Twilight of the Outlaws

April 21, 2015

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Twilight of the Outlaws

There are a couple of things that are immediately obvious about this book. The first is that the subtitle does not include the usually obligatory words “undercover,” “harrowing,” “journey,” “vendetta,” “gang,” “violent,” “true,” or “hero.” In fact, the book has no subtitle at all. So how good can it be?

Maybe if we cheese up the jacket copy just a little?

Here’s the blurb:

“Framed by the true story of the murder of Black Piston patch holder Zack Tipton in Jacksonville Beach, Florida in June, 2014 Twilight of the Outlaws rips open the veil that shrouds the world of outlaw motorcycle clubs, reveals the social and economic forces that are hastening their end and exposes the corrupt law enforcement agencies that will stop at nothing to destroy them. Author and motorcycle club expert Donald Charles Davis traces the history of this society of disenfranchised men, the code of ethics that binds them and the ever deepening intrigues that make them more fascinating now than ever before.”

Here’s the author blurb:

“Donald Charles Davis has written about motorcycle outlaws for the better part of a decade. His unprecedented access to sources in the motorcycle club world, his literate perspective and his incomparable investigative skills have earned him respect, and sometimes fear and loathing, among bikers, journalists, lawyers, academics and government authorities.”

You probably already know whether you want to read this or not.

If you want to read this you can buy a copy here.


121 Responses to “Twilight of the Outlaws”

  1. the heretic Says:

    finished it yesterday. another great piece of writing. some new info, some rehashed, but all in all, another enjoyable read by DCD

  2. Outside it all. Says:

    Law? Almost ALL law is Mental Incarceration. The rest of the laws are for the Institutionalized. People ask, ‘How can they do this?” That’s because they can, and WE let them. A bleak and cynical outlook on my part?
    Back sometime ago, I read in a farm and ranch paper where it stated that we as Americans basically gave up the last of our real freedom and liberty when the people moved away from the family farms back in the 1920’s,,and 1930’s’. {Cynical now?}
    Set the controls for the heart of the Sun.

  3. largeAndy Says:

    A very well researched, informed and interesting read. Finished the book last night. Shocking to think of the liberties we have al lost regardless of where you sit UNLESS, you are connected to a politician, judge or another similar cohort. Laws are passed for non politicians and all of us non government folk, the laws they pass aint for the ones passing the laws! Where are the worthless liberal ACLU shitheads on the issues raised in Twilight of the Outlaws?

  4. Gumbo Chaff Says:

    Great writing as always,very informative.More books please !

  5. edcan Says:

    Rebel, thanks much, the book is great! My Amazon order arrived and I read the book over the next few days — couldn’t put it down. You had to outline many different threads before you could start weaving them into the thickening plot line: The breaking away of the 1% from the AMA and their becoming icons in the media, the rise of the surveillance state and the increasing use of SWAT, the adoption of the outlaw style by posers who wouldn’t know the Outlaw Code if it punched them in the nose. Why did Black Piston member Zack Tipton die? Because he took his fists to a gun fight? The Outlaw Code didn’t save Zack, just like it didn’t save the brothers hurt during the Hells Angels – Mongols war of September 1977 that you described. The Native Americans had warrior codes, too, but with so much inter-tribal warfare they couldn’t unite to fight the real threat coming from outside. I don’t know where peace and brotherhood is going to come from, but it has to start by being a good neighbor and looking out for each other. Get to know your community and offer to serve.

  6. IRISHPUNK Says:

    Mine just arrived yesterday, cant wait to get started on it

  7. KCToon Says:

    Just ordered a copy. Looking forward to reading it.

  8. James Hoffa Says:

    In FL, a 2 on 1 beat down can get you shot. Everyone knows that. If that beat down is caught on video, you’re definitely going to walk or “stand your ground” as it were. Doesn’t matter who you are.

  9. Kraut Says:

    I bought the book about a week ago and am about half way finished with it. It’s well written and very fast moving. Thanks Rebel…..great write.

  10. Shovelhead Says:

    Just read the Book Rebel. very good!!…..Think I’ll read it again…After I go for a ride.

  11. Paladin Says:


    Thank you for a thoughtful and intelligent read, on a very slippery and elusive subject. I have come to believe that the “new and improved” frontier is very much like the terrain within a wild animal safari park. All seems as it should, until you encounter the electrified fence line.

    In the movie The Magnificent Seven, there’s a verbal exchange between Calvera (Eli Wallach) and Chris Adams (Yul Brenner). As Calvera surveys the town, he remarks: “Lots of new walls. You know they won’t keep me out.” Chris Adams replies: “They’re not designed to keep you out, they’re to keep you in.

    Long May You Ride,


  12. FF Says:


  13. Enlightened one Says:

    Excellent read for anyone interested in learning truth… Read twice now. Thanks Rebel. Keep up the great work. Your endless effort is deeply appreciated and admired.

  14. Calvin, John Says:

    Just finished Twilight of the Outlaws. My measure of any book is whether I wish it was twice as long, I was left wishing this one was three times as long. Well done indeed.


  15. Catfish Says:

    Yes, yes, yes. I get paid on Friday. The same day I’m ordering this book. Your writing is of the highest quality and integrity of any journalist or writer today. I read Out Bad and it blew my mind. Then I bought your other books. Same result. This website has news and information vital to our way of life, and your writings, archived, are never old. Hope this makes you a fortune Rebel, you deserve it.

  16. VuDuLou Says:


  17. Sieg Says:

    Finished the Spillane trilogy I was reading for mindless entertainment, so last night I undertook the harrowing journey to my garage, where my book stash is. As I walked the twenty or so feet betwixt my back-door and the garage, I spotted an undercover member of the violent Blue Gang! He was undercover, that is, not wearing his colors, and it’s true, I believe there is a vendetta against me, and against my fellow amerikans. Didn’t play the hero last night, tho’, I just wanted to get to the book and get to reading.

    Maybe another night we’ll see abut the fougasse…


  18. Wretched Man Says:

    “Quite the diversion from the basic fact that the iorc is a bunch of LE sponsored instigators, murderers and clowns. Buy the book; read the truth.

    The iorc is bad for business. Anybody’s business.”

    Good point. Amazing how anytime The Aging Rebel does a story on these asswipes, some whining moron comes on here insulting everyone…..


  19. Docb Says:

    Bought it, read it, liked it

  20. Gazzalodi Says:

    Just bought a copy. Keep writing Rebel.

  21. swampy Says:

    I’m going to have to wait until I get a few bucks to order mine. This after my CPA ripped me this month(it’s each and every year) going through every little expenditure filing my taxes. The IRS has sworn, several years ago, that I’ve been “up to something”; and the reason for me dropping 4500 bucks on a tax attorney. Enough of my shit. I’ve stated before that I like the feel of a “real book.” I’m known to underline sentences, mark paragraphs and passages, and write notes in the inside of the covers. Yes, Rebel, I’ve done it to your books too – LOL. However, there’s some certain works that are not in print but I’ve seen them available for Kindle. It looks like I’ll have to purchase one of those new-fangled devices, although, downloading works on it is not an option where I dwell. Anyway, until then, I’ll order the paperback soon. Thank you, Rebel. With the highest regards and respect.

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