The Video The Mounties Didn’t Want You To See

March 21, 2015

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The Royal Canadian Mounted Police has concluded an investigation into who released top secret footage of a biker in suburban Vancouver, British Columbia successfully eluding police. The Mounties did it.

The video was shot February 20, uploaded to YouTube eight days ago and has now also been released by MTV. The video has been viewed about 285,000 times. It shows a Harley rider refusing to pull over for police in Surrey, British Columbia. At one point the rider rides into a mall parking lot, then apparently into the mall, then down a moving escalator with police pursuing on foot.

“The video was a compilation that we put together,” Mounted Police spokesman Dale Carr told Yahoo Canada News. “of air services, Surrey RCMP video and Guildford Mall video for evidence.”

“The video is shared with investigators using a site that offers both private and public sharing,” the spokesman explained. “In this case the ‘private’ checkbox had inadvertently been overlooked. We are looking into how that occurred and whether the practice of using that particular site should remain as a standard practice.”

Where Did He Go

Carr didn’t explain why the video is supposed to be secret. The rider faces a charge of “flight from the police” and numerous traffic violations. The chase took place about 15 miles north of the American border and the rider is still at large.

“I’ve been working in police work for 28 years and I’ve never seen a time where we were in pursuit of a motorcycle and it entered a mall, exited a mall, and ultimately we’re still looking for the driver,” the Carr told Yahoo.

Peggy Howard, who is the general manager of the mall, told ABC News the biker never actually entered the mall but instead went down a parking lot escalator and then into a Walmart. “We’re really happy no one got hurt,” she said.

“Ultimately the motorcycle was dumped,” Carr said. Police have the motorcycle. The bike’s battery is decorated with a “Support Your Local Hells Angels Haney” sticker.


43 Responses to “The Video The Mounties Didn’t Want You To See”

  1. Lady Says:

    Stolen or not, that was awesome! If it were stolen can you just think…OK let’s say a crazy prospect from another club decides to pull something off the wall…yup this would do it….talk about some serious bragging rights…an with an HA ride to boot…sorry not enough sleep…rofl

  2. Freeman Says:

    Did he drive through wal-mart? YES! wow! Instant classic, smiling ear to ear.

  3. acunn1 Says:

    Awesome riding ability

  4. MIke 184 Says:

    Jim, I will second what you are saying, but I know if I went all apeshit and pulled an Evel Knievel through the mall, ahem, my shit would have been stolen too!!!!!! All my stickers (Got a hell of a lot of them)reside in a safe place… reserving the bike for other material, should I be so lucky!

  5. VAGO 1%er Says:

    Goddamn its great to see the outlaw win once in a while. Yes, and that boy can ride!!

  6. Jim666 Says:

    I think the cat can ride he knows a little about something,but,,,,,,,,,,,I heard it was a stolen bike w/ a “Support your local Hells Angels” sticker on the bike not a “Support your local 81 sticker”
    You usually have to at east know someone pretty well in 81 to get a sticker like was on that bike . I wouldn’t want to be the guy when the owner and his buddies find him.If in fact he did steal the bike and or unless the guy that bought the bike bought it from someone else and it already had that sticker on it .usually they are scraped off before selling or should be .unless 81 is ok w/ that person having that sticker on his sled.
    just my opinion.

  7. Tommy Says:

    This has to be one of the coolest things Ive ever seen. Thanks for making my monday better rebel

  8. John Deaux Says:

    Mad skills for sure, I’d buy him a couple rounds of whatever he’s drinking.

  9. Oldskewl Says:

    It’s rare that you get away on a street bike, especially an HD. Awesome riding skills with a bunch of luck added in! It’s also a great video and story that he can tell his grandchildren.


  10. Drifter Says:

    Shovelhead said; “Don’t the Pigs just hate it when you don’t stop & do exactly as your told”.

    Just a little bitty bit…


  11. Mike 184 Says:

    I enjoyed the shit out of that. I kept waiting on Benny Hill music, especially when I see the bike then….. here comes a couple cops/rent-a-cops running after. That was awesome! Hells Yes buy that man a beer. He will be a legend at some bar up there!!!!!

  12. blacksmith Says:

    I laughed out loud when the cops were chasing him down the escalator and out of the mall!
    Keystone Kops is all i could think of!

  13. Numberz Says:

    @FF “Ride it like you stole it”

    You sir have won the internet for the day, I salute you.

  14. Sandmann Says:

    This is brilliant. Best way to start into another shitty work week!
    @Dr Sardonicus: thanks for the good laugh!

    Respect to those who EARNED it,

  15. Whitepride Says:

    That was fucking awesome!

  16. VikingTrotter Says:

    That video is filled with all sorts of Awesome!
    That guy just became a legend in his circle I bet..

  17. Wolfenlover Says:

    I’m surprised Vince0% isn’t claiming credit, since he’s the ultimate
    supporter of HA. Course, maybe he is.

  18. Jim666 Says:

    Panhead Says:
    March 21st, 2015 at 8:30 pm
    Good thing that happened in Canada. Here he would have been shot down and left to “bleed out.” Cocksuckers.”

    Very true .especially in Cal. N.y. or V.a.

  19. Va.Bob Says:

    It’s good to see something more positive and uplifting.Sort of reminds me of stunts from “Another 48 Hours” and “Coogan’s Bluff”.

  20. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    When your old lady makes dinner reservations on Friday night at 8pm and church is 8pm and you are a prospect responsible for restocking the clubhouse cooler beer inventory for church and you forgot to buy your old lady a present because it’s her birthday and you never go out to dinner and she doesn’t know you’re prospecting for the local MC because her parents are active LDS Mormons and the time is 7:35pm this is what it could look like if you haven’t thrown in the towel because you refuse to accept that you are fucked.

  21. Shovelhead Says:

    I hear ya on the mini ice age. 20 today and the wind is howling like a banshee here in Maine! When I retire in a couple of years, I’m moving to North Carolina where it still gets a little cold in winter, but nothing like the NorthEast.
    Great video on a cold day. Don’t the Pigs just hate it when you don’t stop & do exactly as your told. How dare he defy the great almighty Pig!

  22. Base Says:

    Woops, Dudley didn’t get his man!

  23. FF Says:

    Ok posted before the end lol

  24. Loose Cannon Says:

    I’ll be goddamned if that didn’t put a smile on my face. Best story I’ve read all week.

  25. Road Whore Says:

    Ride Free, Mofo, ride free! I’m gonna watch this again with a tall Bourbon on the rocks in one hand and a beer in the other, toasting your ride all the way and cheering out loud again as you fly down that escalator! Yeeeeehaaaaaaa! Good on ya, boy!

  26. Blackhorse Says:

    Cue the Blues Brothers theme

  27. Chuck Says:

    I heard recently that the “Dyna” designation was short for Dynamic handling. Homie is proving it!

  28. Panhead Says:

    Good thing that happened in Canada. Here he would have been shot down and left to “bleed out.” Cocksuckers.


    13 93 69

  29. JMacK Says:

    See what happens when you only have 4 months of good riding???

    Actually Surrey doesn’t get a lot of snow if any. But those are some mad skills.


  30. 10GUAGE Says:

    Johnny would be PROUD!

  31. Steel Says:

    That’s pretty funny right there. Serious riding skills indeed.



  32. CN Says:

    Sooner or later this endless mini ice age winter was bound to lead to alternate riding venues. Somebody get that man another decal!

  33. Dasein Says:

    Anybody ever seen a caged bird get free?

  34. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    That’s some funny shit right there. Guess the ol mounties don’t always get their man even with the help of a flying pig.

    That boy can ride! Someone buy that supporter a cold beer and a shot.

    Viva Los Vagos

  35. RLG Says:

    >> “In this case the ‘private’ checkbox had inadvertently been overlooked.


  36. Metal Dave Says:


    “Pedestrians have to jump oot of the way”…oh the horror !

  37. popeye Says:

    Brings back some great memories of being a kid with a dirt bike and getting chased by the cops. It was practically an olympic sport in my neighborhood.

  38. Wrangler Says:

    Love it – Support Your Local Hells Angels –

    That’s respect right there.


  39. FF Says:

    Ride it like you stole it

  40. FF Says:

    Badass! Was that a sportster

  41. Austin Says:

    @Nags – RIGHT?! Well ….this did happen in Canada. That rider was hitting the apex of every turn on that bike path. Awesome Skills!

  42. Paladin Says:

    Up until now, the fact that Harley Davidson manufactures excellent off road motorcycles has been a well kept secret.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  43. Nags Says:

    That’s awesome! Maybe he didn’t feel like getting shot in the back as soon as he stopped.

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