Traffic Hazard Sergeant Spencer Ross

March 23, 2015

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According to  multiple published accounts, the Florida Highway Patrol sees nothing improper or illegal in the actions of one its investigators who tried to run a sport bike rider into a concrete wall with an unmarked cruiser.

St. Petersburg television stationWTSP confirmed that the investigator was FHP Sergeant Spencer Ross, pictured above.

Florida Highway Patrol Intelligence

According to his resume, Ross “is a supervisor in the Criminal Investigations and Intelligence Division of the Florida Highway Patrol. As a supervisor, Spencer helps to oversee the central Florida area covering seven counties including the Orlando/Disney area, Daytona Beach and the Space Coast/Cocoa Beach area.”

The resume also states that Ross “has wide-ranging experience conducting criminal investigations, covering domestic and international interests due to the specific nature of his abilities. Spencer is routinely called upon by various agencies to consult on projects concerning identity issues, documents and various other forms of identification that relate to regional, domestic and national security issues….”

Ross was named State Law Enforcement Chiefs’ Association “Investigator of the Year” in 2011. Ross has also worked as an internal affairs investigator for the FHP, which may betray the circumstances that led to the dissemination of the video below.

Covering Up

The attempted vehicular assault occurred on Orlando’s East-West Expressway, State Road 408, last Tuesday, Saint Patrick’s Day. According to Tiffany Walden of the Orlando Sentinel, when “Ross attempted to pull over the biker for the violations on Tuesday, the motorcyclist slowed suddenly, creating a potential traffic hazard while Ross was attempting to exit the travel lanes.”

In a blatantly dissembling statement, FHP Public Affairs Sergeant Kim Montes said Ross pursued the sport biker for “evading a toll.” The toll on the Expressway varies from 25 cents to seven dollars. Usually, tolls are evaded by passing through the express toll lanes. A camera snaps a photo of toll evaders’ license plates and they are then mailed a bill. Montes also said “the motorcyclist’s driving behavior was dangerous to everyone on the roadway.”

“Based on preliminary review, there appeared to be no attempt to ram or to make contact with the motorcycle, however, this incident is currently being reviewed by FHP.” Ross “disengaged when the motorcyclist fled from the scene.” Montes also said Ross obtained the bike’s license plate number, not the toll booth camera.


26 Responses to “Traffic Hazard Sergeant Spencer Ross”

  1. Sophia Says:

    This fucking pig not only is a sad excuse for “protection”/law enforcement but ALSO a sad excuse for a father. He abused his children (who are now thankfully grown enough to understand his punk ass behavior and have been raised by their mom) physically and mentally. BECAUSE I AM HIS DAUGHTER unfortunately i regret to admit. Someone arrest him, fire him, execute him, GIVE HIM WHAT HE DESERVES this EVIL fucking man. Kiss my ass spencer me and andrew are just fine.

  2. Iknowu Says:

    i know this “officer” he needs to be required to retake the psychological exam- he has a Napoleon-syndrome as he is a small (very small) guy that likes to bully anyone he can and uses his position as LEO to do so.
    FHP needs to recognize him for the liability he is to the agency and demote him accordingly He’ s been in trouble before in Sarasota County where he crashed several FHP cars and had trouble with female authority figures.
    I understand now that he drives a Black Yamaha FJR around Orlando, so he should be familiar with the risks bikers face on the roadway.
    His narcissistic behavior may seriously harm someone one day.

  3. Luke Says:

    This is absolute evidence beyond a shadow of a doubt of vehicular assault premeditated this criminal with a badge should be pulled off the street and incarcerated immediately after a speedy conviction in front of a jury and sentenced to the maximum Silence by law and never allowed in any form of power or government or law enforcement ever again this entire case is a perfect example of government covering up government and the law being absolutely useless because they don’t even follow it themselves

  4. Lady Says:

    When I first saw this on the news here, my gut told me that this guy was in trap and destroy mode if it had not been for the person laying on their horn. Yes he had his lights an sirens on, but correctly so, a toll violation does not require or mandate any officer to inflict any injury to anyone! As stated, get the plate number and issue a violation, period! Then if the person had easy-pass they can get it taken care of or pay up. This so called officer knew he was in the wrong when he immediately pulled to the right when the person hit their horn and shut off his lights and siren. I don’t know the follow-up to this story but his badge should be pulled for reckless endangerment, assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder and any other charges the Proscutioning Attorney can think of on this riders behalf.

    Much Respect,

  5. Meh Says:

    Military culture is completely inappropriate for policing because the missions are utterly different. This is repeatedly demonstrated by military failure at counterinsurgency due to a bias in favor of kinetic, sexy nation-state warfighting. Piss off enough people and they join the fight against you.

    People who dig being at the tip of the spear are damn handy to have, but NOT as domestic police. Totally different skillsets.

  6. PJ Says:

    This, unfortunately, is what happens when you become very proactive about hiring former military.

    I do not say that in disrespect (I am Navy), but the mentality needed for war is very different than what is needed to Protect and Serve.

    Not all cops are veterans, but enough are getting into law enforcement that the culture has changed to Us Against Them.

    Unrelated, Sieg, you gave me a great idea for a bumper sticker. “Hillary, could be the best thing to happen yet.” It would have a different meaning depending on who reads it. :)

  7. Sieg Says:

    I’m guessing that since this pig was in the “intelligence” division, he was probably trying to pin the riders handlebars, cause every pig knows that there is usually a 12-gauge built into them, and I’m sure he feared for his life if the rider was able to maneuver them to point at him.

    “intelligence” division…like there IS such a thing for a pig-farm.


  8. Road Whore Says:

    Evading a toll, anywhere, is no big deal: the ubiquitous (And ‘sides that they’re everywhere!) fucking all-seeing cameras record every vehicle and its license plate that goes through any toll booth. Fail to pay the toll and it’s duly noted by the all-seeing gods and you get the chance to pay the toll by mail:

    Failure to do so results in a fine.

    This pig was just out to try and do somebody in by acting like the fucking bully that he is.

    Ride Free

  9. Centurion Says:

    Evaded a toll? says who? the pig?
    Sun pass registers your plate. You don’t have to have the pass with you. If your plate is registered, you are good.
    This PIG, just wanted to push his authority down the riders throat and attempt to kill him. Pig was looking to kill someone that day.

    the infamous, SHOW ME YOUR HANDS, SHOW ME YOUR HANDS…and then the gunshots.

  10. Straight Shooter Says:

    This criminal is a also a psychopath. He should be arrested and held. Never to carry a weapon again. Not even mall cop duty after serving time for his crime. Bet he has done similar crimes in the past. Abuse of power, give them a high.

  11. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Fuck this punk bitch he needs a blanket party just another tough guy with a badge.

    Shyster, That’s typical behavior from the SO. CAL thugs, fuck them disrespectful bitches too.

    Real bad asses yelling at a chic, classy.

    Viva Los Vagos

  12. popeye Says:

    That section of the tool road is a .25 to .75 cents toll area near downtown orlando. The $7.00 toll is on the lake jessup bridge heading into sanford about 20 miles away. He was being executed for less than a buck.

  13. Base Says:

    Looked like an act of road rage to me.

  14. Knucklehead Says:

    Compare the police response to the dude in Canada riding through the mall, down the escalator, over the bridge etc etc with the guy who doesn’t pay a toll in the USA. The Mounties let their man get away with some bad ass trick riding while the U.S. cop tries to rip off the guys legs for a couple dollars that would have been collected later. WTF.

  15. Shyster Says:

    The day after the Mongols won their patch back a couple of years ago, my friends then wife was travelling on the 170 North just past North Hollywood when she observed an unmarked police cruiser edge a full patch Mongol into the center divider from the HOV lane where he was riding. She got on her horn and started to yell at the pigs who were attempting to murder the dude in broad daylight. They flipped her off, yelled. “fuck you cunt” to her as they cut through traffic and made a quick exit off the freeway. Likely LAPD due to area of freeway they were at.


  16. Wolfenlover Says:

    Sieg, she just seems so fuckin’ BUTCH! That she needs somebody to finger
    her G-Spot! Not me tho!!! I figure teeth are involved somewhere in that

  17. Sieg Says:

    Straight-up attempted murder.

    Wolfen, Hitlery being “elected” might be the best thing that could happen.


  18. Wolfenlover Says:

    TOSIAR is inevitable, evidently. Seems the Blue Gang keeps pushing for it.
    Maybe they should look at what happened when their Mudlime In Charge tried
    to make certain rounds illegal! America spoke up & that shit got trashed.
    Just don’t let that cunt Clintoon get elected!!!

  19. Tommy Says:

    This is so ridiculous….The guy evaded a toll, get his license plate and run it. Then later go get him.

    Dont try to kill the guy! Cops are way to eager to kill someone almost as if they get a bonus each time they do. Well as I think about it they do! PAID LEAVE FROM WORK! Total bullshit

  20. VAGO 1%er Says:

    Ross was in an unmarked car. How the fuck did the guy on the bike know if it was a cop trying to run him over or just another asshole trying to run him over.

  21. Nags Says:

    @ Phuquehed, They have to hire the dumbest fucktards on the planet. Nobody else is willing to sign up for a career where the basic job description is hypocritical cocksucker / domestic terrorist.

  22. Phuquehed Says:

    @Asskiller – But..but…Ross has all kinds of bullshit under his belt that he’s “…routinely called upon by various agencies to consult on projects concerning identity issues, documents and various other forms of identification that relate to regional, domestic and national security issues….”

    I guess trying to crush a motorcycle and its rider comes under the ‘identity issues’ part of his knowledge.

    This is just another sign that the pigs hire the dumbest fucktards walking and wasting air, then promote them for even dumber shit.

  23. Paladin Says:

    “Ross was named State Law Enforcement Chiefs’ Association “Investigator of the Year” in 2011. Ross has also worked as an internal affairs investigator for the FHP, which may betray the circumstances that led to the dissemination of the video below.”

    Based on the videoed actions of Sgt. Ross, I think the State Law Enforcement Chiefs’ Association might want to raise the bar for their “Investigator of the Year” award, at least high enough so as not to trip over it.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  24. popeye Says:

    Florida police are only authorized to pursue in cases of violent forcible felonies , murder, manslaughter, rape, armed robbery , armed sexual assault, arson to an occupied structure ,use of explosive devices to an occupied structure, armed burgulary with firearm , armed carjacking and kidnapping. Which one of these is not paying your toll fall under?

  25. Asskiller Says:

    What exactly did this LEO think he was going to do to the rider’s leg(s)? Perhaps ripping them off by trapping them between a concrete median and 2,500lbs of moving steel seems proportionate to a toll violation.

    That presents to me as vehicular assault.

  26. Nags Says:

    Just another shining example of the way the police serve and protect. Also a brilliant example of the reason that I carry a pocket full of ball bearings more affectionately referee to as windshield erasers.

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