The All For One Run

May 30, 2015

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The All For One Run

A Texas Riding Club called the Sons of Liberty RC is sponsoring “a silent, peaceful protest” outside the McLennan County Courthouse in Waco next Sunday at 1:30 p.m.

It will be a remarkably timid protest. The club states, “For reasons we will explain this will be a ‘silent protest.’ Make sure to bring signs.”

The club suggests signs that read: “we are not criminals;” “I’m not a gang member;” “free the innocent;” “we have the right to peaceably assemble;” “patches are freedom of expression;” “leather is not a weapon;” “we want answers;” and “Don’t snipe me bro.”

The Riding Club also warns, “If the sign is attached to a stick make sure it is not too long or pointed. Don’t want to be accused of having a weapon.” Riders in the Dallas-Fort Worth area “will assemble at the Six Flags Mall Parking Lot adjacent to American Motorcycle on Division and 360.”

Swanton Speaks

Waco Police propagandist W. Patrick Swanton has formally endorsed the “protest.”

“Obviously we’re aware of that and have no problem with it,” Swanton said. “We encourage peaceful protest. That’s what America is about. As long as the law is being followed bikers won’t have an issue from police.”

According to KCEN-TV, Swanton also had “some suggestions for the bikers and the citizens of Waco.” According to the station, “Waco police will monitor activities to make sure things stay peaceful and will take action if laws are being broken. As long as laws are not being broken and it stays peaceful bikers won’t have an issue from police.”

Typically, police manufacture specious charges against motorcyclists with “courtesy safety inspections” and by zealously enforcing the letter of every traffic law. Swanton did emphasize that “May is motorcycle safety awareness month.”

Scoundrel’s Last Refuge

Waco police have recently demonstrated their respect for “what America is about” by mass arrests of innocent people and who were then forced to endure the illegal and inhumane conditions of incarceration at the overcrowded McLennan County Jail where innocent people have been denied medical care, been beaten, starved and forced to sleep on concrete floors without blankets. In the last week, Texas police have also stationed snipers on rooftops to intimidate mourners at a memorial service in New Braunfels for “Jesse “Mohawk” Rodriquez and to intimidate attendees at a “Summer Kick Off” event at Longhorn Harley Davidson in Gran Prairie.

The flavor of next week’s protest stands in stark contrast to two other well known biker protests. The 1988 Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally was conceived largely as a “show of force” by 2,500 bikers after the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall was defaced. The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club’s annual Florence Prison Run is deliberately  intended to make enough noise that prisoners inside the Arizona State Prison Complex can hear that they have not been forgotten.

Next week’s protest has a Facebook page here.


138 Responses to “The All For One Run”

  1. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Hose-A 1%er, Thank you Sir, once in a while I get lucky and actually make a non coherent raging rant make some sense.

    Thanks again.

    Viva Los Vagos


  2. The Kraut Says:

    Viking 1%er, your post defining ‘1%er’ should be required reading for any and all wondering what the designation means…I have never before seen it put clearer. Thank you sir.

    Respects to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  3. Hose-A 1%er Says:

    Very well said and respect for keeping it real.Trolls are every where not enough bullets for all of them.I’m not a regular poster,but I’am a regular reader.You seem to be right on point with your comments.Respect to you and the ones who still know what our life style is truly about.
    Hose-a 1%er P.F.F.P F.T.F.

  4. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Sieg & Panhead, Good morning gentlemen & thank you for the kind words. As always I’m humbled when my peers find reverence in my rants.

    Be well & be free.

    Viva Los Vagos


  5. Wolfenlover Says:

    To ALL you FED/detractor of the biker lifestyle, FOESAD X2! You fucks are just
    SAD in the fact you can’t be MEN, but a subliminal fallacy! Ya’ll have consumed
    too much of the Govts. ESTROGEN into your food source to be men. FOESAD

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the regulars

  6. rollinnorth Says:

    Good to see the class of all the regulars around here when responding to the nitwit trolls.


  7. rollinnorth Says:

    Good find, Sieg. Thank you. Seems there is a method to the madness of some of these trolls.

    Thank you, too, Rebel. Keep the light of truth shining through.


  8. Sieg Says:

    This may well have been posted before, or in a different form, but I think it’s a must-read. Too many new posters, which is great…if they’re all legit.

    And meanwhile…


  9. Panhead Says:


    Well said.



  10. John Deaux Says:

    There was a well respected poster that’s riding the blacktop highways in the sky now days. He was known for calling out dumbasses with the term Wanker, in his memory I propose we resurrect that term for the troll.
    With Respect

  11. david Says:

    Agent Randy is practicing Roman “divide and conquer”.
    He is a total distraction from Rebels “All For One Run” article, and the united run itself, among a bunch of other things. He may, or may not, mean anything he writes. As the “retired” federal pig he himself admits, if he is truly retired, he’s sure working for that pension pay.

  12. Sieg Says:

    AVAGOVFFV, respect, Sir.

    FTF / FTP

  13. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Randy in Pensacola, I’ll try to reply politely but I think by the time I complete my response to your post I’m confident your ego and sensitivities will be revealed.

    You posted the following.

    “How many bikers have gotten in confrontations with a local 1% club for flying their own flag without “permission” And that’s why I don’t “Support Your Local (Insert MC)” and take exception to anyone encouraging same.”

    Randy, Many have run into complications because there is a long-standing MC history and culture that unlike any other is to be preserved and respected to ensure its lasting legacy. So any new group wanting to create a patch, open a new chapter / charter of an MC needs to follow the proper protocol, period.

    These “alternative” clubs (Thanks Rebel.) will continue to be challenged and held accountable if they decide to go forward without following protocol and yes there are those still committed to doing their time on the yard to ensure things go that way. It was no different when my Nation was started and it’s no damn different now. But I will tell you what has changed Randy back then and up to around 1990 when new Clubs had disagreements with an established Club people did not run to the pigs they held their mud took their ass whooping and moved on to become a recognized MC or faded away.

    I have additional feedback for this part of your post also Randy.

    “But that’s not how they want to play it. Because, although they talk a good game, they really don’t believe in freedom for motorcyclist, or really anyone other than themselves. Let’s call it out for what is … Thuggish/bully behavior. People are starting to stand up to that nowadays though, and those times are coming to an end. A peaceful end or a bloody end … your choice 1%’ers.”

    My thoughts? I am free no matter how repressive your kind attempts to get everyone to submit to your system and moo and graze. I will die defending my lifestyle that I share with many great people even those on different teams. As for the thuggish / bully behavior? I have never in my life bullied anyone. I tell my son almost daily that we do not like bullies and we defend the weak, so fuck off Randy.

    Now for the people standing up? Let them stand up. I like peace unless provoked. Bloody? Now Randy which do you think I will choose based off the response I have given above? Huh? Your rose-colored pig glasses just lower them down the bridge of your nose a bit and look you’ll figure it out. Hopefully you get the picture but since your deep conditioning from the feds has more than ruined any rational thought process you once may have had I doubt anything I have written will mean squat.

    Randy, Oh and don’t forget to support your local 1%’er MC.

    Viva Los Vagos


  14. FF Says:


    LOL, thanks, good story and I needed a laugh.

    @Sieg, Paladin, PJ…

    Cut one, we all bleed.

    Nuff said.


  15. Viking 1%er Says:

    Ya know Sandy in regards to your statement that times are a changing I couldn’t agree with you more. Just look at all the videos of the class bullies all growed up abusing the citizens they THINK their badge gives them the right to do. The elderly being shot and killed buy cops and the video leaks, a barber walking to work records a cop shooting an unarmed black guy IN THE BACK five times as he is running AWAY, SWAT storm troopers getting the wrong house and murdering an occupant of said wrong house or throwing a grenade in a babies crib and they guy they were looking for WASNT EVEN THERE!!! The list goes on and on and on and it’s just getting longer. Yeah the days of the bully and wannabe tough guys with their tin balls pinned to their chest are numbered that’s a fact because people are getting fed up. He’ll even former prosecutors and law professors are starting to say that the shit in WACO stink to high heaven.
    To your statement that its the day of the 1%er that is seeing the sun set. You obviously don’t know shit from shineola. I made a post here sometime back explaining how I see the definition of a 1%er and I will try to briefly say it here again. Personally I hope it’s lost on you as I would rather you get your education one on one sometime somewhere without your bang bang and the storm troopers and their M-4s behind you. Since the beginning of time there has been 1%ers you can pick them out of a kindergarten class if ya know what one really is. They are the ones refusing to conform to the mold they are being forced into, they question and resist the rules that make no sense, they are the ones you will see taking more risks and say climbing higher on that sky high jungle gym on the play ground (atleast sky high to them) and then scrambling right back up there after they fall and get hurt. Through history the 1%ers were the trail blazers the ones that were always comfortable taking point. There has always been and there always will be 1%ers you can take the patches off them (and I assure you there are shitload more 1%ers that don’t even wear a patch than your little malformed brain can imagine) and they will still be 1%ers since that’s not what made them what they are. All removing the patches will do is make it harder for the ignorant (which you are surely a card carrying member) to spot them until they are in your face. My rant is done and I will leave ya with this to ponder. There are 1%ers that wear patches on their backs, that are slickbacks, that ride bikes, that’s have NEVER ridden a bike. What you should know is EVERYONE is getting fed up with YOUR TYPES BULLSHIT!!!!!
    My apologies to the regulars here for this rambling rant and to the ones that think like Sandy FUCK YOU I don’t give a fuck what you think never have and never will!!!!!!

    Respect to those that earned it

  16. lovespentons Says:

    Ol Lady Rider, you gave me wise advice here when I went after *Randy from wherever” for being what you could say was suspect, so I backed off..

    The guy or gal is a pro LE plant

  17. The Kraut Says:

    Right the fuck on Base!

    The self righteous also lack a personal relationship with the truth.

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  18. Base Says:

    Rationality is the quality or state of being reasonable.

    The self righteous are never reasonable!

    They fail to grasp that their own cognitive bias or perceptual distortion and or inaccurate judgment leads one to illogical interpretation, or irrationality.

    Engaging such a individual is a complete waste of time.

  19. CH Says:

    @ Sieg ..
    sorry..didn’t know…… gaylord = brit term……I’ll substitute it with “POOFTER” ( was avoiding the fag term..didn’t want anyone mistaking “WANDY” as a friggin cigarette….)

    @ Phuquehed…..not a problem..I’m non-denominational. Praise be the enlightened.

    Jail the murdering wacko pigs!


  20. Paladin Says:

    Randy in Pensacola Said:
    June 10, 2015 at 4:30 am

    “@ ‘ShovelHead’ … see, the thing is, I and many others are not part of your so-called “society” (1% society) …”

    So, based on your quote; why do you keep posting on this blog? Yes, I understand that this is a public forum and all that, but most emotionally balanced people tend to avoid returning to places where they’re not wanted.

    You, yourself state that you’re not part of this “society”. It’s blatantly obvious that you have no friends here. It is also blatantly obvious that you and your opinions are not respected here. This “society” and those that inhabit it must fascinate you to the point that you’ll tolerate and accept any amount of ridicule, and insult, just to be a part of it.

    I won’t speak for others, but I would really appreciate it if you’d go elsewhere in search of some like minded friends to converse with. I don’t think you’ll find them here.


  21. Enlightened One Says:

    SIZ once posted about bloggers to be wary of and the tactics they are taught to employ. To know thine enemy… There are a lot of new commenters here. I myself am no long time regular commenter… However, I do read and see… There are several tactics being used here. Click on some old stories with those links posted. Interesting reads now-a-days.

    Thanks Rebel, as always, for doing what you do so well.

  22. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Obtuse AND condescending. Such a captivating combination.

    Folks, Randy doesn’t get it and doesn’t WANT to get it. What’s the easiest way to feel better when you can’t be the man you really want to be? Denigrate the men who ARE.

  23. Sieg Says:

    CH, just so ya know, the Gaylords are one of the oldest White Chicago orgs, still call it for the Whites in a lot of Illinois pens. Hate to see their name muddied-up by association with the fedbacon.



  24. John Deaux Says:

    You mean absolutely nothing to me so take your exception and shove it up your ass for all I care.
    Support Your Local Bandidos

  25. Phuquehed Says:

    RiP is the epitome of ‘Stupid should hurt’. Thanks for trying to play the game, RiP. You blather and babble just to hear yourself. You waste good air. Please, get a job as a tester of the warning labels on plastic bags.

    @CH – I’m an atheist heretic jew, but I believe I could get into that prayer and join you in asking for it to happen!

  26. Anonymouse Says:

    Randy, you’re being purposely obtuse.

  27. CH Says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmm……… wonder what chapter of the urine odor miss randy belongs to?

    likely the south beach leather boyz chapter I’d guess.


    PS—- and dear lord, please find it in your heart to help miss randy come out of the closet and be a happy little gaylord. meet another like himself in a road side rest area toilet and stay off message boards and blogs boring folks with all his pure pig shite.


  28. Randy in Pensacola Says:

    @ “Anonymouse’ … your flag analogy is flawed.

    Let’s see if we can correct it, shall we … what’s the offense if someone is walking down the street carrying a flag of their own design without having gotten the permission of the U.S. Government to carry it.

    See … the COCI wants to say who can/can’t form their own club & fly their own flag … and the 1% are the enforcers for the COCI’s (if not outright controlling them in some places) How many prospective clubs have been denied to fly their patch by the COCI for no good reason other than they refused to wear a support patch? I know there’s been a few here in FL. How many bikers have gotten in confrontations with a local 1% club for flying their own flag without “permission” And that’s why I don’t “Support Your Local Bandidos” and take exception to anyone encouraging same.

    I don’t care what people do within the confines of their own club, what kind of rules they want to have & enforce on their own membership, who they want to allow membership to … but so long as someone’s not wearing their patch or one so closely resembling it could be easily confused it’s really none of their business.

    But that’s not how they want to play it. Because, although they talk a good game, they really don’t believe in freedom for motorcyclists, or really anyone other than themselves. Let’s call it out for what is … Thuggish/bully behavior. People are starting to stand up to that nowadays though, and those times are coming to an end. A peaceful end or a bloody end … your choice 1%’ers.

    (note: my comments re: this subject are in no way reflective of my opinon/ concerns how things went down at Waco and the aftermath. I share some of the same concerns some others on here have … and I have a few insights others may not have, just as others have some unique insights I may not have.)

  29. John Deaux Says:

    I planned to just step back some due to my feelings that maybe I was too close to the subject but as I read the comments I feel a need to speak up.
    I’ve read your comments and responses to others. You’ve gone on for days about what JIM added to a post, personally believe your just here to bait for attention and no matter what anyone posts you’ll continue babbling.
    To everyone else who questions the support
    Many years ago I was going thru a divorce and took a road trip to clear my head some, several hundred miles from home my bike began acting up, sputtering, surging and losing power putting me one the side of the road. As I tinkered away in 98° heat here comes to po lice, they ran me thru their system, harassed me and were in no uncertain terms assholes. They let me there when they were done, drove off without any offer of help. K no problem, I was happy with them gone, back to tinkering. She’d start but die, sometime later there’s the unmistakable rumble of v-twins coming fast. I was spotted by the riders and a couple turned around to check on me, now this was long before cell phones or harley stickers on every other truck. After a short look see a pickup truck shows up, the bike is carried to a garage where we finally found the venting problem. I was fed, shared beers with and housed for the night, no one accepted any money for the help, just a handshake and a thank you. Those guys wore a patch, a Red & Gold patch, the same Red & Gold patch this series of articles are about.
    I’ve been blessed meeting many more such men thru my life from many other clubs as well.
    This is my tale, I know everyone’s experiences are different, many people have agendas, some are just plain stupid. To the agenda and stupid ones, the world must be a sad place for you.
    I’m a proud supporter, if you’re not then move on.
    To the regulars I apologize for using so much space addressing this troll.
    Support Your Local Bandidos

  30. Anonymouse Says:

    Don’t make me regret jumping into this fray. I would like to try to explain in terms you might understand.

    First, a little background: I’m a 52 year old woman who has been around motorcycles and motorcycle culture all my life. My husband is a little older and has been around, and far deeper in, the same culture all his life. Grandparents… Taxpayers… Citizens… A lot like the people under arrest in Waco. Not 1%ers, but around the life (to a much greater degree in younger, crazier years) as being involved with motorcycles just bring you into contact with all types over the years. (Side note : I think this is the only thing of Paladin’s I’ve read that I disagree with… As members of one club or another in District 37 all our lives we run across all types).

    Anyway, I try to explain the patch/club/rocker/respect thing to people who don’t understand (and think the way you do) like this:

    It’s a lot like flag etiquette. If a twenty-something punk was walking down the street dragging an American flag on the ground it would create a strong reaction in most of us. Depending on our temperament we’d attempt to educate the individual. If the punk’s reaction was apologetic, he indicated he had no idea, and he started showing the proper respect, there would be no problem. If his reaction was “Fuck you. It’s a free country and I do what I want. I don’t give a shit about your accepted (made up) etiquette and I’ll stomp on this fucker if I want” the response (again, depending on the temperament of the educator) could get interesting.

    It’s really that simple. It may seem silly to you, but it means a lot to others. What’s the big deal? Why not just be respectful of accepted protocols and go about your business and live your life? Why is this a battle you want to fight?

  31. rollinnorth Says:

    This Agent Randy sure sounds a lot like that retired troll who lived on Cape Cod. Just another nitwit trying the stir it up.

    I will not feed the trolls, I will not feed the trolls, I will not feed the trolls…


  32. Shovelhead Says:

    See, the thing is Randy, you don’t decide what’s right and wrong and our way of life is not going away. You Pigs have been trying to destroy us for decades, why? because we give you no respect, that’s the bottom line.
    It’s not because we are all criminals, or thugs. It’s because we actually know what freedom is, people like you will never be free, you have to fit in and kiss the ass of authority. That’s your choice, so be cool with it, don’t hate 1%ers because you don’t have the balls to be a real Man.
    If the day ever comes when you Pigs actually do your job, treat your fellow Americans like equals, protect us from a more aggressive, totalitarian Federal Government and be a true American. Then maybe you’ll get the respect you all want. Until then, I’m just glad everyone has cameras now and can see who you Pigs really are. You assholes have been getting away with murders, Rapes, larceny and the list goes on, for years, but no one had camera phones to catch you. I’ll bet more little kids want to be Bikers than Cops when they grow up.

  33. Randy in Pensacola Says:

    @ ‘ABikerWithAnOpinion’ …. +1 on your last post. Time this nonsense was called out for what it is, nonsense … & why I take issue with the idea of “Support Your Local 1% Club.”

    @ ‘ShovelHead’ … see, the thing is, I and many others are not part of your so-called “society” (1% society) … so if you wanna have rules for yourselves, that’s fine, enforce & beat the crap out of each other all ya want … you wanna try & impose them on others that’s wrong (& those days are ending.)

    @ ‘OleLadyBiker’ said: “kool-aid fueld, cult-minded, apples-to-oranges, and nonsensically-argued divel”? Sorry, but I had to LMFAO at the hypocrisy of that. Did that phrase come to you while looking in a 1% mirror? Free your mind, Lady.

  34. Ol'LadyRider Says:


    Yes, I’ve read it, and I recognize that kool-aid fueled, cult-minded, apples-to-oranges, and nonsensically-argued drivel. I may not know who the author is, but I damn sure know who brainwashed the poor soul.

    No, that wasn’t the question, but I’ll not repeat it as you’ve already given proof of the answer.

    I’m done sharing “polite conversation” with you.

  35. Shovelhead Says:

    Ignorant people like to mouth off about how Bikers are all about Freedom but have all these rules.
    Well, every society has to have some rules, otherwise it’s not a society is it? No one is force to live in this world.
    There’re rules in the 1%er world that are not understood by main street….good, because it’s none of your business.
    If you want to understand, then join our world and see why these rules exist.
    Giving your opinion about a culture you’ve never lived or understand is kind of foolish. Sure you can give your opinion, but does it matter or hold any weight? No!

  36. Paladin Says:


    There are many clubs that aren’t members of a CoC. Neither of the two clubs that are allegedly involved in the Waco tragedy were or are members of the local CoC.

    I don’t know what you have or haven’t seen with your own eyes, but when you have the time, you might consider making an appointment with an Optometrist.


  37. ABikerWithAnOpinion Says:

    To Sieg,

    You said….

    “Yeah, if your patch is turned-down, no matter the reason, you can fly it, and you may have it removed. So what? There is an existing club for almost every interest, skill, and commitment level in the motorcycling community. When a new club is formed, and it follows protocol, doesn’t try to use someone elses name, designs, or colors, then it’s all good.”

    You can say that all you want, but I’ve attended plenty of COC meetings and seen with my own eyes clubs shot down who did follow the protocols and who’s colors were nothing like any other club’s colors. In fact, I’ve watch while a new club like I just described was given the choice at a COC meeting of either flying a support patch for a 1%er club or hang their shit up.

    I understand and agree with the protocols and traditions of our lifestyle. But I’m also not one to bury my head in the sand and ignore the truth. And the truth is the MC world is run by the 1%er clubs. They have final say in who can and cannot be a club. And while I agree that no club should have to tolerate another club trying to copy their colors or patches, I also believe as long as a group of guys does things right, follows the protocols and shows respect to other clubs, then that respect they gave should be given back to them by letting them be free to do their own thing as long as it does not interfere with anyone else.

  38. Randy in Pensacola Says:

    @ ‘OlLadyRider’ … re: your “question” as to why bother to comment here. (that was your question, wasn’t it?)

    Well the answer is simple … because this is an open comments section on a public website/blog & I have an opinion about the subject matter. Someone wants to put a tagline that says “Support Your Local 1% Club”? Well, I can comment on that just as if someone else could comment if I put a tagline that said “Support Your Local ATF Field Office” If the owner/moderator wants to limit the comments to only certain posters whose opinions march in lockstep with each other, he/she can easily do that … and that would be his/her right.

    Of course I understand some people are only interested in hearing preaching-to-the-choir opinions that mirror those they have been socialized/preconditioned to believe and take great exception to anything that challenges their world-view. My suggestion to them would be “Free Your Mind & Think For Yourself” …. that’s apparently not a popular sentiment in the 1% community what with all their internal rules & BS fake “traditions/protocols” some of them insist on trying to impose by violence upon others not affiliated with their clubs. That goes for quite a few in the LE community also. They are more alike in many ways than one might think. I just roll my eyes sometimes at some people who claim to be all about freedom …. freedom from BS societal rules & authority, freedom to speak one’s mind, freedom to “and it harm none, do what you will” …. but in reality, well, they really don’t believe that so much it seems. At least not where the rubber meets the road. It’s mostly a lot of hot air.

    (btw – did you read the link I posted?)

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