Warlock Probate’s Innocence

May 7, 2015

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Warlock Probate's Innocence

The Innocence Clinic, a project of the University of Miami School of Law “dedicated to identifying and correcting wrongful convictions,” has taken up the case of former Warlocks Motorcycle Club probate named James Madison Bedsole. Bedsole was charged with murdering a man named Chad Brickey in September 2009 and was convicted in February 2011.

Bedsole is currently serving a sentence of life in prison at the Okaloosa Correctional Institution. Another convict at Okaloosa, a man named Justin Sarsfield who is also serving a life sentence, has confessed to Brickey’s murder. In his confession Sarsfield wrote, “I did not know that I hit Brickey with the shot that I fired until I met Bedsole…. I am coming forward with this information because I cannot allow Bedsole to be wrongfully convicted for a crime I committed myself.”

Craig Trocino, who is the Associate Director of the Innocence Clinic, told the Orlando Sentinel that the Miami Law School has been looking at Bedsole’s case since 2012.

Guarding The Bikes

During his trial, Assistant State Attorney Les Hess used Bedsole’s association with the Warlocks to convince a jury he was a murderer.

Hess alleged that Bedsole was guarding the motorcycles in front of a Warlocks’ hangout named Sharky’s Bar in Lockhart, Florida when Brickey ran over a bike in the parking lot. “One of his jobs as a probate was to guard the bikes. He was motivated,” Hess said.

It was not a Warlocks bike. Bedsole said he had had four drinks that night and that he had briefly chased Brickey to try to get a license plate number before giving up and going inside.

The Chase

A security guard named Holguy Louissaint who worked at the strip mall where Sharky’s was located did pursue Brickey and as he drove out of the mall somebody jumped in the back of his pickup truck. Hess told jurors that man was Bedsole and that he had overreacted in order to ingratiate himself with club patch holders. “He was working his way in,” Hess explained.

According to the prosecutor, Bedsole told Louissaint to follow Brickey. When Brickey pulled into a gas station in Apopka, his killer leapt from the back of the truck like an action hero and shot Brickey in the back of the head as Brickey was driving in circles trying to escape. “He was shot from almost directly behind the pickup truck,” Hess told the jury. Brickey crashed into a ditch. Then, according to the prosecution, Bedsole ran away and Louissaint drove away. Local police responding to a call from the gas station found Brickey dead.

At the trial, Louissaint could not identify Bedsole as the man who jumped into the back of his truck.

Bedsole’s lawyer, Jeff Dowdy, told the jury, “You are being asked to make so many leaps of faith here, it’s incredible. There’s a verdict here. It’s not guilty.”

The jury believed Hess, not Dowdy. Now a judge will decide to either ignore Sarsfield’s confession or give Bedsole another shot at justice.

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17 Responses to “Warlock Probate’s Innocence”

  1. corey brickey Says:

    I am the brother of Chad Brickey, I have been to the trial, and hearings, I have done my own investigation,hit the streets, all of the bars involved that night, even talked to friends of Warlocks. The truth is there were three other warlocks or two and one of their sons who I believe is now a member. Bedsole, I will give this, was not much involved with the original dispute. Once the bikes were hit, and this biker was friendly with the Warlocks, a regular at their bar, he hiheats admitted overhearing Bedsole’s orders from the top. Should I start dropping names or do you folks just want to leave it alone as the trigger man IS behind bars and my family and I have left it alone because no media story has ever covered even half the facts. How about this one Sarsfield was incarcerated for other crimes on the night of my brothers murdder and Bedsoles lawyer was laughed out of the courtroom by the judge. Look up Sarsfields Criminal record, it is public information, compare it to the date of the murder. You folks and no offense but 90% of America are believing lies and half truths because the media does a terrible job. They do it on purpose. They can get all the facts but that makes for boring news, they rather have you knuckle heads blog about it and watch the debate and count the internet hits. However, I doubt this blog will make it to the page because this is obvious biased Bs news site. Peace guys, have a little more of that in your hearts and this story wouldn’t exist.

  2. Mom Says:

    Bedsole murdered my son. He made the decision, and he was rightfully convicted. The prosecution put on a superb case. Sarsfield was proven to be in prison at the time, so whatever he and/or his family was promised didn’t work. The wannabe “Innocence” attorney left out the evidence the showed Bedsole’s phone pings all the way there, at the crime scene, and back to the pub. We had a very intelligent jury. You can believe all you want that a Warlock got screwed by the system, but face it, there are bad ones, and he was one.

  3. Mom Says:

    Bedsole murdered my son. He made the decision, and he was rightfully convicted. The prosecution put on a superb case. Sarsfield was proven to be in prison at the time, so whatever he and/or his family was promised didn’t work. The wannabe “Innocence” attorney left out the evidence the showed Bedsole’s phone pings all the way there, at the crime scene, and back to the pub. We had a very intelligent jury. You can believe all you want that a Warlock got screwed by the system, but face it, there are bad onea, and he was one.

  4. Kholling Says:

    James Madison Bedsole is my cousin and learning of his injustice is overwhelming to say the least. He was a Marine, volunteer firefighter and an electrician. He’s a southern raised baptist and an incredible father and husband. Everyone is life has there ups and downs but when I heard of his conviction on so much reasonable doubt I was appalled that 12 people could find him guilty. There was no DNA, fingerprints, 17 video camera tapes from the gas station and Madison was not on one. Even the security guard couldn’t identify him at his trial. There was no gunshot residue on Madison nor had his gun been fired, the bullets were the same used in the shooting but how many people have similar guns and ammo? I wrote Madison religiously for years and I’m ashamed to say the when I lost my sister and husband I was so distraught and angry that I haven’t written Madison in three years but I always knew he was innocent and even called and contacted several lawyers and innocence projects all over. My efforts were futile because the Miami branch was supposed to be looking into to this. As we all know the appeals process and anything with the government takes forever but this incarriage of justice is so wrong and Madison has already lost 6 years with his two beautiful boys and his family. He must be released immediately especially after this admission of guilt by another inmate shouldn’t be taken lighted. Our legal systems convict based on guilt till proven innocent and especially with no evidence or corroboration of his guilt, he must be released and compensated for his injustice. To the 12 people who convicted him on no evidence and such reasonable doubt you people should be serving time not my cousin.

  5. Whitepride Says:

    Why can’t district attorneys follow the adage of “I would rather see a hundred guilty men go free then wrongly convict one innocent man” Unfortunately they want to look good and have high conviction rates so they get reelected even if it means convicting innocent men. Nothing looks better in the newspapers than “Motorcycle gang member convicted of murder”. It’s always good for a few thousand votes. I hope justice prevails in the case of the wrongly convicted Warlock!

  6. Ol' Goat Says:

    …don’t post often anymore but gotta say: Fuck a prosecutor/solicitor….knew one personally who was my lawyer before becoming solicitor, and a friend to my old man years back….dead now, RIP Ralph. He was a self centered piece of work; the type of male that was slightly mentally off balance and would probably flunk any real examination by a psychiatrist. Takes someone slightly off balance to pursue such a career, or agree to pursue such a career, as was the case with him.

    Respects to the real.

  7. Phuquehed Says:

    Thanks for those answers you two.

    @chromedome – Man, I fucking hate reading shit like that, and like Rebel finds and outs when the lamestream media won’t do their job right. All it does is depress me because it just drives it home more the feeling of helplessness of anything to do for all these people.

    Fuck the pigs and the feds and our injustice system.

  8. chromedome Says:

    i believe the innocence project covers cases in many states trying to get victims of the unjustice system released. one of my uncles was a member of the white bikers mc in north tennessee and and was wrongfully convicted in a 4 day trial of a 20 something year old murder case with no evidence. he was given 40 + which at his age might as well be life. the innocence project has been trying to get him out ever since.


  9. BMW Says:

    There are “Innocence Clinics ” at about half the law schools in the USA. They are usually run by teachers, have almost NO funding, but attract students who really believe that jurisprudence demands justice. The students usually work for a semester or two, graduate, and go on to make the big bucks. This pattern makes it difficult to get work done and cases seem to take forever, but they get thousands of innocent people off eventually. A few bucks donated to the clinics would probably help free thousands more. Lawyers with ethics all know that many people are unjustly convicted every day. That’s why so many refuse to do criminal defense work. There are few feelings worse than failing to get an innocent defendant free.

  10. Calvin, John Says:

    Its Yard Owl. Spoke to DD this week. He’s in good health, just had some tests to make sure. DD has a 3rd party support FB page if anyone is interested. Hopefully the 23 Probate finds justice & freedom.

  11. AZ MC Supporter Says:

    Watching that video of the original news story makes me sick… Fuck the puppet ass media.

    Respects to the real

  12. Mike184 Says:

    Dan, Dave, Yard owl…. That whole deal was one hell of a setup. You had a paid snitch (To the tune of like 6k a month plus expenses) entrapping anyone for anything.

    Hope he gets out soon.

  13. Phuquehed Says:

    Let’s hope that justice actually prevails for once.

    I wonder too if this ‘Innocence Clinic’ place does stuff for only Florida or other states too, as they could possibly get…I can’t remember his name at the moment, the Rock Hill HA guy that got locked up for life even though no one could identify him…him out a lot easier than this case, at least from what I just read. Plus, (is it Dan?) the HA guy is dying, if I remember right and was still not allowed to be let out for humanitarian reasons.

  14. Wolfenlover Says:

    @ Holyshat That’s one of those things that make you go “HHMMMM” ain’t it?! Maybe the whole jury are “butt-buddies”!
    Those maggots are everywhere(at least on the internet) hehehehe

    RESPECTS to the regulars

  15. Wolfenlover Says:

    This is just like the findings that over 90% of the FBI’s hair analysis over
    the last decade+ is fucked up. Just google FBI NEWS HAIR & check it out.
    HUNDREDS of innocent people have gone into the PRISON MACHINE, if not thousands,
    just to benefit these corrupt fuckin’ “officials”!
    “Your tax $$$ at work!”

    RESPECTS to the regulars

  16. Holyshat Says:

    I wonder if the prosecution is friends with any of Wookies former brothers?

  17. Wookiee Says:

    While I am glad that Sarsfield stepped forward and I hope it clears Bedsole’s name, I have no doubt the Prostitutor will drag this out as long as he can. He won’t want to admit he fucked up and he’ll prefer to keep them both locked up. I hope Bedsole gets his freedom back, I hope the 23’s welcome him back and I hope he sues the living shit out anyone he can and live life to the fullest

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