Sober Shooting

February 20, 2009

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Apparently, members of the Stoned Sober Motorcycle Club and members of the Sober Riders Motorcycle Club are lighting each other up in Phoenix.

The Phoenix Police Department has announced, in drips and drabs, that John Lindenman, 43 and Bradley Lutzo, 45, were gunned down outside the QuikTrip convenience store in the Sunnyslope section of Phoenix about 11 pm Tuesday. Sunnyslope is due east of Glendale and just south of North Mountain Park.

Rival Motorcycle Gangs

Police announced that the men were shot at the conclusion of a brawl between “rival motorcycle gangs.” A source within the Phoenix Police Department told the Arizona Republic that the fight was between motorcycle “groups as substance-free organizations purportedly geared toward recovering addicts looking to ride with other sober motorcycle enthusiasts.”

The math is so simple even a cop could do it. There are, at last count, 28 outlaw motorcycle clubs in Arizona. Two of them are clean and sober clubs: The well known Sober Riders MC and the less well known Stoned Sober MC.

In a prepared statement, the Phoenix Police announced the department “will not release the names of the groups” because of “its policy on withholding the identifications of documented criminal street gangs.”


Police found Lindenman lying on the ground in front of the convenience store. He was taken to an unnamed hospital where he died. Lutzo, was found in the passenger seat of a pick up truck that had been left in front of Saint Luke’s Medical Center. He was treated by emergency workers and pronounced Dead On Arrival.

Police said both Lindenman and Lutzo were members of the same “motorcycle organization.” Neither man had a criminal record.

Police said that multiple shots were fired at the QuikTrip and that a gun was recovered at the scene.

No arrests have been made. No suspects have been named. One police spokesman, Sergeant Tommy Thompson, denied knowing the clubs to which the two men belonged.

As you read this, cops are probably hunting for suspects in bars.

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281 Responses to “Sober Shooting”

  1. Davis Says:

    Rival clubs will allways exist, the question is of course is if they have the real need to fight and be ugly to each other. Its easier to make war than peace! Club management is an important aspect of course, if the managers of the club want war instead of peace then that will usualy be the course.

  2. Road King Rider Says:

    Arizona Mildman,
    Piss off. I’ve seen the video. I know who was on each side. The AZ police have their heads up their asses and could care less about this shooting. “More dumb ass bikers got themselves killed… who cares”. That’s the tone I got each time I reached out to get an update on my brothers murder. So who’s the Troll? Do YOUR homework! From your own words, you don’t know shit about what went down that night. So keep your self-righteous ass off the Internet.

  3. Arizona Mildman Says:

    This is a crock of s**t! I know many of he Sober Rider’s MC who hang out at some AA Meetings that I go to. I personally have been in actual spiritual recovery in the 12 step program 24, almost 25 years. Some of the members I know own guns but I have never seen one in a meeting. This constant broad brush labeling of whole groups because of the actions of a few (who may or may not still be in recovery) is complete bulls**t and makes me think most of you are the kind conspiracy theorists that can’t stand going a day without fictional drama and watch Fox News just to find something to point at and “be afraid of” because some idiot on a fake cable news show said so. The author also mentioned that the real detective on the case doesn’t know that either of the victims OR suspects, for sure, are affiliated with any groups but you seemed to skip over that part and go right into full blown hyperbole without (as is with most conservative rants) ANY real investigation. Despite your obvious mutual admiration society, you are what I, having been on the internet for a while, call TROLLS, and let me define that for you:
    The only thing stupider than someone half ass or not at all researching a news story that is not confirmed by the police is the trolls who spreads rumors and says ignorant things in order to get an emotional reaction, is the people who let them win by actually reacting to it.

  4. Road King Rider Says:

    Happy 50th Birthday(Spitfire) Brad. Too bad you are no longer around to celebrate with us. RIP

  5. Road King Rider Says:

    Former SRMC? What, couldn’t cut it? I’d be happy to step out but no one is talking and AZ is a big place to just stand around.

  6. Rainmaker "former SRMC" Says:

    OK! OK! I am so tired of hearing how or why someone died!!! We all die!! Its what we do as humans! Then you want to threaten this and that well where I come from threats are for pussies!!! I have had alot of brothers die and while yeah I miss them dearly I am grown enough to deal with it. If you all want to bash the M.C. then maybe you should have stepped up at INCOM that year in Reno while it was just me and 3 of your “badasses” well i guess thats just it the computer is just easier than facing down and actually pulling the trigger huh there Road King…. Well i have read all the BULL that you guys are full of and have figured out one thing……. you all need a fucking meeting…… have a good life and maybe I will see you someday and you can step out of my way again hahaha

  7. Road King Rider Says:

    Three years since Brad and John were murdered. Still not an ounce of truth has been spoken about their deaths. All those responsible for their deaths are cowards and liers. I’m still open to receiving truthful information about what happened in AZ on 17 Feb 2009. Email me at [email protected]. I will not rest until I have the truth. So those that are responsible…come find me. Like you, I’m not hiding. I cherish the day I can look you in the eye as you take your last breath.

  8. Road King Rider Says:

    Our Father, WHAT! So, you are saying my brother and John were not murdered by the Sober Riders? You’re a dumb ass. Come and try to kick my ass. I;m not hard to find. Be sure to bring a friend. What a dope.

  9. our father Says:

    You don’t know wtf your talking about idiot.. This article is a lie.. and your a jackass. I hope somebody kick’s your ass over this..

  10. Road King Rider Says:

    Brad and John were murdered 2 years ago today. So far nothing but empty promises from ARM to step up and make this right–bunch of cowards and posers. Phoenix PD faces a stalled murder investigation. Mean while Brad and John’s family still mourn their loss. I still wonder to this day what Brad and John died for. A Cause? A belief they were doing something good for others? All BULLSHIT! For the members of ARM and SRMC that were involved and/or directly responsible for killing Spitfire and Ripley; may you rot in HELL!

  11. Rev. Bill Says:

    I still miss those guys….good men!

  12. Road King Rider Says:

    To SRMC, and the ones from ARM that cowered and ran to save their own lives…the two GA boys know who they are…Happy Anniversary. Ripley and Spitfire gave their lives for their organization. What of you? Too scared? I guess, since word is you both were first to flee. When do you make the ultimate sacrife for your organization? Seems Ripley and Spitfire were the only two that truly knew the meaning of Brotherhood. The rest of you…Kiss My Ass!

  13. maybe Says:

    Truth heck they dont want to tell the truthon either side cause if they do they are all going down….I would say to just arrest the ones that went there then take the higher ups in as well and let them all rought in jail this includes the women behind ARM (another recovered murderer)

  14. Road King Rider Says:

    The one year anniversary of Brad and John’s Murder is up and coming. And, we still have cowards in hiding and those that continue to lie. I’ve heard ARM’s version (what a load of crap), I’ve read the Internet chatter, and I’ve read the police report. Good or bad I still wish someone had the Balls to stand up and tell the truth. Brad’s birthday was last week. That was hard enough on those that loved him. Next week will be even more difficult on us. ARM…SRMC…how about it? Who’s got the guts to stand up and do the right thing. Who has the integrity to start telling the truth?

  15. Mad as Hell Says:

    I’m hoping Poop Bear and the shooter BURN IN HELL. If I can do anything to facilitate that I’m more than willing to step up to the front of the line.

  16. JIMLAS Says:

    What is your point Mad As Hell? By posting this info are you hoping something nefarious will happen? Can’t blame you if you do. But, and it is a very big but (no pun intended)it also makes you exactly like the thing you despise. Real truth is not relative. Truth is universal.

  17. Mad as Hell Says: lists Sober Riders MC Inc.
    Lists their EIN as 200058198
    IRS approved on Sep 2005
    States last filed Dec 2007
    Assets $36,844
    Income $81.640
    EIN POC is Patrick Conley
    1833 N Hart Ln
    Tucson AZ 85712-5697.
    Classification is Recreational, Pleasure, or Social Club.
    Hmmmmmmmmmmm…doesn’t say anything about Murder for Hire. Wonder if PoohBear has another EIN for that?

  18. BIG BLOCK Says:

    nothing yet , they may be in a hole some place

  19. Philo Says:

    What’s the latest on this? Any arrests ?

  20. BIG BLOCK Says:

    What is the matter , no replay from the pussy SRMC SUPPORTERS , what they did was a hit , they did ambush the members of ARM , ARM did have weapons , but not on them , that was the only thing that was not told to me and my family , other then that , every thing they told me was the truth , they stoped for gas , and the SRMC pulled up with a few cars and trucks blocking the exits , and started the fight , and started shooting right away , and my brother was shot 1 time in the chest , all the other shots were into his back and into his neck and shoulder , all from behind , what a pussy , to shot a man in his back. I hope the ass holes that killed my brother and Brad are in a hole in the ground some were in the dirt where they belong , and any of the ass holes that belive that the SRMC were just protecting them selfs , wake the fuck up , I have seen the video footage , it was really hard to watch , but at least now I know the truth. John and Brad were true to their beliefs to the end , and they WERE THE VICTIMS OF A VICIOUS ATTACK , AND FLAT OUT MURDER

  21. BIG BLOCK Says:

    If you want the truth of what happened check my last 2 post on the other site , sober muders

  22. Mad as Hell Says:

    Does anyone really think the punk-ass boys that Murdered John and Brad were sober? I’m betting they haven’t seen a sober day in their life. Just like Pooh Bear looking the other way when his “empire” was growing. I’m betting he didn’t care if the new prospects were sober or not. As long as Pooh Bear could claim to be the biggest, and the money was flowing into his pockets–I’m sure that’s all he cared about. Now look at what HIS greed has brought to the C&S MC world. A shit storm unlike anyone has eveer seen outside the 1% world. I’m sure he’s sitting back and laughing all the way to the bank. It’s time SRMC stopped acting like herded sheep and stand up for the other sober bikers and set things right.

  23. JIMLAS Says:

    Well Cassa Nova if my wife/daughter/son didn’t let me fuck them in the ass first then I would be pissed about that but consider this, from what I hear those cowardly full of shit worthless “sober” folks (of which you just may be one)that quit SRMC the second their actions had real consequences are going to start their own 1% sober club here in Phoenix called the Ruffians or some macho shit like that. Water seeks its own level. We can all only hope that we don’t see more of the same stupidity when those brave brave pussies put another patch on their back. No good worthless lying fucking cowards.

  24. casa nova Says:

    OMFG Jimlas you fucking bitch! As I read your post, I ask myself, “which one of the afore mentioned people fucked your wife/daughter/son in the ass, and then sent them home for you to get it all over you?” Now is the time you will forever regret, if you do not stand up like a man, and tell everyone who you are!…..Ever stop to think that maybe Tuscon was to blame?. or are you just another one of the “ASS SUCKER” bottom feeders, who anxiously awaits yet another shit storm, comming out of Tuscons ass? You obiously dont have an original thought in your tiny little brain, but you can parrott what you hear very well. Hope your neck rots out, and your head falls thru your asshole, bitch!

  25. JIMLAS Says:

    UN-Solid, Orphan, Spike, Auz and all the rest of you fucking cowards that started this whole shitstorm and then quit and wanted to blame Pooh Bear, SRMC or anyone else for this catastrophe; FUCK YOU! Cowards, you know when you look in the mirror you know how full of shit you are! You will have to live with the blood of others on your hands the rest of your lives. No good worthless lying fucking cowards.

  26. UN- Solid Says:

    I am familiar with the discussed organizations and the men that lost their lives. Those men were good men. They by no means had a 1%er attitude or ever portrayed themselves in that type of light. They were men of morals and principles. They lived to help others. For anyone to make an accusation that that organization is trying to live like a 1%er is insane. Also for someone to say that people get kicked and go on no contact is stupid. If anyone does something so wrong in any organization they will make that person a no contact, not just because they quit. It sounds like that comment was written by an idiot who was made a no contact and wants to cry about it now. I’m tired of reading this senseless shit. 2 good men were taken in their prime and that’s what happened. No speculations. These were good men with honor, let them have that honor now. Don’t demean their lives or legacies with this useless pandering anymore. If you had a problem with them or their organization then be a man and silently suck it up and give them
    the respect they deserve.


  27. Mad as Hell Says:

    Too bad the 1%ers dont shut them down every where. Poohbear has this insane notion of being the largest “sober” club. If you’re truly sober you sholdn’t care about size or territory. That is a 1% mentality.

    you got a flyer or website with more info on the “defense fund” run?

  28. E.G Says:

    Odd. Out east the 1% groups are shutting them down. A former member infomred me that the entire chapter [s] of sober riders in the Tidewater/Chesapeake area have been shut down by a very powerfull and large biker group. The former members are shuning any notice from the other groups.
    It is pretty clear that this sober rider group is not a sober rider group.
    I have also heard from these same former members that there is some members whom are not sober nor abstain from drugs. He said there was a group along the Canadian boarder someplace, but the policy was to keep as many chapters going at any cost so they can say they are the worlds largest sober group.? is this stupid or what.
    Why dont these people just do what they say they will. I mean it is kind of stupid isnt it. Just my truck driving opinion.

  29. Bubbles Says:

    thought i would post an event here for anyone who may want to help the sober riders out with thier “defence fund” run/ party comming up…..

    saturday sept 26th
    6 to 10 pm (kids stay home)
    war memorial building (balboa park)
    3325 zoo drive
    San Diego, Cali. 92101

  30. Mad as Hell Says:

    I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but for once I agree with Bubbles.
    That is the most intelligent thing you’re ever posted.
    The events of 17 Feb WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN. John and Brad were MURDERED in cold blood…that WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN. Sober Riders, you’ll be looking over your shoulders for the rest of your lives. I hope your one night of “glory” was worth it.


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