What We Learned About Waco This Weekend

July 12, 2015

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What We Learned About Waco This Weekend

The Twin Peaks Massacre has always, clearly, been an ATF or FBI operation gone terribly wrong. The Waco police and most of official Waco have been lying about it since May 17. A couple of pieces of evidence became generally available this weekend that shine a little light into this black hole of deceit.

First, it is now absolutely inarguable that at least 182 people were arrested on May 17 and that five of them were “unarrested” by 5:28 a.m. the next morning. In an early morning fax from Waco Detective Sam Key to lay Justice of the Peace “Pete” Peterson, Key says, “These are the five guys we ‘unarrested.’ Thanks for all your help.”

The five men set free were Rodney Nash, Terry Gott, Robert Douglas, Keith Rodgers and Gerald Lowery. Generally, in ATF biker roundups, confidential informants are arrested with other suspects and then turned loose when nobody is looking.

Confidential Informants

Confidential informants in numerous cases are paid around $3000 a month and they are allowed to keep everything they can steal. In multiple cases, for example Mesa Mike Kramer, the CIs are alowed to get away with assaults and murder. Their primary job is to act as agents provocateur and solicit drug and gun buys and instigate other crimes. Some confidential informants are men who have been caught at some crime and are offered the choice of betraying their friends or going to prison. Some CIs are pros – like the semi-famous snitches James “Pops” Blankenship, Alex Caine, Ashley Charles Wyatt (who is now calling himself Charles Falco and who has been cited as a biker authority in news accounts of the Twin Peaks massacre), George Rowe, the late “Coconut Dan” Horrigan, “Mesa Mike” Kramer, James “Pagan Ronnie” Howerton and Steve Veltus. They are all loathsome men. They are all career criminals who have avoided punishment by entrapping other men who loved them like brothers. They are all men who ruin lives for a living

Since they were actually arrested, the men released in secret at dawn on May 18, were clearly not undercover agents. The Aging Rebel has been told and has reported that two members of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club took off their club insignia and put on police windbreakers and balaclavas shortly after the shooting stopped on May 17. They were probably undercover FBI or ATF agents. The Aging Rebel believes the men released on May 17 were part of an ongoing federal investigation that exploded into violence. Based on interview with numerous sources, The Aging Rebel believes the violence was instigated by federal agents, that it was unnecessary and that the blatant Waco coverup that has ensued is intended to protect federal, state and local policeman from civil and criminal liability and embarrassment.

Murder And Tampering

Surveillance footage from one of the sixteen cameras at the Don Carlos restaurant, which sits across a parking lot from the Twin Peaks, also emerged this weekend. Numerous viewers of the video have complained that it doesn’t show much. This morning Breitbart News headlined its account of the video “Leaked Don Carlos Video Reveals Little About Waco Twin Peaks Shooting.”

The video does have its moments though, and limited though it is it appears to document two crimes committed by police – falsifying evidence and a possible murder. The video shows that during one second, between 12:41:17 p.m. and 12:41:18 p.m., a person who is running away from the fight and who is well behind what seems to be the police line appears to get shot in the back and falls forward to the left front of a white hatchback car. He never rises during the next 85 minutes of the video.

The most chilling sequence in the video begins at 1:20:50 p.m. Two plain clothes operators stand under the Don Carlos porch and point toward what seems to be the dead body. Six seconds later one of the operators, a gray haired man wearing a light orange shirt and a machine gun, walks toward the apparent body. He disappears briefly as he talks to a uniformed cop at about 1:21:07 p.m. Then at 1:21:35 he clearly and unmistakably places something on the ground of this crime scene. Then he quickly walks away.

At 1:59:31 p.m. a uniformed officer walks over to the evidence planted by the plain clothes cop and marks it as evidence. Presumably, it is now part of the official case against the 177 men and women who were arrested but not “unarrested.”

Clearly, the Waco police investigation is corrupt. Clearly, justice in Waco is corrupt. And clearly it is not enough for the Department of Justice to intervene in this case because there is probable cause to believe that multiple employees of the Department of Justice are the engineers of this mockery of the American way.


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  1. Arizona Pride Says:

    This was straight up murder by the cops. No other “stories” here. Sniping bikers just because they could. Probably Iron Order members too.

  2. Jim666 Says:

    Damn the fucks just keep coming it seems ..At least their names are coming to light ,
    Rebel you should put up a post w/ pic.s and names of these fucks .

    @ Troll 1% PMC
    At least his name “Sleaze” fit…
    It takes a real sleazy fucker to rat out his brothers.
    and for money no less.

  3. Rhiannon Laakmann Says:

    Troll did not mention the piece of shit got paid $100,000.00. And failed to pay taxes, or tell SSI of this blood money like he was ordered to. The FBI agent in charge of him told him to do so, and was responsible to make sure he did. But had no reason why he didn’t, when asked by the Attorney in court.

  4. Troll 1% PMC Says:

    rebel,another name to add to your snitch,rat cocksucker list Michael “sleezy” appovato.the rat scum that got pagans in florida last year

  5. Spectator Says:

    Disregard that last comment Scootertramp. It appears I have old news.

  6. Spectator Says:

    @scootertramp, I haven’t heard of that info yet but look up Jason Barnum. He’s the chump wearing the red shit kickers.

  7. Austin Says:

    Please send all your unwanted rain to California. We will even take unwanted snow. Just any old precipitation – send it west please.

    Great information going around about this unfortunate event. Keep the light on it.

    Loved Scootertramp’s riff, and Asskillers response.

  8. Scootertrammp Says:

    @ Asskiller. Hell I’m just a nobody and nothin special. I’m just like others that survived the life…… I lived in CO. for quite awhile, matter of fact my Son and Grandkids still live there. If I get back out there would love to have a cup of mud with ya, I live on that shit..LOL

    Love and Respects

  9. Scootertrammp Says:

    @ THAT FUCKIN POS THAT CALLS HIMSELF ” LMAO ” Just heard a little tid bit of info. Hmmmmmmmm Would you happen to be the same UC from the Waco task force that was patched in from another club and became the sidekick of the Prez of your club that went around weeks before the COC meeting hassling anyone that belonged to the COC and that joined in or started the fight in Waco and then ran away and came back in LEO attatire and fucked up red cowboy boots… Juuuuuust Wondering ???????????????????????????????

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