Pen Mightier Than Gag Order

July 1, 2015

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Pen Mightier Than Gag Order

Dallas Attorney Clint Broden is still throwing rocks at what he has started to call Waco’s “Publicity Machine.”

In a 30 page emergency petition filed this morning with the Court of Appeals for the Tenth District of Texas, Broden wrote:

“Whether real or perceived, there is a noxious odor surrounding the investigation by the Waco Police and the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office with regard to the “Twin Peaks Shooting” and the wholesale arrest of 177 motorcyclists based on identical, “fill-in-the-name” criminal complaints.

“Nevertheless, as Justice Brandeis said: ‘Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman.’

“This sentiment is still recognized today by both federal and state courts. As noted by the United States Supreme Court…‘the criminal justice system exists in a larger context of a government ultimately of the people, who wish to be informed about happenings in the criminal justice system, and, if sufficiently informed about those happenings, might wish to make changes in the system.’”

Gag Order

Yesterday, at the request of McLennan County D.A. Abelino Reyna, State District Judge Matt Johnson issued an order that forbid Broden; his client, Scimitar Motorcycle Club member Matt Clendennen; and any witnesses from publically talking about Clendennen’s case.

What has happened in Waco is that local officials have defined what is true and what is bollocks by bullying, imprisoning or shouting down anyone who dares to disagree with them. Reyna for example, has already given an 18-minute television interview in which he said: Based on what he saw, nothing was telling him that all 177 arrested motorcyclists were not guilty; the motorcyclists were guilty because they were not “acting like victims;” “I’ll bet on our own gang before I bet on their gang;” the motorcyclists were not at Twin Peaks “just to eat lunch;” and the motorcyclists would not get away with what they did, “not in this county, not on my watch.” In other words, Reyna doesn’t object to the vilification of the men he is prosecuting, only their defense.

In this morning’s petition Broden noted that the gag order:

“Does not cover “the parties in the 176 other motorcyclist cases; the attorneys, including the District Attorney’s Office, in the 176 other motorcyclist cases; law enforcement as it relates to the 176 other motorcyclist cases; and any witnesses in the 176 other motorcyclist cases that previously made statements to law enforcement or the District Attorney’s Office. Second, the gag order is not clear if it covers statements in connection with a civil case Mr. Clendennen filed in federal court against the City of Waco, the County of McLennan and various officials. Third, the gag order does not cover the parties in the litigation in the 54th District Court of Dallas County between Twin Peaks and a neighboring restaurant over whether the neighboring restaurant loss business as a result of what happened at Twin Peaks.”

Broden wants the gag order vacated because, he argues, it violates “Clendennen’s right to free speech under both the Texas Constitution and the United States Constitution” and because so far all the prejudicial noise is coming from the police and the prosecution.

Wait There’s More

A second motion filed by Broden this morning highlights the games Waco authorities are playing to railroad Clendennen and the other defendants.

The District Attorney “has requested that the current pick-a-pal grand jury be held over to consider this case as well as the 176 related Twin Peaks ‘ cases,” Broden wrote. “This is despite the fact that a randomly picked grand jury is set to be seated in approximately a week.”

Texas is the last state to use the so-called “pick-a-pal” or “key man” method of selecting grand jurors. The system fills grand jury slots by allowing a judge to ask a crony to create the list of prospective grand jurors. The system is notoriously unfair and the Texas legislature overturned it this year. The grand jury made of political pals is the one Reyna wants to decide the fates of his victims even though he sid just yesterday that his “investigation” will take “months” to complete.

The strangest thing about the aftermath of the Twin Peaks Massacre is that after 46 days important Waco officials like District Attorney Reyna, Police Chief Stroman and braying jackass Swanton still don’t understand that the whole world is watching Waco and the world is embarrassed by what it sees.


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  1. Mama G Says:

    Just a thought. Input from anyone who knows the inner workings of the Patriot Act would be appreciated.

    When the Patriot Act was in the works, we had a speaker who was well versed on the contents of the PA come and speak at our legislative meeting. The lecture, if you will, was lengthy, extremely detailed and very informative. One of the things he said that has stuck with me for all these years was LE will be able to arrest/hold any individual they THINK THEY have reason to believe is part of a “gang/group/etc”, someone they can get information from or is a danger to society. LE will be able to pick someone up, lock them away without ever disclosing to anyone they have where that person went and hold them indefinitely if they so choose. Further stating, that LE would have the power to not allow some who has been detained to contact anyone to let them know where they were.

    He defined group as anyone wearing like clothing, associating or gathering in a group for a purpose (I probably didn’t say that exactly right but you get the best.) He stated that means ANY “group” wearing like clothing adding, “Does that mean the Boy Scouts, Teams etc. could become targets due to their ‘like’ clothing and associating for a purpose? Especially if three or more people constitutes a ‘gang?” Questioning the wording-like clothing gathered for a purpose. He said it was worded vaguely to allow LE to be covered to go after any group they choose to target.

    Now I don’t know about the rest of you but I found that little tidbit of the PA very unnerving. The speaker went on to discuss how the passing of the PA could affect ALL MROs and MC adamantly stating that, in time, they WILL target the motorcycling community as a whole and every single one of us should educate ourselves on the law because there IS going to come a time it will be used against us. He explained (giving many examples to get the point across) how if someone/anyone in a group is/has been involved in criminal activity all those wearing like clothing showing association could be brought in and held or charged for whatever AN INDIVIDUAL(S) was being investigated for, charged with or guilty of.

    I am in no way an expert in law or well versed on the Patriot Act. I am just recalling the words of a well educated man who spent hours researching the PA and felt so passionate about the potential impact on our community that he spoke to dozens of groups in our area. Doing his best to educate as many people as possible. Explaining the importance of us educating ourselves. If anyone on this thread is educated on the law and would like to better explain what the law covers I would appreciate it. I could be completely wrong but it seems like Waco might have be using a portion of the law. If I am incorrect, by all means, please correct me. The holding innocent individuals. Group association. All seems to relate to the wording of the PA.
    The Patriot Act allowed LE free reign to terrorize and they are taking full advantage of it.

    Again, I am really interested in the opinions of those who know the law/ Patriot Act and how it may play into what is taking place in Waco.

    Thank you Rebel for your continued commitment to the truth.

  2. Sieg Says:

    LBB, are you talking about John O. Arnold?

  3. Sieg Says:


  4. david Says:

    Thunderbird, you wrote:

    ” Perhaps there are people in the ‘justice system’in the State of Texas; along with lawyers watching……..waiting……..before ‘going in’ to clean up the corruption”.

    With Respect, the people IN the “justice” system, including the lawyers in the legislature, CREATED the corruption of the law. THEY ARE the fucking PROBLEM, not the solution!

  5. Tooj Says:

    “acted like victims”? What indicators might Reyna share that give him such a compelling and accurate view of what that is? And given that, what do victims smell like? Do victims part their hair on the side, in the middle or just ignore combing it completely because they are so victimized? What do victims wear? Any special choices in personal care products?

    Reminds me of Steve Cook saying he just KNOWS when a motorcycle pipe is too loud, thereby warranting a traffic stop.

    So like Cook’s built in decibel meter, Reyna has a built in “Victim Meter”? That smacks of conjecture and how is “acting like a victim” innocence? Perhaps if one also knows how a victim should act, it is contrived to appear innocent?

    The stupid, it burns.

  6. Spectator Says:

    Infiltrated? Hell, they have an open relationship with cops so there’s not much standing in the way of a patched fed.

    Lookie here at this pic…

    It’s from the Facebook page of Justin Dill, a Cossack.

  7. David Baldwin Says:

    On June 17th civil forfeiture papers were released. Jeffrey Veillon is listed as wearing Cossack colors, on video talking to Cossacks on the patio, on tape jumping into the fist fight, on video participating in the fight, seen after the gunfight walking and talking with the PD, no arrest record. In his truck were two loaded handguns and a sawed off shotgun. Clearly it is the Cossacks that were infiltrated, not the Bandidos.

  8. Thunderbird Says:

    Obviously from the secrecy imposed by the Waco PD in the Biker Massacre at the Twin Peaks restaurant on May 17, 2015 there is a deeper secret agenda that involves more than the Waco PD. Why arn’t more detained bikers sueing to clear their names and why is the Texas Attorny Gerneral staying out of it? Something smells rotten. Why isn’t there support from clubs to assist their comrads? Why are lawyers silent on this apparent lack of due process that affects anyone in the future that expects to recieve due justice?

    One has to ask; who was not there, did this really happen? Is this all made up? This is beginning to be my impression; not because of non-belief, but because there seems to be no input from the people who’s freedoms were apparently violated. Am I missing something?

    If indeed this happened and no public disclosure is being allowed by the authorities then we the public are in serious trouble. Any one of us can be apprehended by the police and arbitralily thown in jail to rot at their say so.

    Rebel, have been following your discourse since day one. My assumption is that your discourse is sincere and true to the best of your ability. If this event is legit and what is transpiting with the Waco PD and justice system is true; then there are some very despotic people running the justice system in Waco.

    Perhaps there are people in the justice system in the State of Texas; along with lawyers watching this very closely and remaining silent for now, waiting for these despotic figures in Waco to play the rest of their hand, before going in to clean up the corruption. Don’t know, but let’s hope so for the sake of all of us.

    Keep up the good work. Sooner or later the truth will come out for better or… for worse.


  9. RLG Says:

    @dogbreath, you can order books at any brick and mortar bookstore like Barnes & Noble and pay cash for them when they arrive.

  10. Justathought Says:

    xplor Says:
    July 1, 2015 at 5:43 pm
    Did the Bandidos change the meeting place to Waco just to antagonise the Cossacks ? Did the Cossacks rise to the bait? Are there informants within the Bandidos ? That would explain why the police where their. The real winners were the SWAT team. They have practiced the active shooter senerio for years. You can bet the SWAT controler took his own videos for future training.

    The location of the COCi in Waco was advertised on the internet for over 2 months, on the Texas, Region 1, CoCi web page. The meeting place was in Waco because of it’s central location., and as there were special guest speakers, the CoCi wanted it in a town with easier access for all in the region.

    The Bandidos are recognized by many as the hardest club to become a member of, taking over 5 years to get into. The last time the clubs international president got arrested, apparently the club decided to be about strictly quality not quantity, and made it very difficult to get in…I think it started sometime in 2005, I think. Anyway, Much more likely the Cossacks had the informants.They have grown to 4 times the size they were in about 1 year. Also interesting, at least the street talk here, that the cossacks have lost approximately 70 members, over half the club. Meanwhile, the Bandidos still have people lining up to join.

    Put it this way. As a Texan, I already have a state 1% club. The Bandidos… They’ve been our club for decades, and I aint saying they are all there is, but I am saying they are OUR , Texas’s, 1% club, and I am proud to call them my state 1% MC. We are happy to share them with the world, but consider them our club. Course, you know how us Texans’ can be!

  11. Dasein Says:

    LBB: What you just said could be the stone that starts the avalanche. Let’s hope so.

  12. LBB Says:

    I think everyone has the understanding there was informants or undercover or however you want to put it involved in this situation. I hope someone starts asking if there is a Cossack named voodoo who may or may not have gone to high school with district attorney Abel Reyna. And maybe they might also ask about whether Abel Reynas father was or was not previously his attorney. Theres definitely the appearance that everyone is in bed with everyone else in Waco.

  13. martythe3 Says:

    This is why I am wearing soft colors a lot lately which say,
    “Justice is Dead”
    and “Stop RICO” underneath a skeleton statue of liberty.

    The question for me is, how can cops and judges sleep knowing they are doing this? Is it a prerequisite for being a cop or judge to let preexisting personally perceived attitudes of the court or cops, you should ignore all case law and the constitution and do whatever you can to ruin the lives of innocents?
    Another thing to think about: if all these bikers who are so evil, that you have ruined the lives of, and not one has come back to off your ass, they ain’t so bad now are they?


    Ride Free — Live Free

  14. roachclip Says:

    All Texas judges, district attorneys, defense attorneys, police, sheriffs, deputies, state representatives, legislators, department of public safety officers, and worst of all, grand juries, are freemasons. It’s all decided down at the local lodge. The courts in Texas are just an example of how powerful these people are. Mark my words, there is all the justice you can afford there. Two examples, Cullen Davis, and Hicks Elliff. The opposite ends of the same spectrum.

    Respects, roach.

  15. Nags Says:


    Thank you so much for staying on this and shining a light on this corrupt shit show that’s going on in Texas. I wish there was more we could all do to show our gratitude. For my part I’ll keep buying your books and clicking an add every time im on my way out the door.

  16. old & stoned Says:

    177 to probably close to 250 cases of witness intimidation from day One.

    heard a true story way back about a gentleman whose credentials were being questioned by business associates,, ‘son, this is Texas,, if you ain’t related to someone,, you’re pretty much fucked.’

    and a ‘fuck you.’ shoutout to Mr. Sutter, and his 10 years of pre-emptive jury tampering. you helped the feds spread the ‘all bikers are monsters’ meme so deep, even people who only saw commercials or ‘heard about it’ think anyone riding a Harley MUST do SOME kinda evil,, setting us up for this type of treatment. read between the lines in this:

    our gov’t and Oz have been scheming since the 60’s. this is all the big plan. next is club membership / affiliation, past or present will preclude your gun ownership rights. they’re using insurance companies, lending institutions, to squeeze us quietly. Yea, fuck you in the eye, mrs. Segal.

  17. Thinking Phase Says:

    In America.
    Zac Tipton.
    The Mongol’s lawsuit in CA.
    The entire Waco travesty, where “reputable” news sources vomit the smoke and mirrors they have been spoon-fed. I wouldn’t have believed the blatant manipulation and disregard for civil rights and the law if I wasn’t reading it here.
    I am clearly naive. Go Rebel.
    Support this site.

  18. XYZ Says:

    How a Pick-a-pal grand jury can be used to intimidate witnesses –

    So, I guess the big problem with the grand jury commissioner system…. It produces grand juries that are entangled with law enforcement: ex-law enforcement officers, if not sitting ones, ex-DAs, people who are affiliated with the local government.

    And the grand jurors were sort of skeptical of this and threatened her… they were even threatening her with the loss of her children…

    They actually engaged in witness intimidation, quite literally, in a way that would have been prosecuted if anyone on the defense side had ever done anything remotely that egregious.

    Yes, absolutely – witness tampering.

  19. Phuquehed Says:

    Again, fuck Reyna the corrupt piece of stinking shit stuck on the bottom of my boot and fuck the corrupt stinking piece of shit judge who’s sharing fly turds on the same spot on the bottom of my boot as Reyna!

  20. David Baldwin Says:

    Thank-you Rebel for the only News with integrity.
    It has been stated by many, even supreme court judges, that gag orders might not be constitutional. So I’m going out on a limb to say another crime was committed yesterday, by the judge.
    If that video makes it to the public light, I expect a real shit storm to fly. By the rule of law, Clendennen doesn’t have to prove his innocence, it’s up to the courts to prove his guilt. But this year the rule of law has left the building.
    When the rule of law is eliminated, who’s in charge? Iraq is one example, Revolutionary France is another, the entire continent of Africa for the last fifty years. Either way, most of the Oligarchs will have time to flee, but not all of them.

  21. VAGO 1%er Says:

    @ ak rack
    “Johnson and Abel Reyna stayed in practice together when the firm later became Reyna, Johnson & Reed, said former partner Damon Reed, who still practices in Waco”

    This entire mess is so fucking corrupt its almost unfathomable! Will this insanity ever stop?

  22. Road Whore Says:

    We’re not only embarrassed by what we see…we’re outraged!

    Keep up the excellent work, Rebel, and thank you!

    Ride Free

  23. dogbreath Says:

    I’m a cash only guy, but I’ll get someone to figure out how I can use your ‘Donate’ button. And also how to order a set of your books. Can’t be that hard.

    This seems to be the only place to get the news I need, and Rebel seems to be the only one that is dogged in his pursuit of the truth. That is worth whatever support I can send.

    Fuck every cocksucking criminal in the Waco injustice system, i.e., all of them.

  24. CH Says:

    Clint Broden for President!





  25. RLG Says:

    Support Aging Rebel

  26. Sieg Says:

    As noted several times above, this STILL isn’t being covered by the so-called “news” media, in part because it requires a modicum of effort and intelligence to dig past the press-releases blanketing the story by the whaco pd, and I believe to a larger degree, because the “newspeople” can’t afford to piss-off the pigs. If they actually report something that contradicts the lies, then they might have to work to get news on their own, instead of just reading the twaddle shit-out by their buds on the various pd’s and the feds.

    EVERYONE who has a social media account needs to keep these articles in rotation. Share the shit out of them, and keep sharing them. Have every and anyone you know that has fb or any other account keep them up top of their feed.


  27. ak rack Says:

    From ABC news:
    “McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna, among those named in Clendennen’s federal civil rights suit, requested the gag order Tuesday during a hearing in Clendennen’s criminal case. District court judge Matt Johnson, Reyna’s former law partner, granted the order, saying he was acting to prevent pretrial publicity from influencing potential jurors.

    Johnson and Reyna’s onetime partnership extends back until at least 2001, when Johnson joined the Reyna & Reyna law firm, which was owned by Reyna’s father, former McLennan County district attorney and state appeals court judge Felipe Reyna.

    Johnson and Abel Reyna stayed in practice together when the firm later became Reyna, Johnson & Reed, said former partner Damon Reed, who still practices in Waco.

    Johnson left the firm when he was first elected to the bench in 2006.

    According to state campaign records, Reyna and Reed each donated $1,000 to Johnson’s 2006 campaign, the maximum each was allowed to contribute under state law governing judicial campaigns.

    Neither Johnson nor Reyna was available for comment.”

    The more I find out about this clusterfuck, the harder it is to believe . . .

    Thank you, Rebel. I doubt ABC news would give a shit unless guys like you (I don’t know, maybe only you) didn’t keep chipping away at stonewall Waco. I’ve Googled “biker shootout Waco” almost every night since the massacre, and I noticed in the last couple of weeks your website is starting to come up in the first couple of pages . . . I think that means lots of people are reading AG.

  28. ak rack Says:

    all above: +1

  29. xplor Says:

    Did the Bandidos change the meeting place to Waco just to antagonise the Cossacks ? Did the Cossacks rise to the bait? Are there informants within the Bandidos ? That would explain why the police where their. The real winners were the SWAT team. They have practiced the active shooter senerio for years. You can bet the SWAT controler took his own videos for future training.

  30. Base Says:

    Reyna actually pulled the “Not on my watch” line?

    What grand standing media whore!

    At least one truth was admitted, calling the Waco PD a gang!

    WooHoo, Reyna hi 5’s all around jackass!

  31. Nihilist Says:

    Way to go, Rebel, digging your constant attention to this. Nobody else sure as hell is doing one-tenth of your outstanding, honest coverage.

  32. david Says:

    Fact is, Reyna, Stroman, and Swine-ton are arrogant and self-serving tyrants who don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks or says. They have their controlled-boy Petersen dancing to their tune. The three would be self-important public office-holders who THINK they are “official” anything.

    And, who ARE the sitting judges in the Tenth District Appeals Court?

  33. Wolfenlover Says:

    Damn, Rebel! RIGHT ON!
    There are people that still haven’t heard about this BS mess, but I’m trying to correct that!
    I don’t see many people, but the ones I do are getting directed here, by damn!
    I’m glad my speakers are broke on this thing. I couldn’t have handled hearing
    that bastard W.Pat SWINETON but the one time! I figure the W stands for WEASEL,
    as the reason he uses his middle name. At least it fits his pic & personality.
    These corrupt bastards should have penciled in your name on the CON side of this debacle when they were planning it,huh?! Stupid bastards.
    I don’t have much but I’m hittin’ the donate button to help what I can! Hope
    others are able to do likewise
    You a good man Rebel, & it would be a pleasure to meet you. That is gonna
    have to remain on a wish list tho.

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the regulars

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