Official Harley-Davidson Indicia

July 30, 2015

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Official Harley-Davidson Indicia

Three men in Lincoln, Nebraska were charged yesterday with stealing another man’s “motorcycle club jacket.” At precisely 11:38 Tuesday night, according to the Lincoln Journal Star, they demanded he give them his “jacket” and “when he refused, they punched him in the head, kicked him in the groin, choked him and took his jacket.”

It is probably an incomprehensible crime to some readers. It is certainly incomprehensible to the management of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. It might be reasonable to speculate that the victim was wearing what seemed to be motorcycle club insignia and members of motorcycle club who thought that the display of that insignia was insulting took it away from him.

It is a not unheard of crime. In a story published here in September 2008 a Royal Canadian Mounted Police Constable named Stephen MacQueen warned novice bikers that club members often “discourage the use of any patch that resembles theirs.” He also warned that the letters “MC” stand for motorcycle club and should not be used by people who do not actually belong to a motorcycle club. Of course that was before Sons Of Anarchy taught millions of Walter Mittys to nurture and grow their outlaws within.

Heavy Distressing

Still some readers were surprised to see this in their local dealerships – a cutoff denim vest with what seems to be a club patch featuring a crude skull and an MC cube.

Harley Colors2 square

Harley calls it a “Men’s Vintage Denim Vest.” Harley says, “Frayed armholes and heavy distressing give our Vintage Denim Vest an authentic aged look. Embroidered graphics and a distressed back appliqué give more of a throwback vibe. If you’re looking for the classic men’s denim vest that captures our style and spirit, you found it.”

And you can get one either by going into a Harley dealer with six twenty dollar bills, plus tax where applicable, or by waiting outside to punch someone wearing one in the head and then kicking him in the groin. Your call.

Harley further explains that this “100 percent cotton denim” item of clothing “is heavily distressed, torn, and tinted for a lived-in look.” It also features a “button front, snap-down collar, and button waist tabs, two button flap chest pockets and two snap hand-warmer pockets, hex rivets on the shoulders and chest pockets, embroidered graphics on the front right hem and right chest, a metal badge on the left chest and printed, embroidered, and distressed raw-edge appliqué graphics on back.”

The Aging Rebel emailed Harley-Davidson’s media relations department Tuesday and asked, among other things, “if someone at the Motor Company would explain the thinking, if any, behind this consumer product. Do you understand why some people might find it offensive? Do you understand why it might be dangerous for some of your customers to wear this ersatz insignia?”

Harley ignored the email.


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  1. Tooj Says:

    So Marc, then you would know Jim and his wife? She took care of David when his health failed.

  2. Outside it all. Says:

    Came across a soft 3pc. that’s on a T shirt or a button down at a place called “Outlaw Threads.” Top rocker says Ground & the bottom pounder. The center piece at first glance looks almost like a u.o. stain. I don’t see well up close anymore and I had to do a double take. Outlaw Threadz is out of Orange Co. California. I had seen another 3 pc. type design by some other co., but I’m having a Senior moment and can’t remember where the hell or who the hell sold it?…. I have only owned 1 Harley shirt in my life back in the 70’s, it was a gift, I think I gifted it to one of my momentary girl friends for a night shirt? ;>

  3. Marc Says:

    The world (mostly the U.S.) has turned into a place where corporations control the government. Where everyone is more worried about being politically correct than speaking the truth. We have become a nation of pussies.

    So before you get your panties in a wad and say “if you don’t like it you can leave”. I am a veteran and love this country. I DO LOVE the entire federal government at this time. It has become the ruling elite run by their corporate masters.

    Anyway I became to love Harley’s because my much older cousin. He’d ride over to the house on his chopper with its twisted front forks, homemade by him and his friend Leroy. Side note: much later after doing my time in the military and riding Harleys he told me that he was riding on the highway when he noticed the front fork cracking & was good enough to get it to the shoulder right as it completely broke. Cousin Raymond was a biker in the purest since of the word. He never wore a patch but respected and was respected by all of the local clubs here in StL. He & my father is who I try to emulate. They weren’t perfect but we’re both good men.

    I used to work at an aftermarket motorcycle shop. A lot of rich pricks came in there. However so did a lot of wealthy people that were not pricks. Those I would ride with any day. Yes I (& we) made fun of the “Shadow Riders” club. I still do. I can tell you that one of them was on a poker run & hit a soft asphalt shoulder and went down on his bike I stopped to help and provide medical attention. That to me is what it’s about!

    I know this is long winded (I get that from my father). So if you can find the story (which Harley denies) behind the first Fatboy including the yellow paint on the engine. HD didn’t always stand for “hundreds of dollars”. I still think of them as more of the idea of “American Freedom”. I have partied with Hells Angels, 5th Chapters (sober club) Saddle Tramps, Power Pipes, and wealthy bikers.
    I am extremely grateful that I was fortunate to get to hang out with David Mann before he died.
    I don’t care why you ride. If your an asshole I will treat you accordingly whether you wear a suit or a patch. I ride because I love it.

  4. Tommy Says:

    Interesting, Very Interesting

  5. HILM Says:

    A few days ago somebody I know posted a copy of Harley’s recall notice to stores asking them to return all unsold copies of this vest. It further recommended that they attempt to contact customers who had purchased this vest and suggest that they return it. Harley apparently got enough warnings that they decided to take them seriously. The beating quoted in this article probably did a little to help that, too.

    So, you see, sometimes things work out just like they’re supposed to. Now, maybe, the dorks who had bought this vest will go out and get a new vest that they can “distress” on their own.

  6. Wolfenlover Says:

    If you want TO BEAT CANCER, or WANT LOVED ONES to BEAT CANCER! Go to !! NO SHIT!!! Fuck your DOCTOR who wants you to take DRUGS!!!
    Ignore at your own peril!

  7. John Deaux Says:

    Cancer sucks, best wishes for whatever time your dad has left is filled with joy, love and as pain free as possible. Much respect sent to you and your dad.

  8. Duck Says:

    Since I’m guessing that these don’t come with a warning label (can’t risk sales numbers!)I see no reason not to add them anonymously. Easy enough to put out 10 bux or so to have some online printer make up some business-sized cards with a sternly worded warning on them, and just “accidentally” slip them into the pockets of however many of these are on the rack at the local dealer during the next visit. If it sours just a few people off of buying them well, a small win is still a win.

  9. PJ Says:

    bcnasty, sorry to hear about your father.

    Asskiller, FF, Tooj, thank you for the stories and commentary on life. Why I love coming here.

    $120 for a vest, and its made to look pre-worn… A jacket from Goodwill only costs $7, but I guess its too much work to cut off the sleeves and put your own mileage on it.

  10. Road Whore Says:

    @ BC: Sorry, man…prayers your way!

  11. bcnasty Says:

    I, along with my two brothers, was lucky enough to be raised by a 40 year patch. When I was a snot nosed carpet crawler I did not think so because dads rules was not for me to understand they was for me to obey or face the punishment.I grew up learning respect for people and with a passion for brotherhood. We had our issues in my teens and I hit the floor more times than I care to remember but it made every one of us the men we are today. Sadly at 85 I am watching cancer eat his ass up and as I wheeled him out on the porch in his chair yesterday bitching about some asshole. He looked at me and said son, I am glad my days are numbered. This world has turned into a sandbox of pussy people that want shit now but are not willing to work for it. If a man works for something he will hold dear what he earned. If not it means nothing for someone to take it from him. Comments from folks that buy a cut make me think of a better time with dad and his brothers. Sorry if this rant is slightly off topic as my head and heart are not in a good place .

  12. Wretched Man Says:

    @ Tooj
    That was a fantastic piece you penned!

    So thankful my Old Man taught me to spanner on my own ride…a BSA….
    Later on when I finished school, before I went to the army to fight in the Angolan bush war we did a weeks trip around South Africa, musta done 2 600 miles bonding on the road, memories I will never forget.

    Gotta say that today too many people have a sense of entitlement which breeds in them the false belief that they can do as they please….stupid hurts as some weekend warriors are finding out with their $120 “worn in” cuts.

    respect to the real

  13. Road Whore Says:

    @ Tooj: Man…so TRUE! And the apprentice system needs to return. My old lady and I were talking the other day about the fact that hardly anybody knows how to do shit. You get gimped up like I am and you have to call others to repair things for you…you get a licensed plumber or electrician who barely knows enough to keep from flooding your house or electrocuting themselves. I’ve had to call an additional repairman out to fix the previous repairman’s mistakes. Had a broken drain hose connection on a washing machine, and while we had the plumber out figured I’d let him do that too. Stood and watched him fiddle and fuck with a worm-gear clamp until I said to him, “Slide the clamp up that hose, fit the connector, and slide the clamp back down and tighten her up.” Jesus, are you kidding me?

    And imagination is gone. People can learn how to follow the steps from the book, but that’s all that they can do. If you ask them how or why something works, or, “Can we do this with it?” they have no fucking clue.

    People don’t even know how to be people anymore. Ever try to hold a conversation with these addled morons who have the attention span of a nitwit?

    We’re a throwaway society manufacturing throw-away dreams, appliances…everything. Was talking with the repairman who installed our new dishwasher some time ago. His dad before him was a top-notch repairman and this guy had learned from his dad and then gone on to acquire additional training and really knew his stuff…refreshing. He told me that for the price we payed for our dishwasher (not all that much in comparison) that we should expect 4 or 5 years good use out of it, maybe a little more if we’re lucky, and that it would cost almost as much to repair it as a new one to replace it will cost, and that it wouldn’t be worth the effort and price to repair. He said that they might not even make the parts for this model anymore then. We both lamented the days gone by when things were made to last, and you didn’t throw something out and buy another one, you repaired it and got several years more use out of it.

    @ CH:

    Yes, everything is pretend now. Everything. Pretend President; pretend country; pretend outlaws. In one way I like the fact that more people are getting into biking: numbers typically help any endeavor. What I hate are the people getting into biking who proclaim themselves to be something other than what they are. I’d have respect for a man who told me, “Yeah, I bought this $30,000 dresser just to turn heads and I only ride her on the weekends, sometimes only once a month even.” But these very same clowns will huff and puff their way five miles across town to the local watering hole and pull up and dismount as if they’d just come across the country. They’ll talk bikes with someone who has ridden across country as if they’re just as knowledgeable and accomplished, and the pretend factor just makes me fuckin’ sick.

    Got a buddy of mine. Lives in NY. Rides down for Bike Week and Biketoberfest, rain or shine. Yeah, we spend some time on Main Street, mostly finding chicks to oogle. But then we get the hell out of there and ride. I’ve got all kinds of country back roads with great scenery to ride and we have a blast going to other towns, little out of the way restaurants with great food, etc.

    Anyway, this buddy of mine…he’s 68 this year. Wanted to do Sturgis just to say he’s been. Rode from NY to there, him and four or five other buddies. Covered 600 miles the first day! 1,736 miles later they rolled into Sturgis on the third day of their ride. They ain’t parking the bikes and sitting, either. They’re riding, and seeing all the sights, and from Sturgis they will go on to meander around Montana and Wyoming and eventually back to NY. Now that’s the real fucking deal! And he doesn’t wear a bunch of fancy “biker” gear…not even a vest with patches. Faded old jeans and a t-shirt is his standard uniform, and no helmet when he can get away with it. And I’ve never once heard him brag about any of his rides. He doesn’t boast…he just rides. And enjoys it…he can tell you about the things he’s seen, the experiences he’s had…and that’s what makes a real biker, something the bar hoppers will never get or understand.

    @ Freeman:

    Yep…you gotta be so damn careful nowadays…nearly everything is a goddamn scam or con or trap. Gotta listen more closely than ever to that instinct; it’ll help keep you outta trouble.

    Ride Free

  14. Justathought Says:

    Can’t help but ponder this… If one or two had been wearing this “outlaw get-up” in Waco…well, you can take it from there by yourself I suppose….

  15. FF Says:


    Boys1 are shunted off to school to learn how to be men from women…..

    Man, that just blew me away.

    I remember being in the dugout when I was 11 years old, with my teammates. It didnt matter what the score was, if you were playing or not, you just never wanted to leave there.

    That was the closest they were ever gonna let us get to being tribal again.

  16. Wolfenlover Says:

    Austin, BBAAWWAAAHHHAAAA! Wish I had sound on this ##[email protected]@!!## thing! Tell ya what
    tho. Cloris Leachman was a beauty queen at one time. Hell, I been married for
    near 32 yrs. & if Cloris would put out…

  17. Shovelhead Says:

    Great post, I agree…Laconia Bike Week lost money this year. I’d like to tell them, Well no shit you stupid fucking idiots! You took all the fun out of Bike Week, nothing to do there exept buy expensive t-shirts and $9.00 sausages.
    I too miss the days when Square Heads looked at my like I was scum.

    Now I’m gonna go for a ride on the old Shovel and feel likes it’s 1979 again, back when I didn’t give a fuck!! Although, actually I don’t give a fuck now, just doing it with less hair!

  18. Required Says:

    That vest is $120 bucks at smoky mtn Harley and the front has a #1 patch and a cool metal badge too. It looks even more ridiculous in person. Oh, and it’s made in China. I wonder with those Chinese kids are thinking when they make this stuff in their sweatshops? I really do.

  19. Freeman Says:

    @ Tooj

    Dead on man, as far as school system go its a pile of crap, i remember getting into it with the principal when my oldest was 7, it was Halloween, he couldn’t dress as a cowboy, a viking, anything mid evil or a soldier, horror character and no mask, i was like what the fuck you want me to dress him up as, the tooth fairy? so he went in rags and made scary faces to everybody, love that boy!


    I hear you, my ol who is not the mother of my kids, i have 2 boys, keeps telling thank god you didn’t have a girl, she has 2 girls, the first boyfriend her daughter brought home when she was 16, i had a shirt printed that read, ”yes i have a beautiful step daughter, i also have a gun a shovel and an aliby”Kid looks at me and says thats a funny shirt,i looked at him, frowned and told him this aint no joke kid, pointing to my pick-up with the shovel in the back, kid turned pale, i didnt like him at all, they split up 2 days later, she hated me found out the kid was a fuckin meth/ectasy, name it he sold it fuckhead and was trying to put together a prostitution ring with nice white country girls, to this day she still thx me, in this day and age you have to have 360 degree vision.

  20. CH Says:

    @ Austin……..
    LOL- what’s scary is that if you live long enough, really old tarts like that get to looking sexy.

    And now on to my rant I’m compelled to unload here today——

    As far as the “HD fashion statements”……I remember back around 1990 when these ass hats in squeaky clean, shiny leathers started showing up at bike parties with their HOG patch, Harley brand dealer dress and brand new bank financed Evo’s. No tats, no clue and the beginning of the end! It just devolved from there. SHIT.. Now sleazy wider rodeos are mostly made up of 4 wheelers, golf carts and suburbanites who don’t even own bikes wanting to look at fat girls saggy tits. Look at Daytona, Sturgis and such!…Mainstream baby! Diluted and gone. Pissed down the toilet.

    Shit, I remember when people looked at you like you were vermin if you had a ripped knee in yer jeans. Next thing you know they are selling pre-ripped jeans for 3 times the price in stores!

    I look fondly back to when people were scared of you if you had tattoes. Now little old ladies, fat houswives, goofy bald headed “pretend badasses” and about everybody is covered with tats.

    Blame it all on a dumbed down society that can’t think for itself and the profit corporations make through mass marketing of industry created fads. It all leads to dumbasses thinking they can buy their way into anything “they are told they want”. But to this day, like as always …..some things you just can not buy.

    The times they are a changing… they always do. The days of knights jousting, the days of dueling, the gunfighters, the mountain men….all days end…..many things eventually get diluted for the masses and the pure form never understood by them and lost.

    Ya just gotta evolve ahead of the pack by thinking for yourself and being something called “REAL”.


    Get’s me to thinking about a song—true then–true now—true 4ever —–>

    “If the sun refuse to shine
    I don’t mind, I don’t mind
    If the mountains fell in the sea
    let it be, it ain’t me
    Alright, ‘cos I got my own world to look through
    And I ain’t gonna copy you

    Now if 6 turned out to be 9
    I don’t mind, I don’t mind
    Alright, if all the hippies cut off all their hair
    I don’t care, I don’t care
    Dig, ‘cos I got my own world to live through
    And I ain’t gonna copy you

    White collared conservative flashing down the street
    Pointing their plastic finger at me
    They’re hoping soon my kind will drop and die
    But I’m gonna wave my freak flag high, high

    Wave on, wave on
    Fall mountains, just don’t fall on me
    Go ahead on Mr. Business man, you can’t dress like me
    Sing on Brother, play on drummer”

    Jimi Hendrix…………..

    Hence my sermon of the day.



  21. Tooj Says:

    Jim, you got me to thinking and I have posted this somewhere before, but you are speaking of tradition; a way of giving back what being a human being actually is about.

    The United States is a “new” country. In fact, it hasn’t really become a country yet, it’s just an idea. We have no culture other than the culture of buying shit and talking about freedom. If American culture were a real culture, it would provide some sort of initiation rituals to bring young men into the company of revered male elders.

    This “cut” is just another product. Something to be bought and sold, while a true MC cut is something one earns. And it is earned by learning from revered male elders. The same damn thing is happening with the urine order and their mail order method to manhood. Why else do the soulless minions of “the system” see MC’s as a threat to the way things are to be? Why do these fast food, give it to me yesterday types complain about being tasked to follow a tradition?

    All this propaganda we get about how happy and free we are here [in the U.S] is a lot of whistling up your wazoo. Other people in other countries are not chained like dogs to 25-year mortgages.

    What has American society made us into? Idiots. We make money during the week to meet our mortgage payments and then spend the weekend mowing the lawn and fixing the gutters. Idiots. We think that wearing the latest outpouring from a soulless corporate provider makes us men? Idiots. We fought and died to create this? Amazing.

    Starting 140 or more years ago, men were taken completely out of nature and sent in to the office and the factory where they manufacture and sell more items to “make life easier”.

    Is it true that in the absence of beating clothes on rocks and carrying water jugs on our heads we have meditated more on the essence of creation? No. We just chase around faster and faster trying to keep up the payments on all our labor saving gadgets. We have lost the sense of the sacred in our lives.

    “The system” is entrusted with the education of children and what do we have? We have the objectification of learning; and a bunch of stupid rules. If we cannot resurrect the wherewithal to relate ourselves to the world we live in we are doomed to extinction.

    Children have been removed from the daily companionship of their dads where they exchanged energy sowing, reaping, fishing, repairing wagon wheels, investigating bird’s nests and hollow logs; and they were shunted off to school.

    School is where boys go to learn how to be men from women in the absence of God or religion or clear value systems. Our educational system – the corporate job-training it has devolved into – and most of the jobs in modern society – are hopeless. The soul-scarring and deep resentment this causes in men is almost beyond calculation.

    To the Native American of the Pacific Northwest the man accorded the greatest prestige was the one who, at the annual Potlatch ceremony, gave the most away! He gave away the most salmon, the most honey, the most furs, and he gave away the most prayers; for everyone understood a real man could always get more of what people needed and therefore he had no need to hoard any of it! This is masculine thinking.

    These are the men I have met and have always had a profound effect on me. Thank God I had dirt farmers as relatives to help in my raising.

  22. Lunchbox Says:

    This “cut” is just a bad idea all around. Anyone who wears it has no idea what they are stepping into and is just a poser.
    Much respect to all Patch Holders, who earned their patches.

  23. Jim666 Says:

    @ Austin,
    Wasn’t that the Partridge families mom ?lmao

    Asskiller you should be a writer, that was a great story and very well written.

    I guess we all have stories of older men we have crossed paths with somewhere or another , and they all seem to bring memories to us all of the one we have met and taken time to listen too.
    The thing that gets me the most is the fact that most of the kids nowadays werent raised as most of us,they don’t see the need for the stories of how it used to be, they shrug it off and have the attitudes of” who cares” or “fuck it”.
    A lot will be lost in the newer generations,not many to keep the old ways alive, and that goes in the lifestyle, the craftsmanship,and the knowledge, from those times, My grandfather had a 47 chief, “he also had a Henderson a Crocker a square 4 and countless Harleys, over his years,I really didn’t take the time to sit and talk w/ him about such things as I was way too young to understand I was 12 when he died in 1976,but I do to this day remember one day after a long ride on that chief,wanting to help him wipe it down.
    So I grabbed a rag and ran up to the big bike and with my right hand grabbed onto the first thing to steady myself on one knee and that just happened to be the front exhaust pipe, the meat from my hand melted to the pipe, Damn it man! that fuckin hurt like hell, I can actually say now looking back that , that was the first worst pain I had ever felt, lmao.
    And w/in a few seconds my first taste of moonshine to boot.
    But now I wonder about the things he seen and places he rode his friends , buddies and yes his brothers as he was a patch holder “In his younger days”
    I do remember never seeing him on the weekends, after work on every friday after he gave my grandmother almost all of his check he would get on that bike and wouldn’t be seen till sunday evening, Never knew where he went.
    My dad told me some stories but like me he wasn’t around him at those times either so theres a big blank.
    I guess my dad followed in his dad`s footsteps , then later so did I .
    But different times, different people, different places, About the only thing that remained the same is motorcycles and American motorcycles at that.
    Now I find it more important to find out all I can of” the old days”.
    Now when I meet an older rider that wants to have a drink or smoke a cigarette, I take time to sit and let him talk while I do most of the listening.
    I’ve found that as long as I’m alive I can always learn something.
    the newer and approved shit ain’t always better.
    As I get older I can just hope that one day maybe I can say something that might hit home w/ some young kid .
    Me with 2 daughters of dating age, I see quite a few kids that really need to learn a few things.
    maybe somewhere, someday, somebody, can teach em what they need to learn.

  24. Tooj Says:

    That is hilarious, Austin!

  25. Austin Says:

    CH Says:
    July 30, 2015 at 10:59 pm
    @ Wolfenlover ……….
    I’ll never tell…might make it MORE DIFFICULT TO LAY MILFs if the truth was known…..
    lets just say the 70’s were an educational experience…….
    besides that…truth knows no age… :)

    MILFs rock – no doubt.

  26. panhead Says:

    I’ve got and still wear a pair of fingerless gloves that are older then most of the people buying these “cuts”. As well as my jacket that I had branded at the Sturgis 50th rally.

  27. Paladin Says:

    Dear Rebel,

    CDL & CALc aren’t stupid. They just have really bad luck when trying to think.

    Long May You Ride,


  28. Rusty Says:

    Seriously, people been buying what HD has been selling for a long time. And in todays society you can buy what ever image you want, I have often wondered why people cheat at sports, and why they can’t fathom why it bothers me that they go places like HD and buy this type of shit, that mimics my shit, I mean it took me years to get my shit to look like what they bought at the stealership, I actually got mine to look the way it does by investing my heart and soul in life and these asshats think I should just look the other way when they attempt to “fake” it and or get things the fucking easy way.

    Respect to the deserving

  29. John Deaux Says:

    As a kid I remember my grandpa, mom’s dad, had a 47 knuckle until they took it away from him, he liked his Wild Turkey a little too much to be out riding. That was a hell storm when that happened but he’d run it into a couple ditches so…… That’s the first Harley I remember.
    When I was around 8-9 our banana bikes were our choppers, running the streets doing our thing. There was a guy up the road that had a Harley, early shovel if memory serves, he was getting ready to kick her to life so we stopped to watch. He adjusted the distributer, tickled the carb then kicked her and she kicked him back, he turned nearly ghost white and limped a little, I said right then and there I wanted one of those. 47 years later I still love them damn machines.
    Hey man, hope things are getting better out that way, much respect.

  30. 10Gauge Says:


    I could not agree more with you. I am honored to have men like this call me Brother. Men that are in there 70s now and have been doin this shit since before I was alive. Men that would help CDL if he was broken down on the side of the road or was with his family and being hassled…knowing full well he hates them and him and his whole family always have. Men that don’t let their brothers or family sink into addiction but don’t pass judgement when someone wants to cut loose or blow off some steam..and there ABSOLUTELY is a difference. Men who have worked their whole lives until they limp and wince and sometimes shuffle but still make a 500 mile ride to support a brother in a time of grief or sorrow or need or joy. And don’t complain a minute…to only get up the next day and ride back again because they have to catch another shift and they don’t have a fat government pension or family money. Yes I know and love these men. They have been called criminals for a long time by these same men and their kin…now they are dressing up like them and telling THEM NOT TO PASS JUDGEMENT. WTF?!i

    “Lookin down at the road passing under my wheels
    I don’t know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels”

  31. Wolfenlover Says:

    CALC& CDL do you need help wiping your ass?! Evidently you need help with everything.
    GO THE FUCK BACK ELSEWHERE, ya DOUCHENOZZLES! Your too STUPID to figure this site out, you should be elsewhere. FOESAD MORONS!

  32. Wolfenlover Says:

    I remember a Mr. Rose who bought a 1/2 lb package of raw hamburger from my Dad
    & Mom’s Grocery store everyday when I was just a youngin’ of 11 or 12. He ate
    a sandwich of that EACH day & was 93. Him & his Missus slept on the 2nd floor
    of the house. Mr. Rose had one of the 1st Harley’s. I made sure I got to deliver
    his order daily.Being a small town, I got to sit and listen… Days gone by.
    Just fucking SAD what this world has become. I hang my head in shame any more.

  33. WheresMyBoots Says:

    John Deaux,
    Thank you man – that was another great story. This is fine, fine stuff.
    Respects, and Ride Free,
    A disrespectful fucktard from back home:’If I pay $20,000 for my bike, and all the money for all the chrome and stuff, and $88 per month maintenance (????), I earned the right to wear what I want and show pride in my brand.’
    When I get on my feet I’ll be doing some travelling – see you down the road.
    Respects, and Ride Free,

  34. John Deaux Says:

    F F
    That was a great story, we can learn alot from that generation if we listen. I remember as a kid Mr. Pete, he lived across the street from us. I am the only son with 2 sisters, 1 older and 1 younger. My dad never paided anyone to fix anything, ever, so it was all hands on deck for me. There were times we were in the middle of some repair with no idea which way to go. Mr. Pete was a railroad man and a mechanical wizard with the tools to git it done, we’d get stuck and my dad would say ” go see if Mr. Pete is home “, so I’d walk across the street and knock on the door. He’d walk over, they’d talk in french for a while, he’d head to his garage and come back with whatever tools we needed and walked us thru the repair. I truly believe that man could fix anything that moved. I’ve often thoight of him and wondered what became of those tools.
    Hope all is well in your part of the world my friend,
    much respect

  35. Rebel Says:

    Dear Calc,

    The post is there. You’re just too stupid to find it.


  36. One Eye Says:

    “And you can get one either by going into a Harley dealer with six twenty dollar bills, plus tax where applicable, or by waiting outside to punch someone wearing one in the head and then kicking him in the groin. Your call.”

    Ha ha ha ha ha, priceless! FF, that was an excellent story.

  37. Calc Says:

    Where is this CDL post everyone is commenting on? Was it removed?

    So much for free speech.

  38. Shovelhead Says:

    I’m heading to my local Harley shop just to see if they have them on the rack.
    If they do, they’ll hear why they should take them down…

  39. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Dear Rebel,
    Thank you for another fine article and making me laugh my ass off.
    Thank you for making me laugh my ass off.
    Asskiller and FF,
    Fine stories – thank you – beautiful reads.
    Respects and Ride Free,

  40. Rivera Says:

    H-D have a big marketing team , they know the jacket going to bring good cash here in the state and Europe , I don’t see how this jacket going to piss off a full patch bro, real 1% MC they dont give a shit about that jacket ,

  41. VAGO 1%er Says:

    Mr. CDL
    Stupid mouthy fucks like you just don’t get it. That laughter you hear as you walk past is about you. Stupid fucks like you comment here all the time. You get berated and called out for the stupid fuck you are then you run out of steam and move back to the latest blog about Bruce Jenner’s shoe collection or Kim’s new selfie. Without a doubt you are a stupid fuck. The feedback you get from this site should tell you that but your just too fucking stupid to recognize that.

    If mommy ever lets you leave your bedroom and the Greyhound drops you off in Cali look me up tough guy. I’m pretty easy to find. We can discuss philosophy and perhaps you will learn something. Make sure you are wearing your newly purchased cut so I recognize you.

  42. Whistler Says:

    I remember back in the 1970’s in SoCal anyone wearing any vest or cut even without anything on them while riding was a signal they were looking to prospect. If they didn’t understand that usually they were relived of the cut and the facts of life was explained to them.

    Today it’s a different story. But there is a silver lining to it.

    There used to be a time we stood out like sore thumbs, and police harassment was an everyday occurrence. Nowadays there are so many dentists and lawyers dressed up like bikers it makes for good camouflage for the real brothers out there going about their biz.

    So instead of getting mad we just laugh at the clueless posers. Unless, of course, it’s a serious challenge.

  43. FF Says:


    That post is why i love this blog so much. Beautifully written. Thank you.

    Reminds me of the “old guy” who lived next door to me when I was a kid. Long story short, he was a good neighbor, my family and he and his wife were very cordial, we’d talk from time to time over the fence and the hedgerow but nothing too serious just hollow pleasantries and what not. I never been in his house. Age 22, I returned from a 4 year hitch in the Navy, although my parents had sold the house, there were still people on that street I considered friends and I stopped by the old neighborhood to say hello. So I had my bike parked, and was talking to one of the kids I grew up with (he was my very first friend lol) and see the old man, Mister Baker come out of his house. Guy was in his 80’s by now, and this was 1989.

    He’s looking at my bike. I’d be impolite if I didn’t walk over to say hi. I was expecting a lecture about how “dangerous” these things are, but instead he begins telling me about how he had a harley davidson motorcycle in 1920 or therabouts and he rode it to Ohio and back. He told me you had to put oil in it as often as you put gasoline in it. LOL. He told me back then about dirt road highways, no street signs or lights… He went on and on.

    So he invites me into the house— for the first time. I’ve known this guy my whole life, lived next door, never set foot in the “scary old mans house” before. His wife was there, too. So there I am, sitting in this house, it’s immaculate by the way, so quiet and all you could hear was the tick tock of the Grandfather clock. His wife got me a drink of soda and Mister Baker told me his life story. He was a merchant marine… there was no air conditioners on those ships. LOL, how spoiled we were! He told me all the ports of call, he’d travelled the world. He got a job as a “Roustabout” for the railroad, these were guys who’s sole purpose was to seek out bums and hobos hiding in the rail cars. He was hired after he passed the job test— he had to fight the toughest guy in the room. He won. LOL. So then we go down in the basement, he shows me all his tools and equipment. It was a friggin’ museum, a treasure trove of Americana.

    Anyway, I nver saw mister Baker or his wife again after that. But every time I think about that day, there is a sadness, a regret. Why didn’t I spend more time with him, when I was a boy?

    Respects, Frequent Flyer

  44. the original just me Says:

    Your roads ? let me ride them in peace ? If I don’t then I’ll have to answer to you ? SERIOUSLY ?????? Are you really that fucking delusional ??????
    You sound just like cop that USED to patrol in a county I used to live in. Until he was shot in the face 5 times one night for being such a power hungry fag. Crawl back under the pile of shit you came from.

    Respect Rebel and to the regulars ( who actually use common sense )

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