Another Iron Order Murder

June 30, 2015

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Another Iron Order Murder

According to numerous sources, members of the Reading, Pennyslvania chapter of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club murdered a woman named Tonya M. Focht on June 19. Focht, a student at Alvernia University in Reading, was punched in the face and thrown into the path of an oncoming car as, according to published accounts, “two groups of people were fighting in the parking lot of the” Bar-B-Q Pit on Penn Avenue in Lower Heidelberg Township.

Focht is survived by two children named Bryan D. Focht Jr. and Lillian Shea Davidheiser.

Sources have said that she was punched and thrown as she was trying to defend her longtime fiancé, Mark Groff.  On his Facebook page, Groff states Focht “lost her life…because she was attacked by members of the iron order mc cop club.” He also states, “I held Tonya Marie lying in their (the Bar-B-Q Pit’s) parking lot trying to save her.”

Focht was transported by ambulance to the Reading Hospital and Medical Center where she was pronounced dead.

Under Investigation

A week ago, Berks County District Attorney John T. Adams ruled Focht’s death was an accident. Adams told the Reading Eagle, “No charges will be filed in relation to the accidental death.” Adams told the Eagle the fight “remains under investigation. No charges have yet been filed. The Iron Order Reading chapter president is named Keith “Hammer” Fritz. The General Manager of the Printing and Publishing Division at the Reading Eagle is named Keith Fritz. The Aging Rebel has not been able to confirm that they are the same Keith Fritz.

Groff is himself a former Reading policeman who was accused of using excessive force while making an arrest in 2009. He was hired in 2005 and fired in June 2009 after he was accused of associating with members of the Pagans Motorcycle Club. Groff is a former member of the Leathernecks Motorcycle Club.

The video of Groff below was posted on YouTube by Focht about three months before she died.


175 Responses to “Another Iron Order Murder”

  1. Jeff W Says:

    Looks like thuggery in the Iron Order isn’t limited to the Berks chapter….

  2. alan B'stard MP Says:

    quote “C” ” Cops will rule cops killing someone an ACCIDENT ”

    Cops don’t make the ruling, as you call it

  3. little wayne Says:

    Sounds like pigs fighting ex pigs….still all involved were cops, even groff.

  4. seeker Says:

    Most recent thing I found is from 6/29 when it was changed to under investigation… If you don’t like what ya see here than stay the hell away…

    It’s been awhile since we heard anything from our da John t Adams..whats up with that?

  5. C Says:


    Cops will rule cops killing someone an ACCIDENT…

    The individual who hit her… sure that person didn’t mean too..

    But the POS fake biker cop who threw her into the car to be rode over… yeah that asshole deserves punishment.

  6. Bruce Michael Grant Says:

    It was ruled an accident.

    If you have any information otherwise, then help bring her killer to justice.

    If you don’t then quit spewing baseless bullshit.

  7. Tommy Says:

    I hear you Cap’n Bill my road name is on that list too….oh well

    Hey Rebel you find out anything else about this IO murder?

  8. Cap'n Bill Says:

    @ Tommy
    For the ‘record’, I saw a similar name as mine on the list…I swear it ain’t me, man!!!…(that clown spelled it differently)


  9. ElleElle Says:

    WOW-AS ALWAYS, it takes a real man to put a punch to a woman period but it takes a real PIG to throw her into oncoming traffic because of the fear of being thought poorly of.

    How pathetic, how cowardly, how disgusting, how “convenient” AND HOW do they continue to get away with these things?

  10. Phuquehed Says:

    He’s a pig, of course he’s going to lie and of course he’s going to show his true colors – his cowardice is that huge baby-shit yellow-brown stripe down his back; his lack of integrity or honor is the huge blue stripe down his back next to the cowardice one; and his lack of balls to man up is covered by the piss-yellow stripe down his back next to the other two pussy-identifying stripes down his back.

    Fuck the urine odor gang, cowards one and all.

  11. Wolfenlover Says:

    Just happened to go to the “iomc-The REAL Truth2” page on FB (DON’T have to be a FB member, just Google it) & read that an update says that Sgt. Keith Fritz UOPG chap P is responsible for Tonya’s MURDER,er death.
    Bastard isn’t even on administrative leave. Claims Groff attacked the whole
    group of UO, therefore HE is responsible for her murder. Fuckin’ PIGS!
    FT Urine Odor Poseur Group! I refuse to call the bastards a CLUB!
    Wish Karma on ALL of their slimy asses in very near future!

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  12. The Confederate Celt Says:


    That is one really badass web page for the IOMC! I am impressed. Where do I send my $250 check to join, or can I just use my credit card?

  13. Tommy Says:

    Found Keith Fritz, thanks tracy!

  14. Tommy Says:

    Not sure if anyone has seen this yet but it contains all kinds of information on the iron order including club names and real names, cities throughout the US where chapters are located etc.

  15. Tommy Says:

    Tracy Lehman?

  16. nowitbegins Says:

    Don’t even know this douchebag or his gay buddies…but man…talk about the wide world web. Amazing these guys post where their from pictures of themselves…holy shit…!

  17. nowitbegins Says:


  18. nowitbegins Says:

    And I Quote “Iron Order Is Iron Order. We are a nation..50 States and 14 countries.WE ARE THE GREATEST MC ON THIS FUCKING PLANET.” From a guy named Justin Shiffet Laurel Delaware chapter urine odor mickey mouse club. Is this a fucking joke or am I dreaming.

  19. nowitbegins Says:

    There’s 1 guy Justin Shiffet..apparently from slower Delaware chapter…and on his facebook page says…they are the iron urine Nation and that their the biggest club in the world…and some other stupid bullshit comments that don’t even deserve the time im wasting now.

  20. nowitbegins Says:

    I have to agree with FF. I know people who know these douche bags…it’s a fucking joke…1% wannabees

  21. FF Says:

    The other thing I noticed about these urine odor groupies and mail order wannabes is they never introduce themselves or present themselves as members or associates, its always “I aiht a member BUT-” or “both flubs were wrong blah blah”

    I mean, how big a fucking loser do you have to be when you cant even admit you are in the cult when you are aonymousley defending them on the internet?!

    Its so bizarre and twisted and creepy.

    LMFAO anybody who joins that shit. No integrity or honesty or dignity.

    What a fucking shitshow.


  22. Whitepride Says:

    Very well said Rebel. The Iron Order Poser Club is filled with gutless cowards!

  23. panamaa Says:

    Dear Rebel,
    That outta shut the motherfucker up…

    Thank you..

  24. panamaa Says:

    Dear Rebel,
    That outta shut the motherfucker up…..

    Thank you,

  25. Nihilist Says:

    Not only do their words betray who they are, but is anyone shocked that a fight erupted & evolved when the IO were present? No, because if you act like an asshole, righteous men (and women) will call you on the carpet for being an asshole. I think it speaks volumes of Groff & Focht that they stood up to these power tripping posers. I’m guessing lewd comments toward women, crass language around kids, general posturing for the citizens, homoerotic bromancing etc.

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