Die As Kingsmen

August 11, 2015

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Die As Kingsmen

The ongoing trial of Andre “Li’l Bear” Jenkins in Lockport, New York is starting to look like a prelude to a federal racketeering case against the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club.

There is a cooperating witness in the case. His name is Roger Albright, He is a former state officer of the Kingsmen and everywhere he goes he is accompanied  by three U.S. Marshals.

Jenkins is a member of the Kingsmen’s Daytona Beach chapter and he is accused of “executing” Paul Maue and Daniel “DJ” Szymanski in the early morning hours of September 6, 2014 outside the Kingsmen’s North Tonawanda, New York clubhouse. Both men were Kingsmen. Prosecutors allege they were killed because they were considering joining the Nickel City Nomads Motorcycle Cub.

Albright testified yesterday that he is an accessory after the fact to the murder and that he has been cooperating with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


A Kingsmen named Paul R. “Rebel” Gilmore testified for the prosecution that Jenkins approached the back door of the clubhouse about 1:40 on the morning of the murders. Maue and Szymanski told him they would handle it, talked to Jenkins on the back porch, them returned back inside. There is video footage of the three men talking on the back porch.

According to Albright, Jenkins returned an hour and twenty minutes later and got into a car with the two men. While they sat in the front seat, Jenkins shot them in the head from the back seat. Albright implied that Jenkins was acting on behalf of Kingsmen national president David Pirk.  According to as yet unnamed jailhouse informant who claims to have talked to Jenkins about the murders, Jenkins came to upstate New York at the request of Pirk to kill five Kingsmen who had or were patching over to the Nickel City Nomads.

Buried As Kingsmen

According to both the jail house informant and Albright, Jenkins dismantled and discarded the murder weapon on the way to the Kingsmen’s Olean chapter clubhouse. The gun was recovered about two weeks later. The gun matches shell casings found at the murder scene.

Jenkins met Albright at the Olean clubhouse, allegedly told Abright details of the crime and Albright burned his clothes.

Albright testified that Jenkins said the two dead men were killed because they were about to change patches and that it had been his job to ensure that they were “buried as Kingsmen.”


10 Responses to “Die As Kingsmen”

  1. Pet Says:

    I new Dave Pirk for many years and i have nothing to do with the club but he is far from a thief or a liar he lived in are town and got along with everyone and would help anyone and i did hear he whent back to try to clean up all the scum and bad things that where going on under someone else’s watch a and he definitely has never been into drugs thats a fact with that being said I reset my case and god bless David Pirk and his family

  2. Jp Says:

    Theres a lot of hatters that got kicked out and Dave Pirk is not either or iv knowing him whole life so for you to say that you must have been one of the above spry guy

  3. kmcX Says:

    I knew Mr Pirk, He was a liar and a thief and now apparently a murderer. He is headed where he belongs.

  4. Beared fatman Says:

    This is bs i cant believe how the government interferes and trys to pervert laws to steal from people

  5. Colin McLean Says:

    Funny how these predominantly caucasian groups require; investigation, RICO, Marshals, no bail ( Peaks), suspension of habeus, seizure of private property,
    etc. And Chapo, ISIS, The Tennessee recruiting station attack, the deal with Iran etc merit cursory attention. WAKE-UP!!!!!! WE ARE THE ENEMY!!!!!

  6. chromedome Says:


    WAY too many people. every now and again ill find myself in a dream where its an all out purge and i always wake up and try to make myself go back to sleep to jump back in it but it never works……


  7. Wolfenlover Says:

    Irish 1%ER, REALLY!! WTF is wrong with this World? TOO many MOFO’s on it, that’s
    what. And with the Gov. putting shit in our food supplies AND water, no wonder
    there are so many screw-balls!!! The movie “PURGE” was a good fuckin’ idea!
    BUT, there’s too many SHEOPLE to have a mantra of TOSIAR!!!
    FUCK! Maybe the VA will knock me off with the next pill they want me to try!!!
    It’s against what I was raised up to believe, but a lead pill is better than
    being a fucking slave, especially as I am!

  8. Irish 1%ER Says:

    If you can’t trust a jail house informant than who can you trust!?

  9. Tooj Says:

    It’s been known for a long time that rats carry the plague. Or at least the fleas off a rat’s ass.

  10. chromedome Says:

    those “jail house informants” always seem to pop out of nowhere and know everything about a crime from a person theyve never met.


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