Site Will Be Down Once More!

April 16, 2015

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Site Will Be Down Once More!

A brief housekeeping note. The damage done to this site during the March 27 hack was fairly extensive and a large number of security enhancements are being installed. The site will be down on Thursday night and will be back up by Friday morning. Things should be close to normal after that. Thank you very much for your patience and your support.

Soon. I promise. And this won’t happen again.



29 Responses to “Site Will Be Down Once More!”

  1. Lady Says:

    Dang Rebel sorry your having so much trouble, but know that all of us truly appreciate everything you do, Even though some have tried to collectively come together and have our voices heard regarding our lifestyle, it takes more like you to get our true statements out there instead of the garbage that the mainstream media, government and law enforcement wish for the general public to believe. Thank you!!!

    Much Respect,

  2. Jim666 Says:

    ol Goat your right it was still 782 gear in the early 90`s i know that much, it must have been changed since then.

  3. Ol' Goat Says:

    Poncho, canteen, ammo pouch, alice pack is still called 782 gear. At least it was in mid nineties when I got out of the U.S. Marine Corps. Some tell me that individual components like alice pack etc have been replaced, but field gear is still 782 gear.

    Good to your site back up Rebel.

  4. Wrangler Says:

    Hey Rebel,
    Glad to see you are back up and running. Missed your site and was jonesing too for my daily AR fix. Hope all is well now.


  5. Catfish Says:

    Thank god you’re back up and running.

  6. Yukon Says:

    Congratulations on the recovery, Rebel.

    Welcome back….and thank you for providing the “news”.

    Respect, Yukon.

  7. Wolfenlover Says:

    @Latigo Morgan, Got ya on a Good Thoughts list. Hope yer Lady Fair is doing fine
    with the new jaw plate & that you can get back up & riding again. And Obozo
    wants to give all these illegals a fuckin’ DL!!! Fuck that Mudslime bastard
    & his cohorts!


  8. FF Says:

    @Latigo Morgan

    I wish I could help. Hang in there, man.

  9. Austin Says:

    re: Latigo Morgan and “I now have bills no honest man can ever pay.”

    Call them and negotiate. So sorry about the trauma – but Ti is better than no jaw at all.

  10. IRISH PUNK Says:

    Welcome back Rebel,

    Finally no more jonesing !

  11. KK Says:

    Great to see the site back up and running! Respect.

  12. Numberz Says:

    @Sieg 782 gear damn man that is old school (I know I had 782 gear) they dont call it.
    that anymore.

    @Rebel some things I know about security.

    Security is not a state of being it is a state of mind. What is secure today will be broken into tomorrow. When the question comes up with my customers I always say “You want something secure? Unplug from the internet put it in a bank vault bury it and put a battalion of Marines around it.” It is secure…temporarily

    The purpose of firewalls and security is to keep people out “long enough” for the person who is in charge to either unplug or start counter measures.

    Finally There is Secure, User Friendly and Functional pick 2 cause you cannot have all 3 :)

    Welcome back you have been missed

  13. Skully Says:

    Welcome Back
    The man who gives us the honest news good or bad about our lifestyle
    The man who pisses off the feds & io

  14. Latigo Morgan Says:

    Sorry to see you having so much trouble, Rebel. But glad to see you are getting it under control.

    Haven’t been around much since the wreck last summer. Wife had 3 surgeries, and now has a titanium jaw.

    Don’t have my bike anymore. It was totaled, and I haven’t replaced it yet. Since the wetback that hit us had no insurance, I now have bills no honest man can ever pay.

  15. Panhead Says:

    Glad to see you back up. Missed you Bro.


  16. roachclip Says:

    Glad you’re back Rebel. Much respect.

  17. Bobby2x Says:

    Glad to see the site up and running.

  18. lee hastings england Says:

    wondered what the heck was going on when couldn’t log in for ages I checked on facebook an couldn’t find anything so guessed the IO had probably got a restraining order or something pussy like, but im glad your back rebel freedom of the type of information you give should be allowed to carry on even if some douchebags in a douchebag club think otherwise thank you for your perseverence

  19. Sieg Says:

    Get yer 782 gear completely squared-away, THEN come back n continue raising hell and speaking truth.



  20. Paladin Says:

    When you’re high speed/low drag, taking the time to secure the fasteners with loctite is obviously the way to go.


  21. OL' KnucK Says:

    Good to have ya back..
    “KnucK” MFFM (ret)

  22. Road Rage Says:

    No worries Rebel – see you on the otherside!

    Much respect,

    Road Rage

  23. OneManGang Says:

    Hell Yeah! My morning coffee wasn’t the same without the rebel news! Welcome Back

  24. Rebel Says:

    Dear martythe3,

    Yep. Shit got to be tight. It will be.


  25. martythe3 Says:

    yep, gotta keep the security up to date to keep the script kiddies out.

  26. Rebel Says:

    Dear panamaa,

    Thank you sir.


  27. Outsider Says:

    Clean out the belfry & come back bigger & stronger.

  28. panamaa Says:

    Carry on friend…

  29. Woodstock Says:

    Glad to see you back.

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