor Of Waco

August 18, 2015

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The Grand Inquisitor Of Waco

Abelino “Abel” Reyna, the McLennan County District Attorney who has transformed the investigation of the Twin Peaks massacre in Waco last May 17 into the Spanish Inquisition, has a long official history of stupidity, ignorance of the law and demagoguery. When Waco’s inevitable $10 billion legal bill comes due sometime in the next four or five years people will probably point to Reyna as the reason why.

Reyna defeated Democrat John Segrest as District Attorney in November 2010 and was sworn in on January 3, 2011. His father is Felipe Reyna who also served as McLennan County District Attorney and as an Appeals Court Judge.

Abel Reyna formed a natural alliance with the Waco Police Department, a political force in and of itself in Waco, which objected to Segrest’s 50 percent prosecution rate. Some criminologists see a prosecution rate of about 50 percent as an indication of efficiency. Reyna claimed county residents were “skeptical of the judicial system” and he promised his office would “be aggressive…and we will be efficient.”

Reyna is not a criminologist. He is a politician and his first official act was to hire an additional crimes against children prosecutor. The new prosecutor’s name was Greg Davis and he quickly became embroiled in a corruption scandal at his old job.

Tougher Plea Deals

Reyna immediately and fatuously began sabotaging the plea deal system with much tougher proffers. Some of his critics pointed out that his “tough-on-crime policies have contributed to a rise in the jail population and the associated costs of feeding and housing inmates. Those policies prevent cases from being resolved quickly, increasing the time defendants stay in jail awaiting trial.” The net effect of Reyna’s “toughness” was overflowing jails and trial dockets. Defendants had no incentive to take bad plea deals. The resulting drain on the county budget may explain some of the baffling actions Waco took after the massacre, including the seizure of vehicles.

He was nominated by one satirist as the “stupidest politician in America” after he refused to obey a Texas law called Chapter 64 that would require DNA testing to exonerate prisoners who claimed they had been wrongly convicted.

“Technically you have any and every defendant who ever pled to a crime or was convicted of a crime potentially could file a post-conviction DNA motion,” Reyna said. “What concerns me most as District Attorney is that there is absolutely nothing in Chapter 64 with regard to victims and their families.”


Reyna has been particularly strident about prosecuting cases of driving while intoxicated. Well, not so much prosecuting as imprisoning defendants accused of DWI. Which led to the curious case of Damion Wayne Evans.  Evans was arrested after police pulled him over and claimed to have seen him chewing something. The police assumed he was chewing a pill. But no one ever tested Evans to see if there were actually drugs in his system. Then Reyna’s “efficient” office forgot about him. “I will accept responsibility for the error in my office, and my apologies go to Mr. Evans,” Reyna said 83 days later. “Though it doesn’t change what happened to him, the only thing I can do is work hard to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

.    Reyna has also been enthusiastic about prosecuting mentally disabled offenders. Halfway through 2012, for example, McLennan County had three mentally challenged inmates in custody that cost the taxpayers $6,750 in court fees that wouldn’t have applied if Reyna had simply released the men to the care of a psychiatric facility. One of them died in jail. Another man with an IQ of 55 broke into a doughnut shop because he wanted a doughnut. The doughnut shop owner didn’t want him prosecuted, but Reyna refused to drop the charges. The donut theief’s attorney, Michelle Tuegel told the Waco Tribune-Herald “The system is not accounting for people who have this kind of impairment. These people do not need to be committed or taken out of the placements they have. I realize if they have violent tendencies, that is one thing. But this guy has done great in his placement (a group home in Temple) for over a year now and he has never shown any signs of violent behavior.”

In late 2012, Reyna refused to comply with a new Texas law that protected illegal immigrants who assist authorities with the investigation or prosecution of crimes. A 13-year-old girl who had been the victim of a child molester for years helped police convict the man in return for the promise of free counseling in the United States. The delay in deportation needed Reyna’s approval. He refused to give it. When asked about the case, Reyna refused to comment.


39 Responses to “The Grand Inquisitor Of Waco”

  1. Wolfenlover Says:

    urine bloomers, they should be seriously ASHAMED by that!

  2. urine bloomers Says:


    Rhonda Sims and Wake up merica are Obamunists.

  3. urine bloomers Says:

    These voter percentages…. any links to back this up?

    I smell Chicongo ass and feet in here.

  4. Wolfenlover Says:

    Rhonda Sims, I DO fucking VOTE & all of our elected officials know who I am,
    for damn sure! I also let them know that I know a very large amount of people
    & that I am known by more people than I know. Even after being nearly home-bound
    as I now am. Suffice it to say, I wasn’t pissing in the wind, or down your back
    and telling you it’s raining. I’m vocal. Kinda one of the reasons WE have an
    OPEN, without license, to carry permit law! Fuck the FED! Still working on that
    GREEN thing, but got 1 city to lower penalties, so far.
    Any other questions?

  5. Wake up merica Says:

    I messed up please don’t post that last post from this email that had my name. Love reading u. Thanks

  6. xplor Says:

    What we have here is Abel as the Texas kid as described in the book “The Banditti of the Plains” by A. S. Mercer, which was printed at Cheyenne, Wyoming in 1894.

  7. Rhonda Sims Says:

    I’m sure u also know that off year local elections r much worse. The last Waco city election had a voter turnout of less than 2000. It’s not any better in larger cities. and my friends didn’t vote because “they don’t know the candidates”. Whatever sometimes all we really need is people showing up. Then the candidates might decide they need to get in front of more voters. Cause if it’s the same 2000 every time then the candidates don’t have to worry. Ya think, Merica??
    Wolfie – that’s right gotta work the system. I hope u also have a stellar voting record, the names and addresses of all of your elected officials from Obama to your local dog catcher, and a stack of contributions – remember it’s the $5s and $10s that count – if so then Thank u. Otherwise …

  8. Wolfenlover Says:

    L.L. Primo RAY, MAYBE the whole state isn’t as corrupt as McLennan Co. but the
    OFFICIALS of TEXAS are fucking allowing this to happen! We all, 50 states,
    have corrupt(Yeah, if they are politicos, THEY ARE!) people in power,
    BUT, MY state has never MURDERED a group of people, THEN arrested almost 200
    for being survivors! ONE COUNTY has made the WHOLE state look really bad, in the
    eyes of bikers everywhere. YOU & your CREW should be pushing your local politicos to do something about this to turn the rest of us from speaking bad
    about Texas! It doesn’t do any good for outsiders to write YOUR congressman!
    R&G have my friendship & respect!

  9. XYZ Says:

    Wake up merica:

    You are spot-on.

    And then realise that in Texas judges are elected.
    One day if you are bored look into campaigan contributions to Texas judges.

    75% from attorney who practice before the very judge the contribute to, and the rest from corporations, especially insurance and developers.

  10. Wake up merica Says:

    Ahhh Texas voters. Texas has been called a Red state. Noooo Texas is a non voting state. That’s how those “elected” officials get in office. In the 2014 Tx governor election the voter turnout for McLennan county was 44,282. The population is 234,900 (2010 census). Now even if u want to play statistics and look at people who would be eligible to register was only 50% it’s a very lousy turnout. I’m deputized to register voters. If someone isn’t standing at wally world asking u, then u have to do it at the DMV (they’ve been caught not turning the form in) or go to the courthouse or download the form, fill it out and mail it. Even Harris county (Houston) had a turnout of 678,650. Population 4.1 million. Don’t get me started on the voter ID law that was overturned Before that election. But alas allowed because the election was too close and well people might be confused. We have a long way to go I guess.

  11. RRwerker Says:

    This guy and the culture around him is the reason for this whole thing.
    All the inappropriate emotional based prosacutions
    Acting like he is in a consequence free environment.
    Needlessly causing mountains of misery to innocent people.
    So he can “get” some guys he thinks are bad guys…when they are not.
    This guy is wrong wrong wrong.
    And every one but him knows it.

  12. TC Says:

    Ya’ll quit beatin up on Texas. Them “good ole boyz” gots there own kinda law down there. That damb Constitution thing was writ fer Yankees!

  13. david Says:

    Great article Rebel, with an even better title, because:

    The Christian inquisitors of Europe, now like Reyna in TX, conducted MOCK, FAKE, PHONY trials where the accused was pre-judged guilty BEFORE their first appearance.

    This dictating tyrant of a persecutor is beyond a piece of shit.

  14. nos4a2 Says:

    Jim666 & Meh
    Cali ain’t any better.

  15. L.L. Primo RAY Says:

    Look Texas has crooked cops and politicians just like every single damn state in this country right , so stop all this fuck Texas bull shit . the state is a great state to live in as I have most of my life so I take hug offense to people saying fuck Texas , since in your own State you have the same corruption , Texas has great people and in my opinion the best bikers . So for the ones saying fuck Texas well I say FUCK YOU and stay out Texas .


  16. Meh Says:

    If a solid majority of Waconians didn’t want the particular brand of law they have, they’d have something different.

    Waco is exactly the vision of the GOP majority. It’s what Republicans want the US to look like. If you are a biker not of the bible thumping variety, Republicans want you dead or in jail. If you think I’m exaggerating check who they empower because deeds are real and talk is cheap.

    Your fellow citizens hate you and want their pig proxies to waste your ass. That is not reassuring.

  17. panamaa Says:

    As John Prine said…”The static in my attic’s gettin’ ready to blow”… This guy’s a fucktard..

    Respects to the regulars..

  18. Centurion Says:

    Abelino Reyna knows that the cops killed 9 people that day. He is covering it up. That makes him an accessory to murder.

  19. Jim666 Says:

    @ Linda Your right there is a huge pile of tax dollars behind this somewhere,
    I know the feds grant states counties etc, funds to fight drug problems etc in various parts of certain towns shit like that, and if it is not used up by a certain amount of time it and any further grants are taken away,
    I’m almost sure there’s a big stack of green behind this mess somewhere.

  20. Outside it all. Says:

    GRAND INQUISITOR ????…. shouldn’t that be “COURT JESTER”???? I mean every court has one, and this Clown appears to be it. I therefore proclaim Abelino “Abel” Reyna, EL STUPIDO – The Court Jester of Wacko Texass.

  21. Zorro Says:

    What is truly sad here is that Reyna thinks he is the law. So do the Waco cops, as well as the judicial dept. This clearly shows their arrogance and stupidity. They are employed to carry out the laws of society. They are not paid to make laws. They are not paid to change laws. They are (above all else) to follow the laws “we the people” make and enforce these laws. If they break a law they should be vigilantly prosecuted and receive the maxim sentence. This would deter criminals from seeking employment in law. That they will lie to cover each others asses after committing crime and not have to face justice just goes to show who the real organized criminals are.

    Fork the Pork

  22. Linda Says:

    I have racked my brain trying to figure where is the money hiding! Why the big show of force at Twin Peaks! The Money has to be somewhere! Still haven’t put my finger on it! Eric Holder the old Attorney General stopped most of the Federal funds to states for punishing small drug crimes! Pulled all kinds of funding from Sierra Blanca in El Paso! That Hwy 10 stop area has pretty much closed down without the Fed Funds! And that town will dry up! And all over the US… Pot is not to be charged anymore… is becoming legal is States – What else do the feds have to police?? It’s like the Tail that Wags the dog! Trying to figure away to get their hands on the Federal funds that have pulled back! So they have to invent a reason… The police must be scared with citizens will be carrying their own weapons due to Abbott signing it into law with GREAT protest from the Police that they CAN”T question people for having a gun on their hips – Abbott stoked that out and signed it… People are carrying weapons and they can’t but 18 yr olds for carry a joint!

  23. NOS4A2 Says:

    “Technically you have any and every defendant who ever pled to a crime or was convicted of a crime potentially could file a post-conviction DNA motion,” Reyna said. “What concerns me most as District Attorney is that there is absolutely nothing in Chapter 64 with regard to victims and their families.”


  24. Jim666 Says:

    Wolfenlover Says:
    August 18, 2015 at 4:43 pm
    Never have I been more Thankful that my parents didn’t live in Texas, than I am

    I have to agree with that statment fuck Texas.
    At least the laws and those that are supposed to enforce them in that state And all this time I thought the communestwealth of Virginia was fucked up …….


  25. Base Says:

    Reyna could be the poster boy for everything wrong with the Just-Us system.

  26. Badger62 Says:

    I would be curious to know just how much money he has received from private prison corporations for his “campaigns”.
    As for selling out a 13 yr old rape victim…. well, theres a special place in hell for people like Reyna!Hopefully, he will be seeing it sooner then later.

  27. Road Whore Says:

    What Phuquehed said!

    Ride Free

  28. Paladin Says:

    If the Kaufman County murders are any indication, Texas is a place where some folks tend to hold a grudge. Based on the way D.A. Reyna and the rest of Waco’s judiciary dish out their extra judicial punishment, they might have good reason to invest in shoulder mounted rear view mirrors. I think a “group buy” is definitely the way to go.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  29. andy uk Says:

    How can this happen, surely there is a higher authority to challenge these actions ?

  30. ak rack Says:

    Reyna: “What concerns me most as District Attorney is that there is absolutely nothing in Chapter 64 with regard to VICTIMS and their families.”

    Note to DA: a person convicted of a crime they didn’t commit exonerated by DNA testing is a VICTIM likely to believe that Chapter 64 had something in it for them.

    Reyna wants to be seen as tough on crime; the reality is that he is a callous bully, tough on those accused of crime regardless of their guilt or innocence. Given his history as DA, his draconian handling of the May 17 Massacre is no surprise.

  31. T Hell Says:

    Dude robbed a donut shop he’s lucky the pigs didn’t fire a warning shot in to his head.

  32. Mad Dog Says:

    Wow. When this guy finally gets his comeuppance, it’ll certainly be richly deserved.

  33. Bone Head Says:

    Seems like every time you turn around some politician has his dick caught in the wringer over something he got greedy about.

    Wonder what’s going to get Reyna in the spotlight? When it happens, I hope Rebel reports on it.


  34. Phuquehed Says:

    Rope. Tree. Cowardly fucktard Reyna.

  35. Sieg Says:

    When the legal bills come due, I hope the sheeple of Waco realize just how idiotic it was for them to allow this creature to hold public office.

    When the karma bill comes due, I hope Reyna et al have enough time to realize just how idiotic it was for them to attempt to be the Law unto themselves.


  36. Paladin Says:

    Even to the most mentally challenged, it is obvious that the West is no longer wild enough to even come close to justifying the type of justice D.A. Reyna is so fond of dispensing.

    D.A. Reyna should try his heavy handedness across the border in Mexico. I have every reason to believe that members of at least one of the cartels would be drinking cerveza from his skull in short order.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  37. Brad Milch Says:

    Like it or not, Reyna is a bigger story than the gunfire that ended 9 Texas lives and wounded a couple dozen more in late May 2015 at Twin Peaks, Waco. The more he & his judge groupies drag their feet on releasing information to the media & public that relies on it, the more all punish restaurant patrons for being present, the more they gag, the more the general public & non-gagged legal experts scrutinize, analyze & compare to Hitler’s Gestapo & its phony court system operatives that almost always called for executions of those unfortunate to be brought in front of it for justice. That was around 80 years ago in Europe.

    I’ve read comments from around the web that proclaim Reyna having set Hispanic hopes for President back several hundred years with his brutal & heartless handling of the Waco mass arrests, no handling at all of the law enforcement officers that fired weapons at Twin Peaks, to those that believe he has found (or been taught) flaws in the law that enable him & his office to send people to prison for murder without having to charge them for murder or prosecute them for murder in Courts.

    With no visible interference with Texas & Federal officials or instructions to remedy what he’s done, one can only watch in wonder as each day progresses to learn how much punishment this guy administers to those caught in his net; just how much money does he intend to chew off their bruised bones & for how long are topics Reyna watchers are keeping a keen eye on.

    Reyna has a habit of talking down to some judges, telling them it ‘behooves’ their court to do this or that. Hiding arrogance is not his best trait at this point in time.

    Voters put people like Reyna, Paxton, Abbott & higher up the food chain in office. Voters can replace them in time. That’s the only lawful option a concerned public has (if they don’t want to end up like the 9 slaughtered bikers).

  38. Wolfenlover Says:

    Never have I been more Thankful that my parents didn’t live in Texas, than I am


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