Waco’s Little Big Man

May 25, 2015

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Waco's Little Big Man

About 20 seconds into Arthur Penn’s 1970 film Little Big Man, 121-year-old Jack Crabb announces, “I am the sole white survivor of the Battle of the Little Big Horn popularly known as Custer’s Last Stand.” Last Saturday, about 12 hours into a long holiday weekend, the Washington Post, a paper known mostly for it’s insightful political gossip and one of America’s half dozen newspapers of record, published a solitary first person account of another massacre – the one in the Twin Peaks restaurant parking lot in Waco on May 17 that resulted in nine deaths, 27 injuries, 17 hospitalizations and something like 178 arrests.

The survivor, unnamed but identified as “president of a North Texas chapter” of the Cossacks “motorcycle gang,” told the Post that about 100 Bandidos materialized at a Texas Region Confederation of Clubs and Independents meeting and immediately lost their minds. The Cossack, the Post explained, “is a rare eye-witness speaking publicly about the Waco massacre.”


The Cossack’s account is plausible and there is a precedent for the tragedy. On September 30, 2012 five Warbird Warlocks (who are a preeminent club in Florida) rode into the Winter Springs, Florida staging area for a charity poker run sponsored by the Harpy Warlocks. The Harpy Warlocks were affiliated with a club that has roots in Philadelphia and included several members who had been expelled from the Warbird Warlocks and one member who had previously shot a Warbird Warlock. The Harpy Warlocks seem to have been convinced that the five Warbird Warlocks were a scout party for a much larger, hostile pack and when the five rode into the staging area the Harpy Warlocks lit them up. Three men died almost immediately and two, who shot back, were wounded but survived. The Harpy Warlocks acted, they later claimed to a man, in self defense. Four men were charged with murder. A jury convicted two of them and found two of them not guilty.

The Florida case was bizarre beyond the general public’s understanding but it was not incomprehensible to people who have some rudimentary knowledge of the motorcycle club world. The Waco massacre is much more difficult for anyone to understand without relying on the sort of stale biker clichés Hunter Thompson tried, and failed, to dispel a half century ago. That is one problem with the Post’s story. Tim Madigan and Kevin Sullivan, the feature story’s main authors are naïve.


The unnamed Cossack’s account is layered with and given the same credibility as ludicrous statements made by Waco police spokesman W. Patrick Swanton. The Post also has discovered the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives report, “OMGs and the Military 2014,” which was published last July 1 and first reported here last July 11. The Bandidos are mentioned 26 times in the report. The Cossacks are not mentioned once. The Iron Order, the “law abiding motorcycle club” is mentioned eight times. The Post uses the ATF report to substantiate a claim by the Waco police that “the Bandidos, the most notorious biker gang in Texas,” are arming themselves “with grenades and C4 explosives.” Not some Bandidos but “the Bandidos.”

The Post’s story raises at least as many questions as it answers.

For example, the Post states that two large packs of outlaw bikers travelled to Waco. The Post says there were 70 Cossacks and 100 Bandidos but it neglects to mention how many Texas Highway Patrol cruisers and how many Texas Department of Public Safety helicopters followed the packs. Anyone who has ever ridden in a large pack probably has the same question. Where were the helicopters? Where were the police who followed the big packs into the Central Texas Market Place shopping center?

According to the Post, the Bandidos made a disturbance at and shot up their own event. Whether the Bandidos is the preeminent club in Texas or not, the club thinks it is. The COCI meeting had at least the tacit approval of the Bandidos and most one percenter motorcycle clubs in the world, when placed in a similar situation, would assume responsibility for keeping the event violence free.

According to the Post: “A Bandido with a patch identifying him as sergeant-at-arms of the same chapter threw a punch at Richard Matthew Jordan II, 31, known as ‘Richie,’ who was from Pasadena, Tex. Jordan punched the guy back. ‘“At that point in time, the sergeant in arms shot Richie point-blank,’ the Cossack said.”

Really? In front of at least 22 sworn peace officers? In broad daylight? In a location that was obviously well-surveilled by video cameras?

“Then all the Bandidos standing in the parking lot started pulling guns and shooting at us,” the Cossack chapter president told the Post. Really? Without a thought to what their legal defense would be? In broad daylight in front of numerous police?

The anonymous Cossack told the Post, “Three of our guys went down instantly. They caught a couple more that tripped and fell, and Bandidos were shooting at them.” In other words, the police stood and watched as Bandidos executed five Cossacks? Does that pass the smell test?


Presumably, the Post verified that its anonymous source was actually a Cossack club officer and an eyewitness. But it is unclear how he escaped and it is equally unclear how and why he started talking to a freelance writer named Tim Madigan.

The Post’s story reads like a federal racketeering indictment so the biggest question of all is whether the source is working for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Has he been debriefed by the ATF? Is he under arrest now? Is he working for the government now? Was he working for the government eight days ago? Why is this man talking?

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120 Responses to “Waco’s Little Big Man”

  1. Wolfenlover Says:

    CH “Common sense is so rare, it’s sort of like a super-power these days.”

    I just got the chance to record Little Big Man the other day. Haven’t had the
    chance to re-watch it yet. Been at least 30 yrs.
    Dr. Sardonicus, I applaud you for getting your Grandson to learn lines from
    the GOOD stuff from Hollyweird & not the garbage they do these days. Best of luck on his quest!

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the regulars

  2. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    “Still trying to outsmart me aren’t you Muleskinner… You want me to think that you don’t want me to go down there when the subtle truth is you really DON’T want me to go down there!”

    -Gen. George Armstrong Custer

    First script lines I made my grandson learn when he was 7 years old. He is now 9 with natural aspirations for the theater and acting. He now can do nearly all of Dustin Hoffman’s lines in the movie.

    Next year we’re doing Apocalypse Now.

  3. Phuquehed Says:

    @popeye – Good catch on those links!! Thanks! I’ve put a link to the petition on my site also.

    Everyone should hilite the link, right-click on it and choose ‘copy’, and then every place you go to read about this Waco shit, in the comments section right-click in the comment box and pick ‘paste’ and that way the petition will get out to a hell of a lot more people.

  4. popeye Says:


  5. popeye Says:


    From Stephen Stubbs (bowtie)

  6. brainfart Says:

    “[America is] a rebellious nation. Our whole history is treason; our blood was attained before we were born; our creeds were infidelity to the mother church; our constitution treason to our fatherland.””

    Theodore Parker

    “Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to God.”

    Benjamin Franklin

  7. Rebel Says:

    Dear PeachParts,

    “The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” I like that. Sometimes I like to start my mornings with a little Albert Camus.


  8. Rebel Says:

    Dear Comanche,

    No information on the caliber of the bullets has been released.

    The AP saw one surveillance tape but that has not been released.

    You are right. This all stinks. Now the police are saying nothing.


  9. Demon.xxx Says:

    @CH, you make a hell of a point, if clubs are not out for trouble, they have the AMA option and nobody gives a damm. Then again, my conclusion is this is nothing but a cop and snitch club not only out for trouble but looking to steal motorcycles, (a hanging offense in my book), and ruin bikers financially with legal bills, break up families, put good Americans in jail, and a bunch of of other commie mama boy bullshit.

  10. Demon.xxx Says:

    @ MEH, yea, like they don’t actually exist, are a undercover cop payed to play.

    How much money did cops spend on their media event prior to having it? Did these poor bastards actually get shot and killed or is that as fake as their MC? Not including the one purple heart non club guy that seemed like a real guy.

    Where are the videos of hundreds of “cossacks” mounted up out to bury their brothers? They are a major MC in Texas? I never even heard of these guys before the internet. Seems all scripted? a MC since 1969, a supposed patchover by outside rival club?

    This is the shit that happens when you pay cops and government agents millions of dollars to play “sons of anarchy” with real guns in the real world.

  11. Demon.xxx Says:

    @ JJ, thanx

    @ Phuquehed, you said it, did you see where they agreed to cancel their supposed “Run” out past mineral wells somewhere because the police asked them to?

  12. CH Says:

    What ever happened to the old tried and true —-Standard operating procedure for starting a “motorcycle enthusiasts” or “mom & pop” club? Really simple, what you did was, you paid your AMA dues and chartered your club as an AMA club.
    That AMA patch told everyone you were just out having AMA sanctioned fun and events and were a ZERO THREAT to anyone.
    And back in the day if you were so clueless that you didn’t do that, well… you were usually “politely asked” to wear that AMA patch or take your club colors off.
    Seen it happen a few times and no issues. Usually the club went AMA. Sometimes they folded as a patch wearing club and just road bare back. OR……they got accepted as a non-AMA club “the right way. EARNED.
    But I’m just another old guy I reckon, still wondering what the hell happened to good old fashioned ideas, honor, balls & something called common sense.

    I wish all the families involved the best, as they work through this insane circumstance they were thrown into by the greedy, lying, evil & fascist pigs this country has geared up to prey upon its citizens.

  13. Meh Says:

    Posted by Demon.xxx:
    “Biker world is a small planet, if nobody knows these guys, that says much.”

    Can’t be but so many chapters so how can a chapter prez be “anonymous” for long unless his expectation of anonymity is based on more than a reporter protecting sources?

  14. popeye Says:

    That would make a real nice t shirt.

  15. Phuquehed Says:

    Like I said, and even moreso now after reading that link CH put up, they’re rat fucks and cop-calling pussies. That pres ratting and telling a town council shit that they didn’t need to hear is proof enough. Just another urine odor, patch-buying bunch of trouble-making fucks.

  16. Comanche 1%er,MONGOLS M/C SOUTHSIDE N.Y. Says:

    Reb, I have a few questions and maybe you can answer, As the autopsy report revealed what Bullets shooting Of the club members at the Twin Peaks massacre? When I’m getting at is ,was the bullets Sniper rifles? Also, What was the death toll from each club, How many stabbed members were shot also? And Lastly ,has any surveillance tapes been reported and or released summit within the premises of the Twin Peaks restaurant? I am trying to wrap my mind around all the weird shit that supposedly went down on that day. I understand that in the heat of the moment people have a tendency of put on caution to the wind, I also understand that but knowing that the police and SWAT teams are parked in the parking lot.solidarity and brotherhood will cause a reasonable man to act irrational when one or more of his brothers are being put in harm’s way. but knowing that you’r e being filmed on surveillance equipment and that police departments and SWAT teams camping right outside the doorsteams are camping in the parking lot just waiting for someone to spit on the sidewalk or Jay walk so did they have a reason to pounce and earn some overtime join doing what they love to do most makes what happened seem like collective kamikaze shit. I know that in real life strange shit happens, and from my expensive. Behind boys I understand that people do some dumb shit. despite the popular consensus in we are all mindless violent barbarians on two wheels, there is so much about this incident that stinks. and I guess I’m trying to figure out if they’re going to get away with this shit.

  17. jj solari Says:

    dear demon.xxx; whoa. impressive, dude. impressive!

  18. 8 Ball Brian Says:

    I’ve spoken to a few current and former military, and law enforcement about Waco. They all agree something just ins’t kosher.

  19. Demon.xxx Says:

    CH, if these guys do not want to be “Outlaw” “Diamond” “1%” clubs, iron order, cossaks, and such, why don’t they just wear a one piece patch and be left alone?

    Oh yea, I forgot, these persons want to put on three piece patches, act like bad asses, start fights, wars, then call the cops. But why is that? Because they are the cops? are working with cops? are working for cops? and ultimately getting murdered by the cops, why? Did all these cossacks, 8 persons really die? Do other bikers know the dead? Biker world is a small planet, if nobody knows these guys, that says much. How about all the photos of cossaks under arrest using their phones? Why were there no pictures of other MC arrested with kid gloves? Why were cossacks turned loose if they came there looking for a fight and supposedly pulled guns on cops? Why were cossacks there early? I do not know any biker that shows up early to a coc or abate meeting. Seems to me, all answers point to cops.

    Cops and cossacks were there first, there does not seem to be any reliable witnesses? Can anyone find out where all these new cossacks cuts came from? Who made them? Who ordered them? I wouldn’t be surprised if waco pd had a couple hundred made and passed them out for their media event.

  20. Celt Says:

    Not wanting to play the paranoid as fuck card, but has anyone pondered if this is part of Jade Helm? This looks like a straight by the the book psyop destabilization op.

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