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February 19, 2009

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Finally, guys in places like Philly and Memphis have a reason to change their oil. Daytona starts in another week and runs through March 8th.

Every year, something more than a quarter of a million bikers thunder into North Florida and drop an estimated $350 million on vest extenders, novelty helmets, souvenir shirts, hotel rooms, hot dogs and beer.

Bike Week officially started in 1937 but it was not much more than a bike race until 1961 and it did not start to assume its present identity until the early 1980s. As opposed to some other runs, Daytona Bike Week is sponsored by the Daytona Chamber of Commerce and they really want your business.

The Deadwood, the Boot Hill, Gilly’s, Smiley’s, the Iron Horse, the Cheyenne, Dirty Harry’s and Froggy’s are all hoping you will be back this year, too. And, those chicks in the coleslaw wrestling pit? Man they only do that for you.

The Economy

Everybody misses you so much that rooms are still available right in Daytona. You can get a bed at the Days Inn for $220 a night. The Hampton Inn is giving rooms away for a little less. If you are down there for a week it will only cost you about fifteen hundred. Plus souvenirs, food, gas, tips and beer. Call it an even three grand.

No. Sorry. They just raised the price of traffic tickets in Florida on February 1st. Figure you will need $3200.

Yeah, yeah. Everybody is in the same boat. You lost your job, your house got foreclosed, your wife got the half of your life savings that was still left, your dog doesn’t know who you are anymore and last week your kids started calling you “Old Daddy.” Don’t be so morose. This is why you need a vacation. Do what Harley tells you to do. “Screw it. Let’s ride.”

The Biker Lifestyle

Edgar Winterhalder, the ex-Bandidos Motorcycle Club officer, once actually wrote down what you already know: Being a biker is very expensive. Gas, vest extenders, genuine Harley parts and accessories, hotels, beer, tips for the coleslaw girls, traffic tickets, doctor bills, lawyers, bail bonds, it all adds up.

Sure, being a biker looks like a carefree lifestyle choice from the outside looking in. But, if your are reading this you already know that you ain’t riding far unless you got yourself an angle to clock some dollars.

People outside the biker world just don’t get the pressures, you know? They think it all just drunken debauchery and taking stupid risks. People will just never get us. What are you going to do?

Here is exactly what you do. Life is short. This is it. Be a man. Represent. Pull a job. Then escape on your bike to Florida. The coleslaw girls and the strippers are waiting for you.

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