U.S. Versus Mongols This Weekend

April 21, 2015

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U.S. Versus Mongols This Weekend

A brief moment in the vicious war the Department of Justice is waging against the Mongols Motorcycle Club in Los Angeles emerged uncensored over the weekend.

A “multi-agency taskforce” including federal and local police raided what is being described as a Mongols “meeting” Saturday afternoon in Southgate, a mostly Hispanic city of about 100,000 people that is part of the great El Lay sprawl south of downtown. The “taskforce” included Deputy U.S. Marshalls who were looking for possible federal probation violators.

According to published reports, six people were arrested.

Shaun Diamond

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has been trying to harass the Mongols to death since a Swat goon named Shaun Diamond died invading the home of a Mongol named David Martinez in the middle of one night last October. Diamond, who was standing in the rear of a pack of fourteen Swat goons was, according to many official statements, shot in the back of the head. Martinez, who had just been assaulted by a flash bang grenade, was standing inside his home when Diamond was fatally wounded. Martinez is charged with murder with a “gang enhancement.”

The excuse for the Martinez raid was a warranted search for a gun, supposedly used in a shooting two months before. The raid on Martinez home was one of seven simultaneous raids. The gun was sought to bolster a racketeering case against the Mongols club as a whole. The trial in that matter is now scheduled for June.

Three months after Diamond died, another multi-agency task force stopped and harassed everyone entering and leaving the Mongols forty-fifth anniversary party at the House Lounge in Maywood, another small city entirely surrounded by Los Angeles. All of these enforcement actions against the Mongols are intended to coerce club members into quitting and convince friends of the club to keep their distance.

Saturday’s Video

The snippet of video below, uploaded to YouTube Sunday, betrays what is really going on between the police and the Mongols. A small woman is attacked by a Deputy U.S. Marshall for video recording the raid. The Marshall rips the woman’s cell phone from her hands, smashes it on the ground and kicks at the broken pieces, By this morning, the story had made it as far as the Daily Mail in London.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the woman had told police, “I do not feel safe with you,” “You are making me feel unsafe and I have a right to be here” and “You need to stay away from me, I don’t feel safe with you closer to me.”

The Marshall’s Service, which has not released the name or current status of the Deputy in the video, issued a brief written statement in response to the growing furor: “The U.S. Marshals Service is aware of video footage of an incident that took place Sunday in Los Angeles County involving a Deputy U.S. Marshal. The agency is currently reviewing the incident.”

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42 Responses to “U.S. Versus Mongols This Weekend”

  1. Mykidsaremyworld Says:

    Fuck that bastard ass piece of shit in the video. U.s Marshall Steve Kays your judgement day with God will come and you will be judged for all the innocent childrens lived you have destroyed.To hell you will go along with Cicconi, Cervantes and Clift and the dirry social workers you bring in to remove children because you don’t find what you’re looking for. Everyone needs to get together and fight these real gangsters that feel they are above the law. What I am writing is all truth so fuck all of you pigs.

  2. jj solari Says:

    dear rlg: i believe adam smith’s invisible hand was the invisible hand of checks and balances and natural selection favoring the industrious in an unregulated society; the claim being that regulation already exists via Nature. the invisible hand had nothing to do with things that are actually visible: like, say, law enforcement and law-creating personnel. by “the ownership class” i will assume that you mean “the confiscating class” that actually takes the property of “the ownership class”: which would be the people who own things. by “working class heroes” i assume you mean the 4 or 5% of the workforce that actually does any work while the other 95% devote their energies to sabotaging the business. i have never met an “invisible” federale, field agent or cia operative that was actually invisible. by “the other” i presume you mean any nondescript mystical entity synonymous with being opposed to what you favor. let me guess: you are a Marxist, Sir?

  3. RLG Says:

    Dear jj solari,

    The ownership class cannot allow the common man, working class heroes, or the other 99% to organize in meaningful ways, provide mutual aid, or cause traffic that disrupts commerce.

    The federales, deputy field agents, and cia operatives are the Invisible Fist that back up Adam Smith’s Invisible hand. The fact these government employees enjoy frightening and hurting people to enforce their authoritarian world view is just a bonus for them.

    School children are taught the government does these things to keep us safe from The Other.

  4. jj solari Says:

    hahahaha i dont understand how 50 guys wearing the word “police” “atf” and “us marshalls” on their backs can in five minutes commit more fucking mayhem and destruction and acts of kidnapping and burglary than the the people who wear the word “mongols” on the backs have done in their whole lifetimes…..and are considered the good guys. i need this explained to me in plain english and without any reference to the arbitrary nonsense called “the law.” because if you cite “the law” as your argument then i can only assume “the law” is synonymous with total blood-splattering anarchy.

  5. Jim666 Says:

    AVAGOVFFV Im ok man just a little tussle the other day got kidnapped for 3 days but payback is a bitch, anyway I agree thats exactly where they need to be, I love to watch that shit on a video, Call it COPS IN THE SANDBOX< lmfao
    Hope you and yours are doing well Respects

  6. Wood Says:

    In a post I made above I made an egregious error and meant to send best wishes to Mr. David Martinez. Respect to the Mongol Nation and their fight against the machine!

  7. AVAGOVFFV Says:


    What’s up man? Hope all is good your way as you can see things are shit on the west coast. It would be better here if these punk ass militarized shitbags that were in on this cowardly aggression would hop on a plane to Yemen or Iraq and test those badass skills by trying to take the phone of a ISIS member. Nothing but a bunch of punk ass cunts every one of them including the midget and his band of inbred children.

    Be well Jim.

    Viva Los Vagos


  8. Oldskewl Says:

    So your saying that’s because the Feds have guns we should lay down and do whatever in the duck they say despite having the constitutional right to film and stand on private property?

    You missed the mark on this one



  9. roachclip Says:

    If you scroll up to the bottom of Rebels article, just above the channel 4 newscast, and click on the white arrow in the red box, you will see zed come into the frame in just a few seconds. Respects, roach.

  10. Butch Says:


  11. zed Says:

    Dearest Wolfie. Fuck you too.

  12. Wolfenlover Says:

    Fuck, I KNOW don’t feed th’ trolls, but this zed sure smells like Urine Odor PORK. Just like in “Poltergeist2” “They’re bbaaaack.”
    FTF FTP & BIG FUCK YOU zed & the rest of your Urine Odor Homosexual bros.

    Best of luck to the Mongols MC in their never ending (so it seems) struggle
    to be left the fuck alone!
    Why don’t you PIGS go after the REAL Gangs?! Because you are just cowards,
    plain & simple!


  13. Phuquehed Says:

    The only good pig, is one that’s not breathing.

    Like another commenter posted – she was attacked by someone with a visible weapon in his hands. Pure and simple that kind of shit is fucked up beyond imagination. That pig and all the other pigs there that day and the fucktards who ordered it all to go down should be indicted and RICO should also be brought in on it against them all.


  14. BMW Says:

    This is exactly what the U.S.Marshall is created to do, threaten, harass or murder anyone that is getting in the way of wealthy interests.

    There is a long and sordid history here, mostly in the western states, of federal Marshalls creating hegemony by force. These guys are as twisted as the ATF. Remember, these are the guys who were flying over cities with the fake stingray cell phone sites, illegally collecting the private information of hundreds of thousands of citizens. These are just thugs in uniform, chosen for the ability to intimidate and physically threaten citizens.


  15. zed Says:

    hahahaha She is provoking guys who are carrying big guns… hahaha. you ppl are a joke… if I went to a club house and acted that way …provoking taunting…. how long would I last???? hahaha bitch thought she was being cute…. listen cops suck… they will screw over their own mother if it will further their professional life… they cant be trusted AT ALL…most suffer untreated mental illness and experience sick pleasure from the power they have over you… but she was being stupid… badge or not… don’t mess with a man with a rifle.

  16. FF Says:

    And the beat goes on…


    Ex-Philly Drug Cop Admits to Taking Cash and Planting Evidence for Years

    A former Philadelphia narcotics cop testified in court today against six of his former co-workers, claiming the group stole drug money and planted evidence “too many times to count” during his nearly 15 years in the department’s drug unit.

    Jeffrey Walker was busted in an FBI sting in May 2013 and has been in custody since February 2014 after pleading guilty to stealing $15,000 in drug money and planting drugs in a suspect’s car. He is now testifying against six other narcotics officers implicated in the FBI’s investigation, including the group’s alleged ringleader, officer Thomas Liciardello.

    Walker testified in court today that the group would target “college-boy, khaki-pants types” because they were “easy to intimidate.” From the Associated Press:

    That matches the description of some of the drug dealers who have testified in recent weeks in the federal police corruption trial. The witnesses have said the squad stole as much as $80,000 at a time during illegal raids marked by threats and physical violence.

    Walker, 46, said police brass applauded the drug squad because they made big arrests that made them look good. Squad leader Thomas Liciardello, the lead defendant, “produced big jobs, a lot of arrests,” he said.

    “They liked that, as far as the bosses and supervisors were concerned. It made them look good. It was nothing but a dog and pony show. That’s all it is,” Walker said.

    Liciardello, he said, always got a cut of the money stolen or skimmed from drug suspects, while the others split the “jobs” they worked, Walker said.
    And according to the Philadelphia Inquirer’s comprehensive rundown of Walker’s 24-year police career, he’s been dogged by corruption accusations for years:

    Once in the prestigious drug unit, it took only a few years before things started to go awry and for the complaints to reach Internal Affairs. The first complaint came in 2002. Another came in ’04, another in ’05, and three in 2006.

    The first settlement for a case with a payout attached – $75,000 – came in February 2004. After that, they kept coming.

    Of the 22 complaints filed against Walker, the department sustained just one: from 2003 about a search without proper warrants. Of the 13 now-closed lawsuits filed against Walker, the city paid in seven of the cases for a total of $352,500.
    The FBI’s corruption case, WPVI reports, has led to at least 160 drug convictions being overturned.

  17. roachclip Says:

    They are not going to let any institution or group stand that poses a threat to they’re complete and total domination of this fucked up society that they are trying to rule. Prisons and cemetaries are the new reservations for free thinking peoples and it will snowball at an astonishing rate if something isn’t done about this fucking patriot act. No treaty can override the constitution. Our rights will have to be regained by force. They are not going give up what taken so long to achieve. They have butcherd the constitution, and will continue do so until the people make a stand and say “No more”. Live free or die! roach.

  18. Centurion Says:

    CBSNEWS has the video posted. Their tagline
    SEEMS TO SHOW. Yep, it seems to show the deputy u.s. pig grabbing, smashing the womans phone, but, its just a theory, the deputy could have been offering her an ice cream cone, and maybe she is lactose intolerant and stepped back in fear.

  19. Jim666 Says:

    I concur completely. you said it way better than I could, so I`ll just leave it at that,

  20. Rebel Says:

    Dear Mongols Member,

    I’l have another, more accurate story up today.


  21. Sieg Says:

    The reason the fedbacon feels free to act this way is because they know they are working for the power in this country. There is no more “rule of law” here, we are being ruled by the gun, no doubt.

    The only solution is another revolution.

    Respects to the Vagos and those that stand with them.


  22. Wood Says:

    Hose-A 1%er,
    You hit it right square on the head. This shit has been going on a long time and is just more exposed now. I grew up in a small town in the late 60’s and 70’s and this shit was going on back then. Folks in town knew which cops to stay clear of cause they’d split your wig quicker than you could blink, justified or not.
    The militarization of American police forces is the bigger issue. Pretty much any interaction I’ve had with LE over the last 2 decades the cop has been suited up to impersonate a swat cop. Even chicken shit traffic cops are dressed up like fuckin GI Joe. They love all their toys and look for any excuse to play dress up and go out and put them through the paces.
    This problem will only continue to escalate as younger cops, which this kind of shit is S.O.P. for, move up through the ranks and become policy makers.
    I sincerely hope Mr. Diamond gets a fair shake but IMHO the longer it drags out the likelihood of that is diminishing.
    Wood 100%ER

  23. Road Whore Says:

    Friggin’ cunt pig.

  24. mongols member Says:

    Fact of the matter is there was NO RAID!!! It was a Fundraiser for a brother. Montebello P.D.ATF.U.S Marshalls.Sheriffs. and South Gate P.D came out blocked every end of each street brought tow trucks amd started going to town. There was No Warrant for raid and they never stepped on property. Instead they drove by filming and walking down street going up to every bike and person on street.. Making themfill gang cards for mo reason and harass. Along with arrest a few people for minor warrats like traffic tickets or pocket knife. I really hope the truth gets out there in the news. The they kept telling everyone over and over this is how it is, and its are way and so on…….

  25. Chris Says:

    This is so wrong! This was a fund raiser with a lot of clubs not gangs!75% of the Mongols are x milatary and the tickets where traffic related this women was violated in many ways… And the cop they are talking about in the article was killed by friendly fire not by a Mongol!

  26. Jeremy Says:

    the pigs face has already been shown on YouTube etc. really attacking a lady’s cellphone wtf??! That’s coward. If the lady did it to that pig she’d be in jail on numerous charges. This is why the pigs are no better than anyone else. There just protected by a badge… And F Iron on order!

  27. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Disclaimer:Out of Respect for my Brothers these are MY thoughts alone period and no way to be the opinion or thoughts of the membership of the entire Vagos MC.

    Fuck them dirtbag whale turd constitutional law breaking badge toting bitches, every last one of them pricks right in their windpipe. The tide is turning for them the public is starting to wake up to these worms and the gangbanger bullshit they demonstrate across the country. It’s all coming to a head all those fancy toys won’t mean shit everyone will own them. Someday soon all the paranoid mentality they possess about ‘us vs. them’ will be a reality, once again karma is silently knocking.

    My very best to the Mongols MC, Mongol on.

    Viva Los Vagos

  28. Photoman Says:

    Always, always always record cops in action with as many cameras as possible. After filming split and head to nearest TV station and give them ONE TIME RIGHTS to use. You still own video then.

  29. C-Los Says:

    So here’s how to handle it the next time and every time the feds and local pd go on on another harassment raid against a club party. Everybody and I mean everybody turn the cameras on them. From cars sidewalks rooftops, all eyes on them. See how long they stick around.

  30. bikerjohn1 Says:

    The marshal has a weapon, the marshal robbed the woman. Sounds like armed robbery to me. I think 10yrs in prison should work.

  31. Hose-A 1%er Says:

    This bullshit has been going on for a long time.In this day of cell phone cameras it’s just being exposed more.IMHO it’s about time these pigs get whats coming to them.F.T.F…..F.T.P.&FUCK THE urine order.

  32. LA1%er Says:

    I Was looking down the wrong end of these very same rifles on Sunday about a block away from the fundraiser. The one that kicked her phone was the biggest prick of that whole crew. 10 armed to the teeth punks to question me in a school parking lot as i waited for my wife to ride up. As they let me go they told me, “just so you know we’re gonna be here all day pulling you guys over”. As if we didnt know that already..

  33. BadMonk Says:

    the tough guy with the badge assaulting the woman with her cell phone is a prime example of the problematic mentality that’s becoming more and more common among the ranks.

  34. Tommy Says:

    and the liberals laugh when I tell them the biggest street gang on the planet are the cops

  35. AstraDaemon Says:

    He should have his badge taken away – it’s facilitating gang activity.

    Seriously, destruction of personal property, witness intimidation, etc. All the shit they accuse MCs of…

  36. VikingTrotter Says:

    Pisses me off that KNBC blurred out those d-bags faces…Good thing other news agencies aren’t sucking their dicks too.

  37. that crazy frank dude Says:

    Whadda punk

  38. The truth Says:

    It was a fundraiser with multiple clubs supporting if you were to check out the warrants there referring to as far as arrests,most likely it was just tickets and not even involving the MONGOLS MC.

  39. Paladin Says:

    Yes indeed; how manly! Attacking a defenseless woman with a cell phone camera takes a special kind of professional training. There are multiple charges that can be filed against this thug. I hope this lady goes after this asshole and his agency in the biggest way possible.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  40. Rusty Says:

    Anyone doubts the direction this country is headed or where exactly we are as a society should have all their doubts erased after seeing that video!

  41. RLG Says:

    Lucy, joo got some splainin to do…

  42. VikingTrotter Says:

    Boy, that video is all over CNN and the majors. That criminal with a badge attacking that woman’s rights and stealing her phone. Talk about letting the cat out of the bag. That Marshal, won’t be playing undercover butt lover anytime soon.

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