The Waco Police Massacre

May 18, 2015

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The Waco Police Massacre

This story was published on May 17 and corrected on May 18 when the president of the Sons of the South Motorcycle Club protested that no members of his club attened the COCI meeting. The story was revised again on June 6 when The Associated Press reported an eyewitness account of the Waco Massacre from a member of the Sons of the South MC. The Aging Rebel regrets the confusion.

A shoving match in a bathroom at a Confederation of Clubs meeting in Waco, Texas exploded into a war yesterday. Nine people were killed, 27 people were injured, 17 were hospitalized, two are listed in critical condition, and 160 men were arrested following a brawl at a chain restaurant in a shopping center on the South Jack Kultgen Espressway.

The fight resulted from a long simmering dispute between members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club and the Cossacks and the Scimitars Motorcycle Clubs. Curtis Jack Lewis, president of the Abilene chapter of the Bandidos, and Wesley Dale Mason, the chapters’ sergeant at arms, were accused of stabbing two Cossacks outside Logan’s Roadhouse in Abilene in November 2013. The two Bandidos were charged with aggravated assault in March 2014. The Scimitars are in the process of patching over to the Cossacks.

Other clubs in attendance at the Sunday brunch included the Sons of the South MC, Blackett Arms MC, Gypsy MC, HonorBound Motorcycle Ministry, Renatus MC, Escondidos MC, Los Pirados MC, Leathernecks MC, Vietnam Vets/Legacy Vets MC, In Country MC and the Tornado Motorcycle Club.

All of the arrestees are being charged under Title 11, Section 71.02, a draconian Texas law titled “Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity.” According to that law, “A person commits an offense if, with the intent to establish, maintain, or participate in a combination or in the profits of a combination or as a member of a criminal street gang, the person commits or conspires to commit one or more of” most of the acts that are illegal in Texas: Including possession of small amounts of marijuana, transporting a firearm, and possession of banned weapons like brass knuckles and butterfly knives. Police seized about a hundred weapons at the crime scene

Sergeant Patrick Swanton, a spokesman for the Waco Police Department, called the attendees. “A bunch of criminal element biker members that came to Waco and tried to instill violence into our community and unfortunately did just that…. This is not a bunch of doctors and dentists and lawyers riding Harleys. These are criminals on Harley-Davidsons.”

The Restaurant Did It

The Texas Region One COC and Independents meeting was scheduled to begin at one p.m. The fight began about 12:15. Local police had urged the restaurant, a Hooters knock-off called Twin Peaks, to refuse service to bikers. Waco police claim the violence could have prevented if Jay Patel, the operating partner at the independently owned Waco franchise, had simply banned the Confederation of Clubs from meeting there. In a statement Sunday, Patel said “our management team had had ongoing and positive communications with the police.”

Sergeant Swanton said, “What occurred here today is the worst-case scenario when a business owner puts profit over human lives. It’s sad. This could have all been avoided.”

The restaurant has been sponsoring a bike night on Thursdays. Local police have been trying to convince the management to stop that, too. It is legal in Texas, as it is in most states, to ban the display of motorcycle club patches in public establishments. “They were aware that there were issues here,” Swanton said. “It was local management here. We told them of the issues, we tried to get assistance in reference to dealing with these crowds but they would not cooperate.”

Today, Front Burner Restaurants, which owns the Twin Peaks chain, announced it was cancelling the Waco restaurant’s franchise agreement.

“We are in the people business and the safety of the employees and guests in our restaurants is priority one,” the announcement said.

“Unfortunately the management team of the franchised restaurant in Waco chose to ignore the warnings and advice from both the police and our company, and did not uphold the high security standards we have in place to ensure everyone is safe at our restaurants.

“We will not tolerate the actions of this relatively new franchisee and are revoking their franchise agreement immediately. Our sympathies continue to be with the families of those who died and are very thankful no employees, guests, police officers or bystanders were hurt or injured.”

Swanton said, “That’s a good thing for law enforcement here. That is one issue that we don’t have to worry about – people coming in and creating another incident after the tragic incident we had last night.”


When the restaurant refused to ban the Confederation of Clubs, police stationed at least 22 cops including ten Swat officers from the Waco P.D. and the Texas Department of Public Safety in the parking lot outside the restaurant. They did not station either uniformed or plain clothes officers in the restaurant.

The shove in the bathroom became a scuffle in the restaurant. When about 30 Bandidos, Cossacks, Scimitars and other bikers spilled into the parking between the Twin peaks and the Don Carlos Mexican restaurant next door, the police were waiting for them. The scuffle became a knife fight and several men were stabbed. When one of the combatants produced a gun the Swat team opened fire with automatic weapons. Multiple sources have told The Aging Rebel that all of the dead were killed by police.

Swanton said the fusillade “saved lives in keeping this from spilling into a very busy Sunday morning. Thank goodness the officers were here and took the action that they needed to take to save numerous lives.”

The investigation into the massacre is being supervised by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Since the massacre, police have announced that there is “credible information about threats toward law enforcement.” Waco police issued a bulletin at 10:13 Sunday night that announced: “Our agency has recieved (sic) information that the Cosaks (sic) and Banditos (sic) have issued an order to kill anyone in uniform.”


324 Responses to “The Waco Police Massacre”

  1. Rebel Says:

    Dear Mario Ca.,

    You’re an idiot. Read the book next week. You might learn something.


  2. Mario Ca. Says:

    Great job police officers. Hey why all the crying from fellow bikers. If you want to be an “Outlaw” meaning against the law/authority then you deserve to be shot like the dog you are. Even with law enforcement present the fight and weapons were drawn. The police did their job and no “bystanders” were hurt. If this was a Crips and Bloods massacre it would be a “thank god the cops were there”. There is no need to ride around on a motorcycle like a wanna be Billy Bad Ass because you have 30 other queens behind you ready to intimidate others as well. Take off the cut and what are you? NOTHING!!!! (Rider for 20+ years all Harley Davidson)

  3. Mike Smith Says:

    There is a short story out on Amazon! It reads great. The paperback is due out on Monday.

  4. Lil Jughead. Says:

    I just like to say that we are not getting the full story here. Bikers always look like that bad guys. Most of these men are patriots. After all look at Holister Ca.

  5. recycledbiker Says:

    I found this this morning, same charges, supposedly internal, the day before. Where did the cops get their info?

  6. XYZ Says:


    Read the links below concerning probable cause affidavit:

  7. Bob meadows Says:

    Protest video please share it!
    Title : Waco River of Blood !
    Check out

  8. Hoosier Roadie Says:

    In most states, officers who make a warrantless arrest must submit an affidavit of probable cause to establish that there was probable cause for the arrest in order to justify the continued detention of the defendant. Have there been any affidavits filed in any of these cases to establish probable cause for the arrests and continued detention? Generally the defendant would be entitled to see the affidavit of probable cause at or near the time of their initial appearance. Has anyone seen any of the police reports? Are these available online somewhere? I would love to see how the LEO’s have established independent probable cause for each of the 170+ defendants.

  9. Wolfenlover Says:

    The Great Kazoo, no disputing your post(well not ALL of it) but did you take
    your name from the character on the Flintstones, but changed it, to suit your
    own “creativity”? If not… maybe you should re-watch some old

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the regulars

  10. bob Says:

    When can law enforcement tell a business to close because something that MIGHT OR COULD go wrong….next they will be pulling you over if you have a nice car because you may speed or you may drink and drive if u go out to eat.

  11. The Great Kazoo Says:

    the cops could easily have prevented violence by simply deploying the same cops on hand in visible proximity to the bikers.
    Instead, they deployed them like bushwackers and were ready to shoot them some bikers, as they plainly prepared to do, and take advantage of a tense situation that they knew was ready to explode.
    This was not an example of “protecting the public”, but an pre meditated assault on the public.
    They knew there would be at least a hundred other people there that weren’t involved with either of the feuding clubs, and even people there that weren’t even bikers.
    They took the reckless gamble that practiced marksmanship would limit casualties to the feuding bikers, but wound up shooting innocent people as well.
    They will now try to hide and obfuscate the facts and deny their foul evil deed.
    It is the trait of stupid people to believe that everyone else is as stupid as they are. This massacre was undertaken by such stupid people.
    These cops are not smart or ethical enought to be trusted with badges and fully automatic rifles.
    Not all cops are bad, but these cops are either too stupid or too jaded. They are twice as dangerous to society as any outlaw biker gang.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    It was all planned.
    All or most of the deceased was targeted for some reason.

  13. eden Says:

    This is all to familiar…I have seen this story before. The only difference I see is the so called “thugs” are mostly white. Which is something we don’t typically hear. The media plays upon stereotypes and fears for ratings. They are successful because so many people harbor prejudice and hatred for anything g different from themselves. Usually this same scenario is utilized with minorities mainly African Americans and Latinos. Initially I too like many other blacks, used this as an opportunity to accuse media and society of having a double standard when these types of situations happen to minorities as opposed to whites..But after viewing the face book pages of many of those arrested and killed, I saw loving sons,daughters, fathers, grandparents and friends not hardened criminals. I was forced to admit that I too was judging these people based on preconceived misconceptions and stereotypes based on what the media and movies etc. have programmed me to believe of these people. I was doing exactly what I hAve accused many wHite people of doing Over and over again. I realized a more important issue at hand. There is a misconception that all bikers are criminals just as there is a misconception that all Blacks are criminals. Another more important common denominator is what appears to be corruption and a possible cover up by police. Unfortunately this has been happening for years in the Black and Latino community. Instead of being divisive and spewing hate towards each other like some of the above comments, and continuing the cycle of prejudice and hate, imagine the power “we” the people would have if we stood together in this fight against police brutality,corruption and cover up. Unfortunately I recognize this for what it is because I have seen it too often. I have seen good people killed for no reason other than he crossed the path of a coward carrying a badge and gun only to watch the good person turned into a thug, gang-banging,hoodlum by the media. NOT all policeman are bad, just as all minorities or motorcycle clubs aren’t law breaking thugs. I pray for the families of these men who lost loved ones in what appears to be a senseless execution-style murder. I pray that any wrong doing is brought to light and justice prevails. It’s about time we as law abiding, tax paying citizens say enough is enough.

  14. Ol' Goat Says:

    Every degenerate on two wheels (myself included) should descend upon Waco’s city hall steps this weekend, open-carrying unloaded weapons, of course, and pat every sharply uniformed police officer that you see square on the back while reminding them of the great job they did at the Twin-Peaks massacre a few days ago. O, don’t forget to take plenty of chew…. be sure that a few thousand of you use the city hall or county courthouse steps as your spittoon until time to go back to work on Tuesday morning.

  15. Ol' Goat Says:

    Was it the police that opened fire into the crowd? or the crowd that opened fire onto the police? I cant remember.

    Around 20 Police were on-site?…and expected violence? …and had lots of time to prepare for it im guessing? How soon before the 1pm meeting did the police come to “expect violence”? hours? days?

    If kops knew violence would result then why weren’t more preventive measures taken by police to reduce the likelihood of that violence occuring? Why was the end result something akin to chaos or massacre? Who was the douche that whipped out a pistol first? …an undercover kop posing as a biker maybe?

    What greedy capitalist would decide “sure…i’ll close down my HD dealership”, “No problem”.

    How does AP see the video? Why isn’t that video on youtube?

    Why do I continue to put up with lying kops and self-centered, self-serving elected officials?

    YOU are more stupid than you look….yeah, YOU!

  16. hp Says:

    There never has been a war on drugs.
    There always has been a drug war on the competition.

  17. onecyclepro Says:

    Wow it is a sad day when police start gunning people down. The police are literally hunting people in the street

  18. James Gragg Says:

    Almost every C.O.C. meeting, in every state is almost ALWAYS peaceful, because it is held on “mutually respected neutral ground,” and are attended by most every motorcycle organization in a state, like almost an open public motorcycle parliamentary proceeding event, “1%ers” and others as well. The blanket accusations of the chief of police, is an obvious attempt to whip up a frenzy against ANY Harley-Davidson riding group. He is intentionally trying to panic the public, there and across the nation, in an attempt to eradicate a free way of living (“freedom”) that he does not care to see exist.

    The following, ARE NOT CRIMINAL ORGANIZATIONS; HonorBound Motorcycle Ministry, Leathernecks MC, Vietnam Vets/Legacy Vets MC, In Country MC and the Tornado Motorcycle Club. They were simply member organizations of the state C.O.C., and they are NOT otherwise affiliated with the various “1%er” (outlaws) clubs in attendance of that C.O.C. meeting. Those meetings are used to establish peace within a state between the various groups there. As near as I can gather, the actual “1%er” elements that were present here, were far and away outnumbered by the none “1%er” clubs & organization members.

    And now new evidence is coming out. Texas is an open carry state, those guys, that were packing, had every right to be carrying guns. if those guys WERE all killed by police bullets, OUTSIDE, that would make the shooting appear to have been a “planned killing” by the police department, MURDER! Falsely enacting the RICO Act for arrests that were, under such conditions (if true) FALSE and would invalidate the legality of the arrests made. A bazar “show” put on by the police, to intimidate the public at large.

    That would explain the reasons for the one million dollar bail (ransom) on almost every member arrested there, to keep them quit. Under the events of this fiasco, anyone wearing black leather, wearing any kind of vest, riding a Harley, could be harassed and arrested on a whim, anywhere in the country.

    I kind of wondered about that one. While “1%er” bikers are violent, they are not stupid enough to conduct themselves in that fashion, in public, directly in front of a police task force, outside, already on scene, AT a C.O.C meeting. All of the deaths occurred OUTSIDE of the restaurant.

    I’m sorry, this story as given by the police, just doesn’t pass the most basic of “smell tests” (this one stinks to high heaven). Some 30 off-duty officers there with body armor on and packing M-4s. inside and out, with a well organized police presents outside of another 30-40 cops, and not a single body camera or dash cam in operation ANYWHERE? BULL~!~!~! THAT ALONE is complete “evidence,” that the police themselves were acting criminally in this affair, don’t want any evidence that could prove their misconduct. I wouldn’t be very surprised at all to find out that “the scuffle” that started inside, was actually started by two undercover cops, as a pretext to allow for a planned police action; MURDER and false arrests. THAT being said, there is little wonder that Waco is now bracing for motorcyclist descending on them from all over the country this weekend in protest of the unlawful police activities that took place.


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